Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid "respects the heck" out of Jimmy Garoppolo
Andy Reid talking to the press about the Super Bowl (Photo: Mark Brown)

Andy Reid and his Kansas City Chiefs will be playing in their first Super Bowl in 50 years when they take on the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday. 

The Chiefs made a remarkable comeback to beat the Tennessee Titans 35-24 in the AFC Championship game to book their place in the Super Bowl. 

Patrick Mahomes has had another season to remember, but Reid paid compliments to his opposite number, saying Garoppolo is a “heck of a quarterback”.

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Reid “respects the heck” out of Garoppolo 

Garoppolo threw for just 77-yards in the NFC Championship game, but that was because the 49ers run game was so successful against the Green Bay Packers

Reid knows that you have to be “ready to play" at the top of your game when you come up against San Francisco, who have the No 1 ranked defense in the NFL. 

"I respect the heck out of him," coach Andy Reid said on Opening Night. "I think Jimmy, they decided they've been running the ball here, but Jimmy if you really look at it his quarterback ratings, his percentages, all the statistical facts about him you see he's a heck of a quarterback throwing the football.

“When you come in to play the 49ers, you better be ready to play a complete game, the run and pass game. You better be ready to do it for four quarters so that's how we're preparing.  

“We love the challenge so it not about being nervous, it's about loving the opportunity to play against a great team and a great setting - that's why we do this and that's the exciting part of it."