Highlights and touchdowns: Seattle Seahawks 23-28 Green Bay Packers,2020 NFL Playoffs
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11:21 PM8 months ago


10:49 PM8 months ago

4Q - 0:00

Finish the game. Green Bay eliminates the Seahawks by a score of 23-28.
10:42 PM8 months ago

4Q - 1:53

Aaron Rodgers' pass with Grant. 1&10 for Green Bay who's going to set up the game.
10:39 PM8 months ago

4Q - 2:00

Two-minute break. It's 3&8 for Green Bay.
10:37 PM8 months ago

4Q - 2:12

Excellent pass from Aaron Rodgers to Devante Adams. Green Bay in midfield.
10:34 PM8 months ago

4Q - 2:32

Sack to Wilson. Seattle punt, Green Bay will have the ovoid on the 25-yard line.
10:28 PM8 months ago

4Q - 4:54

Sack to Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay punt, Seattle will have ball from the 25-yard line.
10:24 PM8 months ago

4Q - 7:29

Thanks to a foul, Green Bay is now in rival territory.
10:23 PM8 months ago

Video TD Seahawks

Marshawn Lynch anotó su segundo TD del partido.
10:20 PM8 months ago

4Q - 9:28

Packers will have a new offensive from the 28-yard line.
10:19 PM8 months ago

4Q - 9:33 | TD Seahawks

Once again, Marshawn Lynch runs for a yard and scores the touchdown.

Seattle goes for the two-point conversion that's bad.

10:15 PM8 months ago

4Q - 10:31

Wilson's pass to Homer. Seattle will have 1&goal.
10:09 PM8 months ago

4Q - 13:00

Wilson's 12-yard pass to Metcalf. Seattle in rival territory.
10:02 PM8 months ago

4Q - 14:01

Packers punt. Seattle will have offensive series from the 25th
10:01 PM8 months ago

Video TD Packers

He responded immediately to Seattle with Wilson's TD for Lockett.
10:00 PM8 months ago

Video TD Packers

Green Bay took more advantage with a pass from Rodgers to Adams.


9:57 PM8 months ago

3Q - 0:00

Finish the third quarter.

Green Bay has possession at their 40-yard line.

9:56 PM8 months ago

3Q - 0:33

Green Bay will have a new offensive series from the 31-yard line.
9:53 PM8 months ago

3Q - 0:39 | TD Seahawks

Six-yard touchdown pass from Russell Wilson to Tyler Lockett. Extra point is good.
9:51 PM8 months ago

3Q - 1:27

Wilson runs six yards. 1&goal on the 6-yard line for Seattle.
9:48 PM8 months ago

3Q - 4:40

Short pass from Wilson to Homer, Seattle in rival territory.
9:43 PM8 months ago

3Q - 7:03

Seahawks will have a new series from their 13th yard.
9:42 PM8 months ago

Video TD Seahawks

1 yard Beast Mode for touchdown.


9:41 PM8 months ago

3Q - 7:10 | TD Packers

Aaron Rodgers' pass to Davante Adams for the 40-yard touchdown. Extra point is good.
9:38 PM8 months ago

3Q - 8:43

Rodgers' big 25-yard pass to Grant, Green Bay into rival territory.
9:36 PM8 months ago

3Q - 9:44

Touchback. Green Bay will have an offensive series from the 25th.
9:35 PM8 months ago

3Q - 9:44 | TD Seahawks

Marshawn Lynch runs a yard for the TD. Extra point is good.
9:33 PM8 months ago

3Q - 10:00

Seahawks play at 4&1 on the 4-yard line. Stay on the 1. 1&goal line for Seattle.
9:28 PM8 months ago

3Q - 12:30

Pass from Russell Wilson to Metcalf. The Seahawks are on the 14-yard line.
9:26 PM8 months ago

3Q - 13:55

Russell Wilson runs 25 yards and hits rival territory.
9:24 PM8 months ago

3Q - 14:53

Seattle will start from their 32nd yard.
9:14 PM8 months ago

Video TD Green Bay

He repeated the Green Bay dose and with Aaron Jones' one-yard TD, they take an 18-point lead at halftime.
9:10 PM8 months ago

2Q - 0:00

Finish the second half. Packers with a 21-3 lead over Seahawks.
9:09 PM8 months ago

2Q - 0:10

The Seahawks are in rival territory looking to score points.
9:05 PM8 months ago

2Q - 1:22

Seahawks will start offensive series on their 23rd yard.
9:04 PM8 months ago

2Q - 1:31 | TD Packers

Run Aaron Jones 1 yard for the TD. Extra point is good.
9:02 PM8 months ago

2Q - 1:29

1&goal for Green Bay on the 1-yard line.
8:56 PM8 months ago

2Q - 2:00

Two-minute break.

Packers are with 3&1 on the 4 yard.

8:54 PM8 months ago

2Q - 3:40

Clowney's personal foul and the Packers are on the 14-yard line.
8:48 PM8 months ago

2Q - 5:35

Irving escapes with a 15-yard run and the Packers arrive in rival territory.
8:45 PM8 months ago

2Q - 5:43

Jason Myers' 50-yard field goal attempt that's bad.
8:41 PM8 months ago

2Q - 9:00

Pass from Wilson to Lockett to get to mid-field.
8:40 PM8 months ago

Video Green Bay TD

Aaron Jones ran one yard for the Green Bay touchdown.


8:39 PM8 months ago

2Q - 9:44

Seattle will start a new offensive series from the 17-yard line.
8:36 PM8 months ago

2Q - 9:49 | TD Packers

Aaron Jones runs a yard to score. Extra point is good.
8:25 PM8 months ago

2Q - 14:52

Green Bay arrives in rival territory with a pass from Aaron Rodgers to Davante Adams.
8:22 PM8 months ago

1Q - 0:00

Finish the first quarter. Packers are now 3-7 ahead of Seahawks.
8:21 PM8 months ago

1Q - 0:28

Touchback. Packers start at the 25-yard line.
8:20 PM8 months ago

1Q - 0:28 | FG Seahawks

Jason Myers' 45-yard field goal attempt that's good.
8:17 PM8 months ago

1Q - 1:53

Wilson's 30-yard pass to Lockett, Seahawks on the 30-yard line.
8:15 PM8 months ago

1Q - 2:06

Three and out for Green Bay. Packers punt, Seattle receives on the 43rd yard.
8:11 PM8 months ago

1Q - 4:50

Three and out for Seahawks. Seattle punt, Green Bay will start on their 15-yard line.
8:06 PM8 months ago

1Q - 6:57

Three and out for Packers. Green Bay punt, Seattle will start at their 32nd yard.
8:03 PM8 months ago

Aaron Rodgers connected with Devante Adams for the first touchdown of the game.


8:01 PM8 months ago

1Q - 8:03

Seahawks punt. Packers will start on the 11-yard line.
7:57 PM8 months ago

1Q - 9:50

There's no hard evidence to change possession, and Seattle gets possession of the ovoid
7:53 PM8 months ago

1Q - 9:50

It's up for review. Jacob Hollister dropped the ovoid on a pass from Russell Wilson.
7:52 PM8 months ago

1Q - 10:30

Seahawks will have their first offensive series since the 30-yard line.
7:50 PM8 months ago

1Q - 10:37 | TD Packers

Touchdown pass from Aaron Rodgers to Davante Adams for 20 yards. Extra point is good.
7:46 PM8 months ago

1Q - 12:42

Rodgers pass to Grant for Green Bay at the 25-yard line.
7:43 PM8 months ago

1Q - 14:14

12-yard pass from Rodgers to Adams, Packers in rival territory.
7:42 PM8 months ago

1Q - 14:51

Aaron Jones' first run and he gets away for 20 yards. Packers on his 48-yard line.
7:41 PM8 months ago

1Q - 15:00

Packers will have the first possession from their 25-yard line.
7:40 PM8 months ago

1Q - 15:00

Start the game.
7:07 PM8 months ago

Green Bay Packers inactives:

11 WR Ryan Grant

22 RB Dexter Williams

29 CB Ka'dar Hollman

37 CB Josh Jackson

45 FB Danny Vitale

79 T John Leglue

7:06 PM8 months ago

The Seattle Seahawks are already warming up. They're going for their second straight win away from home in these playoffs.
7:04 PM8 months ago

They begin to heat the throats at Lambeau Field. For tonight's game, the Packers will once again defend their Tundra against the Seahawks who are in the negative against Green Bay in the playoffs.


6:59 PM8 months ago

Fans are arriving at Lambeau Field. Even one of them is wearing a Charro hat. Mexico's presence in Green Bay.

11:10 AM8 months ago

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Green Bay Packers Key Player

Aaron Jones, RB from Green Bay Packers. It has been great for Aaron Jones to have LaFleur as his Head Coach because he has tapped into his full potential to be one of the best Running Backs in the NFL. Throughout the regular season, he added 1074 yards and 16 touchdowns, impressive numbers! Because of the icy weather, Jones will play a key role in the Packers' offense.
Photo: News Baker
Photo: News Baker
11:00 AM8 months ago

Green Bay won at the end of the regular season

A (23-20) win at Ford Field against the Lions earned the Packers a spot as the NFC's #2. It was a pretty grim Green Bay game, but with a fourth quarter comeback, they closed out the regular season in good shape that earned them this week's break.
Photo: PFF
Photo: PFF
10:58 AM8 months ago

Seahawks, continue on the path of victory away from home

After falling in the last game of the regular season, Seattle has turned the page on not being able to play at home in these playoffs. They have been solid this season away from home having only lost one of nine games this season. The goal is to remain immaculate outside of CenturyLink Field in order to make it to the NFC Championship Game.
Photo: Field Gulls
Photo: Field Gulls
10:49 AM8 months ago

Packers, take advantage of the Lambeau tundra

The offside aspects of the game appear to be in the Green Bay Packers' favour. The weather, the fans and coming up with a week's rest will have Aaron Rodgers and company looking for the win. They have to improve too much from their past game to be able to aspire to beat an inspired Seahawks.
Photo: Si
Photo: Si
10:47 AM8 months ago

What to expect today?

The latest NFL Divisional Games duel looks to be the most spectacular of all. It won't go with the game, the weather because it's been snowing in Wisconsin. Lambeau Field paints to be the Packers' fortress to get past the Seahawks.
Photo: People
Photo: People
10:45 AM8 months ago

Kick - off time: 6:40pm ET.

The Seattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers match will be played at the Lambeau, in Green Bay, USA. The kick-off is scheduled at 6:40pm ET.
10:42 AM8 months ago

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