Highlights & Touchdowns: 49ers 20-31 Chiefs, 2020 Super Bowl
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4Q - 0:00 | SF 20-31 KC

Finish the game. Kansas City defeats the San Francisco 49ers 31-20 and wins its first Super Bowl in over 50 years.

4Q - 0:57 | SF 20-31 KC

Fueller intercepts Garoppolo to end the match.

4Q - 1:12 | SF 20-31 KC

Touchback. Niners start from the 25-yard line.

4Q - 1:12 | SF 20-31 KC | TD Chiefs

Damien Williams breaks away for 40 yards for the touchdown. Extra point is good.

4Q - 1:25 | SF 20-24 KC

Sack to Garoppolo. Kansas City will have 1&10.

4Q - 1:49 | SF 20-24 KC

Garoppolo Pass with Bourne. Niners are in midfield

4Q - 1:56 | SF 20-24 KC

San Francisco is on the 34th yard.

Two-minute break.

4Q - 2:39 | SF 20-24 KC

San Francisco starts at the 15-yard line.

4Q - 2:24 | SF 20-17 KC | TD Kansas City

The decision is confirmed, it's TD. Extra point is good.

4Q - 2:24 | SF 20-17 KC | TD Kansas City

Touchdown pass from Damien Williams for the TD. The play is being reviewed.

4Q - 3:37 | SF 20-17 KC

30 yard pass from Mahomes with Sammy Watkins, Kansas City with 1&goal

4Q - 4:21 | SF 20-17 KC

Patrick Mahomes' pass with Tyreek Hill and the Chiefs are in midfield.

4Q - 5:10 | SF 20-17 KC

Three and out for San Francisco. Kansas City will start at the 35-yard line.

4Q - 6:06 | SF 20-17 KC

San Francisco starts offensive series at the 20-yard line.

4Q - 6:13 | SF 20-17 KC | TD Kansas City

Patrick Mahomes' TD Pass for Travis Kelce 1 yard. Extra point is good.

4Q - 6:17 | SF 20-10 KC

Defensive interference. It'll be 1&goal on the 1-yard line for Kansas City.

4Q - 6:50 | SF 20-10 KC

40 yard pass from Mahomes to Hill, Kansas City is in rival territory.

4Q - 7:13 | SF 20-10 KC

The refs decide it's an incomplete pass. It's 3&15 to Kansas City.

4Q - 7:10 | SF 20-10 KC

San Francisco will challenge Tyreek Hill's reception.

4Q - 8:53 | SF 20-10 KC

San Francisco punt. Kansas City has offensive series from the 17th yard.

4Q - 11:57 | SF 20-10 KC

Moore intercepts Tyreek Hill, the Niners will have the ball on their 20-yard line.

3Q - 0:00 | SF 20-10 KC

Finish the third quarter. Kansas City in middle field.

3Q - 3:09 | SF 13-10 KC

Garoppolo pass with Juszczyk. 1&goal on the 1 yard line to San Francisco.

3Q - 4:15 | SF 13-10 KC

Garoppolo pass with Bourne, Niners are inside the 20-yard line.

3Q - 5:16 | SF 13-10 KC

Jimmy Garoppolo's pass with Deebo Samuel to reach the 40-yard line.

3Q - 5:23 | SF 13-10 KC

Warner intercepts Patrick Mahomes on his 45-yard line.

VIdeo FG San Francisco

Robbie Gould returned the advantage to San Francisco.

3Q - 9:23 | SF 13-10 KC

Kansas City will start offensive series boxed in their 9-yard line.

3Q - 9:29 | SF 13-10 KC | FG San Francisco

The Kansas City defense is closed and only allows three points.

42-yard field goal attempt by Robbie Gould is good.

3Q - 13:28 | SF 10-10 KC

Again, Deebo Samuel's reversible play and San Francisco arrives in midfield.

3Q - 14:56 | SF 10-10 KC

From the 16th yard, the first San Francisco offensive series begins in the second half.

3Q - 15:00 | SF 10-10 KC

Start the second half. San Francisco will have the first possession.

2Q - 0:00 | SF 10-10 KC

Finish the first half. San Francisco and Kansas City are tied at 10 points.

2Q - 0:14 | SF 10-10 KC

20-yard pass from Garoppolo to Wilson, San Francisco is near midfield.

2Q - 0:59 | SF 10-10 KC

Kansas City punt. San Francisco will start offensive series from the 20-yard line.

2Q - 2:00| SF 10-10 KC

Two minute warning.

Video TD Niners

Kyle Juszczyk scored the first touchdown of the game for the 49ers.


2Q - 4:59| SF 10-10 KC

Kansas City starts at yard 25.

2Q - 5:05| SF 10-10 KC | TD San Francsico

Jimmy G's 15-yard pass with Juszczyk. Extra point is good.

2Q - 5:50| SF 3-10 KC

Jimmy G's pass with Deebo Samuel for 11 yards and into the red zone.

2Q - 6:20 | SF 3-10 KC

Now it's Tevin Coleman who blows up running and gets to the 25-yard line.

2Q - 7:10 | SF 3-10 KC

Raheem Mostert runs 11 yards and 49ers are already in rival territory.

2Q - 8:00| SF 3-10 KC

New reversal play by San Francisco with Deebo Samuel and they are near midfield.

2Q - 9:27| SF 3-10 KC

San Francisco starts offensive series from their 20-yard line.

2Q - 9:32| SF 3-10 KC | FG Kansas City

31-yard field goal attempt by Harrison Butker that's good.

2Q - 11:01| SF 3-7 KC

Kansas City plays it again in 4&1 and it's good. He's in the red zone.

2Q - 13:50 | SF 3-7 KC

Long pass from Patrick Mahomes to Sammy Watkins, the Chiefs are at the 30 yard line.

2Q - 14:08 | SF 3-7 KC

Jimmy Garoppolo is intercepted and Kansas City has possession at the 44-yard line.

San Francisco Video TD

Patrick Mahomes ran a yard for the touchdown.

1Q - 0:31 | SF 3-7 KC

Touchback, San Francisco starts at yard 25.

1Q - 1:19 | SF 3-0 KC

Kansas City's playing at 4&1. The conversion is good and it's 1&goal on the 1 yard line.

1Q - 2:10 | SF 3-0 KC

Patrick Mahomes runs and is fumble. Will be selling 4&1 to the Chiefs.

1Q - 3:25 | SF 3-0 KC

Pass Mahomes with Kelce and they're in the red zone at the 15-yard line.

1Q - 4:41 | SF 3-0 KC

Damien Williams escapes 15 yards to get to the 32-yard line.

1Q - 5:51 | SF 3-0 KC

Damien Williams gets his second 1&10 for Kansas City and they are located in midfield.

San Francisco Video FG

From 38 yards, Robbie Gould put up the first points for the Niners.

1Q - 7:57 | SF 3-0 KC

Touchback. Kansas City will start at their 25-yard line.

1Q - 7:57 | SF 3-0 KC

38-yard field goal attempt by Robbie Gould that's good.

1Q - 10:08 | SF 0-0 KC

New reverse play by Deebo Samuel and the Niners are on the 25-yard line.

1Q - 12:24 | SF 0-0 KC

Reversible play with Deebo Samuel that puts San Francisco on the 40-yard line.

1Q - 13:08 | SF 0-0 KC

Pass from Garoppolo to Kittle and San Francisco has the first 1&10 of the game.

1Q - 13:55 | SF 0-0 KC

Three and out for the Chiefs. Kansas City punt, San Francisco will start at their 17th yard.

1Q - 14:54 | SF 0-0 KC

Kansas City will start the offensive series from the 26-yard line.

1Q - 15:00 | SF 0-0 KC

Match begins.

The draw is won by the San Francisco 49ers and they decide to kick, Kansas City Chiefs with the first offense.

Demi Lovato is in charge of singing the U.S. National Anthem.

The Walter Payton Award is now presented to Calais Campbell, a Jaguar player.

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning present at Hard Rock Stadium

Jimmy 'G' is doing warm-up exercises in what will be his third Super Bowl, but his first as a starter will be today.

Patrick Mahomes is already warming up in the Miami field.

Crushing fact, of the last 16 Super Bowls, the teams wearing white have been crowned 14 times. Today, San Francisco wears white.

The Chiefs' dressing room is dressed in their traditional uniform. Red shirt and white shorts.


Mexican fans are in the vicinity of Hard Rock Stadium.

Also the San Francisco 49ers are already in Hard Rock Stadium.

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs have just arrived at Hard Rock Stadium.

With just over three hours to go before the game begins, fans are already starting to arrive in the stands at the Hard Rock Stadium.

The Chiefs' fans who stayed in Kansas City begin to gather for the big game.

The field of the Hard Rock Stadium is in spectacular condition to host the 54th edition of the Super Bowl.

First thing in the morning, this is what Hard Rock Stadium looks like.

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Kansas City Chiefs Key Player

Patrick Mahomes, QB from Kansas City Chiefs. The most important day in Pat Mahomes' young career may come to a head this Sunday in Miami. Coming in as last season's MVP and an immaculate 11-0 record in TD passes and interceptions, he wants to lead the Chiefs to the title. Mahomes should start off on a high note, because if he replicates what he's done in the past two games, they can forget about the Super Bowl.
Photo: Sports Illustrated
Photo: Sports Illustrated

San Francisco 49ers Key Player

Raheem Mostert, RB San Francisco 49ers. The great emerging figure of the mid-season Niners so far and who became the face of the San Francisco ground attack. You can make a great feast by running against a Chiefs defense that is not so good against the Running Backs. Mostert's good or bad performance can determine the final result of the game, because he will mediate the handling of the clock so he can go down every time the 49ers have possession.
Photo: El Tiempo Las Vegas
Photo: El Tiempo Las Vegas


Niners, no problem with the Packers

A game that left much to be desired as an NFC Championship game, but this was due to the perfect match played by San Francisco. The Niners beat the Packers by 17 points to win their seventh NFC title in history. With a Jimmy G who didn't have to let go of his arm, Mostert was the main character as he ran for more than 200 yards and scored four touchdowns.
Photo: NBC Sports
Photo: NBC Sports

Chiefs, a new comeback to get to Miami

Without a comeback he doesn't know and that's what the Kansas City Chiefs showed at the AFC Championship. Now they came from behind by 10 points to beat the Titans at Arrowhead Stadium. Patrick Mahomes mounted a new show with a great touchdown scored by land and a couple more by air.
Photo: The Score
Photo: The Score

San Francisco, back to the NFL elite

Few expected the Niners to make it to the big game before the start of the season, but since it started they have shown why they are one of the two best teams. Even though they're a very young team, they have everything they need to win the Super Bowl. If they could win their sixth title, they would tie Steelers and Patriots as the most winning teams.
Foto: NBC Sports
Foto: NBC Sports

Kansas City, time to start a dynasty

The time has come for this Chiefs franchise. After 50 years, they're back in the Super Bowl and want to leave Miami with the championship. It will be a great test for Patrick Mahomes who has the mission to be one of the youngest QB's to win the Super Bowl. In addition, Andy Reid is looking for revenge in the big game of the NFL.
Photo: El Heraldo de México
Photo: El Heraldo de México

Kick-off time: 6:30pm ET.

The San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs match will be played at the Hard Rock Stadium, in Miami, USA. The kick-off is scheduled at 6:30pm ET.
Foto: Hard Rock Stadium
Foto: Hard Rock Stadium

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