Touchdowns and Highlights Bengals 10-36 Steelers on week 10 NFL 2020
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7:48 PM18 days ago

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7:45 PM18 days ago

With this move he was liquidated the game

Big Ben smashed short passes to the Bengals defense, this was the last TD of the game.


7:41 PM18 days ago

4th Quarter | 0:00

The match ended at Heinz Field Stadium with a resounding victory for the Steelers.
7:29 PM18 days ago

4th Quarter | 5:05

On the fourth occasion Bullock completed the 37-yard field goal.
7:27 PM18 days ago

4th Quarter | 5:09

Again Burrow was captured, this time it was Spillane.
7:25 PM18 days ago

4th Quarter | 7:12

New capture by Dupree to Burrow but in the fourth down was played by the Bengals and they have 1era and 10.
7:19 PM18 days ago

4th Quarter | 10:31 TOUCHDOWN STEELERS

Quick pass from Reothlisberger to Claypool and they get the score through the center of the field.

The kick is good from Boswell. 

7:15 PM18 days ago

4th Quarter | 13:27

Very good play by McCloud who received the clearance from Bengals and almost escaped to the end zone.
7:10 PM18 days ago

4th Quarter | 15:00

The 4th quarter starts with Reothlisberger's pass failure and the Bengals offensive will come.
7:00 PM18 days ago

3rd Quarter | 2:11

Roethlisberger tried a long pass but could not connect it and now a new offensive will come for the Bengals.
6:50 PM18 days ago

3rd Quarter | 4:22 TOUCHDOWN STEELERS

Another incredible pass from Roethlisberger to Claypool and with this formula they keep finding points and heading to their ninth victory of the season. 

 Boswell scores the extra point. 

6:42 PM18 days ago

3rd Quarter |6:50

Roethlisberger found Claypool and they are near mid-field.
6:36 PM18 days ago

3rd Quarter | 8:53

In the third down the pass is incomplete from Burrow to Thomas and the offense will be for the steelers.
6:22 PM18 days ago

3rd Quarter | 15:00

The Bengals will have the ball on the offensive at the start of this third quarter.
6:21 PM18 days ago

Big Ben's great connection

Pittsburgh QB found this little space for touchdown.


5:59 PM18 days ago

2nd Quarter | 1:48.

Boswell's field goal is good and Pittsburgh's lead is looking further and further away.
5:55 PM18 days ago

The Bengals were reacting

With this move, Burrow found Higgins to leave the zero on the scoreboard.



5:50 PM18 days ago

2nd Quarter | 4:08

In the third down they captured Burrow and the offensive will be for Steelers again.
5:45 PM18 days ago

2nd Quarter | 7:27 TOUCHDOWN STEELERS

Roethlisberger with a lot of pressure made a short pass for Smith-Schuster and the second score was made for Steelers.

Boswell scored the field goal and the Steelers took the lead again. 

5:38 PM18 days ago

2nd Quarter | 9:21

Great pass from Roethlisberger to Smith-Schuster where he gets Steelers close to the 35-yard line.
5:32 PM18 days ago

2nd Quarter | 10:40 TOUCHDOWN BENGALS

On the fourth opportunity, the Bengals played and Burrow found Higgins for the TD!

Bullock's kick is complete and the visitors have already made up the difference. 

5:28 PM18 days ago

2nd Quarter : 13:32

Tremendous play by Bengals, he connected with Higgins in a pass where they achieved 54 yards.
5:20 PM18 days ago

2nd Quarter | 15:00

The second quarter begins with Pittsburgh on offense, thanks to a loose ball by Higgins.
5:17 PM18 days ago

First TD of the game

This is Johnson's TD, and Big Ben's big pass for the first one of the afternoon.


5:12 PM18 days ago

1st Quarter | 1:54 TOUCHDOWN STEELERS

First TD of the game, where Big Ben found Johnson with a short pass.

They tried the two-point play but Roethlisberger couldn't find Claypool.

5:09 PM18 days ago

1er Cuarto | 2:52

Long pass of 46-yard Roethlisberger and steelers have a great chance of touchdown.
5:03 PM18 days ago

1st Quarter | 4:52

In fourth time Boswell kicks and concretes 3 points more for Pittsburgh.
4:55 PM18 days ago

1st Quarter | 7:15

Burrow sent a pass to Green but Haden did not allow a good reception and Steelers will have the ball on the offensive passing the midfield.
4:48 PM18 days ago

1st Quarter | 8:18

Big Ben fails to connect the pass and on the fourth occasion the Bengals will have their second possession of the game.
4:36 PM18 days ago

1st Quarter | 11:27

Boswell hits the field goal and puts the Steelers ahead by three points.
4:34 PM18 days ago

1st Quarter : 13:38

On the fourth opportunity Bengals was going to have the ball on offense but Erickson dropped the ball and again will have the opportunity to attack Pittsburgh.
4:27 PM18 days ago

1st Quarter | 15:00

The game begins in Pittsburgh and the first offensive will be for the locals.
4:04 PM18 days ago

Steelers ready to go

The home team is ready for this afternoon's match, this is the uniform with which they will jump into the field with black shirt and helmet and yellow details.



3:54 PM18 days ago

Cincinnati for its second consecutive victory

This divisional clash could leave the Bengals with little chance of playoffs if they lose. 

Joe Burrow has been up to the task, but the rest of his team has not. A bad offensive line can put as much pressure on him as he has yet to see against some very strong Steelers.


3:42 PM18 days ago

Bengals arrived at Heinz Field

The visitors arrived to Pittsburgh in search of a victory to help them get out of the last place in the AFC North.


3:34 PM18 days ago

Steelers already warm up engines

This is the best start to the season in their history, 8-0, plus three consecutive away wins against Tennessee, Baltimore and Dallas. 

But it is necessary to mention that all three are suffering and consequently with a defensive line that allows many yards, so they will have to improve in this aspect. 



3:23 PM18 days ago

Live broadcast begins

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Last match between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh

The last time these two teams met was in November last year, so almost a year later, the Bengals will have the revenge of having been defeated by a score of 10-16.


10:31 AM19 days ago

How and where to see the Bengals vs Steelers

If you want to watch the game on TV, you can do so on FOX.

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10:26 AM19 days ago

Bengals key player

Despite the Cincinnati team's poor form, quarterback Joe Burrow has scored five touchdowns in the last two games. 

He is a player who when he focuses finds the vulnerable side in the defense, so he will be another player to follow. 

10:21 AM19 days ago

Steelers key player

Ben Rothlisberger has been activated from the reservation list with Covid-19, which means that he will be able to see action against the Bengals.

Pittsburgh's QB has had a great season, and it is reflected in his numbers, just in the previous game he scored three touchdowns by air. 

10:16 AM19 days ago

Bengals at the back of the AFC North

The numbers do not support the Cincinnati Bengals, who have failed to spin two consecutive wins and are at the bottom of the AFC North table with a total of two wins, five losses and a draw.

In the previous game they beat the Titans 31-20, can they go on a two-game winning streak?



10:11 AM19 days ago

Steelers struggling but still undefeated

In the last match they had a complicated game where they ended up winning with a score of 24-19 against Cowboys.

The Steelers are on an eight-game winning streak and it seems hard to lose it this Week 10th.


10:06 AM19 days ago

Kick-off time

The Bengals vs Steelers match will be played at the Heinz Field stadium, in Pittsburgh, USA.

The kick-off is scheduled at 17:25pm ET.

10:01 AM19 days ago

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