Highlights and Touchdowns: Philadelphia Eagles 16-30 Green Bay Packers of NFL 2020
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Thank you for following the broadcast of the game between Eagles and Packers, corresponding to week 12 of the NFL 2020.
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Ninth victory

Although they suffered in the end, the Packers won again at home and Aaron Rodgers is still in the running to win the MVP of the season with a great performance.
8:24 PM10 months ago

End game

Eagles 16-30 Packers.
8:22 PM10 months ago

4Q 01:35

Rodgers completes with Tonyan and the game is going to be played with three knees on the ground.
8:19 PM10 months ago

4Q 01:47

Savange with the interception to Hurts and the party is going to end.
8:16 PM10 months ago

4Q 01:56

Two-minute break.
8:14 PM10 months ago

TD Packers 30-16

8:12 PM10 months ago

4Q 02:36

TD Packers

Jones explodes the gap and escapes 77 yards to secure the win.

8:09 PM10 months ago

4Q 03:00

Hurtz's incomplete pass and the Eagles have to hand over the ball.
8:05 PM10 months ago

4Q 04:57

Rodgers throws incomplete and Green Bay again three and out. To be cleared.
8:04 PM10 months ago

TD Eagles 16-23

7:58 PM10 months ago

4Q 06:30

TD Eagles

On the return kick Reagor gets the score and is already close.

7:57 PM10 months ago

4Q 06:48

Rodgers cannot complete with Brown and the Packers to be cleared after three plays.
7:56 PM10 months ago

TD Eagles 10-23

7:50 PM10 months ago

4Q 07:42

TD Eagles

Ward with the long reception to press the marker.

7:48 PM10 months ago

4Q 08:20

Hurts can't find Ward and will play him in fourth gear.
7:47 PM10 months ago

4Q 09:50

Hurts finds Ertz and they are already inside the rival's 30-yard line.
7:40 PM10 months ago

4Q 11:19

FG Packers

Crosby with the 40-yard field goal

7:39 PM10 months ago

4Q 11:24

Rodgers was looking to connect with Adams, but the defensive coverage was good at third down.
7:35 PM10 months ago

4Q 14:56

Jones launches into the brand and manages to move the chains again.
7:33 PM10 months ago

Final third quarter

Eagles 3-20 Packers.
7:31 PM10 months ago

3Q 01:08

Adams with the reception by the band to get the first and ten.
7:27 PM10 months ago

3Q 02:20

Adams with the reception to move the chains.
7:25 PM10 months ago

3Q 03:23

Williams with the play of attraction to win more than 15 yards and get out of the committed zone for the Packers.
7:21 PM10 months ago

3Q 06:10

Sanders carry that goes nowhere and the Eagles will have to clear near midfield.
7:18 PM10 months ago

TD Packers 21-3

7:18 PM10 months ago

3Q 06:48

Hurts with the perfect pass to gain 35 yards to move the chains.
7:17 PM10 months ago

3Q 07:39

Change of quarterback in Philadelphia. Hurts has entered.
7:12 PM10 months ago

3Q 07:49

TD Packers

Adams takes off the defensive and enters the diagonals to increase the gap.

7:11 PM10 months ago

3Q 08:18

Jones with the short haul, turning the corner to move the chains.
7:10 PM10 months ago

3Q 09:47

Another good pass from Rodgers, now to Lazard with the reception inside the 30-yard line.
7:08 PM10 months ago

3Q 11:48

Spectacular reception of Adams between two defenders and his catch ends up being 42 yards.
7:04 PM10 months ago

3Q 12:09

Wentz with the shipment too pumped up and the Eagles quarter down and to be cleared from midfield.
7:02 PM10 months ago

3Q 13:32

Wentz with the midfield pass to Golbert for a big Eagles play.
6:58 PM10 months ago

3Q 13:57

Tonyan wasn't expecting Rodgers' pass. Green Bay three and out. Clear.
6:55 PM10 months ago

3Q 15:00

The third quarter begins. The Packers go on the offensive.
6:41 PM10 months ago

Half time

Eagles 3-14 Packers.
6:39 PM10 months ago

2Q 00:22

Wentz is captured and the Eagles burn their second half out.
6:37 PM10 months ago

2Q 00:29

Wentz with the full pass to approach midfield and burn their first time out.
6:36 PM10 months ago

2Q 00:40

Wentz with the personal carriage to move the chains.
6:36 PM10 months ago

TD Packers 14-3

6:32 PM10 months ago

2Q 00:57

TD Packers

Tonyan with the reception on the diagonals to increase the advantage.

6:27 PM10 months ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute break

Taylor with the reception to keep moving the chains of the packing offensive.

6:25 PM10 months ago

2Q 03:49

play action where Rodgers meets Lewis to enter rival territory.
6:20 PM10 months ago

2Q 04:58

Wentz does not evade the pressure and is captured. The Eagles to clear within their 20 yard.
6:17 PM10 months ago

2Q 07:02

Offside of the defense and they give away the first and ten with those five yards.
6:15 PM10 months ago

TD Packers 7-3

6:11 PM10 months ago

2Q 08:29

TD Packers

They play it in fourth gear and Rodgers finds Adams on the corner to turn it around.

6:10 PM10 months ago

2Q 08:33

Incomplete pass from Rodgers on third down when they are on the 1 yard line.
6:07 PM10 months ago

2Q 10:27

Jones with the full pass at third down and they are already at first and goal.
6:02 PM10 months ago

2Q 12:21

Jones with the short carry to keep the offensive alive.
6:00 PM10 months ago

2Q 13:38

Adams through the centre with the catch for the first and ten.
6:00 PM10 months ago

2Q 14:16

Play action and Rodgers finds Lazard to move the chains
5:56 PM10 months ago

Final first quarter

Eagles 3-0 Packers.
5:55 PM10 months ago

1Q 00:28

First connection of the day between Rodgers and Adams for moving the chains
5:51 PM10 months ago

1Q 01:43

Again Wentz is captured and the Eagles will have to clear the midfield.
5:50 PM10 months ago

1Q 02:42

Wentz is caught on second down.
5:49 PM10 months ago

1Q 04:00

Howard with the hauling through the centre and the Eagles are already in enemy territory.
5:44 PM10 months ago

1Q 05:51

Short pass from Rodgers and Green Bay three and out, to clear.
5:42 PM10 months ago

1Q 07:10

Green Bay Fumble recovering Aaron Jones and then a sack on Aaron Rodgers.
5:40 PM10 months ago

1Q 07:53

FG Eagles

Elliott from 53 yards opens the scoring.

5:38 PM10 months ago

1Q 8:13

Wentz with the incomplete pass at third down and they will look for the field goal.
5:36 PM10 months ago

1Q 10:13

Wentz hands over to Ertz and the Eagles already enter the field goal zone, at the 34-yard line.
5:34 PM10 months ago

1Q 11:33

Wentz finds Goedert from seven yards to enter the rival field, just past the midfield.
5:33 PM10 months ago

1Q 11:54

After getting the first one and ten, there is a bra and the Eagles will now have 1&20.
5:30 PM10 months ago

1Q 12:48

Wentz with the complete pass through the centre to move the chains.
5:26 PM10 months ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. The Eagles go on the offensive.
5:20 PM10 months ago

Minutes away

We are very close to the kick-off between Eagles and Packers. Don't miss out on all the details of the game.
5:13 PM10 months ago

With one game per side

The Eagles have only managed one away win against the 49ers and the Packers have only lost once at home, which was against the Vikings in a surprise move.
5:08 PM10 months ago

Safety valve

Aaron Jones has contributed too much to Rodgers' good performance, registering 130 carries, 624 yards and six touchdowns.
5:03 PM10 months ago

Already in the field

Aaron Rodgers is already on the field with the warm-up exercises. He is fighting to be the MVP of the season.
4:59 PM10 months ago

Defence against passing

One of the best things the Eagles have is defense against passing, as they are the eighth best in the league allowing only 210 yards per game.
4:57 PM10 months ago

Stitching machine

Green Bay is a real point machine, as they are the best team in the league averaging 31.7 per game.
4:55 PM10 months ago

Good balance

Of the last three visits by the Eagles, they have twice won, including last year's victory by 34 to 27.
4:52 PM10 months ago

Wentz pressure

According to media sources close to the team, the arrival of Hurts has put a lot of pressure on Wentz, who, until now, has not known how to free herself.
4:47 PM10 months ago

Inactive players Packers

These are the players that Green Bay will not be able to count on this Sunday:

10 QB Jordan Love
16 WR Tavon Austin
37 CB Josh Jackson
53 LB Jonathan Garvin
79 DL Anthony Rush

4:42 PM10 months ago

Staying on top

With an 8-3 record, the Packers would be close to clinching the divisional title with a win, although they are still close to fighting for the top spot in the NFC that belongs to the Saints.
4:39 PM10 months ago

They want to take the lead

Despite having a campaign for oblivion, the Eagles in the event of a win combined with defeats by Giants and Washington would be regaining the top of NFC East.
4:36 PM10 months ago

Again with a hat

As has happened on several occasions this season, runner Aaron Jones continues to show his affection for Mexico and arrived with his sombrero.

4:32 PM10 months ago

Special day

It is worth noting that this day is special because players can wear any kind of booties in order to help a charitable cause.

4:29 PM10 months ago

In impeccable condition

The mythical Lambeau Stadium is in good condition to host the game between Eagles and Packers.


4:27 PM10 months ago

Inactive Eagles

These are the players from Philadelphia who will not be present for this game.

4:24 PM10 months ago

We started

The Eagles will try to create the surprise of the day when they visit the Packers' Racers in the Lambeau. We start the coverage of this game in week 13 of the NFL.
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Latest games

The Packers lead the historic 28-17 series and have won three of the last five games, however, the last time they were seen in the legendary Lambeau, the Eagles took the win, in 2019, it was by 34-27.
12:01 PM10 months ago

How to watch Philadelphia Eagles vs Green Bay Packers Live TV and Stream

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Key player Packers

Aaron Rodgers is having an MVP-worthy season where he has completed 68.5% of his shipments, 3,100 yards, 33 touchdowns and four interceptions.

11:51 AM10 months ago

Key player Eagles

In view of the erratic and imprecise air attack during the campaign, Miles Sanders will have to shoulder the team where he has already accumulated 108 carries, for 600 yards and three touchdowns.

11:46 AM10 months ago

Last result Packers

Green Bay had no major problems on the final day as they beat the Chicago Bears 41-25 and went on to set an 8-3 record.
11:41 AM10 months ago

Last result Eagles

Philadelphia is still not up and last Monday Night Football fell again, this time 23-17 against the Seattle Seahawks.
11:36 AM10 months ago

Packers: running the ball

If Aaron Rodgers and the offense want to have a quiet afternoon, Aaron Jones must be in constant contact with the ball to establish ground play and facilitate air play.
11:31 AM10 months ago

Eagles: no ball delivery

Philadelphia has been known for delivering a lot of balls, especially with Carson Wentz's 15 interceptions and, against a team like Green Bay, holding the ball and maintaining long series will be the key.
11:26 AM10 months ago

Key game at the National Conference

While the Packers are looking for leadership in the NFC, which currently belongs to the New Orleans Saints, the Eagles still dream of winning a mediocre NFC East division.
11:21 AM10 months ago

Kick-off time

The Philadelphia Eagles vs Green Bay Packers match will be played at the Lambeau Field, in Green Bay, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 4:25pm ET.
11:16 AM10 months ago

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