Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson admits players are tackling him lower "nine times out of 10"
Lamar Jackson looks for a receiver against the Buffalo Bills (Photo: Timothy T Ludwig)

The Baltimore Ravens have secured their place in the post-season and quarterback Lamar Jackson continues to shine bright, leading the team from the front.

On the flipside, you can only imagine the headaches that he has given opposition defenses this season. The second-year superstar leads the NFL with passing touchdowns (28).

Jackson isn’t just a threat through the air, but a key player with the ground game. The 22-year-old is just 23-yards away from breaking Michael Vick’s record for most rushing yards by a quarterback in a single season.

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Opposing players tackling Jackson around the legs

It continues to be an outstanding season for Jackson and the Ravens were given a boost when he confirmed that he will be playing against the New York Jets on Thursday Night Football.

Jackson was asked by reporters if opposing players had been tackling him low and said that “nine times out of 10” they will go for his legs.

“Yeah, they have, a lot more and especially when I’m inside the pocket and stuff like that,” Jackson said to the press.

“When I’m out on the edge, I kinda avoid it all the time. When I’m in the pocket trying to complete a throw, that’s when nine times out of 10 they go for my legs. I can’t do anything about, I’m trying to complete that pass. It is what it is.”