Highlights and Touchdowns Washington 41-16 Cowboys on week 12 NFL 2020
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8:57 PM10 months ago

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8:52 PM10 months ago

Just in case

If Cowboys were already dead, this interception buried them. Great move by Sweat!


8:49 PM10 months ago

4th Quarter | 0:35

Washington lets the clock run and THEY TAKE VICTORY!
8:44 PM10 months ago

Great game of Gibson

With this touchdown, he practically sentenced the game. 


8:41 PM10 months ago

4th Quarter | 3:31

At the start Dalton dropped the pass but Sweat intercepted in two halves and ran alone into the end zone.
Terrible mistake by Andy Dalton!
Hopkins gets the extra point once again.
8:37 PM10 months ago


On the third occasion, a huge hole was opened in the middle of the field and Gibson carried the ball 37 yards to get the touchdown. 

The extra point is complete by Hopkins.

8:33 PM10 months ago

4th Quarter | 5:10

In the fourth opportunity the team of Washington played it and with a haul of Barber, they got the 1st and 10 passing the midfield.
8:29 PM10 months ago

Gibson said goodbye to the defenders


8:25 PM10 months ago

4th Quarter | 9:33

Pass that never made it to Gallup and clear the Cowboys.
8:20 PM10 months ago

4th Quarter | 12:13 TOUCHDOWN WASHINGTON

Antonio Gibson escaped, dodged a tackle and ran in for 23 yards. 

The extra point is complete and Washinton is taking the win. 

8:16 PM10 months ago

4th Quarter | 12:21

There will be one more offensive series for Washington in a game full of penalties for both teams.
8:09 PM10 months ago

3rd Quarter | 00:41

In the 3rd down the pass was complete Washington could not reach the 1st and 10, the ball will be for Dallas starting the 4th quarter.
8:03 PM10 months ago

3rd Quarter | 2:32

In the fourth opportunity Zuerlein scored the field goal, after a good defense that was imposed when the Dallas team was only 4 yards away from the TD.
8:02 PM10 months ago

3rd Quarter| 4:21

Intercepted pass from Smith that ended up in danger play for Cowboys.
7:48 PM10 months ago

3rd Quarter | 7:42

In the third down they captured Andy Dalton and will have to give up the ball for a Washington offensive.
7:41 PM10 months ago

3rd Quarter | 10:51

In fourth place Hopkins gets the 36-yard field goal.
7:34 PM10 months ago

3rd Quarter | 14:22

The Cowboys were attacking but Ezekiel Elliot dropped the ball and Washington will have an offensive series at the 33rd yard.
7:31 PM10 months ago

3rd Quarter | 15:00

The game resumes after halftime with the ball for Cowboys on offense.
7:20 PM10 months ago

With this move, Washington went ahead


7:06 PM10 months ago

2nd Quarter | 0:19

In the fourth opportunity Zuerlein gets three points for Dallas with a field goal.
6:49 PM10 months ago


With a strong pass and down Smith finds Thomas and there is a new touchdown.
It's already won by Washington!
The extra point is good from the visitors. 
6:46 PM10 months ago

2nd Quarter | 5:22

The Washington team is very close to the end zone due to the loss of the Dallas ball in the fourth opportunity.
6:38 PM10 months ago

Impressive play by Cowboys


6:36 PM10 months ago

2nd Quarter | 7:13

On the fourth occasion Hopkins scores the 23-yard field goal.
6:30 PM10 months ago

2nd Quarter | 10:18

Smith with a short pass found Gibson and now they have again 1st and 10th in the Cowboys field.
6:24 PM10 months ago

2nd Quarter | 14:17

Andy Dalton gave a long pass to Cooper who continued to run into the end zone. 
Excellent play! 
Zuerlein scored the extra point.
6:21 PM10 months ago

First TD of the afternoon


6:11 PM10 months ago


Washington touchdown through Gibson, who carried the ball for 5 yards. 

The kick is complete by Hopkins.

6:02 PM10 months ago

1st Quarter | 5:41

Tremendous pass from Thomas to McLaurin for 36 yards and they are already in the Cowboys' field.
5:56 PM10 months ago

1st Quarter | 8:30

Zuerlein gets the 33-yard field goal and the Vaqueros take the lead.
5:53 PM10 months ago

4th Quarter | 8:38

On the third occasion Dalton missed the pass; while Martin was injured.
5:49 PM10 months ago

1st Quarter | 10:44

With a good hauling move, Andy Dalton found open space and got the 1st and 10th.
Cowboys already pass the midfield!
5:42 PM10 months ago

1st Quarter | 13:08

In the third opportunity, Gregory captured Smith and very soon the ball changed possession.
5:38 PM10 months ago

1st Quarter | 15:00

The game is on!

Washington will have the first offensive of the game.

5:22 PM10 months ago

Nice act of Dallas

Today, Mike McCarthy's team will be wearing a helmet pin as a tribute to Markus Paul, who died yesterday in a hospital in Texas.

He was currently a strength and conditioning coach for the Cowboys.

5:07 PM10 months ago

Dallas Inactives

The Texas team, for a change, will be missing some players due to injury or illness.


5:03 PM10 months ago

Washington Inactives

These are the players that for some circumstances will not be able to have activity from the visitors.


4:48 PM10 months ago

The local team has arrived

Dallas will seek this afternoon to add a second consecutive victory, which has not been able to achieve throughout the season, will they achieve it today?


4:44 PM10 months ago

This is what the Cowboys' Stadium looks like

A great afternoon to play football, the AT&T stadium is in the best conditions for the game.

4:36 PM10 months ago

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Last game between Washington and Cowboys

They played each other a month ago, on October 25, when the Washington team was far superior and beat the Cowboys by a score of 25-3, displaying the weak defense of the Texans.


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How and where to watch the Washington vs Dallas

You can find the game on TV on the Fox Sports channel.

If you prefer to follow it LIVE on the Internet, remember to follow the broadcast of VAVEL USA, your best option.

11:07 AM10 months ago

Washington key player

The veteran Washington quarterback has had an acceptable season as an individual, but is still looking for that extra boost.

If he manages to connect, he could pose a danger to Dallas' defenders. 

11:02 AM10 months ago

Cowboys key player

Given the bad season in Dallas and the losses they have suffered at the controls, Ezekiel Elliot has worked to add the few points that the team has achieved.

It will be up to him to make sure the Cowboys qualify for the playoffs.

10:57 AM10 months ago

Washington urges for victories

In the NFC East all teams have three victories momentarily, so if they win they could be group leaders.

The previous game was favorable to Washington, when they beat Bengals by a score of 20-9.


10:52 AM10 months ago

Números bajos para los Vaqueros

With three wins and seven losses, the Texas team is shaping up to have a disastrous season in which it has suffered greatly from injuries. 

Overall the NFC has the lowest numbers in the NFL 2020, however, in their last game the Vaqueros defeated the Vikings by a score of 31-28. Will can they rebound?


10:47 AM10 months ago

Kick-off time

The Washington vs Cowboys match will be played at the AT&T stadium, in Arlington, Texas.

The kick-off is scheduled at 4:30pm ET.

10:42 AM10 months ago

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