Touchdowns and Highlights: Pittsburgh Steelers 27-3 Jacksonville Jaguars, 2020 NFL Season
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No problem

With a great defense that intercepted the ball four times, the Steelers had a quiet afternoon by beating Jacksonville and claiming their tenth victory in a row
5:05 PM8 months ago

End game

Steelers 27-3 Jaguars.
5:05 PM8 months ago

4Q 01:40

Steelers kneel three times and get their tenth win of the season.
5:02 PM8 months ago

2Q 02:00

The Jaguars are playing inside their 20-yard line in fourth down and they don't get it. Pittsburgh will come back to run out of time.
4:57 PM8 months ago

4Q 04:16

Snell falls short of advancing in third down and the Steelers to clear
4:55 PM8 months ago

4Q 05:59

Now it's Fitzpatrick with the second interception of the day
4:54 PM8 months ago

4Q 06:10

Ellepson with 10 yard reception to move the chains
4:52 PM8 months ago

Intercepcion Steelers

4:50 PM8 months ago

4Q 06:40

TD Steelers 

Ebron with reception to increase the advantage.

4:50 PM8 months ago

4Q 07:00

Big Ben's full pass and together at 15 yards are already in the red zone.
4:45 PM8 months ago

4Q 08:32

Luton launches long and for the second time Edmonds intercepts
4:40 PM8 months ago

4Q 10:21

FG Boswell

47-yard line extends the advantage 

4:39 PM8 months ago

4Q 10:52

Conner with the reception short and will be fourth down
4:34 PM8 months ago

4Q 12:32

Pass interference over Claypool and Steelers will have first and ten in rival territory
4:31 PM8 months ago

3Q 13:16

Ebron with the short reception to move the chains
4:27 PM8 months ago

4Q 14:45

Luton is caught in third down and the Jaguars to clear
4:22 PM8 months ago

Final third quarter

Steelers 17-3 Jaguars

Pass interference against the Steelers and Jaguars will have first and ten

4:19 PM8 months ago

3Q 00:45

Incomplete pass from Big Ben to Ebron and the Steelers to clear
4:16 PM8 months ago

3Q 02:56

Conner in fourth down manages to turn the corner and reach midfield
4:11 PM8 months ago

3Q 05:07

Luton is pressed again and the Jaguars cannot make the third down, to clear
4:06 PM8 months ago

3Q 07:14

McClound stays one yard away from moving the chains. The Steelers to clear
4:03 PM8 months ago

3Q 08:34

Snell gets two yards on the ground to move the chains
3:56 PM8 months ago

3Q 09:32

In third down, the Steelers get their first catch of the day and the Jaguars mid-field to clear
3:49 PM8 months ago

3Q 11:50

Luton with full pass to move the chains
3:44 PM8 months ago

3Q 13:34

Big Ben's pass stays away and the Steelers three and out, to clear
3:41 PM8 months ago

3Q 15:00

The third quarter begins. Pittsburgh on the offensive
3:30 PM8 months ago

TD Steelers 17-3

3:28 PM8 months ago

Half time

Steelers 17-3 Jaguars
3:28 PM8 months ago

2Q 00:00

Pass intercepted in Ben Roethlisberger's red zone and the Steelers leave without points
3:26 PM8 months ago

2Q 00:09

Passing interference against Claypool and Steelers already in field goal zone
3:25 PM8 months ago

2Q 00:15

Conner with the carry to gain yards and burn out in second half
3:23 PM8 months ago

2Q 00:29

Luton throws too high and Edmonds intercepts the ball
3:22 PM8 months ago

2Q 00:36

Long pass from Luton and the Jaguars are already in rival territory
3:19 PM8 months ago

2Q 00:44

TD Steelers

Beny Snell carries the ball out of the tackles for another touchdown

3:18 PM8 months ago

2Q 00:55

Johnson with the two-stroke reception on the 1-yard line
3:16 PM8 months ago

2Q 01:08

Johnson with the reception to put the Steelers already in the field goal zone
3:12 PM8 months ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute break
3:11 PM8 months ago

2Q 02:46

Conner with the run on the right side when the play seemed broken. He won 13 yards
3:10 PM8 months ago

2Q 02:57

Fitzpatrick intercepts in the red zone to Luton after a deflection and returns the ball near midfield
3:08 PM8 months ago

2Q 04:20

Cole with reception to enter the red zone
3:07 PM8 months ago

2Q 05:06

Chark with the reception in solitary to put the ball in the yard 25
3:06 PM8 months ago

2Q 06:12

Robinson surprises with the carry and coupled with a 15-yard penalty, the Jaguars are already in rival territory
3:05 PM8 months ago

TD Steelers 10-3

3:00 PM8 months ago

2Q 07:00

TD Steelers

Roethlisberger to Claypool on 31-yard pass to take advantage

2:58 PM8 months ago

2Q 08:12

Washington with the agonizing reception to move the chains when they had loaded on Big Ben 
2:56 PM8 months ago

2Q 09:38

Jaguars punished with personal foul and given away 15 yards
2:52 PM8 months ago

2Q 09:57

Luton throws with power and could have been either caught or intercepted. The Jaguars three and off to clear
2:47 PM8 months ago

2Q 10:45

FG Steelers

44-yard Boswell ties the game

2:47 PM8 months ago

2Q 10:50

Once again Big Ben throws incomplete and they will have to settle for a field goal
2:44 PM8 months ago

2Q 12:53

Conner screen pass that works with 12 yards
2:43 PM8 months ago

2Q 13:34

Despite the detour, Claypool makes the reception to move the chains
2:42 PM8 months ago

1Q 14:52

Johnson appears with the long reception for the first and ten
2:38 PM8 months ago

Final first quarter

Steelers 0-3 Jaguars
2:38 PM8 months ago

1Q 00:13

Again they pressed Luton and launched in an imprecise way. Three and out to clear
2:32 PM8 months ago

1Q 01:12

Incomplete pass from Big Ben that was almost intercepted
2:31 PM8 months ago

1Q 03:06

Claypool with the valuable reception in third down to move the chains and settle in enemy territory
2:28 PM8 months ago

1Q 05:03

Johnson with the reception one yard ahead of the mark to move the chains
2:27 PM8 months ago

1Q 06:15

Explosive Conner hauling around the corner and gaining 20 yards to get out of the engagement zone
2:24 PM8 months ago

1Q 06:36

The pressure falls on Luton who throws hastily and incompletely.  At midfield, to clear
2:21 PM8 months ago

1Q 06:56

Robinson throws in third down to move the chains, already near midfield
2:17 PM8 months ago

1Q 08:48

Boswell misses the 46-yard field goal and the Steelers can't score
2:16 PM8 months ago

1Q 08:51

Jaguars use their first time out
2:16 PM8 months ago

1Q 08:51

Johnson can't make the reception and the Steelers will have to settle for the field goal
2:14 PM8 months ago

1Q 10:12

Conner makes the cut over the mark and moves the chains for the first time in the game
2:12 PM8 months ago

1Q 10:57

Jaguars surprise with a short kick, but Steelers regain the ovoid
2:09 PM8 months ago

1Q 10:50

FG Jaguars

41-yard field goal is effective to take advantage

2:08 PM8 months ago

1Q 11:02

Luton launches incomplete and Jaguars will settle for 3 points
2:07 PM8 months ago

1Q 12:20

Robinson for the carry on the left side to get another 12 yards
2:06 PM8 months ago

1Q 12:53

Robinson with the reception in third down to move the chains and enter rival territory
2:04 PM8 months ago

1Q 14:52

Luton complete with Cole in play action to move the chains
2:03 PM8 months ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. The Jaguars on the offensive
2:01 PM8 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of Steelers vs Jaguars. Don't miss the game
1:54 PM8 months ago

Defensive of another level

The Steelers' defense is within the top 10 of the league by being the fifth best by air, place nine by land and the third best in points allowed
1:52 PM8 months ago

The offensive has not been so good

Despite being undefeated, the Steelers' air attack is ranked 18th in the league, while on the ground they are number 24, yet scoring is the fourth best at the 30.1 average per game
1:47 PM8 months ago

Great season

Despite being 38 years old, Roethlisberger still has a great season with 2,267 yards, 22 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions
1:41 PM8 months ago

No problem

Although Ben Roethlisberger has been in doubt in these weeks either by coronavirus protocol or by some discomfort, he has not missed any game
1:36 PM8 months ago

Breaking the losing streak

It seemed that the Jaguars would have a much better season when in week 1 they beat the Colts, however, since that occasion they add up to eight losses in a row and will seek to cut that bad streak
1:29 PM8 months ago

With clear support

In Jacksonville they have a clear objective to support their team from anywhere


1:25 PM8 months ago

You remember...

Do you remember the Rugrats? Well, Keelan Cole does a little tribute to them in his shoes

1:19 PM8 months ago

They're already hot

The Steelers declare themselves ready for this game and are now in the warm-up phase

1:15 PM8 months ago

The birthday boy

Juju Smith-Schuster is on a long tablecloth because today is his 24th birthday and he will be looking to celebrate with a victory. In the season he has 54 receptions, 516 yards and five touchdowns
1:10 PM8 months ago

Cloudy, but in good condition

EverBank is in optimal conditions, despite the fact that the morning was cloudy with the probability of some light rains

1:05 PM8 months ago


It was confirmed this morning that once again Gardner Minshew would not be available for this game:

No. 10 WR Laviska Shenault
No. 15 QB Gardner Minshew
No. 35 CB Sidney Jones
No. 56 LB Quincy Williams
No. 62 T KC McDermott
No. 80 TE James O'Shaughnessy
No. 87 TE Tyler Davis

1:04 PM8 months ago

Several casualties

The Steelers will not have the following players, especially two elements of the ground attack:

No. 5 QB Josh Dobbs
No. 33 RB Trey Edmunds
No. 38 34 RB Jaylen Samuels
No. 45 Jayrone Elliott
No. 96 DE Isaiah Buggs

1:02 PM8 months ago

This is how they arrived

The Steelers came to "the office" in search of their tenth win of the season

1:00 PM8 months ago

We start

The Steelers want to retain their unbeaten record against the Jaguars in week 11 of the NFL. We start with coverage through VAVEL
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Latest encounters

The historical series favors the Jaguars 14-12, although the Steelers have won three of the last five games.
11:39 AM8 months ago

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Key player Jaguars

James Robinson will have to be very helpful to his quarterback Jake Luton. The running back has 689 yards and 109 yards against the Packers.

11:29 AM8 months ago

Key player Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger was named the offensive player of the week at the American Conference. He records 66.8% of his sends, for 2,267 yards, 22 touchdowns and four interceptions.

11:24 AM8 months ago

Last result Jaguars

Jacksonville gave a good display at the Green Bay Packers' home, but it was not enough to get them the victory as they fell 24-20.

11:19 AM8 months ago

Last result Steelers

Pittsburgh had no major problems holding on to their unbeaten record last week and beating the Cincinnati Bengals 36-10

11:14 AM8 months ago

Jaguars: Stopping the air attack

The key for the Jaguars will be to have long offensives to keep Big Ben on the bench and, when he is on the field, press him incessantly for his little mobility.
11:09 AM8 months ago

Steelers: keep generating pressure

The Steelers' defense remains one of the best and will seek to put pressure on the Jaguars' rookie quarterback, noting that they have played more than 65 games with at least one capture.
11:04 AM8 months ago

Games against Jacksonville are complicated

Historically, the Steelers suffer when facing the Jaguars, so Mike Tomlin acknowledged this week that the team will not be overconfident.
10:59 AM8 months ago

Kick-off time

The Pittsburgh Steelers vs Jacksonville Jaguars match will be played at the EverBank Field, in Charlotte, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 1pm ET.
10:54 AM8 months ago

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