Touchdowns and Highlights Seattle Seahawks 34-44 Buffalo Bills, 2020 NFL Season
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Valuable victory

The Bills struck an authoritative blow and with over 400 yards of Allen's airstrip, they beat the Seahawks
5:16 PM10 months ago

End game

Seahawks 34-44 Bills
5:16 PM10 months ago

4Q 01:35

Moss gets the first and ten by land, so this game has come to an end
5:13 PM10 months ago

4Q 01:50

Short kick that recovers Buffalo
5:10 PM10 months ago

4Q 01:52

TD Seattle

Metcalf with the reception to make the difference

5:06 PM10 months ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute break
5:03 PM10 months ago

4Q 03:07

Homer with reception for installation in red zone
5:03 PM10 months ago

4Q 03:20

Homer with the long trapped screen pass to be installed in the red zone
5:00 PM10 months ago

4Q 04:27

FG Bills

41-yard bass extends advantage

4:59 PM10 months ago

4Q 04:49

Allen with the carry but stays away from the mark and will be fourth down
4:55 PM10 months ago

4Q 06:30

Wilson is captured, loses the ball and is recovered by Buffalo inside the 30 yard line
4:51 PM10 months ago

4Q 07:18

Time out of the Bills, they will have to clear at fourth time
4:49 PM10 months ago

TD Seattle 27-41

4:48 PM10 months ago

TD Bills 41-20

4:45 PM10 months ago

4Q 08:50

TD Seattle

Moore with the long reception to shorten the difference

4:41 PM10 months ago

4Q 09:38

TD Bills

Allen with the staff increases the advantage that seems already definitive

4:39 PM10 months ago

4Q 09:44

White intercepts Wilson and leaves the ball at the 3-yard line
4:38 PM10 months ago

TD Bills 34-20

4:33 PM10 months ago

4Q 11:27

TD Bills

Moss with the short haul to regain the 14

4:32 PM10 months ago

4Q 12:12

Pass screen that Brown escapes and reaches the yard 2
4:29 PM10 months ago

4Q 13:29

Illegal contact from Seattle and gives the first and ten to Buffalo
4:24 PM10 months ago

Final third quarter

Seahawks 20-27 Bills
4:22 PM10 months ago

3Q 01:30

Pass screen that works for the Bills to move the chains
4:18 PM10 months ago

3Q 02:01

FG Seattle

44 yards again Myers to be placed at just one touchdown

4:17 PM10 months ago

3Q 02:01

Wilson's bombing of the end zone that Lockett cannot receive in fourth down
4:15 PM10 months ago

3Q 03:18

Personal foul against Wilson and the Bills give away 15 yards
4:14 PM10 months ago

3Q 04:14

Beasley with reception to pass midfield for Seattle
4:10 PM10 months ago

3Q 04:58

Allen captured in third down and the Bills will have to clear
4:08 PM10 months ago

TD Seattle 17-27

4:04 PM10 months ago

3Q 06:36

TD Seattle

Dallas with the carry to approach at the 27-17 mark

4:01 PM10 months ago

3Q 08:58

Metcalf with the reception on the mark to continue the offensive
4:00 PM10 months ago

3Q 09:28

Hollister with legs manages to move the chains within the rival's 30 yard
3:59 PM10 months ago

3Q 10:40

Metcalf with reception at the 38th yard
3:58 PM10 months ago

3Q 11:11

Moore with reception to move the chains
3:53 PM10 months ago

3Q 11:55

FG Bills

22-yard Bass scores his second field goal

3:53 PM10 months ago

3Q 13:58

Allen with the incomplete pass in the end zone
3:51 PM10 months ago

3Q 13:26

Big Davis play that stays one yard away from scoring
3:49 PM10 months ago

3Q 14:41

Allen is captured and lost 8 yards
3:48 PM10 months ago

3Q 14:42

Wilson is hit and the Bills recover the ball inside the 30 yard line
3:45 PM10 months ago

3Q 15:00

The third quarter begins. Seattle on the offensive
3:32 PM10 months ago

Half time

Seahawks 10-24 Bills

Bass misses the 60-yard field goal

3:26 PM10 months ago

2Q 00:41

Long reception to Beasley in the middle of the field
3:21 PM10 months ago

2Q 01:08

FG Seattle

45 Myers Yards shortens the difference

3:20 PM10 months ago

2Q 01:12

Wilson's incomplete pass when looking for the deep zone. Good work from the high school
3:16 PM10 months ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute break
3:16 PM10 months ago

2Q 02:10

Again Hollister appears in third down to move the chains
3:15 PM10 months ago

TD Bills 24-7

3:14 PM10 months ago

2Q 03:15

Hollister appears with the reception to move the chains
3:09 PM10 months ago

2Q 04:03

TD Bills

Allen feints and throws for Davis for the score

3:07 PM10 months ago

2Q 04:37

Good moves by Brown who manages to move the chains
3:06 PM10 months ago

2Q 05:18

Diggs with reception up to the 15-yard line
3:06 PM10 months ago

2Q 05:57

Diggs with the crossed path to move the chains
3:04 PM10 months ago

2Q 06:29

Allen holds the load and finds Brown to connect 18 yards
3:03 PM10 months ago

TD Seattle 7-17

2:59 PM10 months ago

2Q 06:40

TD Seattle

Wilson with the personal score for the first touchdown of the game

2:59 PM10 months ago

2Q 07:22

Dallas is one yard away from scoring. It will be fourth down
2:57 PM10 months ago

2Q 08:48

Wilson's bombing of Metcalf to enter the red zone
2:55 PM10 months ago

2Q 09:44

Pass interference over Metcalf and the Bills give away the first and ten
2:50 PM10 months ago

2Q 11:22

FG Bills

44-yard bass widens the gap

2:49 PM10 months ago

2Q 11:57

Allen is captured and the Bills will look for the field goal
2:42 PM10 months ago

Final first quarter

Seahawks 0-14 Bills

Finish the first quarter with Moss' reception to move the chains 

2:39 PM10 months ago

1Q 01:21

Brown with the reception for the Bills to leave the committed area
2:36 PM10 months ago

1Q 01:39

Foller is intercepted in the end zone to Wilson and the Bills will come out from the 20 yard line
2:35 PM10 months ago

1Q 01:48

Second time out of Seattle, they're going to think about
2:34 PM10 months ago

1Q 02:14

Holmer with the carriage that does not go over the line and is fourth down
2:31 PM10 months ago

1Q 05:06

Now Wilson finds Lockett after leaving the protection zone
2:31 PM10 months ago

1Q 05:41

Wilson connects with Metcalf for the first time in the afternoon to enter rival territory
2:30 PM10 months ago

1Q 06:40

Dallas with the hauling to move the chains for the first time in the game for Seattle
2:29 PM10 months ago

TD Bills 14-0

2:25 PM10 months ago

1Q 07:35

TD Bills

Kroft with reception to double the advantage

2:24 PM10 months ago

1Q 07:49

Personal foul against Allen and Seattle gives first and goal
2:21 PM10 months ago

1Q 09:34

Singletary with reception for installation in goal zone
2:20 PM10 months ago

1Q 10:10

Moss with the hauling and finally move the chains by land
2:19 PM10 months ago

1Q 11:26

Beasley with the reception in third down to move the chains and enter the enemy zone
2:16 PM10 months ago

1Q 12:39

Davis with the solo reception for the first and ten of this series
2:12 PM10 months ago

1Q 12:59

Wilson's incomplete pass. Three and out the Seahawks
2:12 PM10 months ago

TD Bills

2:06 PM10 months ago

1Q 13:35

TD Bills

McKenzie with the cross route to put points on the board

2:05 PM10 months ago

1Q 14:35

First Diggs reception to move the chains. Buffalo in good position to get points after good kickback
2:03 PM10 months ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. The Bills on the offensive
1:57 PM10 months ago

They cause smoking

Seattle is tied at the top of the league that has caused more deliveries with a total of 14
1:50 PM10 months ago

Minutes away

In a few minutes this game will begin, remembering that at this time there will be attractive games like the Bears vs Titans and the Ravens vs Colts
1:42 PM10 months ago

To reaffirm their leadership

Seattle leads NFC West with a 6-1 record, but is closely followed by Cardinals 5-2, Rams 5-3 and 49ers 4-5
1:38 PM10 months ago

Leaders in the East

Buffalo is leading its division with 6-2, but watch out for the 4-3 Dolphins that are already approaching. In the background are the Patriots 2-5 and the Jets 0-8
1:33 PM10 months ago

One of the best

Seattle is one of the best offensives of the season with 414.4 yards per game (third best) of which 289 have been by air
1:28 PM10 months ago

Beware of him

The fourth best defensive player in terms of tackles is Seattle's Bobby Wagner, who accumulated 74
1:24 PM10 months ago

The following

Stefon Diggs has had a great season with 54 catches, 695 yards and three touchdowns
1:18 PM10 months ago

Yes you missed it

The Bills have been in the stadium for some time, to face their third consecutive home

1:14 PM10 months ago

They will not be

These are the players who will not be present for the Buffalo Bills

1:08 PM10 months ago

Receiver sensation

One of the sensations in the NFL has been since last season DK Metcalf, who has gotten along very well with Russell Wilson
1:06 PM10 months ago


These are the Seattle players who will not be there, highlighting the absences of Hyde and Carson in the ground attack


1:04 PM10 months ago

This is how they arrived

This is how the Seahawks arrived to face a complicated visit to the leader of the AFC East


12:59 PM10 months ago

We started

Vital game in the fight for the postseason when the Seattle Seahawks visit the Buffalo Bills. We start with the coverage
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Lastest games

The historical series favors Seattle with 8-5, noting that they have won three of the last five, including their last visit in 2012.
11:33 PM10 months ago

How to watch Seattle Seahawks vs Buffalo Bills Live TV and Stream

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Key player Bills

Much was expected of Devin Singletary and he has produced little on the ground this season, racking up 385 yards and a touchdown, but his skills could show up at any time to make a difference.

11:23 PM10 months ago

Key player Seahawks

There is no doubt that Russell Wilson is the soul of the offense and is already one of the candidates to win the MVP by adding 2,151 yards, 26 touchdowns and six interceptions.

11:18 PM10 months ago

Last result Bills

The Bills suffered a lot to beat the New England Patriots, but thanks to a Cam Newton fumble they added their sixth victory of the season

11:13 PM10 months ago

Last result Seahawks

Seattle returned to victory last week by beating their divisional rivals, the San Francisco 49ers.

11:08 PM10 months ago

Bills: putting pressure on Russell

The defense is in the top ten with more Sacks this season and will have to revalidate that statistic to not let Wilson have a comfortable game.
11:03 PM10 months ago

Seahawks: improving defensively

There is no doubt about the power of the offense, however, the defense still leaves some doubts by receiving 28.4 points per game and allowing 460 yards, the worst in the league.
10:58 PM10 months ago

High Power Duel

Only three teams currently have six wins and two of them will face each other this Sunday, which is why it will be a test for both franchises.
10:53 PM10 months ago

Kick-off time

The Seattle Seahawks vs Buffalo Bills match will be played at the New Era Field, in Buffalo, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 1pm ET.
10:48 PM10 months ago

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