Score and Touchdowns: Dallas Cowboys 9-17 Philadelphia Eagles in NFL 2019
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8:38 PM10 months ago

Philadelphia now owns its destiny. If they beat New YorK Giants, they'll be NFC East champions, no matter what happens in Dallas.
8:37 PM10 months ago

The Dallas team had everything to secure their division today and now they need a miracle. They must beat Wasghinton next week and hope Eagles loses to Giants.
8:33 PM10 months ago


Finish the game! Philadelphia Eagles wins and now they have the play-offs in their hands.
8:28 PM10 months ago

4Q - 1:15

The Cowboys stayed close but they will lose in Philadelphia and practically say goodbye to the play-offs.
8:23 PM10 months ago

4Q - 1:54

We arrived at the two-minute break. The Cowboys are in the red zone looking to tie the game.
8:19 PM10 months ago

4Q - 4:33

The Dallas defense succeeds in stopping Carson Wentz. One last chance comes for Dak Prescott and the Cowboys.
8:10 PM10 months ago

4Q - 7:59

Forbath connects a 49-yard field goal. Dallas goes down 9-17 in Philadelphia.
8:08 PM10 months ago

4Q - 9:00

The Cowboys turn into 4th& 9th thanks to a great reception by Randall Cobb.
8:02 PM10 months ago

4Q - 11:00

Elliott misses a 55-yard field goal attempt and now Dallas will have good field position.
7:56 PM10 months ago

4Q - 14:12

Dallas decides to throw in 3rd&1 and they cause the Philadelphia defense to stop them. The play-offs are away for the Cowboys.
7:50 PM10 months ago

Touchdown Philadelphia Eagles

Miles Sanders' hauling.
7:47 PM10 months ago

3Q - 0:06

The extra point is good. 6-17 wins Philadelphia and gets closer to the play-offs.
7:45 PM10 months ago

3Q - 0:06

Touchdown Eagles! One-yard haul by Sanders to increase Philadelphia's lead.
7:42 PM10 months ago

3Q - 1:36

First and goal for Philadelphia.
7:41 PM10 months ago

3Q - 2:30

The Eagles are already in the red zone.
7:36 PM10 months ago

3Q - 4:23

The Cowboys can't make it third and long and will give up the ball. Dallas is still down by 6-10.
7:30 PM10 months ago

3Q - 7:23

The Cowboys manage to stop the Eagles and prevent their fumble becoming points.
7:25 PM10 months ago

3Q - 10:12

Tony Pollard dropped the ball when the Cowboys were having a big offense. 
7:16 PM10 months ago

3Q - 12:00

The Cowboys are already in enemy territory.
7:11 PM10 months ago

3Q - 15:00

Start the second half! The Cowboys are on the offensive.
6:59 PM10 months ago

Half time

Remember that Dallas secures NFC East with a win; Philadelphia needs to win to stay alive in the fight for the play-offs.
6:58 PM10 months ago

Half time

Finish the first half! Dallas Cowboys slowly react but lose 6-10 to the Philadelphia Eagles.
6:56 PM10 months ago

2Q - 0:06

Kai Forbath connects a 32-yard field goal to keep closing the score on Philadelphia.
6:49 PM10 months ago

2Q - 0:30

Elliott misses a 53-yard field goal attempt. 
6:42 PM10 months ago

2Q - 2:00

Cooper throws an important pass from Prescott and Dallas delivers the ball after the two-minute break.
6:35 PM10 months ago

2Q - 3:30

Philadelphia will return the ball and Dallas will have one more offensive series before the end of the first half.
6:28 PM10 months ago

2Q - 8:00

Dallas can't take advantage and will have to give up the ball again.
6:22 PM10 months ago

2Q - 9:00

The Dallas defense again closes in 4th&1.
6:20 PM10 months ago

2Q - 9:25

Time out requested by Philadelphia.
6:17 PM10 months ago

2Q - 11:00

Eagles is already in the Dallas field.
6:15 PM10 months ago

2Q - 12:42

Xavier Woods almost intercepted Carson Wentz.
6:11 PM10 months ago

2Q - 14:00

Forbath's 49-yard field goal attempt is good for Dallas to break the zero.
6:09 PM10 months ago

2Q -

Great move by Dallas! Long pass from Dak to Michael Gallup for his first advance in the game.
6:01 PM10 months ago

1Q - 0:45

The Dallas defense reacts and stops Philadelphia in 3rd&1.
5:58 PM10 months ago

Touchdown Philadelphia Eagles

That was the first TD of the game.
5:55 PM10 months ago

1Q - 2:59

Again the Cowboys will return the ball after three plays. Great game by the Philadelphia defense.
5:50 PM10 months ago

1Q - 4:03

The extra point is good.
5:49 PM10 months ago

1Q - 4:03

Touchdown Eagles! Wentz connection with Goedert to increase their lead.
5:47 PM10 months ago

1Q - 4:55

Eagles already in red zone.
5:45 PM10 months ago

1Q - 6:00

Philadelphia is now back in enemy territory.
5:40 PM10 months ago

1Q - 8:08

Three plays and out. The Cowboys will return the ball.
5:37 PM10 months ago

1Q- 9:32

Eagles scores the first three points of the game thanks to a 36-yard field goal.
5:34 PM10 months ago

1Q - 10:30

Again Eagles proving to be the most effective team in third time.
5:32 PM10 months ago

1Q - 12:00

Eagles manages to advance in third and long and they approach to score the first points of the match.
5:28 PM10 months ago

1Q - 14:21

Wentz's full pass and the Eagles are already on the field in Dallas on the first play of the game.
5:27 PM10 months ago

1Q - 15:00

Start the game! Philadelphia will be starting at the 25-yard line.
4:52 PM10 months ago

In their last meeting between the two teams, Dallas Cowboys smashed Philadelphia Eagles 10-37 at AT&T Stadium.

4:46 PM10 months ago

That's how Carson Wentz motivates his team before the biggest game of the season.
4:44 PM10 months ago

That's how Dak Prescott warms up at Lincoln Financial Field.
(Photo: Dallas Cowboys)
(Photo: Dallas Cowboys)
4:34 PM10 months ago

Eagles: inactives

Nate Sudfeld, Nelson Agholor, Jordan Howard, Shareef Miller, Lane Johnson, Nate Herbig, Sua Opeta
4:32 PM10 months ago

Cowboys: inactives

Devin Smith, Donovan Wilson, Leighton Vander Esch, Joe Jackson, Mitch Hyatt, Brandon Knight, Trysten Hill
4:28 PM10 months ago

The Preview

It's gonna be a big duel between Cowboys and Eagles. Who's gonna win?

11:06 PM10 months ago

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Philadelphia Eagles Key Player

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia QB must have a perfect game to lead their team to victory.
(Photo: EaglesWire)
(Photo: EaglesWire)
10:57 PM10 months ago

Dallas Cowboys Key Player

Dak Prescott, the Dallas QB had a sensational game last week against Rams. He also has an 18-4 record against NFC East teams.
(Photo: Getty Images)
(Photo: Getty Images)
10:53 PM10 months ago

A rivalry unlike any other

The Cowboys-Eagles rivalry is one of the best in the NFL.
10:50 PM10 months ago

Cowbosys in Philadelphia

In very cold weather, the Cowboys traveled to Philadelphia.
10:46 PM10 months ago

The Eagles are still flying

Philadelphia Eagles also had a great game in week 15 when it beat Washington Redskins 37-27. The Eagles refuse to die and want to fight for the play-offs.

10:43 PM10 months ago

A resounding victory

Last week the Dallas team surprised by smashing the LA Rams team 21-44 at AT&T Stadium. The Cowboys are in high spirits for this game. 

10:39 PM10 months ago

Philadellphia Eagles: all of nothingness

The Philadelphia Eagles team is playing everything this afternoon. They need to beat Dallas and beat the NY Giants next week to advance to the play-offs. A loss today is the goodbye of the season.
10:36 PM10 months ago

Dallas Cowboys: the most important victory

The Dallas Cowboys are looking for a win to clinch the NFC East and enter the NFL Playoffs. This duel will be the most important of the season.
10:28 PM10 months ago

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