Derrick Henry runs the Titans atop the AFC South 
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - NOVEMBER 29: Derrick Henry #22 of the Tennessee Titans carries the ball for extra yardage in the third quarter during their game against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium on November 29, 2020 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Derrick Henry ran for a Hat-trick of touchdowns in the first half, and AJ Brown got two touchdowns himself as the Titans offensively dominated a lacklustre Colts. 

It was a day to forget for Phillip Rivers and the Colts as for two quarters they couldn't move the ball and completed to first downs in total. 

Derrick Henry hit more milestones in his successful early career with the powerhouse running back hitting 5000 career yards and moving up to being the second all-time 20+ carries streak, that streak lasts all the way back to 1948. Henry has two games until he breaks it. 

Running overshadows throwing. 

As the opening drive is ten plays long 75 yards. Derrick Henry takes 60 per cent of the touches on the drive as he goes for 42 yards and receives the touchdown for his ninth of this season. It is evident what the Titans wanted to do from the get-go. Run the ball, be physical and ease the pressure off Ryan Tannehill from the Colts dominant defence. 

 The Colts broke a streak of not scoring a touchdown in their opening drive which had lasted five weeks long with Rivers throwing an eleven-yard dart to Trey Burton. 

With the ball back the Titans look to get good field position as the clock changes over to the second quarter, Tannehill sees AJ Brown in a lane one vs one as the 23-year-old shows off his speed and leaves all Colts defenders in his wake to run for a 69-yard touchdown. Tannehill went seven out of seven in the first quarter throwing, it, however, is Henry who gets all the plaudits. 

End of First Titans 14-7 Colts 

They say "uneasy is the head that wears the crown."

As the second quarter starts, it takes the Colts just six plays and a little over two minutes to tie the game up.  Jacoby Brissett was subbed in again and ran a one-yard touchdown, but it is all downhill from there.

Derrick Henry showed off why he is dubbed 'The King' with another two rushing touchdowns in the second quarter for him to not only pass 5000 yards on his career but pass 140 yards and three touchdowns on the game. 

The first touchdown of the second quarter came after two critical penalties forcing the Titans into the RedZone and running wide from a fake much like his walk-off touchdown last week. The second game from a c-gap bust and Henry ran eleven yards into glory. 

The Colts didn't get another first down all quarter with Rivers and the Colts offence stuttering. Tannehill and Henry are another story the Colts gave the ball back to the Titans with a minute to go in the second. Tannehill fires a 37-yard jet stream to Corey Davis, and at the goal line, Tannehill fakes it to Henry and runs it in himself. The Titans scored three touchdowns this quarter and five in two halves.

Halftime Titans 35-14 Colts 

Things go from bad to worse for Rivers.

 Getting a first down in the third quarter was a rarity as both teams punt twice with Rivers completing just two of his passes in the third before he throws long looking to kick start the game back up again, Rivers, however, is picked off by Breon Borders.

The Titans use the turnover smartly and take the ball down the field with a mixture of running the ball and Tannehill airing it out and a real combination of what the Titans offence is.  They take five minutes off the clock and kick a 49-yard field goal. 

The Colts complete the quarter by placing the ball into the hands of the running backs. 

End of third Titans 38-14 Colts

Garbage time is a fun time

Brissett follows the narrative of getting serious snaps in the RedZone as Rivers connects with Ty Hilton to move the colts on their most significant yardage of 51 yards in this contest. Brissett runs it in again for his second rushing touchdown of the day.

The Colts had a little bit of sizzle after coming back from big deficits this season already. The Titans were playing smart football and took time off the clock to make this impossible although they only scored three points in the second half the Titans took elven minutes off the clock so limit the time Rivers and his offence had. 

Although it is a thought even if Rivers and company had all the time in the world, the Colts would not have come back into this game. The premise was proven when a garbage-time touchdown to Hilton. Who himself had a good game, but his career is without a 100-yard game for two years. 

To try and make the game close the Colts try an onside kick which is returned for 46 yards by AJ Brown and the Titans seal it. 

Final Score: Titans 46-26 Colts