Highlights and Touchdowns: Arizona Cardinals 17-20 New England Patriots of NFL 2020
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Incredible victory

Cam Newton threw for less than 100 yards and 10 passes, but the Patriots' defense managed to get their fifth win of the season.
5:07 PM10 months ago

4Q 00:00

FG Patriots

Folk connects the 50-yard field goal to take the win.

5:06 PM10 months ago

4Q 00:03

The Patriots whip the ball around and look for a long field goal.
5:04 PM10 months ago

4Q 00:50

Newton moves the chains and in the end receives a heavy blow, so Simmons will be punished and the Patriots would already be within field goal distance.
5:02 PM10 months ago

4Q 00:56

Newton is caught in third down and it looks like we're going into overtime.
5:01 PM10 months ago

4Q 01:48

Gonzalez misses the 45-yard field goal and the Patriots will have one last chance to win.
4:59 PM10 months ago

4Q 01:52

Drake does not advance in third down and the Patriots burn their last time out.
4:56 PM10 months ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute break.
4:55 PM10 months ago

4Q 02:11

Time away from New England.
4:54 PM10 months ago

4Q 02:26

Drake with the haulage to move the chains and consume time, because they are already in the field goal zone.
4:51 PM10 months ago

4Q 04:27

Patrick intercepts Newton and Arizona is already in midfield.
4:47 PM10 months ago

4Q 07:36

Reception of Myers to move the chains. 
4:41 PM10 months ago

4Q 08:02

TD Arizona.

Drake with the short haul and this is going to be tied.

4:40 PM10 months ago

4Q 08:34

The Patriots with the bra and again give away the first and goal.
4:35 PM10 months ago

4Q 09:23

Murray throws incomplete into the end zone, but there is a hold from the defense and they give away the first and goal.
4:34 PM10 months ago

4Q 09:50

Hopkins can't do the reception and will be fourth down.
4:32 PM10 months ago

4Q 10:51

Drake turns the corner and moves the chains to be installed in the red zone.
4:31 PM10 months ago

4Q 10:58

Time away from Arizona.
4:30 PM10 months ago

4Q 11:38

Despite the slip, Drake manages to move the chains
4:30 PM10 months ago

4Q 12:20

Murray takes advantage of the gap and already settles in a rival area.
4:29 PM10 months ago

4Q 13:11

Murray with the personal carriage to achieve the first and ten.
4:23 PM10 months ago

4Q 14:20

They're going to check whether Hopkins' reception was complete or not.
4:22 PM10 months ago

4Q 14:30

Hopkins with reception to move the Arizona chains at the 33rd yard
4:19 PM10 months ago

Final third quarter.

Cardinals 10-17 Patriots
4:17 PM10 months ago

3Q 00:29

Newton launches incomplete and the Patriots also with a series of three and out. To be cleared in midfield.
4:14 PM10 months ago

3Q 02:37

Murray is captured. Arizona three and out, clear.
4:11 PM10 months ago

TD Patriots 17-10

4:08 PM10 months ago

3Q 03:30

TD Patriots

White with the one-yard haul around the corner to get a head start.

4:07 PM10 months ago

3Q 03:35

Time out of Arizona when the third and goal will be played.
4:05 PM10 months ago

3Q 05:00

Cam Newton with the carry to get within two yards of scoring.
4:01 PM10 months ago

3Q 06:09

Harris' explosive attack and the Patriots have first and goal.
4:00 PM10 months ago

3Q 06:26

Murray's pass is diverted and he is intercepted. The Patriots will be in a good position.
3:55 PM10 months ago

3Q 07:49

FG Patriots

22-yard Nick Folk ties the game.

3:54 PM10 months ago

3Q 07:50

Newton with the floating and incomplete pass. Fourth down.
3:53 PM10 months ago

3Q 09:29

Johnson with the carry to goal zone. The Patriots are coming.
3:51 PM10 months ago

3Q 10:48

Newton finds Byrd to move the chains and get inside the rival's 30-yard line.
3:47 PM10 months ago

3Q 12:00

The Patriots had scored in the return kick, but it was cancelled out by a personal foul.
3:46 PM10 months ago

4Q 12:28

Murray comes out on legs but falls short of the mark. Fourth of Arizona and to be cleared.
3:44 PM10 months ago

3Q 13:45

MUrray with the floating pass that Edmons catches him to move the chains.
3:42 PM10 months ago

3Q 15:00

The third quarter begins. Arizona on the offensive.
3:28 PM10 months ago

Half time

Cardinals 10-7 Patriots
3:25 PM10 months ago

2Q 00:00

Arizona plays it in fourth and Drake did not enter the diagonals. Great play of the New England defense.
3:24 PM10 months ago

2Q 00:03

Now the time out is from New England.
3:23 PM10 months ago

2Q 00:03

Time out of Arizona and they will be looking for the field goal.
3:22 PM10 months ago

2Q 00:31

The referees reverse the score and there is no touchdown.
3:19 PM10 months ago

2Q 00:29

TD Arizona

Leg-based Johnson manages to get into the diagonals, but it looks like they are going to review the play.

3:17 PM10 months ago

2Q 01:49

Power play with Drake to move the chains and make it first and goal.
3:13 PM10 months ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute break.
3:12 PM10 months ago

2Q 03:38

Murray finds Hopkins again to move the chains within the rival's 30-yard line.
3:09 PM10 months ago

2Q 04:03

Murray finds Hopkins to enter the rival zone and have four more plays.
3:07 PM10 months ago

2Q 06:05

Murray is pressed and manages to pull out the pass to find his wing closed in the middle to move the chains.
3:02 PM10 months ago

2Q 07:39

Newton is captured and New England will have to clear within their 25-yard line.
3:00 PM10 months ago

2Q 09:17

Another carriage by Newton through the centre to move the chains.
2:55 PM10 months ago

2Q 10:17

Murray was almost intercepted and Arizona will have to clear it from its own field.
2:53 PM10 months ago

2Q 12:06

Isabella with the reception on the mark for the first and ten on third down play.
2:52 PM10 months ago

2Q 13:15

Drake with the move to move the chains for Arizona for the first time in this series.
2:50 PM10 months ago

TD Patriots 10-7

2:47 PM10 months ago

2Q 14:15

TD Patriots

It is played in fourth gear and White with a slip enters the diagonals.

2:46 PM10 months ago

2Q 14:48

New England carry that falls short of the mark on third down.
2:42 PM10 months ago

Final first quarter

Cardinals 10-0 Patriots.
2:41 PM10 months ago

1Q 00:44

Myers with the reception and coupled with a blow to the head, Arizona gives away another 15 yards.
2:38 PM10 months ago

1Q 01:38

Moncrief with the big kickback and leaves the Patriots inside the 45-yard line.
2:35 PM10 months ago

1Q 01:49

FG Arizona 

From 53 yards it makes the Gonzalez kick concrete.

2:34 PM10 months ago

1Q 01:54

Murray's incomplete pass will settle for a field goal.
2:31 PM10 months ago

1Q 03:11

10 yard Hopkins reception to move the chains.
2:28 PM10 months ago

1Q 03:17

Time out of Arizona
2:27 PM10 months ago

1Q 04:38

Murray finds Hopkins in a connection of more than 25 yards to enter the enemy zone.
2:25 PM10 months ago

1Q 05:17

Edmonds turns the corner and Arizona keeps moving the chains
2:23 PM10 months ago

1Q 07:05

Drake's big haul to win first and ten to get out of the penalty box.
2:19 PM10 months ago

1Q 07:25

Cam Newton throws incomplete and near midfield the Patriots to clear.
2:17 PM10 months ago

1Q 09:20

Long screen pass that has a curtain of blocks and the Pats move the chains
2:15 PM10 months ago

1Q 11:08

Holding on to Arizona's defensive and give away the first and ten
2:13 PM10 months ago

TD Arizona 7-0

2:12 PM10 months ago

Interception to Newton

2:08 PM10 months ago

1Q 12:09

TD Arizona

Drake with the short power stroke of a yard to open the scoreboard.

2:06 PM10 months ago

1Q 13:27

Isabella turns the corner and puts the ball in first and goal.
2:05 PM10 months ago

1Q 13:39

Newton's pass is diverted and he is intercepted. Great position that Arizona will have within the 30 yard line.
2:03 PM10 months ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. The Patriots go on the offensive.
2:01 PM10 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Cardinals and Patriots. Don't miss out on the details of the game.
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Scoring points

Although they are not in the top 10 in offense by land or air, the Cardinals are among the best scoring points by scoring 28.7 and being one of the best in the NFL red zone.
1:49 PM10 months ago

Power over land

Faced with the lack of a reliable passer, the Patriots have resorted to ground attack as their main strength to generate damage, remembering that they are the fourth best team with 153 yards by that route.
1:47 PM10 months ago

So they went out to warm up

1:43 PM10 months ago

They want to go back to the top

The Cardinals need the win to draw in seven wins over Seattle and Los Angeles, although both teams would miss their match this day.
1:40 PM10 months ago

Similar records

Arizona as a visitor has a 3-2 record and the Patriots at home have the same record, so one will be 3-3 and the other 4-2.
1:35 PM10 months ago

Much to be improved

Cam Newton has been left on duty and has barely completed 68.1% of his shipments for 1,900 yards, four touchdowns and seven interceptions.
1:29 PM10 months ago

Attention with...

Whatever one of the best receivers in the league can do, DeAndre Hopkins has accumulated 72 receptions for 912 yards and four touchdowns.
1:24 PM10 months ago

Seek to shine

Patrick Peterson is already on the pitch to continue to shine with the Cardinals.

1:18 PM10 months ago

Practice Squad

The Patriots yesterday announced that WR Donte Moncrief and DL Akeem Spence have joined the practice squad.
1:15 PM10 months ago

Inactive players

These are the inactive Patriots players for this afternoon

1:12 PM10 months ago

In excellent condition

Good weather and in good condition is the Gillette Stadium to host this afternoon's engagement.

1:06 PM10 months ago

With great style

That's how the DeAndre Hopkins receiver arrived, in style, at Gillette Stadium.

1:03 PM10 months ago

Inactive Cardinals

These players will not be present in Arizona, remembering that receptor Larry Fitzgerald tested positive for coronavirus.

1:00 PM10 months ago

We started

The Arizona Cardinals and the New England Patriots want to get back on track for victory when they meet this Sunday. We begin with the coverage.
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Latest games

The historical series between these two teams is very even with seven wins per side, although the Patriots have won four of the last five.
1:24 AM10 months ago

How to watch Arizona Cardinals vs New England Patriots Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is: FOX.

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Key player Patriots

Damien Harris has been the back-up man for Cam Newton in the ground game, counting 63 carries, 514 yards and two touchdowns.

1:14 AM10 months ago

Key player Cardinals

Kyler Murray is the soul of the offense and not only runs well, but has had a good season in the air with 2,644 yards and 19 touchdowns.

1:09 AM10 months ago

Last result Patriots

Just when it seemed that the Patriots were in full ascent, they could not contain Deshaun Watson and fell last week 27-20 to the Houston Texans.

1:04 AM10 months ago

Last result Cardinals

The Cardinals suffered last week and could not stop the series by falling 28-21 to the Seattle Seahawks.

12:59 AM10 months ago

Patriots: establish the ground attack

New England is the fourth best team in the league at 153 yards, so Demien Harris and Cam Newton will have to keep working to consolidate long attacks and keep Murray out.
12:54 AM10 months ago

Cardinals: Improving protection for Murray

The offensive line will have to improve too much so that Kyler Murray can have time to throw or run, if necessary.
12:49 AM10 months ago

Every four years match

Because they face each other every four years for being in different divisions their record is short, but every time they have met they have offered good matches.
12:44 AM10 months ago

Kick-off time

The Arizona Cardinals vs New England Patriots match will be played at the Gillette Stadium, in Foxborough, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 1pm ET.
12:39 AM10 months ago

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