Touchdowns and Highlights: Giants 34-37 Cowboys on NFL 2020


7:49 PM15 days ago

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7:47 PM15 days ago

Victory kick for Cowboys

With this kick they made the victory in the last moment of the match.


7:45 PM15 days ago

4th Quarter | 00:00

Zuerlein makes the score and in the last second of the game the Vaqueros win, who came from behind several times and keep the game against some Giants who fought but did not know how to take advantage.
7:42 PM15 days ago

4th Quarter | 00:03

Spectacular reception from Gallup who is close to the 10 yard with a great chance for Cowboys to win the game.
7:36 PM15 days ago

4th Quarter | 00:52

Giants can't complete the pass at the third opportunity and Dallas will have offensive play to try to win.
7:30 PM15 days ago

4th Quarter | 2:00

Zuerlen's kick is correct and the score is tied, however, Gigantes will have a chance to go on the offensive.
7:18 PM15 days ago

4th Quarter | 08:46

Freeman enters with power on the ground and gets the score behind a large screen of the Giants. 

In a two-point play, Thomas gets Jones' delivery and the New Yorkers make it.

7:12 PM15 days ago

4th Quarter | 10:40

The ball hits Andy Dalton, who loses it and now the offense will be for Giants near the 15-yard line.
7:08 PM15 days ago

4th Quarter | 11:09

Graham's field goal won in the fourth down and now the Dallas team will have the offense again.
7:02 PM15 days ago

4th Quarter | 14:11

Extraordinary pass from Jones who receives Slayton perfectly and the Giants are close to the end zone.
6:59 PM15 days ago

3rd Quarter |00:00

Ends the 3rd quarter with offensive play for NY.
6:55 PM15 days ago

Touchdown by Elliot

This is the score with which Cowboys is currently eight points up on the scoreboard.


6:52 PM15 days ago

Be strong, Dak!

As Dak Prescott leaves the field after the injury, the Cowboys are likely to lose their starting QB for the rest of the season.


6:47 PM15 days ago

3rd Quarter | 05:03 TOUCHDOWN COWBOYS

Ezekiel Elliot finds space between the defense and gets into the end zone.
The three point kick is complete!
6:45 PM15 days ago

3rd Quarter | 06:04

Now leading the Cowboys' offense is QB Andy Dalton, who already has 1 and 10 near the end zone.
6:40 PM15 days ago

3rd Quarter | 06:33

A terrible injury for Dak Prescot, QB started to win Yardas carrying the ball, but when he was knocked down by a defender his foot got stuck in the grass and seems to have broken.
6:32 PM15 days ago

3rd Quarter | 09:25

Graham Gano gets the kick over 50 yards and the Giants shorten the distance in points.
6:28 PM15 days ago

3rd Quarter | 09:50

Daniel Jones sent a great pass to Slayton but the referee cancelled the TD.
6:17 PM15 days ago

3rd Quarter | 15:00

Giants will have the first offensive of the 3rd quarter.
6:10 PM15 days ago

Just before halftime

With this play the Cowboys found Prescott in the end zone and the TD was completed with a few seconds left in the 2nd quarter.


5:58 PM15 days ago

2nd Quarter |00:16 TOUCDOWN COWBOYS

After a cheat Willson takes a great pass to QB Dak Presscot in the end zone and they score just before the end of the second quarter.

The kick is complete and now takes the Dallas advantage. 

5:48 PM15 days ago

2nd Quarter | 00:56

TD to Giants is cancelled for illegal play.

However, Graham Gano converts the kick again and they take the lead.

5:35 PM15 days ago

2nd Quarter | 05:03

Fumble of the Giants by Thomas, Brown carries the ball and achieves the Pick six for the Cowboys. 

Again they make the kick and the score is evened out at the AT&T stadium.

5:27 PM15 days ago

2nd Quarter | 6:31 TOUCHDOWN COWBOYS

By land the Vaqueros achieve touchdown with Ezekiel Elliott's carry.
Zuerlein makes the kick again and already shortens the lead.
5:22 PM15 days ago

With this kick the Cowboys were ahead

Despite the adverse score of 17-3, Dallas began winning with this kick by Greg Zuerlein.


5:13 PM15 days ago

2nd Quarter : 13:34

Graham Gano converts his second kick of the game and gives the Giants 3 more points. 
It will be an opportunity for the Cowboys to attack. 
5:06 PM15 days ago

1st Quarter | 0:00

The first quarter ends with the Giants on the offensive, and they threaten to go for more points because they have already passed the midfield.
4:59 PM15 days ago

Pick six for Giants

With this move the Giants are ahead by 11 points on the scoreboard, impressive theft of the ovoid.


4:55 PM15 days ago

1st Quarter | 5:48 TOUCHDOWN GIANTS

Tyler Fackrell steals the ball and goes all out, clearing defenders to get the second touchdown immediately for the Giants. 
The kick was completed and Joe Judge's team took a good starting lead.
4:47 PM15 days ago

1st Quarter | 07:27 TOUCHDOWN GIANTS

Engram gets in based on his speed up to the end zone and gets the first TD for Giants.
The kick is complete and the New Yorkers take the lead. 
4:36 PM15 days ago

1st Quarter | 12:41

In 4th opportunity Dallas concretes the kick and they add their first three points of the game.
4:32 PM15 days ago

1st Quarter | 15:00

The match between New York vs. Dallas starts.
4:31 PM15 days ago

Dallas Uniform

The Jeans will jump with their uniform in white, gray helmet and details in blue, as usual.
4:10 PM15 days ago

Giants Uniform

This is the uniform with which the New York team will go out on the AT&T court, it will be all in blue with red badges.


4:01 PM15 days ago

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in Dallas

From September 15 to October 15, USA recognizes the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans on the history, culture and achievements of the United States.


3:48 PM15 days ago

Giants for his first victory

The visitors also made their arrival, with a staff that will seek to take advantage of the spaces left by the Dallas defense.


3:41 PM15 days ago

Ready to break the drought

The locals have already arrived at AT&T stadium with a winning mentality to be able to aspire to the NFL 2020 playoffs.


3:30 PM15 days ago

The live broadcast begins

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Last game between both teams

On November 4 of last year, they faced each other at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey in a game that ended with a score of 18-37 in favor of the Cowboys.

12:30 PM15 days ago

How and where to watch the Giants vs Cowboys

If you want to watch the game on TV, you can find it through CBS.

If you prefer to follow it live on internet VAVEL USA is your best option.

12:25 PM15 days ago

Key player of Cowboys

Dak Prescott generated a total of four touchdowns in the last game through the connection of passes, becoming the maximum reference to the attack by the Cowboys.

The NY defense will have to be very careful with him and not close the spaces as much as possible.

12:20 PM15 days ago

Key player of Giants

In the last match the New Yorkers depended a lot of the great form of their kicker Graham Gano to score points.

He scored all 9 points with 3 out of 3 field goals, adding up to 100% effectiveness. 

12:15 PM15 days ago

Cowboys' defense needs to be improved

Dak Prescott has a total of yards thrown very high, but everything changes when we see his effectiveness, because the terrible defense that Mike McCarthy's team has forced the quarterback to throw more than necessary.

If he doesn't improve the Cowboys' defense, they could quickly be out of the playoffs. 

In the last game they were defeated by the Cleveland Browns by a score of 38-49, leaving them with 1 win for 3 losses.

12:10 PM15 days ago

Bad moment for Giants

Daniel Jones didn't turn out to be the quarterback the New York team was hoping for, and to top it off, star running back Saquon Barkley was left out for the entire campaign.

However, they have a slight hope of getting their first win against a defense that doesn't stop anything.

In the last game they were defeated by the Rams 17-9 and they add up to 0 wins for 4 losses.


12:05 PM15 days ago

Urgent victory teams

Not long ago, these teams became the stars of the NFL. 

The New York Giants have not been able to cope with the post-Eli Manning era, and they don't know victory so far in the current campaign. 

They have a chance at AT&T Stadium against the Dallas Cowboys, who have one of the worst defenses in the league.

12:00 PM15 days ago

Kick-off time

The Giants vs Cowboys match will be played at the AT&T stadium, in Arlington, Texas.

The kick-off is scheduled at 4:25 pm ET.

11:55 AM15 days ago

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