Playing against the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl is "Unreal", says Dee Ford
Dee Ford and Nick Bosa in the NFC Championship game (Photo: Ezra Shaw)

There has been a number of players over the years that have played for both Super Bowl LIV teams. Joe Montana is always a name top on peoples lists, but there is another that will actually be playing on Sunday. 

Dee Ford, who was drafted in 2014 by the Kansas City Chiefs, played his final season at Arrowhead in 2018 before he was picked up by the San Francisco 49ers

The defensive end has enjoyed a successful first season with the Niners. It’s a season that could end with Ford lifting the Super Bowl, but there was one moment in the AFC Championship game that many still remember.

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Playing the Chiefs is like playing a brother – Dee Ford

Ford was called offside on a play, where the Chiefs picked off Tom Brady and would’ve clinched the game. However, the pick was pulled back and Kansas City went on to fall one step short of the Super Bowl in 2018. 

Nevertheless, that moment isn’t one that sticks in the mind of the defensive end, but he said playing against the Chiefs, in the Super Bowl, is like playing a brother. 

"Playing them in this game, it still feels unreal," Ford told reporters in Miami. "I feel like I'm blessed. Everybody would want to play their old team.  

“I mean, that would be a very fun thing to do, and for me to play them on the biggest stage, that's a blessing, and I'm going to take advantage of this opportunity. It's going to be fun." 

Ford continued: "I was anticipating that this (game against the Chiefs) could be a real thing. The closer we got to it, I'm just like, 'Yo, this is really happening.' And so, we're here. It still don't feel real, but it will be real on Sunday night.”