Score and Touchdowns: Los Angeles Rams 21-44 Dallas Cowboys in NFL 2019
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7:54 PMa year ago


7:43 PMa year ago
The next week Los Angeles Rams will host the San Francisco 49ers while Dallas Cowboys will visit Philadelphia Eagles.
7:41 PMa year ago
The Cowboys remain at the top of NFC East with 7-7 and depend on them to enter play-off.
7:40 PMa year ago
With this result, the Los Angeles team complicates their chances of getting a post-season ticket too much.
7:39 PMa year ago


Finish the game! The Cowboys break a streak of three straight defeats and beat the Rams at home.
7:36 PMa year ago

4Q | 0:40

The attempt to convert two points is unsuccessful. 
7:36 PMa year ago

4Q | 0:40

Touchdown Rams! Goff pass to add six more points.
7:31 PMa year ago

Touchdown Dallas Cowboys

Tony Pollard's haul.


7:30 PMa year ago

4Q | 2:00

We're at the last two-minute break. Rams will seek to note down to try to make the score more decorous.
7:26 PMa year ago

4Q | 3:00

Touchdown Cowboys! Tony Pollard's great carriage to make bigger the humiliation to the Rams.
7:25 PMa year ago

Touchdown Los Angeles Rams

So was the second Touchdown of Tod Gurley II.


7:24 PMa year ago

4Q | 3:17

Dak Prescott goes to the bench and Cooper Rush goes out as QB from Dallas.
7:23 PMa year ago

4Q | 3:17

Sean Mcvay challenges the officers' decision.
7:20 PMa year ago

4Q | 3:17

Rams's short kick doesn't work and Dallas has the ball.
7:17 PMa year ago

4Q | 3:17

Gurley II achieves two-point conversion. Rams 15-37 Cowboys.
7:15 PMa year ago

4Q | 3:17

Touchdown Rams! Carried by Gurley II and after receiving 30 points, Los Angeles scores.
7:14 PMa year ago

4Q | 4:00

The Rams are already in the red zone.
7:13 PMa year ago

4Q | 4:24

Dallas Cowboys had obtained a fumble and recovered the ball but before there was a false start of the defense.
7:10 PMa year ago

4Q | 5:00

The Rams go all the way to the 30-yard Dallas.
7:05 PMa year ago

4Q | 6:40

Another attempt, another field goal for Forbath in his debut with the Cowboys.
7:02 PMa year ago

4Q | 8:36

Pollard's carriage that brings the Cowboys closer to the red zone.
6:58 PMa year ago

4Q | 11:28

Tony Pollard's big haul to Rams yard 39.
6:53 PMa year ago

4Q | 13:57

Jordan Lewis captures Jared Goff to finish the Los Angeles offensive series.
6:50 PMa year ago

4Q | 14:56

Forbath's 42-yard attempt is good. Dallas increases his lead to 29 points.
6:47 PMa year ago

3Q | 0:00

Finish the third quarter. The Cowboys will try a field goal after not being able to get the 1st&10.
6:44 PMa year ago

3Q | 2:03

The Cowboys near the red zone.
6:40 PMa year ago

3Q | 3:45

The Rams take a fourth chance and fail. Great field position for Cowboys.
6:37 PMa year ago

3Q | 4:53

The Rams are already on Dallas field.
6:36 PMa year ago

3Q | 6:31

The referees decide that the play was over and it's 1st&10 for Rams.
6:33 PMa year ago

Fumble Los Angeles Rams

That's how they got the ball back.


6:32 PMa year ago

3Q | 6:31

The Rams cheated in 4th chance and had got the reception, but released the ball and now Cowboys has possession.
6:24 PMa year ago

3Q | 8:07

The Cowboys can't move the chains and they'll give up the ball.
6:22 PMa year ago
Sean Lee's capture of QB.


6:21 PMa year ago

Field goal Dallas Cowboys

Kai Forbath's first points as a Dallas player.


6:20 PMa year ago

3Q | 10:00

Sean Lee captures Goff the third chance. Great play by the defensive.
6:18 PMa year ago

3Q | 10:42

Heath almost intercepted Goff's pass.
6:14 PMa year ago

3Q | 11:00

Forbath's field goal attempt is good. Dallas wins 31-7.
6:11 PMa year ago

3Q | 13:20

Elliott and the Cowboys are already in the Rams field.
6:11 PMa year ago

3Q | 13:47

First and ten to Dallas thanks to Gallup.
6:09 PMa year ago

3Q | 15:00

Start the second half! The Cowboys will come on the offensive,
5:59 PMa year ago

Touchdown Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have three offensive series in a row scoring without a response from Rams.


5:58 PMa year ago

Dallas's interception

Sean Lee's great interception.


5:57 PMa year ago

Touchdown Dallas Cowboys

This was the great offensive series of Cowboys.


5:55 PMa year ago

Haflf time

Finish the first half! Dallas Cowboys has a big finish and is beating Los Angeles Rams.
5:53 PMa year ago

2Q | 0:16

The extra point is good. 7-28 wins Dallas Cowboys.
5:52 PMa year ago

2Q | 0:16

Touchdown Cowboys! Ezekiel Elliot's new haul and Dallas is beating up Los Angeles.
5:50 PMa year ago

2Q | 0:26

Time out requested by Dallas.
5:48 PMa year ago

2Q | 1:17

Interception! Sean Lee intercepts Goff's pass and the Cowboys will have the ball in an excellent position.
5:44 PMa year ago

2Q | 1:57

Forbath's extra point is good. Dallas already has a 14-point advantage before half-time.
5:43 PMa year ago

2Q | 1:57

Touchdown Cowboys! The Dallas team travels 97 yards to get the 6 points.
5:40 PMa year ago

Touchdown Dallas Cowboys

This was Cowboys' great play to retake the lead.


5:39 PMa year ago

2Q | 2:00

We're at the two-minute break. The Cowboys have third and goal.
5:35 PMa year ago

2Q | 5:22

The Cowboys are already in the red zone.
5:33 PMa year ago

2Q | 6:25

Pollard and the Cowboys are already in enemy territory.
5:32 PMa year ago

2Q | 8:12

Great Reception from Jarwin for the 1&10.
5:28 PMa year ago

2Q | 9:54

The Cowboys will start from the third yard.
5:27 PMa year ago

2Q | 10:00

The Cowboys defensive doesn't permit Goff to do anything and the Rams will return the ball.
5:23 PMa year ago

Touchdown Los Angeles Rams

That's how Rams tied the game in Dallas.


5:21 PMa year ago

2Q | 11:37

The extra point is good. 7-14 wins Dallas.
5:20 PMa year ago

2Q | 11:37

TOUCDOWN COWBOYS! Great Prescott pass for Tavon Austin.
5:18 PMa year ago

2Q | 12:58

Los Cowboys inciarán su primer ofensiva del 2do Cuarto en la yarda 25.
5:15 PMa year ago

2Q | 13:00

The extra point is good. Rams 7-7 Cowboys at AT&T Stadium.
5:14 PMa year ago

2Q | 13:00

TOUCHDOWN RAMS! Goff pass for Gurley and Los Angeles is going to tie the game.
5:13 PMa year ago

2Q | 13:13

Sean Lee stops Jared Goff at the 2nd yard.
5:12 PMa year ago

2Q | 14:27

First and goal for Rams.
5:11 PMa year ago

Touchdown Dallas Cowboys

This was Witten's great reception for the Dallas Touchdown.


5:09 PMa year ago

1Q | 0:04

Reynolds runs to the 36th Dallas yard to finish the first quarter.
5:06 PMa year ago

1Q | 1:00

1&10 for Rams.
5:05 PMa year ago

1Q | 1:12

Goff was almost intercepted.
5:01 PMa year ago

1Q | 1:47

Forbath's bonus point is good. 0-7 wins Dallas.
5:00 PMa year ago

1Q: 1:47

TOUCHDOWN COWBOYS! Great reception at a hand of Witten.
4:58 PMa year ago

1Q | 1:56

Prescott was almost intercepted.
4:57 PMa year ago

1Q | 3:40

The Cowboys are already inside the 30 yard.
4:55 PMa year ago

1Q | 4:30

Great reception for Amari Cooper to keep Dallas moving forward.
4:52 PMa year ago

1Q | 6:00

New Zeke haul for another first and ten.
4:51 PMa year ago

1Q | 7:30

Elliott's 3 yard haul to get the 1&10.
4:50 PMa year ago

1Q | 8:00

Prescott's big race to win 9 yards.
4:46 PMa year ago

1Q | 8:16

The Rams will deliver the ball again.
4:43 PMa year ago

1Q | 9:12

The Rams are already in the middle of the field.
4:38 PMa year ago

1Q | 11:02

The Cowboys will return the ball to the Rams.
4:36 PMa year ago

1Q | 12:30

Elliott carriage for the 1&10.
4:36 PMa year ago

1Q | 12:45

Complete pass from Dak to Jason Witten.
4:33 PMa year ago

1Q | 12:49

The Cowboys will start from the 13th yard of their field.
4:32 PMa year ago

1Q | 12:57

The Rams will deliver the ball. Dak Prescott is on the offensive.
4:31 PMa year ago

1Q | 13:00

Third chance and 11 yards to go for Rams.
4:28 PMa year ago

1Q | 14:43

Holding against Dallas. 1&10 for Rams.
4:28 PMa year ago

1Q | 14:49

Second attempt, Goff's second incomplete pass.
4:27 PMa year ago

1Q | 14:54

Goff's first launch is incomplete.
4:26 PMa year ago

1Q | 15:00

Start the game! The Rams will go on the offensive.
4:23 PMa year ago
So was Rams' arrival at AT&T Stadium.
(Photo: Los Angeles Rams)
(Photo: Los Angeles Rams)
4:20 PMa year ago
The Cowboys are going for the victory that drives them to the play-offs.
(Foto: Dallas Cowboys)
(Foto: Dallas Cowboys)
4:04 PMa year ago
Dallas Cowboys is already on the field waiting for the start of the game.
4:03 PMa year ago
The LA team is done warming up and getting ready to take the field.
4:01 PMa year ago

Los Angeles Rams: inactives

Kendall Blanton, Jamil Demby, Dont'e Deavon, Gerald Everett, Jake Gervase, Rob Havenstein, David Long Jr.
3:48 PMa year ago

Dallas Cowboys: Inactives

Devin Smith, Deante Burton, Leighton Vander Esch, Joe Jackson, Mitch Hyatt, Brandon Knight, Trysten Hill.

Sean Lee is active.

3:46 PMa year ago
We're less than an hour away from the start of this exciting game.
3:42 PMa year ago
Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome to this live stream broadcast of the Los Angeles Rams vs Dallas Cowboys game.
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Last game

The last clash between the two teams was in the Divisional Round of the last postseason with victory for the Los Angeles team.


1:15 AMa year ago

Key player Cowboys

Dak Prescott, the Dallas QB has to regain his level to lead his team into the postseason.
(Photo: Getty Images)
(Photo: Getty Images)
1:10 AMa year ago

Key player Rams

Jared Goff, the Rams QB must have a great game if he wants his team to stay in the fight for the postseason.
(Photo: USA Today Sports)
(Photo: USA Today Sports)
1:07 AMa year ago
During the week, the Cowboys announced Brett Maher's exit from the team and signed veteran Kai Forbath in his place.


1:01 AMa year ago
Rams Head Coach Sean McVay spoke during the week about his game against the Cowboys.


12:58 AMa year ago
The Dallas team suffered a painful loss in Chicago against Bears in the TNF, complicating their place in the postseason.
12:56 AMa year ago
The LA team had a big victory last week at the SNF against Seattle Seahawks. With this, their hopes for the postseason are still alive.
12:53 AMa year ago

Cowboys: no margin for mistake

Dallas Cowboys needs a win to try to win his division and a place in the postseason.
12:50 AMa year ago

Rams: still in the fight

Los Angeles Rams will be looking for a win to keep them in the fight to get into the postseason.
12:45 AMa year ago

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