Highlights and Touchdowns: Kansas City Chiefs 27-24 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 2020 NFL
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It's over! Tom Brady and the Buccaneers came close to a field goal to tie the game, but Mahomes and the Chiefs managed the game to take the Tampa win.
7:17 PM2 months ago

4Q | 4:10

Pass from Brady to Evans to score another touchdown. The extra point is good and the score is now 27-24.
7:16 PM2 months ago

4Q | 4:10

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4Q | 4:18

First and goal for Tampa.
7:08 PM2 months ago


Evans' touchdown.
7:07 PM2 months ago

4Q | 4:35

The Buccs will come on the offensive looking to get closer on the scoreboard.
7:02 PM2 months ago

4Q | 8:08

Officials point to a defense hit on Mahomes so the interception is overturned and it's 1st&10 for Kansas City.
7:01 PM2 months ago

4Q | 8:08

Patrick Mahomes is intercepted.
6:52 PM2 months ago

4Q | 12:44

Great pass from Brady to Evans and the Buccs are coming up on the scoreboard. The extra point is good and the score is 27-17.
6:51 PM2 months ago

4Q | 12:44

6:43 PM2 months ago

3Q | 2:30

Again Brady is intercepted.
6:32 PM2 months ago


Mahomes-Hyll x3.
6:30 PM2 months ago

3Q | 4:57

Tom Brady is intercepted.
6:29 PM2 months ago

3Q | 5:00

Brady's 46-yard pass and Godwin makes a great effort to keep the ball.
6:24 PM2 months ago

3Q | 7:00

For the third time in the game, Tyreek Hill scores after a pass from Patrick Mahomes. The extra point is good and the Chiefs increase their lead 27-10.
6:22 PM2 months ago

3Q | 7:00

6:21 PM2 months ago

3Q | 8:08

Mahomes escapes and approaches the Chiefs in the red zone.
6:14 PM2 months ago

3Q | 12:30

The Buccs settle for a field goal. 20-10 the score in Tampa.
6:10 PM2 months ago

3Q | 13:10

Great pass from Brady for Gronkowski and they get 1st&Goal for Tampa.
6:09 PM2 months ago

3Q | 15:00

Start the second half! Tom Brady on the offensive.
6:01 PM2 months ago

Half time

Finish the first half! Kansas is having a great game in Tampa and is winning 20-7.
6:00 PM2 months ago

2Q | 2:00

We arrived at the two-minute break.
5:59 PM2 months ago

2Q | 4:15

Butker's field goal attempt is good. Kansas City wins 20-7 in the first half.
5:35 PM2 months ago

2Q | 4:29

Pass from Brady to Jones for Tampa to break the zero. The extra point is good and the score is 17-7 in favor of Kansas.
5:33 PM2 months ago

2Q | 4:29

5:33 PM2 months ago

2Q | 5:35

Great reception from Gronkowki and the Buccs are already in enemy field.
5:25 PM2 months ago

2Q | 8:38

Tampa recovers the ball! The defense manages to take the ball away from Mahomes.
5:20 PM2 months ago

2Q | 12:28

Mahomes was almost intercepted.
5:18 PM2 months ago

2Q | 14:00

The Chiefs continue to get yards.
5:15 PM2 months ago


The connection between Mahomes and Hill continues to work well.
5:14 PM2 months ago


This was the first touchdown of the game.
5:12 PM2 months ago

1Q | 0:33

Tampa still can't get a 1st&10 after three offensive series.
5:07 PM2 months ago

1Q | 1:33

Again a long pass from Mahomes to Hill and the Chiefs already win 17-0 in Tampa.
5:06 PM2 months ago

1Q | 1:33

4:58 PM2 months ago

1Q | 5:22

The Buccs return the ball after three plays.
4:55 PM2 months ago

1Q | 6:49

Mahomes surprises with a bombshell for Hill to score the TD. The extra point is good and the Chiefs now win 10-0.
4:53 PM2 months ago

1Q | 6:49

4:50 PM2 months ago

1Q | 7:07

The Buccaneers will give the ball back.
4:44 PM2 months ago

1Q | 8:31

The Chiefs will deliver the ball.
4:37 PM2 months ago

1Q | 10:25

Tampa leaves without points in its first offensive.
4:35 PM2 months ago

1Q | 11:30

Brady gets the 1st&10 and the Buccs are already close to midfield.
4:34 PM2 months ago

1Q | 12:14

Tom Brady will start his offensive from the 25th yard.
4:32 PM2 months ago

1Q | 12:15

Butker's field goal attempt is good and the Chiefs take a 3-0 lead.
4:31 PM2 months ago

1Q | 13:30

First and goal for Kansas City.
4:30 PM2 months ago

1Q | 14:23

Kansas gets 1st&10 thanks to Tampa Bay fouls
4:26 PM2 months ago

1Q | 15:00

Start the game in Tampa! Chiefs on the offensive.
4:17 PM2 months ago

Tom Brady

The veteran has completed 280 of 433 passes this season for 2,955 yards; Brady has scored 25 touchdowns and 9 interceptions.
4:16 PM2 months ago


Mahomes has completed 254 of 374 passes this season for a total of 3,035 yards. In addition to having 27 touchdown passes and only two interceptions.
4:06 PM2 months ago

Best of the best

Over the past few years there has been much talk about whether Patrick Mahomes is the heir to Tom Brady's throne. This could be the last duel between the two quarterbacks.
3:47 PM2 months ago

are already warming up

The Chiefs have jumped into the Raymond James Stadium to warm up and prepare in order to retain their undefeated status as visitors.

3:44 PM2 months ago

To vindicate oneself

The Bucs have lost the last two games they have played at home to the Saints and Rams, where the offense has not been able to carve and Tom Brady has looked very erratic.
3:43 PM2 months ago

We started

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady will meet again, after they have already faced each other on several occasions, including an AFC final. We begin with the coverage.
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How to watch Chiefs vs Buccaneers LIVE TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: Fox Sports. Networks to broadcast. If you want to directly stream it: Fox Sports app. If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!
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Key player Buccaneers

Tom Brady, QB : the legend of the NFL has a great season with the Buccs.  He will be looking to establish his new franchise as a team that can content for the title this year.
12:58 PM2 months ago

Key player Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes, QB:  the most value player of the last season is looking for another Super Bowl.  He has lead the Chiefs to a stunning record this season.
12:53 PM2 months ago

Buccaneers: record

Tampa Bay lost against LA Rams in the last MNF.  However, the Floridian team has a positive 7-4 record and will be looking for a big victory today.
12:48 PM2 months ago

Chiefs: record

Last week Kansas City won against Las Vegas Raiders.  The current NFL champions posses a 9-1 record in the regular season.
12:43 PM2 months ago

Kansas City vs Tampa Bay: kickoff time

Chiefs vs Buccaneers match will be played at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas. The Kickoff is schedule to 4:25pm ET. 
12:38 PM2 months ago


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