Highlights and Touchdowns: Miami Dolphins 11-21 New England Patriots, 2020 NFL Season
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First victory

Cam Newton and the Patriots started off on the right foot and without making any mistakes beat the Miami Dolphins.

The Pats' next game will be visiting the Seattle Seahawks, who are also beating Atlanta

3:47 PM9 days ago

End game

Dolphins 11-21 Patriots
3:47 PM9 days ago

4Q 00:30

Knee on the ground to consume the missing seconds
3:47 PM9 days ago

4Q 01:12

First and ten for NE thanks to Newton and the Patriots will win their first game of the year
3:46 PM9 days ago

4Q 01:23

Time out of Miami
3:43 PM9 days ago

4Q 01:15

Jackson with third interception for Fitzpatrick and Dolphins to lose to Patriots
3:38 PM9 days ago

4Q 02:00

Williams with the reception and they are on the 14-yard line of the rival.

Two-minute break

3:37 PM9 days ago

4Q 03:10

Fitzpatrick with his feet makes the carry and achieves the first and ten
3:36 PM9 days ago

4Q 03:24

Gilmore pass interference once again and Miami will have first and ten
3:35 PM9 days ago

4Q 03:44

Rivers with the capture on Fitzpatrick and Miami will have third and long
3:34 PM9 days ago

TD Patriots 21-11

3:33 PM9 days ago

TD Dolphins 11-14

3:29 PM9 days ago

4Q 05:23

TD Patriots

Carrying Michel through the center to increase the difference 21-11

3:28 PM9 days ago

4Q 05:26

First time out of the Patriots
3:26 PM9 days ago

4Q 05:57

Newton gets first and goal with two yards to go
3:22 PM9 days ago

4Q 06:08

Great jump of Newton and it seems that the Patriots get the first and goal, as Miami will challenge the play
3:19 PM9 days ago

4Q 08:24

Newton finds no one and goes out on his legs to move the chains
3:18 PM9 days ago

4Q 09:05

Burkhead with the short haul to move the chains and NE keeps lowering the clock
3:16 PM9 days ago

4Q 10:24

The defense goes with the fine and Edelman won more than 20 yards, coupled with a personal foul to settle in the rival field
3:12 PM9 days ago

4Q 10:31

Fitzpatrick achieves conversion to two-yard run. 14-11 is the score
3:11 PM9 days ago

4Q 10:31

TD Miami

Howard with the short haul to cut the difference 14-9

3:09 PM9 days ago

4Q 11:48

Passing interference in the end zone And Miami will have first on the one-yard line
3:08 PM9 days ago

4Q 12:29

Fitzpatrick with staff to achieve first and goal
3:06 PM9 days ago

4Q 13:51

Gesicki with the reepción and Miami is already in the red zone
3:06 PM9 days ago

4Q 14:11

Gilmore interference over Williams in fourth down and the Dolphins set up in enemy camp
3:05 PM9 days ago

4Q 14:54

Gaskin fails to advance in third and Miami will play in fourth
3:02 PM9 days ago

3Q 00:00

Third quarter ends: Dolphins 3-14 Patriots
2:58 PM9 days ago

3Q 00:54

Harry drops the ball about to score and Miami will have the ovoid on the 20-yard line
2:57 PM9 days ago

3Q 01:03

Newton, Brandon Jones, and the Dolphins give away 15 yards
2:56 PM9 days ago

3Q 01:29

Newton with the short haul after feint with Michel, to move the chains
2:54 PM9 days ago

3Q 03:48

Another great haul from Taylor who gets the first and ten for NE 
2:52 PM9 days ago

3Q 05:07

Harry with the reception and with base in legs, manages to win the missing yards to move the chains
2:51 PM9 days ago

3Q 06:20

Taylor explodes the hole in the center and moves the chains
2:50 PM9 days ago

3Q 07:48

Harry with the 12-yard catch to get the cousin and ten
2:45 PM9 days ago

3Q 08:49

Three and off to Miami. To be cleared
2:45 PM9 days ago

TD Patriots 14-3

2:38 PM9 days ago

3Q 10:14

TD Patriots

Cam Newton's personal 11-yard carry to widen the 14-3 lead

2:37 PM9 days ago

3Q 10:52

Michel with the carry to put the ball on the 11-yard line
2:36 PM9 days ago

3Q 12:11

Edelman with another reception to move the chains. They are already at field goal distance
2:34 PM9 days ago

3Q 13:02

White now with the catch to move the chains to the 41-yard line
2:33 PM9 days ago

3Q 14:10

Two passes from Newton to Edelman and the Patriots are already in Dolphin territory
2:32 PM9 days ago

3Q 15:00

The third quarter begins. The Patriots on the offensive
2:17 PM9 days ago

Half time

45-yard Nick Folk misses the field goal.

Dolphins 3-7 Patriots

2:16 PM9 days ago

2Q 00:06

Short haul by Burkhead and the Pats will try the field goal
2:14 PM9 days ago

2Q 00:18

Edelman with the reception and the Pats are already within field goal distance
2:13 PM9 days ago

2Q 00:24

Second time out of the Patriots
2:12 PM9 days ago

2Q 00:31

Second Fitzpatrick afternoon interception. Serious error
2:11 PM9 days ago

2Q 00:36

Grant with the valuable reception and in spite of the tackle, stood up and got the first and ten
2:10 PM9 days ago

2Q 00:45

Miami had made the first and ten, but they are retouching it for a holding company. It will be third and long
2:09 PM9 days ago

2Q 01:32

Again Gaskin appears, but now with the reception to move the chains. Fitzpatrick has already reached 100 yards
2:08 PM9 days ago

2Q 01:52

Gaskins with the first and ten and move the chains the Dolphins
2:05 PM9 days ago

2Q 02:00

Two minute break: Dolphins 3-7 Patriots
2:01 PM9 days ago

2Q 02:59

White with the carry that stays one yard away. Fourth and clear for the Patriots
1:56 PM9 days ago

2Q 03:53

FG Miami

46-yard sanders shorten the gap 7-3

1:55 PM9 days ago

2Q 03:57

Fitzpatrick with incomplete pass and will attempt field goal
1:53 PM9 days ago

2Q 05:51

Preston Williams with the reception and they are already inside the 30 yard line of the rival
1:52 PM9 days ago

2Q 06:31

Breida with the five-yard drive to move the chains to Miami. Near midfield
1:51 PM9 days ago

2Q 07:31

Pass from Fitzpatrick to Parker to the 41-yard line
1:47 PM9 days ago

1Q 09:13

New England fails to kick a field goal and boxes Miami at the 13-yard line
1:45 PM9 days ago

2Q 10:12

Newton slipped in third down and the Patriots will try a far field goal
1:44 PM9 days ago

TD Patriots 7-0

1:43 PM9 days ago

2Q 11:39

Gilmore intercepts Fitzpatrick and the Pats will start in enemy territory
1:41 PM9 days ago

2Q 13:01

Parker with the reception at the 39th yard for the first and ten of the Dolphins
1:36 PM9 days ago

2Q 13:12

TD Patriots

Newton with four-yard personal carry to put the Pats 7-0 ahead

1:36 PM9 days ago

2Q 13:36

White with the carry and the Pats already have first and goal
1:31 PM9 days ago

Final first quarter

Dolphins 0-0 Patriots
1:28 PM9 days ago

1Q 00:26

Time away from the Patriots
1:26 PM9 days ago

1Q 01:41

Burkhead with the carry of more than 10 yards and the Pats are already within the 30 yards of the rival
1:25 PM9 days ago

1Q 02:03

Eason with a long reception and the Pats are already in Dolphin territory
1:25 PM9 days ago

1Q 03:03

Michel runs for two yards, enough to move the chains
1:20 PM9 days ago

1Q 04:23

Touchback and the Pats will start from their 20th yard
1:20 PM9 days ago

1Q 04:31

Incomplete pass from Fitzpatrick and Miami will have to be cleared at the fourth opportunity
1:18 PM9 days ago

1Q 06:07

Gaskin with short reception to move the chains and Miami will go on the offensive beyond its 30 yard
1:16 PM9 days ago

1Q 07:58

Fitzpatrick connects with Parker to get out of the engagement zone and over the 20-yard line.
1:12 PM9 days ago

1Q 08:48

White with the short reception and in the middle of the field, the Ptriots will deliver the ovoid
1:11 PM9 days ago

1Q 09:39

Baker with the big move by capturing Cam Newton. It will be third and long
1:10 PM9 days ago

1Q 10:20

Sony Michel's drive to pass the first and ten mark and settle in the middle of the field
1:07 PM9 days ago

1Q 11:57

Newton with personal carriage to move the chains
1:06 PM9 days ago

1Q 12:56

Fumble on the kickoff, although the Pats recover it and will start inside the 20 yard line
1:05 PM9 days ago

1Q 13:41

Parker with the reception on the third occasion, but it is short at one yard and the Dolphins will have to clear
1:02 PM9 days ago

1Q 15:00

The game between Dolphins and Patriots begins. New England makes the first clearance
12:59 PM9 days ago

They will not play the season

Dont'a Hightower along with seven other players decided not to play the 2020 season of the NFL for fear of the coronavirus pandemic
12:54 PM9 days ago

Minutes away

We are just a few minutes away from the start of the game between Dolphins and Patriots. Join us...
12:46 PM9 days ago

They jump into the field

Brandon Jones and the Dolphins take the field for their first game of the 2020 NFL season

12:44 PM9 days ago

Defensive reinforcements

Cornerback Byron Jones left the Cowboys to sign and reinforce Miami, which was one of the worst defenses in 2019
12:39 PM9 days ago

Statistical redeemables

Fitzpatrick in his first campaign with Miami completed 62% of his shipments for 3,529 yards, 20 touchdowns and three interceptions
12:34 PM9 days ago

Your numbers

Cam Newton only played two games with the Panthers last season where he scored a mere 572 yards and one interception
12:30 PM9 days ago

The eyes are on him

The eyes will be focused on Cam Newton, who arrived as a free agent and will replace Tom Brady, after his departure to the Bucs
12:24 PM9 days ago

Remains as owner

Veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the starter in this game, earning Tua a starting spot and forcing the team to cut Josh Rosen
12:15 PM9 days ago

No people

It should be remembered that this game will be played without people and also note that the QB Tua Tagovailoa will start its first season in the NFL as a visitor

12:10 PM9 days ago

With a lot of style

One of the new weapons on Miami's defense, Kyle Van Noy, a former Patriots player, thus arrived at what was his home.

12:06 PM9 days ago

The Patriots have arrived

Individually and in their respective carts, this is how the Patriots' players arrived.


12:02 PM9 days ago

They will not be present

These are the players who will not be on the Miami Dolphins' side

11:59 AM9 days ago

The time has come...

The NFL is back with its first Sunday. We'll bring you all the details of what's going on in a historic rivalry between the Dolphins and the Patriots
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Lastest games

This match closed the last regular campaign where Miami won in the last minutes after winning 27-24.
11:02 AM9 days ago

How to watch Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots Live TV and Stream

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Key player Patriots

The spotlight will be on Cam Newton, who left the Carolina Panthers and hasn't played a game since week two of last season.

11:02 AM9 days ago

Key player Dolphins

The spotlight will be on veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick, who won the title from Tua Tagovailoa and who records a 4-3 mark in opening games.

11:02 AM9 days ago

No fans

As will happen in most stadiums in the League, New England will play its games behind closed doors in September because of the coronavirus pandemic.
11:02 AM9 days ago

News on the ground attack

Matt Breida of the San Francisco 49ers and Jordan Howard of the Philadelphia Eagles will help improve on a ground attack that was among the worst last season.
11:02 AM9 days ago

Patriots: The post-Tom Brady era begins

For the first time in 20 years, Brady will not be on the Patriots' staff and now the experienced Cam Newton will take on that role
11:02 AM9 days ago

Dolphins: repeat the dose

Last time Tom Brady played a regular season game he lost to Miami; now the Dolphins want Cam Newton's first game to be a loss
11:02 AM9 days ago

Kick-off time

The Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots match will be played at the stadium Gillette, in Foxborough, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 1:00 pm ET.
11:02 AM9 days ago

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