Highlights and touchdowns: San Francisco 49ers (26-21) Seattle Seahawks, 2019 NFL
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12:51 AM9 months ago


12:28 AM9 months ago

4Q - 0:00

Finish the game. San Francisco ginished as first seed in NFC. 
12:26 AM9 months ago

4Q - 0:00

Play in revision. It was pasa from Wilson to Hollister.
12:21 AM9 months ago

4Q - 0:23

1&goal in the 1 for Seattle. 
12:13 AM9 months ago

4Q - 1:46

Short pass of Wilson and Seahawks are in rival territory. 
12:09 AM9 months ago

4Q - 1:56

Two Minute warning. 
12:08 AM9 months ago

4Q - 2:27

Three and out for San Francisco, Seattle starts from its 27th yard.
12:04 AM9 months ago

4Q - 3:35

Niners begins at 26 yard. 
12:03 AM9 months ago

4Q - 3:36 | TD Seahawks

Russell Wilson pass to Metcalf of 14 yds. Extra point is good. 
11:56 PM9 months ago

4Q - 5:18

Pass to Lockett, Seahawks are in rival territory. 
11:54 PM9 months ago

4Q - 5:51

Seattle begins offensive in yard 40.
11:52 PM9 months ago

4Q - 5:51 | TD Niners

Mostert Runs 13 yds for the TD. Extra point is good. 
11:48 PM9 months ago

4Q - 6:27

Garoppolo pass to Samuel. 49ers in red zone. 
11:46 PM9 months ago

4Q - 8:30

Garoppolo pass to Kittle, SF is in rival territory. 
11:44 PM9 months ago

4Q - 9:55

Touchback. San Francisco begins at 25 yard. 
11:42 PM9 months ago

4Q - 9:55 | TD Seahawks

Lynch Run 1 yd for the TD. Extra point is good. 
11:37 PM9 months ago

4Q - 11:35

1&goal for Seattle un the 10 yard. 
11:34 PM9 months ago

4Q - 14:12

Wilson pass to Lockett. They have the ball in the 25.
11:30 PM9 months ago

3Q - 0:00

Seattle is in Middle Field. Finish the third Quarter. 
11:27 PM9 months ago

3Q - 3:25

Touchback. Seattle begins in yard 25. 
11:24 PM9 months ago

3Q - 3:25 | TD Niners

Raheem Mostert 2 yd run Touchdown. 2 point converssion is bad. 
11:21 PM9 months ago

3Q - 4:40

Pass from Jimmy G to Samuel, stays on the 3 yard line. 1&goal
11:18 PM9 months ago

3Q - 5:37

50 yard pass from Garoppolo to Juzczky. Niners in riva territory
11:15 PM9 months ago

3Q - 5:46 | TD Seahawks

15-yard pass from Wilson to Lockett. Extra point is good.
11:11 PM9 months ago

3Q - 7:48

Five-yard pass from Wilson to Huerley. Seattle in zone r
11:08 PM9 months ago

3Q - 9:58

Escapes 15 yards Marshawn Lynch, Seattle to the red zone gates.
11:06 PM9 months ago

3Q - 11:15

Russell Wilson runs for 3 yds. Seattle is in Middle Field. 
11:02 PM9 months ago

3Q - 12:53

Three and out for Niners. Seattle has the ball from the 39-yard line.
10:59 PM9 months ago

3Q - 15:00

Touchback. San Francisco have the first possesion of the third Quarter. 
10:45 PM9 months ago

2Q - 0:00

Finish the 2 Quarter 


10:36 PM9 months ago

2Q - 0:35

Seattle is playing at 4&incheses. They don't pass and it's ball for San Francisco
10:27 PM9 months ago

2Q - 2:00

Side pass from Russell Wilson, Seattle arrives in rival territory.

Two-minute break

10:22 PM9 months ago

2Q - 5:44

Touchback. Seattle begins at 25 yard. 
10:20 PM9 months ago

2Q - 5:44 | FG Niners

Robbie Gould's FG is good from 30 yards. 
10:16 PM9 months ago

2Q - 7:35

Pase de Garoppolo a George Kittle, enter San Francisco at red zone. 
10:12 PM9 months ago

2Q - 10:01

Pass from Jimmy G to George Kittle, Niners arrive in Rival territory
10:07 PM9 months ago

2Q - 11:27

Russell Wilson sack. New 49ers attack starts at the 30 yard line.
10:00 PM9 months ago

1Q - 0:00

Finish the 1st Quarter. San Francisco beats 10-0 Seattle. 
9:59 PM9 months ago

1Q - 0:23

Seattle has a new offensive series from the 23rd.
9:57 PM9 months ago

1Q - 0:24 | TD Niners

Reverse play by Debo Samuel running 30 yards for the touchdown.
9:53 PM9 months ago

1Q - 2:09

Garoppolo pass to Samuel and San Francisco arrive to Middle Field. 
9:44 PM9 months ago

1Q - 4:56

He stops the Niners' defense again and they start an offensive series in the 5th.
9:40 PM9 months ago

1Q - 7:35

Touchback. Seattle begins in yard 25.
9:38 PM9 months ago

1Q - 7:35 | FG 49ers

Robbie Gould 48 yds that is good. 
9:34 PM9 months ago

1Q - 9:57

Raheem Mostert loopt voor 26 yards en San Francisco staat aan de poort.
9:29 PM9 months ago

1Q - 13:49

Three and out for Seattle. San Francisco will have the ovoid on their 15-yard line.
9:25 PM9 months ago

1Q - 14:52

Seattle hace the first offensive in the yard 25.
9:21 PM9 months ago

1Q - 15:00

Start the game. 
9:11 PM9 months ago

The scenarios for this game:

If Seattle wins, they'll play a wild card game in position 3 against Minnesota, and San Francisco will play in Philadelphia.


If San Francisco wins, it rests and finishes first in the NFC. Seattle would play wild card in Philadelphia.

8:59 PM9 months ago

Beast Mode active

8:57 PM9 months ago

Too much fans of Niners in Seattle. 

8:29 PM9 months ago

A statue of Marshawn Lynch is shown outside CenturyLink Field. 

8:20 PM9 months ago

Inactive players of Seahawks. 

8:13 PM9 months ago

Inactive players of Niners. 

12:35 AM9 months ago

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San Francisco Key Player

Raheem Mostert, RB San Francisco 49ers. At the beginning of the season, the San Francisco team had a lot of options in the position of RB. With the passing of the games, Mostert took the starting position and registered 715 yards on the ground and 6 touchdowns. His role in Seattle will be key to his team's chances of winning.
Photo: San Francsico Chronicle
Photo: San Francsico Chronicle
12:10 AM9 months ago

Seattle Key Player

Marshawn Lynch, RB from Seattle Seahawks. With the injury of Chris Carson and C.J. Prosise, the Seahawks have hired Lynch who is returning to the NFL after his retirement last year. The last two years with the Oakland Raiders didn't have the best performance, but with Seattle it was always a guarantee.
Photo: Yahoo Sports!
Photo: Yahoo Sports!
12:02 AM9 months ago

Niners eliminated Rams

Last Saturday, a great divisional duel took place at Levi's Stadium. As has been the case in recent weeks, San Francisco took the victory with play in the final seconds. Niners beat the Rams (31-34), a result that gave the last NFC champions elimination.
Photo: Los Ángeles Times
Photo: Los Ángeles Times
11:53 PM9 months ago

Seahawks fell at home to Cardinals

In one of the games that broke the odds last week, it happened at CenturyLink Field. With both Seattle runners out through injury, Arizona won (27-13) over Seattle. The Cardinals had a great game, specifically the rookie QB: Kyler Murray.
Photo:  Field Gulls
Photo: Field Gulls
11:47 PM9 months ago

San Francisco, for an NFC hit

Throughout 2019, one of the best teams in the entire National Conference has been the San Francisco 49ers. The time has come to put themselves on the map as the top Super Bowl contenders with a win in Seattle. The test will not be easy, but this will be the breakthrough that San Francisco needs.
Photo: Milenio
Photo: Milenio
9:22 PM9 months ago

Seattle, with a plan C

Last week he fell pretty hard on the Seahawks' offensive plan with the injury of two of his runners. This led the Seattle leadership to pull Running Back Marshawn Lynch out of retirement. Beast Mode is back in business with a mission to revive old glories this season.
Foto: Seattle PI
Foto: Seattle PI
9:19 PM9 months ago

The 256th game of the regular season will always be the big attraction of the last week. This time, Seattle hosts San Francisco in search of the NFC West crown. If the Niners win, they will close out the first NFL season; if not, Seattle will aim for first, second or third place, depending on the results.
Photo: Forbes
Photo: Forbes
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