Highlights ans touchdowns: Minnesota Vikings 10-27 San Francisco 49ers, 2020 NFL Playoffs
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End game
Vikings 10-27 49ers
4Q 00:16
Smith falls short of the mark and the 49ers will win
4Q 01:10
Thielen with the reception, but then Cousins is captured 
4Q 01:39
Breida gets the first and ten, however, releases the ball that recovers Minnesota
4Q 02:00
Two-minute break
4Q 02:29
Diggs can't keep the ball and SF will have the ovoid again
4Q 03:54
Smith Jr. with the reception to put the Vikings in midfield
4Q 05:37
Breida falls short of the mark
4Q 08:04
Coleman with the hauling to move the chains
4Q 09:46
Cousins is arrested again, and the Vikings are cleared
4Q 11:08
Bourne with incomplete pass and 49ers to clear
4Q 13:12
Bosa captures Cousins and again Vikings to clear
4Q 14:13
FG 49ers

From 21 yards the advantage is extended

4Q 14:54
Kittle with the short reception and now they will try a field goal
Final third quarter
Vikings 10-24 49ers. San Francisco about to write down
3Q 01:05
Minnesota and San Francisco loose ball recovers with Mostert
3Q 01:40
Minnesota stops the 49ers' ground attack in third down
Cousins throws incomplete and again three and out to clear
3Q 03:37
Cousins throws incomplete and again three and out to clear
TD 49ers 24-10
3Q 04:54
TD 49ers

Coleman by land increases the advantage

3Q 05:29
Coleman with the carry to the 3-yard line
3Q 08:54
Coleman by land gets another first and ten
3Q 09:49
Shermann interception and great possession for the 49ers
3Q 10:42

37 yds Gould extends the advantage

3Q 10:47
Jimmy G with the incomplete pass and only three points to try
3Q 12:56
Coleman with the haul on the right side of the line to keep the offensive alive
3Q 14:19
Bourne with the reception for the first and ten
3Q 15:00
Start the second half. The 49ers on the offensive
Half time
Vikings 10-14 49ers
2Q 00:33
FG Vikings

39-yard Bailey cuts the lead

2Q 00:36
Cousins is caught in third down and SF burns a time out
Time out Vikings
2Q 01:51
Thielen with the first and ten reception to be in the red zone
2Q 02:41
Henry's interception of Garropolo. Great field position for Minnesota
2Q 03:32
Garoppolo's personal carriage to move the chains
2Q 05:10
Rudolph with the short reecp and Minnesota three and out. Let's kick it.
TD 49ers 14-7
2Q 07:10
TD 49ers

Coleman by land takes advantage

2Q 08:04
Samuel with the reception staying one yard away
2Q 09:53
It wasn't a loose ball and San Francisco already got the first and ten
2Q 10:35
Samuel drops the ball in reverse and the Vikings recover
2Q 11:05
Samuel with the reception to move the chains in third and long
2Q 13:00
Cook with the short haul and Minnesota for the second time in the game to clear
2Q 14:42
Captured Cousins in first down
1Q 00:00
Jimmy G is captured and the 49ers to be cleared

End of the first quarter: Vikings 7-7 49ers

Time out 49ers
1Q 01:58
Bourne miraculously with the reception to move the chains again
1Q 03:32
Big gap in the middle and Mostert moves the chains to the middle
TD Vikings 7-7
1Q 05:23
TD Vikings

Diggs with the reception after the Cousins bombing and this is already tied

1Q 08:20
Thielen with the first and tenth reeception
1Q 08:32
Defensive interference pass and Minnesota has its first first and ten of the game
TD 49ers 7-0
1Q 09:30

Bourne with reception of score in a big series

1Q 10:11
Kittle with the reception on the 3 yard line
1Q 11:08
Sanders with reception and SF within the red zone
1Q 12:10
Deception play and Jimmy G finds Sanders inside the 25-yard line
1Q 12:55
Samuel with the first full pass of the day to move the chains near midfield for the 49ers
1Q 13:51
Three and out for Minnesota. To the ball
1Q 15:00
The game begins. Vikings on the offensive
Joe Montana is present on the field to perform the flying of the game
In minutes, the U.S. national anthem will be sung. Both teams are already on the field
Right now the 49ers are taking the field, we are minutes away from the start of the match
Vikings ready on the field for this divisional round match
The record of this game is very even with 23 wins per side, although San Francisco has won four of five games where they have faced each other in playoffs
The winner of this game will face tomorrow's winner between Seahawks and Packers. If San Francisco wins, it's home in the NFC final, if Minnesota wins, it's away
They met three times in the 1980s in the postseason, where the 49ers got two wins in exchange for one defeat
The Bosa brothers greeting each other before the game. What a picture

On September 9, 2018 the two teams met in Minnesota with victory for the Vikings 24-16
Jimmy Garoppolo will face his first postseason as a starter, noting that he had good numbers this season with 69.1% of passes completed for 3978 yards, 27 touchdowns and 13 interceptions
The important players of the 49ers will be on the field. These were left out

Dalvin Cook is a key part of the purple offense, who ran for more than 1,000 yards in the regular season and last Sunday ran the ball 28 times for 94 yards and two touchdowns
Thielen did recover, but Minnesota will not have the following players

Much has been criticized by Kirk Cousins that in important games he cannot win, however, last game he completed 61.3% of his deliveries for 242 yards, one touchdown and most importantly, no interception
Minnesota has just broken the pool after eliminating Drew Brees' favorite New Orleans Saints in overtime. Now as the number six seed, they'll try to pull off another power play
San Francisco is coming off its week off by finishing as the best team in the National Conference. All this after securing that position in the last week after defeating the Seattle Seahawks
The divisional round matches have arrived and in VAVEL we started with LIVE coverage of the first game.

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Lastest games
The series is tied with 23 wins per side, although Minnesota has won four of the last five.
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Key player 49ers
Jimmy Garoppolo will face his first playoffs with the slogan of taking the five-time Super Bowl champion to play, once again, for the Vince Lombardi trophy.
Key player Vikings
Kirk Cousins' golden opportunity to prove he can do great things in the postseason
Last game 49ers
They defeated Seahawks 26-21 on the final day, ensuring they were the best team in the AFC.
Last game Vikings
Minnesota eliminated Drew Brees' Saints in overtime 26-20
49ers: consolidating the label of favourite
After resting for the first week, San Francisco fills up with stellar equipment to try to advance to the Conference final.
Vikings: still the surprise
After giving a blow of authority, the attack commanded by Cousins and Cook will try to remain a headache for the defense in turn
Kick-off time
The Minnesota Vikings vs San Francisco 49ers match will be played at the Levi’sStadium, in Santa Clara, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 4:35 pm ET.
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