Highlights and touchdowns: Kansas City Chiefs 23-16 New England Patriots, 2019 NFL Season


4Q 0:00

For their part, the Patriots will play the divisional title against Buffalo.

4Q 1:06
Tom Brady's incomplete pass, victory is for the Chiefs, who will surely put knee to the ground. Kansas City cut the Patriots' winning streak at home.
4Q 1:55
Incomplete pass from Tom Brady, once again he's in third place.
4Q 2:00
Incomplete pass from Tom Brady, once again he's in third place.
4Q 2:00
We arrive at the two-minute break, the Patriots are at the Chiefs' 14th yard.
4Q 3:26
Tom Brady's personal move that gets the first down, the Patriots is already in the red zone
4Q 4:17
New England is in third place and six yards to go. Vital plays
4Q 4:56
Meyers makes the big move after a surprise move that makes it to the 33rd Chiefs' yard.
4Q 5:09
Three and out for the Chiefs, they haven't managed to keep control of the game, their advantage is in danger.
4Q 12:31
The Patriots are unable to move the chains and will have to clear. The kick is bad, the Chiefs will start from the 20 yard.
4Q 7:43
Tom Brady goes long on a second chance and just gets rid of the ball. The Patriots on the ropes for the third time and 12 yards to go.
4Q 10:37
The Chiefs are gonna have to clear one more time. New England's defensive is doing its job.
4Q 11:19
There's handkerchief in the play for a Travis Kelce pass interference 10 yards of punishment.
4Q 12:22
Tom Brady's captured third time. Nick Folk comes in to try the field goal.
4Q 12:28
Jacoby Myers loses the ball is incomplete pass. It was close to getting the first touchdown of his career.
4Q 13:15
N'Keal Harry made it to the end zone, but New England can no longer challenge. They will have first and goal.
4Q 13:22
Passing interference is marked against the Chiefs, New England is already in the points zone after the punishments.
4Q 14:54
By land the Patriots arrive at the first down in enemy camp.
4Q 15:00
After review referees mark the fumble, the challenge by Belichick becomes effective.
3Q 0:15
Travis Kelce does the reception, however he is going to review the play, for a probable fumble.
3Q 1:21
Travis Kelce gets four yards after floating pass from Mahomes. The Chiefs are already in enemy territory.
3Q 3:05
With maximum advance Watkins gets first down for Chiefs
3Q 4:23
In the two-point attempt, the Kansas City defense responds and maintains the advantage of two possessions
3Q 4:24
TOUCHDOWN NEW ENGLAND! By land Brandon Bolden arrives at the diagonals to reduce the Chiefs advantage.
3Q 5:14
Special teams block the Chiefs' kick, they'll have the ball from the 20 yard of enemy territory.
3Q 5:53
Pass screen that is not effective. Chiefs will have to clear.
3Q 6:47
In personal play Patrick Mahomes advances 5 yards, to recover the distance of the punishment. It will be third chance and 10 to advance
3Q 7:30
Three and out for New England, Bill Belichick's haven't been able to connect in the encounter.
3Q 8:46
The field goal is good, the Chiefs extend their lead by 16 points. Tom Brady will come to the grill.
3Q 9:27
Butker will go in again to try a field goal, after the Chiefs didn't make the first down-
3Q 9:39
In second and long, by little and is intercepted pass to Patrick Mahomes, after he hit in the hands of McCoy
3Q 11:05
The Chiefs get to move the ball and get new first and ten.
3Q 11:39
Referees mark that they do not cross the mark for the first down. The Chiefs are going to play the fourth time.
3Q 14:03
LeSean McCoy finds the defense holes on the right side and manages to move the chains by land. The Chiefs are already in enemy territory.
3Q 14:24
Float pass from Patrick Mahomes to Travis Kelce, get first down Chiefs
3Q 15:00
Third quarter begins, Chiefs receive ball, no return, will start from 25 yard
2Q 0:36
Tom Brady is captured by Frank Clark, the Patriots don't use their time and away. Second quarter ends at Gillette Stadium
2Q 1:08
Patrick Mahomes can't find any of his receivers. Harrison Butker scores the field goal to score three points before the second quarter ends.
2Q 1:32
Rookie Thompson gets the first down again, Kansas City is already in the red zone
2Q 1:48
Tyrek Hill gets the firs down with a floating pass from Mahomes. They are already in area to try field goal.
2Q 2:02
Travis Kelce gets the first down and you get to the two-minute break. The Chiefs are dominating the Patriots.
2Q 2:38
Pass screen to Darwin Thompson who manages to advance 20 yards and approach half the field
2Q 2:59
The Patriots will have to clear and leave more than two minutes to Patrick Mahomes to seek to expand the scoreboard
2Q 3:37
The Patriots quickly find themselves in third place and ten to advance.
2Q 4:02
Pass incomplete to Watkins, there's punishment against the Chiefs for illegal training. Kansas City will have to clear.
2Q 5:17
Fly a handkerchief against the Patriots. Illegal use of the hands, on the part of Deatrich Wise Jr., the Chiefs have the first down automatic
2Q 7:05
The Patriots didn't trust their kicker and can't get the first down, it will be a ball for the Chiefs from the 27th yard.
2Q 7:06
Brady was looking for Jacoby Myers and the rookie can't make the reception. The Patriots will play for the fourth chance
2Q 7:13
Tom Brady does not find any of his receivers pass incomplete and will have third chance and seven yards to advance
2Q 8:27
Tom Brady finds Julian Edelman in the center and the Patriots offensive is already in the 30 yard of enemy camp.
2Q 9:01
New England is already in the middle of the field, after White's haul.
2Q 9:33
Travis Kelce's Touchdown! Trick play by the Chiefs' offensive, and by land broadens the marker
2Q 11:04
Full pass to Travis Kelce and the Chiefs are already in the red zone. Very close to weighing the interception to Tom Brady.
2Q 12:55
Pass intercepted to Tom Brady! Bashaud Breeland reads the play perfectly and overtakes LaCosse.
2Q 13:04
Kansas City Touchdown! Mecole Hardman with speed and a great interception overtakes the Chiefs
2Q 13:28
The Chiefs are punished with 15 yards for a personal foul, it will be 1 and 25 yards to advance.
2Q 14:16
At third and 19 yards Patrick Mahomes meets Tyrek Hill to get the first down.
2Q 14:45
Mahomes sought to avoid capture and is caught almost 10 yards behind the scrimmage line. 
1Q 0:28
Patrick Mahomes is captured, however there is holding by the Gilmore defense of the Patriots. The Chiefs have the first down.
1Q 1:18
Chiefs try McCoy by land but don't make it to first down, third chance for Chiefs.
1Q 2:06
Nick Folk enters the field to score the field goal, however the kick was blocked, penetration was Tanoh Kpassagnon. The Patriots leave empty-handed after a good advance.
1Q 3:05
Patriots begin to approach red zone, already in the 30 yard of enemy camp
1Q 6:06
Michel gets the first down for the Patriots by land
1Q 7:17
After three missed opportunities, Harrison Butker scores the 49-yard field goal attempt.
1Q 9:37
The Chiefs are past half the camp and are in enemy camp. Patrick Mahomes external some discomfort in his right hand.
1Q 10:38
Patrick Mahomes manages to move the chains for the first time in the match with pass to Sammy Watkins
1Q 11:09
Three and out for the Patriots, the locals fail to do damage after intercepting Mahomes.
1Q 11:49
Pass intercepted to Patrick Mahomes! J.C. Jackson in the double cover gets the ovoid
1Q 12:28
There's a comeback from the Chiefs who will start the offensive from the 30 yard.
1Q 12:34
Tom Brady rubs the lamp and surprises the Chiefs' defensive with a pass to Julian Edelman who scores the first touchdown of the match.
1Q 12:49
Another passing interference by the Chiefs' defensive on the third chance, the offender was Charvarius Ward.
1Q 13:50
Referee mark Bashaud Breeland's pass interference, the Patriots automatically have the first down.
1Q 15:00
START THE GAME! The Patriots receive the ball and will begin with the first offensive series of the match.
They're late! The Chiefs' team arrived late at Gillette Stadium, a lack of organization.
Julian Edelman prepares to receive the Chiefs, begins to do a little warm-up along with some of his classmates.
Patriots Inactives
For its part New England Patriots will also have seven absences, however the big news is that they recovered J-Mac
Chiefs Inactive
Kansas City Chiefs will have seven absences in preparation for the game against the Patriots. We'll leave them to you.
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Lastest games
Closed games and a historical series with divided power, has left these two games and despite dominating the records the Chiefs have lost seven games of the last 10 against the Patriots.
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Key Patriots
More than a favorite player, the Patriots' key to this match will be the defensive which has stood out too much this season.

Key player Chiefs
Patrick Mahomes, no doubt, already became one of the bishops of the Chiefs, a week ago against the Raiders showed the high level that characterizes it, so we should not be surprised if tomorrow makes a great game.

Special teams Patriots
The New England special teams are the ones that have kept the team afloat, reinforced by its good defensive. Something that stands out a lot in Bill Belichick's teams.
Chiefs offensive
The Chiefs' offensive is who has sustained the team this season, so it will take a good performance from Mahomes and company if you want to beat the Patriots.
Patriots to return to the path of victory
Last week's loss to the Texans exposed the level at which the offensive is, not being effective at key moments. And almost assured in the postseason is time to return to victory to ensure a good sowing.
Kansas City a lot to pick up on.
No doubt Pattrick Mahomes' injury and his return was a very strong turbulence for the Chiefs, at this time if they want to be serious candidates to win the SB, it is important that they begin to increase their level to reach strong postseason.
Kick-off time
The Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriots match will be played at the Gillette Stadium, in Foxborough, Massachusetts, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 15:20 pm ET.
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