Highlights and Touchdowns: Minnesota Vikings 26-27 Seattle
Seahawks, 2020 NFL Season
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11:38 PM15 days ago


11:35 PM15 days ago

TD Seattle 27-26

11:34 PM15 days ago

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11:33 PM15 days ago

Vibrant final where Russell Wilson again did it and came from behind to keep the undefeated against some Vikings that did not take advantage to liquidate the game
11:29 PM15 days ago

End game

Vikings 26-27 Seahawks
11:24 PM15 days ago

4Q 00:15

Carson couldn't make the two-point conversion
11:24 PM15 days ago

4Q 00:15

TD Seattle

Metcalf with annotation

11:22 PM15 days ago

4Q 00:20

Time away from Seattle
11:21 PM15 days ago

4Q 00:20

In third down the pass is incomplete
11:19 PM15 days ago

4Q 00:48

Metcalf with reception inside the six-yard line
11:18 PM15 days ago

4Q 01:20

Locket with reception up to the 20 yard line and leaves the field
11:17 PM15 days ago

4Q 01:14

Metcalf with the valuable reception and are already in rival territory
11:16 PM15 days ago

4Q 01:21

Wilson with the very long pass that nobody catches and will face fourth and decisive down
11:15 PM15 days ago

4Q 01:46

Wilson gains 15 yards and moves the chains
11:14 PM15 days ago

4Q 01:57

Maddison fails to win a yard in the fourth down and Seattle will have one last chance
11:10 PM15 days ago

4Q 02:00

Slipped on the right side and Thielen was one yard away from making the first and ten

Two-minute break

11:08 PM15 days ago

4Q 02:35

Seattle begins to burn out and Minnesota will have third and short in red zone
11:03 PM15 days ago

4Q 05:37

Maddison with the carry of more than 20 yards to win first and ten and go down the clock
11:02 PM15 days ago

4Q 05:45

Wilson made a mistake with an unnecessary shipment and Wilson of the Vikings intercepted him
11:00 PM15 days ago

4Q 06:35

Metcalf with reception to move the chains in third down
11:00 PM15 days ago

TD Vikings 26-21

10:54 PM15 days ago

4Q 07:08

TD Vikings

Thielen with the two-yard open trajectory to turn it around

10:52 PM15 days ago

4Q 08:27

Cousins with personal carriage to make the first and goal
10:50 PM15 days ago

4Q 10:13

Maddison with the cartage to get to the red zone, on the 18th yard
10:44 PM15 days ago

4Q 12:59

Maddison takes advantage of the gap and advances almost to midfield
10:39 PM15 days ago

Final third quarter

Vikings 19-21 Seahawks
10:37 PM15 days ago

3Q 00:26

Wilson's long pass for the second time in a row that is incomplete
10:36 PM15 days ago

TD Vikings 19-21

10:36 PM15 days ago

TD Seahawks 21-13

10:35 PM15 days ago

3Q 01:45

Metcalf with the screen pass to enter rival territory at the 45-yard line
10:30 PM15 days ago

3Q 03:39

Cousins on staff cannot do the two-point conversion and stays one yard away
10:30 PM15 days ago

3Q 03:39

TD Vikings

Thielen with the reception and the Vikings come

10:29 PM15 days ago

3Q 03:46

Thielen with the crossed path to make the first and goal
10:27 PM15 days ago

3Q 05:30

Thielen with reception on the 20th yard for the first and ten
10:24 PM15 days ago

3Q 06:58

Smith with the reception at midfield and add another 15 yards per personal foul
10:20 PM15 days ago

TD Seahawks 14-13

10:18 PM15 days ago

3Q 08:02

TD Seattle

Carson in single play over 20 yards extends lead 21-13

10:17 PM15 days ago

3Q 08:09

Cousins is intercepted by Wright on the first attempt of the offensive series. The roles were completely changed
10:14 PM15 days ago

3Q 08:19

TD Seattle

Metcalf with reception inside the game turnaround area

10:12 PM15 days ago

3Q 09:01

The play was reviewed and Seattle recovered the ball from Cousins
10:10 PM15 days ago

TD Seahawks 13-7

10:09 PM15 days ago

3Q 09:01

Third and long that Cousins does not complete. Three and out to clear and without Dalvin Cook
10:03 PM15 days ago

3Q 09:55

TD Seattle

Dissly with the reception by beating the defender and the Seahawks shorten the difference

10:01 PM15 days ago

3Q 10:49

Greg Olsen with the reception and they are already in the field goal zone
10:00 PM15 days ago

3Q 10_59

Chris Carson now by air wins 12 yards and enters rival territory to move the chains
9:57 PM15 days ago

3Q 11:37

Minnesota also didn't walk and with third and long they make a haul that doesn't produce much with Cook. To be cleared
9:51 PM15 days ago

3Q 13:45

Carson is stopped in third and short and Seattle will have to clear again
9:49 PM15 days ago

3Q 15:00

The third quarter begins. Seahawks on the offensive
9:36 PM15 days ago

FG Vikings 13-0

9:35 PM15 days ago

Half time

Vikings 13-0 Seahawks
9:34 PM15 days ago

2Q 00:02

Wilson hauling gaining 12 yards to move the chains
9:32 PM15 days ago

2Q 00:10

FG Bailey

49-yard Dan Bailey widens the gap at CenturyLink Field

9:31 PM15 days ago

2Q 00:15

Thielen cannot keep the ball in the end zone before Griffin's coverage. They'll be looking for just one field goal
9:27 PM15 days ago

2Q 00:24

Cousins with full pass for another first and ten

Then they burn their last time out

9:26 PM15 days ago

2Q 01:08

Maddison leaves Minnesota at the 47th yard after the screen pass
9:25 PM15 days ago

2Q 01:15

Thielen with the nine-yard reception and leaves the field to avoid using time outs
9:24 PM15 days ago

2Q 01:42

Cook advances 10 yards, moves the chains and stops the clock
9:20 PM15 days ago

2Q 01:54

Wilson is captured again in third down and an unrecognizable Seattle will deliver the ovoid
9:16 PM15 days ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute break

Nightmare night for Wilson who was once again captured

9:12 PM15 days ago

2Q 04:06

It was third and one and Cook can't go over the line. The Vikings will have to clear
9:07 PM15 days ago

2Q 05:54

Well Wilson's pass, but they stay four yards away and again they will have to clear
9:06 PM15 days ago

FG Vikings 10-0

9:05 PM15 days ago

2Q 07:48

Carson short haul for Seattle to get first and ten
9:00 PM15 days ago

2Q 08:37

FG Vikings

52-yard Dan Bailey extends Minnesota's lead

9:00 PM15 days ago

2Q 09:13

Cook with the short pass, but approaching field goal territory
8:57 PM15 days ago

2Q 11:35

Maddison down the middle gets another first and ten on the ground; they are already on the 36-yard line of the rival
8:55 PM15 days ago

2Q 13:04

The Vikings play the game and manage to move the chains with Cook's carriage on the left side
8:54 PM15 days ago

2Q 13:06

Time out Vikings
8:54 PM15 days ago

2Q 13:33

Cook can't advance in third and short in midfield and the Vikings will have to clear
8:49 PM15 days ago

Final first quarter

Vikings 7-0 Seahawks
8:49 PM15 days ago

1Q 00:30

Cook with reception on screen pass to achieve the first and ten, near mid-field
8:46 PM15 days ago

1Q 03:04

The Vikings leave a committed area with a Dalvin Cook haul
8:42 PM15 days ago

1Q 04:26

Homer with the hauling that stays away from the mark and Seattle will have to clear
8:38 PM15 days ago

1Q 06:52

Wilson gets out of the bag and from his feet he manages to move the chains
8:38 PM15 days ago

TD Vikings 7-0

8:37 PM15 days ago

1Q 07:41

Metcalf with the trap up to mid-field
8:37 PM15 days ago

1Q 08:15

Carson with the power run to move the chains for the first time in the game
8:32 PM15 days ago

1Q 08:48

TD Vikings

Dalvin Cook with center haulage to open the scoreboard

8:30 PM15 days ago

1Q 10:06

Johnson with the trap to be in the red zone
8:29 PM15 days ago

1Q 10:47

They play it in fourth gear and Jefferson makes the valuable reception for four more opportunities
8:28 PM15 days ago

1Q 11:27

Short pass from Cousins to Smith and they will face fourth down
8:27 PM15 days ago

1Q 12:49

Full Cousins Pass to get the first and ten
8:24 PM15 days ago

1Q 14:33

Smith with the great reception to set up in the middle of the field
8:23 PM15 days ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. The Vikings on the offensive
8:16 PM15 days ago

Running back Chris Carson has failed to pass 100 yards in one game, scoring 237 yards and two touchdowns
8:10 PM15 days ago

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8:05 PM15 days ago

In several news that happened today with quarterbacks. Alex Smith returned to the grids from 2018, but Dak Prescott suffered a serious injury that will sideline him all season
8:01 PM15 days ago

Kirk Cousins has been very inconsistent in the first few weeks, scoring only 833 yards, six touchdowns and six interceptions 
7:57 PM15 days ago

Cook will be the fundamental piece of the Vikings, since it weaves two consecutive games with more than 1000 yards
7:47 PM15 days ago

This is how the Seahawks warm up for this game. The man to follow is undoubtedly Wilson
7:45 PM15 days ago

Russell Wilson leads MVP numbers with 1,285 yards, 16 touchdowns and only two interceptions, will be looking for his fifth win in a row
7:43 PM15 days ago

These are the Dallas players who will not be present for this game against Minnesota

7:38 PM15 days ago

The Seahawks are looking for victory to continue as leaders, as the Rams and the Cardinals have also started well and are very close
7:35 PM15 days ago

One of the candidates to reach the MVP this season, like Russell Wilson, already arrived at the stadium to try to get his fifth victory

7:28 PM15 days ago

Minnesota is already at CenturyLink Field warming up for its first primetime game this season

7:25 PM15 days ago

The Vikings have just added their first victory by beating Houston and will seek to continue on the same path
7:25 PM15 days ago

These are the players who will not be present for this commitment by the Vikings

7:20 PM15 days ago

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Lastest games

Seattle leads the historic 12-5 series and has won the last five games in a row on any court.
12:30 PM15 days ago

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12:25 PM15 days ago

Key player Seahawks

1,285 yards and 16 touchdowns in four games (tying Patrick Mahomes' record) has already seen Russell Wilson contemplate winning the MVP for the first time in his career.
12:20 PM15 days ago

Key player Vikings

If there is a point in the offense where his strength lies, it is in the ground attack and thanks to Dalvin Cook, who accumulates two games in a row with more than 100 yards.
12:15 PM15 days ago

In prime time

Last year they also faced each other in prime time, although it was a Monday Night Football with a win for the Washington state team by 37-30.

12:10 PM15 days ago

To maintain the undefeated

Right now the NFC lead is between Packers and Seahawks, so Seattle will have to take advantage of its location to get to a 5-0 mark. They have just beaten the Miami Dolphins 31-23.

12:05 PM15 days ago

To give a blow of authority

After beating the Houston Texans 31-23, Minnesota will be looking for its second win of the season and also away from home.

12:00 PM15 days ago

Seahawks: consolidating the ground attack

Another team that has suffered injuries in this position is Seattle, so Chris Carson will have to improve, noting that he comes from his best game by adding 80 yards.
11:55 AM15 days ago

Vikings: not to be left behind

With the Lions looking bad and the Bears inconsistent, the Vikings are in time to straighten out the season and fight for the wild card ticket, because Green Bay looks pretty solid.
11:50 AM15 days ago

Kick-off time

The Minnesota Vikings vs Seattle Seahawks match will be played at the CenturyLink Field, in Seattle, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:20 pm ET.
11:45 AM15 days ago

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