Tennessee Titans Vs Baltimore Ravens Preview
BALTIMORE, MD - JANUARY 11: Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry (22) runs out of tackle attempt on January 11, 2020, at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, MD. in the AFC Divisional Playoff against the Baltimore Ravens. (Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The last time the Tennessee Titans visited the Baltimore Ravens in Charm City was January in the AFC Divisional Round. The top-seeded Ravens entered favourites and were sent home early as 12-point losers as the Titans ran their way to the AFC title game.

This week the shoe is on the other foot as the Titans are the favoured team between the two. 

Season so far

The Titans started hot with a five and zero record after five weeks. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill had early MVP buzz, and the Titans weren't just winning games they were smashing teams. With the Titans averaging 32.8 points (PFF) and totalling 432.2 yards per game. The Titans bullied teams early Until the Pittsburgh Steelers came to town. Both teams were undefeated (the Steelers still are) and the Titans fell. Since the Steelers game to Titans has played top 10 rated defences in two out of the three games, to come out with one win is not something shameful. But the Titans did get beat by the Cincinnati Bengals and in today's NFL that is. 

The Ravens on the flip side have not been as consistent as their fans would like. Looking back on the Ravens schedule this coronavirus filled season. The Ravens have six wins against six teams they should beat—two of the three losses being against the Kansas City Cheifs and bitter rivals the undefeated Steelers. Two teams better than the Ravens, what happened in primetime against the New England Patriots was awful nothing was on the Raven's side, including the weather in the fourth quarter when it was partially hurricane weather, which does not help when you are down need a score. 


What the stats say 

One top player going down can change a season, in the Titans case that critical injury has a name of left tackle Taylor Lewan. Lewan's ACL blew up and ruled him out for the season leaving the titans short of a top-three offensive lineman in the NFL. Since Lewan's departure onto the injured reserve list the Titans have only scored an average of 19.5 points and scored less than 300 yards of offence in those three losses.

The Ravens have been a strange team so far as fringe players not stepping up and Lamar the reigning MVP not living up back to back MVP races. The third-year quarterback has not, by all means, had a down year. He has 14 touchdowns and three rushing touchdowns Lamar is still Lamar. However, Baltimore needs other players to step up. 

The Titans have a plan to win against the Ravens. Run the ball. It happened in January; the Ravens knew what was coming as Derrick Henry ran for 195 yards, Henry is still carrying on the form he finished the 19/20 season with 946 yards and eight touchdowns so far this season. The Ravens haven't fixed their rushing problem if the Patriots game is something to go by as the Pats ran 4.4 yards per play last week. The Titans have a plan and the means to do it. 

The verdict 

The Titans are the better team. The Ravens has every opportunity to prove everyone wrong, as the team has weapons which can genuinely make them into a Superbowl power. It all started with a Quarterback, and the Ravens have one of the best. Lamar can do almost anything. Unfortunately, this week the Titans have the Ravens number when it comes to this avenue.

 Baltimore Ravens 21-28 Tennessee Titans