Touchdowns and Highlights of Seahawks 23-17 Eagles on NFL 2020
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11:34 PM2 years ago

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11:32 PM2 years ago

With this TD the match ended

The Seahawks are left with a win that in the end was not so great.


11:28 PM2 years ago

4th Quarter | 0:12 TOUCHDOWN EAGLES

Long pass from Wentz to the area that Rodgers ends up capturing.
Sanders enters by hauling and goes into the end zone with two points.
11:23 PM2 years ago

4th Quarter | 1:15

In fourth time Mayers' kick was good and adds three more points to the score. 
11:16 PM2 years ago

4th Quarter | 2:09

In fourth time Philadelphia played with 4ta and 30 but it was impossible and there will be offensive series for Seahowks in the 25.
11:10 PM2 years ago

4th Quarter | 4:45

The Seahowks offensive series culminated with a capture of Hyde and the Eagles will come with little time to make the comeback.
10:59 PM2 years ago

4th Quarter | 8:35

Good offensive series for Philadelphia and in fourth opportunity they played it but Wentz's pass was intercepted by Diggs.
10:49 PM2 years ago

4th Quarter | 11:11

In fourth time Myers scores a 33-yard field goal.
10:45 PM2 years ago

4th Quarter | 12:49

Metcalf was left with a great 31-yard pass and a defender attached to it.
10:43 PM2 years ago

4th Quarter | 13:30

In the fourth opportunity the Eagles played but Wright deflected the pass from Wentz and they will have the possibility for an offensive in the 48th Philadelphia.
10:40 PM2 years ago

4th Quarter | 15:00

The last quarter begins with an offensive series for Eagles, can they come back?
10:31 PM2 years ago

3rd Quarter | 2:06

Eagles' defense held off the Seahawks' good offensive series well and Myers completed the 44-yard kick to add three more points. 
10:29 PM2 years ago

3rd Quarter | 4:58

The 18-yard pass was completed and Seahawks now crosses the midfield. 
10:19 PM2 years ago

3rd Quarter | 7:33

Because Wentz was caught, the fourth chance came and Elliott got the 42-yard touchdown.
10:13 PM2 years ago

3rd Quarter | 9:02

Philadelphia passes the midfield in a good offensive series.
10:08 PM2 years ago

3rd Quarter | 13:22

He started the third quarter with offense for Seahawks but ended soon and Wentz will come to coordinate the attack of the locals.
9:51 PM2 years ago

The Eagles are coming


9:49 PM2 years ago

2nd Quarter | 0:17 TOUCHDOWN EAGLES

Wentz found Goedert with a short pass and Philadelphia broke the zero before halftime.

The extra point was incomplete. 

9:37 PM2 years ago

2nd Quarter | 2:46

Based on hauling, Philadephia manages to pass the midfield for the first time in the game.
9:32 PM2 years ago

Entered based on his power


9:30 PM2 years ago

2nd Quarter | 5:35 TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS

Carson gets the score by means of a haul in which the rivals and even a partner were removed by pushing and the advantage for the visitors is extended. 

The kick is good for the extra point. 

9:23 PM2 years ago

2nd Quarter | 8:06

Good offensive series for Seattle that already passes the midfield.
9:12 PM2 years ago

2nd Quarter | 11:01 TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS

Wilson found David Moore with a short pass and thus managed to open the score in the second quarter.

The extra point is complete by Myers.

9:10 PM2 years ago

2nd Quarter | 12:17

Huge play in which Wilson sent a 52-yard pass to Metcalf and they have 1st and goal.
9:07 PM2 years ago

2nd quarter | 3:37

Great 18-yard pass that leaves the Seahowks right in the middle.
9:00 PM2 years ago

One of the captures of the 1st Quarter


8:54 PM2 years ago

1st Quarter | 2:36

On the third opportunity Wntz was captured and there will be an offensive series for Sattle. 

Both teams' attacking moves will soon be over!

8:48 PM2 years ago

1st Quarter : 3:39

On the fourth occasion Wilson is captured by Burnette, who manages to take the offensive from the Seahawks for the second time.
8:41 PM2 years ago

1st Quarter| 5:32

Wentz is left with another incomplete pass at the third time and a new Seahawks attack will come quickly.
8:36 PM2 years ago

1st Quarter | 7:01

In the fourth opportunity the Seahawks played, Moore was caught 5 yards behind, and concluded with a Barnett tackle the good offensive series.
8:26 PM2 years ago

1st Quarter | 11:51

Wilson sent a 10-yard pass to Metcalf and got 1st and 10 past midfield.
8:20 PM2 years ago

1st Quarter | 14:47

Wentz had three incomplete passes in a row and immediately it will be the seahawks' turn to attack.
8:18 PM2 years ago

1st Quarter | 15:00

The game starts and the Eagles will have the first offensive series.
8:12 PM2 years ago

All set at Lincoln Financial Field

The players of the local team are already on the court, and everything seems to be fine for the match to take place.


8:06 PM2 years ago

Seattle Inactives

These players will miss tonight's game by the Seahawks.


8:02 PM2 years ago

Philadelphia Inactives

These are the players who will not see action today for the Eagles.


7:53 PM2 years ago

The local dressing room

These are the uniforms with which the Eagles' team will take to the field in search of a high flight.


7:48 PM2 years ago

The Seahawks have arrived

The visitors have already taken to the field for their commitment tonight, will they manage to add one more victory?


7:46 PM2 years ago

Live broadcast begins

In a moment more we will share with you all the details of the match that will face Seahawks vs Eagles in the Monday Nigth Football of week 12.
5:59 PM2 years ago

Stay with us

In a moment we will bring you all the details and news of the game that will face Seahawks vs Eagles in this Week 12 Monday Night Football.

You can't miss it!

5:54 PM2 years ago

Last match between Eagles and Seahawks

The last time these teams faced each other was in the wild card round on January 5, 2020, where Seattle advanced with a score of 17-9.


5:49 PM2 years ago

How and where to watch LIVE: Eagles vs Seahawks

If you want to watch the game on TV you can find it on the ESPN signal.

If you prefer to follow it LIVE on the Internet, remember that VAVEL USA is your best option.

5:44 PM2 years ago

Seattle key player

Quarterback Russell Wilson has been on a roll all season, making excellent airborne scores.

It is thanks to him that the Seahawks are in first place in the NFC West.  

5:39 PM2 years ago

Philadelphia key player

Despite defeats and interceptions in recent games, Carson Wentz has given the team several points through the pass. 

And while the team needs to improve, he will be a key factor in tonight's game. 

5:34 PM2 years ago

Seahawks with low play

Although he has painted a good campaign for the visiting team, in the last few games they have suffered some losses against Bills and Rams. 

However, they have made their home a fortress and in the last game they defeated the Cardinals by a score of 28 to 21. 

Can they win on their visit tonight?


5:29 PM2 years ago

Not a good time to be Eagle

The current tournament has left many tough defeats for the Philadelphia team, with a run of three wins, six losses and a draw. 

They are on a two-defeat streak and in the last game they were beaten by the Browns with a score of 22-17.


5:24 PM2 years ago

Kick-off time

The Seahawks vs Eagles match will be played at the Lincoln Financial Field stadium, in Philadelphia, USA.

The kick-off is scheduled at 8:15pm ET.

5:19 PM2 years ago

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