Touchdowns and Highlights: New Orleans Saints 24-34 Las Vegas Raiders, 2020 NFL Season
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11:32 PM10 months ago

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For the third time in this millennium, the Raiders start 2-0 and tonight they beat the Saints with authority and took the ball away from Drew Brees and company.
11:30 PM10 months ago

End game

Saints 24-34 Raiders
11:29 PM10 months ago

4Q 00:55

Brees pass to the center for the first and ten, but the clock continues to burn
11:27 PM10 months ago

4Q 01:03

FG Raiders

54-yard Carlson secures win for Las Vegas in home debut

11:24 PM10 months ago

4Q 01:30

Raiders don't make the third and will make a field goal
11:20 PM10 months ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute break
11:19 PM10 months ago

4Q 02:08

Passing interference from the Saints' defense and the Raiders are close to winning
11:18 PM10 months ago

TD Saints 24-31

11:16 PM10 months ago

4Q 04:01

Jacobs with the carriage to move the chains
11:13 PM10 months ago

4Q 04:33

TD Saints

Kamara with the carry to shorten the difference 31-24

11:12 PM10 months ago

4Q 04:57

Montgomery with full pass and leave the field
11:11 PM10 months ago

4Q 05:18

Harris with the reception to move the chains and leave the field, coupled with a punishment against the Raiders
11:09 PM10 months ago

4Q 07:05

Kamara in the center moves in the chains. Serial plays for the Saints
11:08 PM10 months ago

TD Raiders 31-17

11:05 PM10 months ago

4Q 07:43

TD Raiders

Great carriage of Richard that enters the zone of the diagonals

11:02 PM10 months ago

4Q 09:09

Jacobs with the right hand side to move the chains
11:01 PM10 months ago

This was the Raiders' fumble

10:59 PM10 months ago

4Q 09:20

Saints challenge the play for a possible fumble
10:58 PM10 months ago

4Q 09:35

Honter with the reception and the Raiders are already within field goal distance
10:56 PM10 months ago

4Q 10:23

Holding the shoulder pads and the Saints give away the first and ten
10:54 PM10 months ago

4Q 12:04

Waller's Great Reception up beyond his own 30 yard
10:53 PM10 months ago

4Q 10:17

Raiders will start their offensive from the 10th yard
10:52 PM10 months ago

4Q 12:24

Brees launched incomplete and the Saints will have fourth and clear
10:44 PM10 months ago

4Q 14:06

Serious error of the Las Vegas runner who drops the ovoid and Williams recovers the ovoid
10:39 PM10 months ago

Final third quarter

Saints 17-24 Raiders
10:39 PM10 months ago

3Q 00:31

Jacobs fourth power down and the Raiders move the chains
10:36 PM10 months ago

3Q 02:42

Derek Carr is hit and the Raiders advance 15 yards
10:33 PM10 months ago

3Q 03:46

Time Out Las Vegas
10:32 PM10 months ago

3Q 03:56

Short pass to Cook and the Raiders manage to move the chains in a compromised area
10:30 PM10 months ago

3Q 04:06

First time out of the Saints
10:28 PM10 months ago

3Q 05:44

Many punishments from both teams. Now the Raiders are backing out for illegal back blocking
10:26 PM10 months ago

TD Raiders 24-17

10:24 PM10 months ago

3Q 06:24

After several punishments, New Orleans will deliver the ovoid to midfield
10:17 PM10 months ago

3Q 09:13

Screen pass to Hill who advances 15 yards, but is injured at the knee
10:16 PM10 months ago

3Q 09:49

Short pass to Kamara who explodes the gap and gains 20 yards
10:11 PM10 months ago

3Q 09:58

TD Raiders

Race to Wallen in play action to get ahead for the first time on the board

10:10 PM10 months ago

3Q 10:25

Third and goal and the Raiders lost the ball they regained at the one-yard line
10:08 PM10 months ago

3Q 11:57

Time out Las Vegas
10:08 PM10 months ago

3Q 12:20

Great pass of Carr and the Raiders are in the red zone
10:07 PM10 months ago

3Q 12:20

Waller with the nails makes the reception to move the chains
10:05 PM10 months ago

3Q 14:11

Incomplete pass to Edwards, but signal pass interference
10:03 PM10 months ago

3Q 15:00

The third quarter begins. Las Vegas on the offensive
9:51 PM10 months ago

Live Music

The Killers are currently playing for the opening of the Allegiant Stadium.
9:48 PM10 months ago

Half time

FG Raiders

29-yard Carson ties the game at halftime 17-17

9:47 PM10 months ago

2Q 00:04

Incomplete pass from Carr and the Raiders will look for the field goal
9:47 PM10 months ago

2Q 00:09

Time out of Raiders
9:45 PM10 months ago

2Q 00:15

Carr runs to gain three yards. Raiders second time out
9:44 PM10 months ago

2Q 00:20

Another short pass from Carr to Wallen and you are already in the red zone
9:44 PM10 months ago

2Q 00:25

Short Ingold-run pass to move the chains
9:43 PM10 months ago

2Q 00:30

Las Vegas calls time out on third down
9:41 PM10 months ago

2Q 00:45

Morrow with the interception to Drew Brees and the Raiders can tie the game
9:40 PM10 months ago

2Q 01:12

Smith's short pass to move the chains to the 37-yard line
9:39 PM10 months ago

TD Raiders 17-14

9:37 PM10 months ago

2Q 01:44

TD Raiders

From Carr to Jones and despite the defensive coverage, he manages to make the reception

9:34 PM10 months ago

2Q 01:57

Time away from New Orleans
9:30 PM10 months ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute break
9:29 PM10 months ago

2Q 02:29

Edwards with the catch to take the corner and make the first and ten
9:27 PM10 months ago

2Q 03:32

The offense begins to carburetor and now Carr puts a pass to the center to the 35-yard line to move the chains
9:26 PM10 months ago

2Q 04:00

Agholor with the big cut in the reception to take speed and escape to its own 49th yard
9:24 PM10 months ago

TD Saints 17-7

9:21 PM10 months ago

2Q 05:22

TD Saints

Jared Cook wins the hand to hand to make the score. The Saints hit again

9:19 PM10 months ago

2Q 06:42

From Brees to Adam to get into the red zone. The Saints are close
9:18 PM10 months ago

2Q 07:24

Long pass from Brees to Harris and set up on the 25 yard
9:14 PM10 months ago

2Q 08:41

Kamara on screen pass play to move the chains
9:12 PM10 months ago

TD Raiders 10-7

9:10 PM10 months ago

1Q 08:55

TD Raiders

Quick pass of Carr to be present on the board

9:09 PM10 months ago

2Q 09:30

Waller with first and goal reception
9:07 PM10 months ago

2Q 10:59

Willen with another valuable reception to get into the red zone
9:06 PM10 months ago

2Q 11:08

Holding against the defensive and the Raiders will have first and ten
9:05 PM10 months ago

2Q 12:20

Willen with the Las Vegas front desk to move the chains into the 35-yard line
9:03 PM10 months ago

2Q 14:11

Witten with the valuable reception in third down to move the chains
9:00 PM10 months ago

Final first quarter

Saints 10-0 Raiders
8:58 PM10 months ago

1Q 00:22

Allen with the incomplete pass and also made pass interference. The Saints for the first time three and out. To be cleared
8:52 PM10 months ago

1Q 01:49

Two catches for the Raiders and to be cleared in their own territory. The Saints' defense by constantly charging Dereck Carr
8:50 PM10 months ago

1Q 02:55

Edwards with the midfield reception for the Raiders
8:49 PM10 months ago

TD Saints 10-0

8:47 PM10 months ago

1Q 03:51

There was a punishment and the Saints decided to play in conversion they managed to do it successfully, but there was illegal training and they will have to kick
8:44 PM10 months ago

1Q 03:51

TD Saints

In third down, Kamara from one yard extends the gap 10-0

8:42 PM10 months ago

1Q 04:23

Hill, in power play, but is stopped at one yard
8:38 PM10 months ago

1Q 04:53

Time out of the Saints
8:37 PM10 months ago

1Q 05:28

Great play by Smith who, after the catch, cuts down the rail to enter up to the six-yard line. First and goal
8:35 PM10 months ago

1Q 06:44

Kamara travels all over the course in a haul to enter raider territory. The Saints do not stop their march
8:34 PM10 months ago

1Q 07:22

Kamara with the 12-yard break to keep the chains moving
8:34 PM10 months ago

1Q 07:51

Holding on to the defensive and the Saints get their first and ten of this series
8:29 PM10 months ago

1Q 08:30

Insufficient Carr Short Pass and Raiders to Clear
8:29 PM10 months ago

1Q 09:14

Jankins captures Carr and 14-yard loss on second down for the Raiders
8:27 PM10 months ago

1Q 09:57

Jacobs with the short haul in third down to move the chains for the Raiders
8:23 PM10 months ago

1Q 11:01

FG Saints

First touchdown at Allegiant Stadium. 31-yard field goal by Wil Lutz

8:22 PM10 months ago

1Q 11:06

Smith drops the ball at third down and after a good run, the Saints will have to settle for the field goal
8:20 PM10 months ago

1Q 12:24

Great catch by Smith and the Saints are already in the red zone
8:20 PM10 months ago

1Q 13:00

Kamara's hauling around the corner and manages to move the chains, they are already inside the rival's 40
8:19 PM10 months ago

1Q 13:31

Murray with the hauling from the shotgun formation to move the chains and enter enemy territory
8:17 PM10 months ago

1Q 14:50

Harris' slip on the left side to get the first and ten of the game
8:16 PM10 months ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. The Saints on the offensive
8:13 PM10 months ago

To match the record of the Chiefs

The Raiders were given the results this week, so if they win, they will be at the top of the division along with the Kansas City Chiefs
8:07 PM10 months ago

For the leadership

If they win, the Saints will lead in the NFC South, but if they lose they will have the same 1-1 record as Tampa Bay
8:05 PM10 months ago


Several players have thanked Oakland for hosting them for a long time

8:02 PM10 months ago

Establish the ground attack

Billionaire Alvin Kamara got off to a pretty modest start with 12 carries for 16 yards in the first week. He'll have to be more productive if he's going to help the Saints win
7:57 PM10 months ago

The Saints defensive

The Saints' defense has improved in recent years and was key in week one to the victory over Tampa, thanks to two interceptions by Tom Brady, including a pick six
7:52 PM10 months ago

Good debut

In the face of much criticism, Derek Carr will have this first season in Las Vegas to vindicate himself.

In the first game he completed 22 of 30 passes, for 239 yards and one touchdown

7:46 PM10 months ago

To be improved

One of the points to improve of the Raiders is in the terrestrial defense, since to the Panthers they allowed 129 yards by this route
7:42 PM10 months ago

In case you missed it

This is what the Allegiant Stadium looks like. Interestingly, it will be the second stadium to open this season without a fan

7:37 PM10 months ago

For the second victory

Raiders come from defeating the Panthers and the Saints to the Bucs, so one will lose the undefeated and the other will get a 2-0 mark
7:34 PM10 months ago

Will not be available

Although there was speculation that he might return, star receiver Michael Thomas will be out of action today, as will these players:

C Will Clapp
BY Marcus Davenport
LB Chase Hansen
DB D.J. Swearinger
WR Michael Thomas
DT Shy Tuttle
RB Dwayne Washington

7:32 PM10 months ago

Ya están calentando

The Saints are already stepping on the Allegiant's new stadium, where Drew Brees is expected to have an outstanding performance

7:25 PM10 months ago

They will not be available

The Raiders will not count on these players to face their game against the Saints

7:22 PM10 months ago

Will be available

Rookie catcher Henry Ruggs will always be available for this game and will be a great weapon for Derek Carr

7:20 PM10 months ago


Allegiant Stadium looks like this for its first game in NFL history

7:17 PM10 months ago

We Start

Las Vegas makes its presentation at home and we start with the coverage of the Saints vs Raiders in the purest style of VAVEL
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Lastest games

These franchises face each four years for not being from the same conference. In the last four games, the Saints have the advantage with three wins and only one loss.
4:39 PM10 months ago

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Key player Raiders

Runner Josh Jacobs has become a key part of the team, as he not only carries the weight of the ground offensive, but has become an outlet for Derek Carr.

4:39 PM10 months ago

Key player Saints

The defense looked good in the first game, but Drew Brees is still the key to the Saints having a good game and a good campaign

4:39 PM10 months ago

No fans

The Raiders, like many teams in the NFL, will not have fans for the first game, nor for the rest of the 2020 season.
4:39 PM10 months ago

For the second win

After defeating Tom Brady's Tampa Bay Buccaneers 34-23 in the opening week, the Saints will look to build on their lead in the NFC South

4:39 PM10 months ago

Raiders: winning in the debut

The Raiders come to Las Vegas with a mandate to make every penny of the expensive $1.8 billion Allegiant Stadium worthwhile. They come from defeating the Carolina Panthers 34-30.

4:39 PM10 months ago

Saints: make up for Michael Thomas' loss

The best receiver on the team and perhaps in the league as Thomas is, will not be present for this engagement after having an ankle injury that will marginalize him for several games.
4:39 PM10 months ago

Kick-off time

The New Orleans Saints vs Las Vegas Raiders match will be played at the stadium Allegiant, in Las Vegas, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:20 pm ET.
4:39 PM10 months ago

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