Touchdowns and Highlights: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19-20 Chicago Bears, 2020 NFL Season
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11:48 PM18 days ago


11:34 PM18 days ago

Thank you for following the broadcast of the match with us. The Bears won and stay tuned to VAVEL for more details on this game. Until next time
11:33 PM18 days ago

The Bears struck a blow of authority and showed that they are serious about defeating Tampa Bay. They reach a 4-1 mark and are on the heels of Green Bay
11:32 PM18 days ago

End game

Tampa Bay 19-20 Chicago
11:31 PM18 days ago

4Q 00:33

Incomplete pass from Brady in fourth down and the Bucs will lose by one point. It's over
11:29 PM18 days ago

4Q 01:01

Evans with the open trajectory, achieves the reception and leaves the field
11:27 PM18 days ago

4Q 01:13

FG Bears. 38-yard Cairo Santos gives the Bears the upper hand
11:26 PM18 days ago

4Q 01:17

Robinson with the short reception, will be fourth down, Tampa burns his last time out
11:23 PM18 days ago

4Q 01:40

Great pass of Foles and Chicago moves the chains and stops on the clock, they are already in the field goal zone
11:22 PM18 days ago

4Q 01:42

A Tampa player is left lying injured in the locker room
11:19 PM18 days ago

4Q 01:50

On a third opportunity, Miller gets big and makes the reception to have another four plays
11:14 PM18 days ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute break, Chicago on the offensive in midfield and in search of victory
11:13 PM18 days ago

4Q 02:39

Brady's incomplete pass. Three and out to clear
11:12 PM18 days ago

4Q 02:39

To avoid losing more time, the Bears burn their first time out
11:09 PM18 days ago

4Q 02:59

Ball deflected from Foles in his attempt to pass, and the float ball did not fall into anyone's hands
11:07 PM18 days ago

4Q 03:53

Personal foul against Foles and Chicago still alive with a first and ten
11:05 PM18 days ago

FG Bucs 19-17

11:01 PM18 days ago

4Q 04:49

FG Bucs

Once again, 25-yard Succop appears to retake the lead of the game

11:00 PM18 days ago

4Q 05:27

Full pass to Gronk, but stays within one yard of the first and goal
11:00 PM18 days ago

4Q 05:59

Brady was re-captured for loss of yardage
10:58 PM18 days ago

FG Bears 17-16

10:57 PM18 days ago

4Q 08:29

Screen pass with Gronk that dodges two tackles and advances beyond the 30 yard line
10:55 PM18 days ago

4Q 09:19

Pass interference over Gronk and Tampa will have first and ten midfield
10:55 PM18 days ago

4Q 10:32

Jones' haulage through the center to move the chains
10:51 PM18 days ago

4Q 10:34

FG Bears

47 yards from Cairo Santos to put up on the board

10:47 PM18 days ago

4Q 13:29

Foles to Robinson, a frequent connection tonight, to move the chains
10:45 PM18 days ago

4Q 14:10

Interference of Carson Davis to Allen Robinson and gives the first and ten in favor of Chicago
10:42 PM18 days ago

Final third quarter

Bucs 16-14 Bears

Goal Pass for first and ten and then Montgomery carry to gain five yards and start with 2&5

10:35 PM18 days ago

3Q 02:55

Incomplete Brady's long pass and very long fourth. The Bucs to be cleared
10:29 PM18 days ago

3Q 05:35

Gronk with reception for the first and ten on the 35-yard line
10:29 PM18 days ago

3Q 06:25

Tom Brady is captured and there will be third down
10:24 PM18 days ago

3Q 07:21

Holding on third down with incomplete pass and from committed zone the Bears to clear
10:21 PM18 days ago

FG Bucs 16-14

10:17 PM18 days ago

3Q 09:04

FG Bucs

Succop with its third accurate kick, now from 53 yards

10:17 PM18 days ago

3Q 09:50

Pass to Evans who comes up short, but enough to get close to the field goal
10:14 PM18 days ago

3Q 12:05

Great haul by Jones to move the chains and get to the rival's 30 yard
10:10 PM18 days ago

2Q 12:56

Miller tries to get to the mark, but stays too far away due to the holding that was marked in second down
10:07 PM18 days ago

3Q 15:00

The third quarter begins. The Bears on the offensive
9:54 PM18 days ago

TD Bears 14-13

9:53 PM18 days ago

Half time

Bucs 13-14 Bears
9:52 PM18 days ago

2Q 00:08

First and ten to Jones and Tampa calls time out on the 40-yard line
9:49 PM18 days ago

2Q 00:36

TD Bears

Graham beats the defender and with one hand he keeps the ball

9:48 PM18 days ago

2Q 00:41

Patterson with reception to set up near scoring.
9:45 PM18 days ago

2Q 01:31

Loose ball that they check and that will have Chicago inside the 20 yard line of the rival
9:43 PM18 days ago

2Q 01:31

Incomplete pass after a hard hit and the Bucs three and out. To be cleared
9:41 PM18 days ago

TD Bears 13-7

9:37 PM18 days ago

2Q 01:48

TD Bears

Montgomery with the two-yard run to make his first points

9:33 PM18 days ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute break. The Bears are in goal zone
9:32 PM18 days ago

2Q 02:20

Precise service of Foles to Robinson for the first and ten and already they are in zone of field goal
9:31 PM18 days ago

2Q 03:51

Montgomery with the reception in screen pass to pass the midfield and move the chains
9:28 PM18 days ago

2Q 06:20

Full Foles pass and first and ten for Chicago
9:27 PM18 days ago

FG Bucs 13-0

9:24 PM18 days ago

2Q 07:35

FG Bucs

35 yards of Succoop after a good offensive series to increase the advantage

9:21 PM18 days ago

2Q 07:52

Bears interference pass and leave Tampa within the red zone
9:20 PM18 days ago

2Q 08:08

Jones takes out a defender and gets the first and ten up to the 36-yard line
9:18 PM18 days ago

2Q 09:32

Holding the defensive bar and the Bears give away the first and ten
9:15 PM18 days ago

2Q 11:14

Brady played it inside his 20 yard yard and with QB Sniff he manages to move the chains. Risky play of the Bucs
9:13 PM18 days ago

2Q 12:16

Jones does not manage to pass the final mark, because he stepped out of the field
9:08 PM18 days ago

2Q 14:06

Goals remain erratic and cannot be completed with their receiver. The Bears will clear in midfield
9:06 PM18 days ago

1Q 14:10

Time out of Chicago before third down
9:03 PM18 days ago

TD Bucs 10-0

9:02 PM18 days ago

Final first quarter

Bucs 10-0 Bears
8:58 PM18 days ago

1Q 00:56

TD Bucs

Mike Evans with the two-yard reception to extend the lead

8:55 PM18 days ago

1Q 01:14

Tampa challenges the play on a possible Jones reception for scoring
8:53 PM18 days ago

1Q 02:35

Great moves by Johnson who manages to escape and penetrate beyond the 20-yard line
8:49 PM18 days ago

1Q 03:27

Pass that does not catch the receiver and that Davis takes advantage to make the first interception of the night
8:48 PM18 days ago

1Q 03:39

Jimmy Graham with the reception with the nails and achieves the first and ten
8:47 PM18 days ago

1Q 05:05

Floating pass of Foles and, although it is short, Allen Robinson catches it to move the chains near the midfield
8:43 PM18 days ago

1Q 05:48

Short pass from Brady to Gronk, Tampa three and out, to clear
8:42 PM18 days ago

In a statement from the NFL, the league announced that the Broncos vs Patriots will be played on Monday and the Bills vs Titans until next Tuesday
8:40 PM18 days ago

FG Bucs 3-0

8:38 PM18 days ago

1Q 07:15

Raised pass from Foles to Robinson and now the Bears will deliver the ball to midfield
8:37 PM18 days ago

1Q 09:07

Mooney with the reception to move the chains for the Bears for the first time in the game
8:32 PM18 days ago

1Q 09:48

FG Bucs

A 39-yard field goal opens the scoring for the visitors

8:31 PM18 days ago

1Q 09:46

Brady tries to connect with Gronk, but the pass is incomplete. To make the field goal
8:29 PM18 days ago

1Q 11:00

Johnson with crossed trajectory to settle inside the rival's 30-yard line
8:27 PM18 days ago

1Q 12:46

Gronkowski with his first reception of the day for the first and ten
8:25 PM18 days ago

1Q 14:10

Mickens with the reception of first and ten
8:22 PM18 days ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. The Bucs on the offensive
8:16 PM18 days ago

We are minutes away from the start of the Thursday Night Football game. Don't miss the Bucs vs Bears
8:14 PM18 days ago

Chris Godwin will not be available and will be a heavy casualty for Tom Brady's attack
8:12 PM18 days ago

Chris Godwin will not be available and will be a heavy casualty for Tom Brady's attack
8:09 PM18 days ago

Preparing Tom Brady's arm for the fifth game of the campaign

Preparing Tom Brady's arm for the fifth game of the campaign

8:04 PM18 days ago

The only loss for the Bucs was an away loss to the Saints and the only loss for the Bears was last week against the Indianapolis Colts
7:59 PM18 days ago

Chicago will be looking to make a statement as, despite its 3-1 winning record, many critics are still not convinced that this team can do great things this season
7:56 PM18 days ago

This is the first time Tom Brady will play with the loops in a prime time game
7:51 PM18 days ago

These two teams have been fortunate not to have cases of coronavirus, as franchises such as Patriots, Titans, Chiefs and Raiders have suffered from this problem
7:46 PM18 days ago

The Bears will have the absences for this game of the following players

7:44 PM18 days ago

1,122 yards, 11 touchdowns and four interceptions are the numbers Brady records at age 43
7:38 PM18 days ago

With a lot of attitude are the Bears to try to add their fourth victory of the season
7:35 PM18 days ago

The Buccaneers will be jumping in their new white uniform, which they just brought out this season.

7:31 PM18 days ago

The Soldier Field is in excellent condition this afternoon to host its second consecutive game

7:26 PM18 days ago

In the same way, the Bucs arrived, complying with the health protocols

7:24 PM18 days ago

The Bucs already knew the Soldier Field where they will seek tonight their fourth consecutive victory of the season

7:20 PM18 days ago

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Lastest games

The Bears lead the historic 39-20 series, and have won three of the last five on any court.

2:56 PM18 days ago

How to watch Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Chicago Bears Live TV and Stream

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Key player Bears

After his first start, Nick Foles will have to prove that he is a much better quarterback than Mitchell Trubisky, if he doesn't want to lose his position.
2:46 PM18 days ago

Key player Buccaneers

Despite being 43, Tom Brady continues to break records and threw five touchdown passes in the last game.
2:41 PM18 days ago

The duel to follow

A few years ago Tom Brady with the Pats and Nick Foles with the Eagles faced each other in the Super Bowl, where Philadelphia took the title, including a reception pass from Foles himself.
2:36 PM18 days ago

For the fourth consecutive victory

After starting out with a loss to the Saints, the Bucs have been on a roll and have three straight wins over Panthers, Broncos and Chargers.

2:31 PM18 days ago

Shut your mouths

Many specialists do not believe in the 3-1 of the Bears, especially when they do not put their hands on the offensive and fall 19-11 to the Indianapolis Colts.

2:26 PM18 days ago

Bucs: solving the attack

Injuries have also been a constant as runner LeSean McCoy and receivers Chris Godwin and Justin Jackson have been ruled out.
2:21 PM18 days ago

Bears: getting better on the ground

Chicago has suffered a lot in the running position because of injuries and an offensive line that leaves much to be desired; proof of this is that David Montgomery only had 27 yards in the past game.
2:16 PM18 days ago

Kick-off time

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Chicago Bears match will be played at the Soldier Field, in Chicago, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:20 pm ET.
2:11 PM18 days ago

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