Highlights and Touchdowns: Green Bay Packers 34-17 San
Francisco 49ers, 2020 NFL Season
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11:25 PM6 months ago

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11:24 PM6 months ago

Sixth victory

Despite the absences, the Packers were far superior and comfortably defeated some decimated 49ers
11:24 PM6 months ago

End game

Packers 34-17 49ers
11:21 PM6 months ago

4Q 00:04

TD 49ers

One-yard McKinnon makes last score of the night

11:19 PM6 months ago

4Q 00:15

Incomplete pass. Second and goal for San Francisco
11:19 PM6 months ago

4Q 00:28

First time out of San Francisco
11:17 PM6 months ago

4Q 01:05

Launches Mullens for the first and ten, although also already exhaust the time as much as they can
11:15 PM6 months ago

4Q 02:00

Pause of the minutes

San Francisco will start with first and ten on its 32nd yard

11:13 PM6 months ago

4Q 03:25

Three carts that generate little profit and after three plays, the Packers to clear
11:11 PM6 months ago

TD 49ers 34-10

11:07 PM6 months ago

4Q 05:00

TD 49ers

James takes off a defender and scores the first touchdown for the home team

11:05 PM6 months ago

4Q 06:02

Mullens' bombing to bring San Francisco into rival territory
11:01 PM6 months ago

4Q 06:15

FG Packers

53-yard Crosby makes a good offense

11:00 PM6 months ago

4Q 06:40

Third and long, the Packers do not expose the ball and go on the ground, but generate very little
10:57 PM6 months ago

4Q 09:26

A little under Rodgers' shipment to Ervin, but enough to move the chains
10:54 PM6 months ago

4Q 09:31

Time out of Green Bay. Third opportunity will come
10:51 PM6 months ago

4Q 11:03

Ervin in the center moves the chains and Green Bay is already thinking about lowering the clock
10:50 PM6 months ago

4Q 12:59

Once again Rodgers connects with Adams to get out of the commitment zone and into the middle of the field
10:45 PM6 months ago

4Q 14:29

Mullen with the QB sniff, but does not reach the mark of the first and ten. Green Bay will have the ball back
10:45 PM6 months ago

4Q 14:41

James stays one yard away from the first and goal will be played in fourth down
10:41 PM6 months ago

Final third quarter

Packers 31-3 49ers
10:39 PM6 months ago

3Q 01:05

James with the long reception and takes advantage of the hole to enter the red zone
10:35 PM6 months ago

3Q 02:01

FG Packers

Short field goal by Crosby to exceed 30 points

10:34 PM6 months ago

3Q 02:04

Incomplete pass from Rodgers and they will settle for a field goal
10:33 PM6 months ago

3Q 02:07

First time out of Green Bay
10:30 PM6 months ago

3Q 04:06

Ervin with the run to enter the goal zone
10:29 PM6 months ago

3Q 05:11

Screen pass that explodes Ervin to gain just over 30 yards
10:26 PM6 months ago

3Q 05:27

Mullens is hit from behind and Smith recovers the ball for Green Bay near midfield
10:25 PM6 months ago

3Q 05:50

Jackson's personal foul when he tackles and gives away 15 yards to San Francisco
10:22 PM6 months ago

TD Packers 28-3

10:19 PM6 months ago

3Q 07:20

TD Packers

Marques Valdez with the reception at the corner to head for the sixth victory of 2020

10:17 PM6 months ago

3Q 09:23

Rodgers delivers Adams back to the red zone
10:14 PM6 months ago

3Q 11:38

Long pass from Rodgers to Adams and Green Bay is already within the 30-yard line
10:09 PM6 months ago

3Q 13:25

Mullen's pass is cut and the 49ers will have to clear
10:07 PM6 months ago

3Q 14:47

Pass interference and the 49ers will have their first first and ten of the second half
10:06 PM6 months ago

3Q 15:00

The third quarter begins. The 49ers will start at the 30th yard
9:51 PM6 months ago

Half time

Packers 21-3 49ers
9:50 PM6 months ago

2Q 00:51

James drops the ball and the 49ers will have to clear and give possession to Green Bay
9:49 PM6 months ago

2Q 00:55

Last time out of San Francisco
9:48 PM6 months ago

TD Packers 21-3

9:45 PM6 months ago

2Q 01:53

TD Packers

Marquez Valdes with the long reception to extend the advantage

9:43 PM6 months ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute break
9:41 PM6 months ago

2Q 02:17

Complete pass from Rodgers near mid-field to Ervin to move the chains
9:40 PM6 months ago

2Q 03:01

By legs Rodgers manages to reach the mark of the first and ten
9:38 PM6 months ago

2Q 04:11

Time out of Green Bay
9:36 PM6 months ago

2Q 04:59

They intercept it to Rodgers but it is not valid because before there was offside. First and ten
9:32 PM6 months ago

2Q 05:34

Mullens and San Francisco Incomplete Pass has three and out
9:31 PM6 months ago

TD Packers 14-3

9:28 PM6 months ago

2Q 07:01

TD Packers 

Lewis reception to extend the advantage

9:27 PM6 months ago

2Q 07:01

TD Packers 

Lewis reception to extend the advantage

9:22 PM6 months ago

2Q 09:07

Adams with reception to move the chains, now yes
9:21 PM6 months ago

2Q 09:06

The decision is changed and now it will be fourth and short
9:18 PM6 months ago

2Q 09:06

Green Bay moves the chains, but San Francisco has requested a review indicating that it did not succeed
9:15 PM6 months ago

2Q 11:02

Jones with the run to gain 11 yards and move the chains
9:12 PM6 months ago

2Q 11:42

Mullens with a very pumped up ball and the Packers take advantage of the gift to intercept it. He will start the offensive inside the SF 40 yard
9:08 PM6 months ago

2Q 13:30

Pass through the center of Mullens to enter rival territory
9:08 PM6 months ago

2Q 14:03

McKenuum with the carriage turning the corner to move the chains
9:06 PM6 months ago

FG 49ers 3-7

9:05 PM6 months ago

2Q 14:56

Marques Valdes cannot keep the shipment and the Packers will have to clear
9:02 PM6 months ago

Final first quarter

Packers 7-3 49ers
9:00 PM6 months ago

1Q 00:47

FG 49ers 

Gould's field goal because they did not score the touchdown for not completing the reception process

8:56 PM6 months ago

1Q 00:48

TD 49ers

Angled pass and reception from Cracraft to tie the game

8:54 PM6 months ago

1Q 00:54

Second half of San Francisco in third and goal
8:52 PM6 months ago

1Q 02:02

McKennum with the turn in third down to get first and goal
8:49 PM6 months ago

1Q 04:41

McKenuum with the short haul waiting for blocks, but achieves the first and ten
8:48 PM6 months ago

1Q 05:45

James with the long reception and the 49ers are already in the field goal area
8:43 PM6 months ago

1Q 07:07

Rodgers was looking for Adams, but better the defensive coverage and avoid the pass. Fourth down to clear the Packers
8:41 PM6 months ago

1Q 08:34

Adams with 11 yard reception to keep moving the chains
8:40 PM6 months ago

1Q 09:15

Jones exploits the gap to get to the 30 yard line and achieve the first and ten
8:36 PM6 months ago

1Q 10:43

Reed stays one yard away and San Francisco clears in three and out
8:35 PM6 months ago

1Q 10:51

First time out of San Francisco
8:33 PM6 months ago

TD Packers 7-0

8:27 PM6 months ago

1Q 11:42

TD Packers

Rodgers' bombing of Adams in the corner and Green Bay hits first

8:26 PM6 months ago

1Q 13:01

Screen pass for Jones and Green Bay is now in rival territory
8:24 PM6 months ago

1Q 14:14

Jones' carry for 12 yards and Green Bay moves the chains for the first time at night
8:22 PM6 months ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. The Packers on the offensive
8:15 PM6 months ago

How are they doing?

The Packers are leaders in the NFC North with a 5-2 record and need the win to stay in the lead; the 49ers are last with a 4-4 record in the NFC West
8:13 PM6 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game that will open the second half of the NFL's 2020 season. Follow the Packers vs 49ers
8:06 PM6 months ago

Many casualties

The 49ers are a hospital because they have casualties in all positions and added to that are the cases of several recipients who gave false positives, but by protocol will not see action this day.

The head QB will be Nick Mullens

7:57 PM6 months ago

Aaron Jones' statistics

The last game he played was several weeks ago against Tampa Bay. For that reason, he only registered 75 carries for 389 yards and five touchdowns
7:54 PM6 months ago

It is one hundred percent

In case you had any doubts, Aaron Jones trains like this and has declared himself ready for this game
7:51 PM6 months ago

They remember them

In this way the 49ers will pay tribute to those who gave their lives in service to the United States
7:50 PM6 months ago

Changes in the 49ers

These were the changes that the 49ers made in the face of this game:

TE Jordan Reed has been activated from the injured reserve list.
OL Tony Bergstrom and RB Auston Walter have been activated to the team's practice squad (standard elevation).
WR Cracraft , S Jonhthan Cypriern , TE Daniel Timon and WR Kevin White have been activated from the team practice squad (COVID-19 replacement).
DL Josiah Cotaney has been hired for the team practice squad.
QB Jimmy Garoppolo and TE George Kittle have been placed on the injured reserve list.
WR Chris Finke has been released from the team practice team.

7:45 PM6 months ago

In excellent condition

Levis Stadium and the climate are perfect for hosting this game, although it should be remembered that there will be no fans due to the coronavirus pandemic

7:43 PM6 months ago


These are the coins that will be used for this game in the flying ceremony

7:41 PM6 months ago

With Mexican hat

So Aaron Jones arrived, wearing a Mexican hat. It should be noted that this is not the first time the player has done this

7:39 PM6 months ago

Absent Players

These are the 49ers players who won't be seeing any action tonight:

23 CB Ahkello Witherspoon
26 RB Tevin Coleman
45 LB Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles

7:35 PM6 months ago


These are the players who will not be present for the Packers tonight:

10 QB Jordan Love
20 CB Kevin King
25 S Will Redmond
36 S Vernon Scott
69 T David Bakhtiari
93 DL Billy Winn

7:33 PM6 months ago

Beware of him

Rodgers will have his main weapon. Davante Adams wants to keep accumulating yards and touchdowns and so he arrived at Levis Stadium

7:31 PM6 months ago

Goes to start

Given the multiple casualties of runners in the Packers, the good news is that Aaron Jones is at one hundred percent and will start for this game
7:30 PM6 months ago

We started

A great game to open the 9th week of the NFL will be the Packers and 49ers who will win?
7:25 PM6 months ago

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Latest games

Green Bay leads the historical series with a record of 37 wins for 32 losses and a draw, although it has lost in its last two visits.
7:15 PM6 months ago

How to watch Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your option are: Fox and NFL Network.

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7:10 PM6 months ago

Key player 49ers

Due to another Garoppolo injury, Nick Mullens will have to take control of the offense, where he has not looked bad at all, as the offense carbureted at the end of the game against Seattle.

7:05 PM6 months ago

Key player Packers

With the losses in the ground attack, once again Aaron Rodgers will have to carry the offense where he already has 1,948 yards, 20 touchdowns and two interceptions

7:00 PM6 months ago

Last result 49ers

San Francisco struggled, but fell to the Seattle Seahawks 37-27 and fell to the bottom of the NFC West with a 4-4 record.

6:55 PM6 months ago

Last result Packers

Green Bay was surprised on the road and fell to divisional rivals Minnesota Vikings 28-22, although they remain at the top of the NFC North with a 5-2 record.

6:50 PM6 months ago

49ers: solving the casualties

San Francisco has suffered throughout the season due to the multiple casualties that have again been joined by quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and tight end George Kittle.
6:45 PM6 months ago

Packers: trying to implement the ground attack

With Dillon, Williams, and Martin all down by COVID-19, the Packers are hoping that Aaron Jones can be back, otherwise they will suffer a lot to move the ball around on the ground.
6:40 PM6 months ago

With a taste of revenge

These teams played in the final of the National Conference last year, but now they live a different reality, especially with so many injured.
6:35 PM6 months ago

Kick-off time

The Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers match will be played at the stadium Levis, in Santa Clara, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:20 pm ET.
6:30 PM6 months ago

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