Touchdowns and Highlights: Buffalo Bills 34-24 San Francisco
49ers of NFL 2020
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They ended the bad streak

The Bills haven't won since 1999 at a Monday Night Football and tonight they ended the streak by beating the 49ers and thus remain as division leaders.
4:34 PM9 months ago

TD 49ers 34-24

4:29 PM9 months ago

End game

Bills 34-24 49ers.
4:24 PM9 months ago

4Q 00:42

The Bills get the short kick back and this is going to be over.
4:19 PM9 months ago

4Q 00:44

TD 49ers

Bourne with the reception on the diagonals to make the scoreboard more decorative.

4:14 PM9 months ago

4Q 01:21

Bourne with the reception on the 14th yard.
4:09 PM9 months ago

4Q 01:57

Two-minute break.
4:04 PM9 months ago

4Q 02:40

Dweller with the reception to keep moving the chains.
3:59 PM9 months ago

4Q 03:03

Mullens' pass to the centre and complete, but the clock is still ticking.
3:54 PM9 months ago

4Q 03:44

Allen with the incomplete pass and the Bills will have to clear.
3:49 PM9 months ago

4Q 05:58

Beasley with the reception to get out of the committed area and continue lowering the clock.
3:44 PM9 months ago

4Q 06:55

The entry was not valid and then...

White makes the interception on the two. first and ten yards.

3:39 PM9 months ago

4Q 07:05

TD 49ers

Pass to the corner that Bourne cash to approach, but apparently fell short of the mark

3:34 PM9 months ago

3Q 08:27

Mostert with the slide on the left side and enters the red zone.
3:29 PM9 months ago

4Q 09:00

The 49ers moved the chains twice by air and are now in an enemy zone.
3:24 PM9 months ago

TD Bills 34-17

3:19 PM9 months ago

4Q 09:50

TD Bills

Davis alone in the end zone and the Bills are on their way to victory.

3:14 PM9 months ago

4Q 10:35

They play it in fourth gear and Allen finds Diggs in fast and loose.
3:09 PM9 months ago

4Q 10:44

Time out of Buffalo.
3:04 PM9 months ago

4Q 11:23

Moss is stopped with one yard to go and the 49ers force the Bills to clear.
2:59 PM9 months ago

4Q 13:18

Allen finds Diggs to move the chains and pass the midfield.
2:54 PM9 months ago

TD 49ers 27-17

2:49 PM9 months ago

Final third quarter

Bills 27-17 49ers.
2:44 PM9 months ago

3Q 00:44

TD 49ers

Flat and Kyle Juszczyk score. The 49ers are approaching.

2:39 PM9 months ago

3Q 00:59

Great reception of Aiyuk by the band and they are already in first and goal.
2:34 PM9 months ago

3Q 01:07

Time away from San Francisco.
2:29 PM9 months ago

3Q 01:45

Samuel appears with the reception and moves the ball to his 45-yard line.
2:24 PM9 months ago

3Q 03:09

FG Bills

28-yard bass widens the gap to 17 points.

2:19 PM9 months ago

3Q 03:48

Singaltery with the short carry and the Bills will try just one field goal.
2:14 PM9 months ago

TD Bills 24-10

2:09 PM9 months ago

3Q 05:28

Mullens is intercepted and returned within 10 yards. First and goal for the Bills.
2:04 PM9 months ago

3Q 05:48

TD Bills

Allen with the deception and find McKenzie.

1:59 PM9 months ago

3Q 06:50

Rudeza the pin against Allen and the 49ers give away the first and ten.
1:54 PM9 months ago

3Q 07:43

Quick pass from Allen to Diggs to gain another 10 yards and they are already in the field goal zone.
1:49 PM9 months ago

3Q 08:17

Again Beasley with the reception to move the chains.
1:44 PM9 months ago

3Q 09:30

Knox with the short reception, but enough to move the chains.
1:39 PM9 months ago

3Q 10:03

Singletarry with the pich to move the chains with two yards
1:34 PM9 months ago

3Q 11:14

FG 49ers

Gould appears with his 45-yard kick to bring the 49ers closer.

1:29 PM9 months ago

2Q 11:18

Bad pass from Mullen and they will have to look for the field goal.
1:24 PM9 months ago

3Q 13:11

Aiyuk with the reception near the 25th yard. First and ten.
1:19 PM9 months ago

3Q 13:48

Wilson with the bullfight taking advantage of bad tackling and wins just over 15 yards.
1:14 PM9 months ago

3Q 14:30

Dwallen with the reception after the reversible pass to move the chains. Good pass from Mullens.
1:09 PM9 months ago

3Q 15:00

The third quarter begins. The 49ers go on the offensive.
1:04 PM9 months ago

Half time

Bills 17-7 49ers.
12:59 PM9 months ago

2Q 00:00

FG Bills

37-yard bass extends the lead to halftime 17-7.

12:54 PM9 months ago

2Q 00:11

Beasley with the long reception and again goes out on the sidelines. They approach the field goal area.
12:49 PM9 months ago

2Q 00:19

Diggs reception and you leave the field to stop the clock.
12:44 PM9 months ago

2Q 00:32

Beasley with the reception to move the chains and Buffalo burns his first time out.
12:39 PM9 months ago

2Q 01:12

They hit Mullen, who is unable to get his pass right, and the 49ers clear in midfield.
12:34 PM9 months ago

TD Bills 14-7

12:29 PM9 months ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute break.
12:24 PM9 months ago

2Q 02:30

Wilson with the hauling by the band to move the chains.
12:19 PM9 months ago

2Q 02:41

TD Bills

Knox takes advantage of the blockages and enters the diagonals.

12:14 PM9 months ago

2Q 03:10

Singlaterry with effort based carrying to achieve the first and goal.
12:09 PM9 months ago

2Q 03:50

Allen with personal carriage and it falls short. Fourth down.
12:04 PM9 months ago

2Q 06:00

McKense with the jeft swift to gain more than 12 yards to get the first and ten.
11:59 AM9 months ago

2Q 07:28

Allen with the QB Snick to move the chains.
11:54 AM9 months ago

2Q 08:46

Allen had been intercepted, but a punishment of illegal contact nullified the move and Buffalo now has first and ten.
11:49 AM9 months ago

2Q 09:29

Moss haul in pull play to move the chains near midfield.
11:44 AM9 months ago

2Q 10:43

Reed couldn't make the reception and San Francisco will have to clear it.
11:39 AM9 months ago

2Q 12:42

Aiyuk is still very active and makes the reception to gain 12 yards.
11:34 AM9 months ago

TD Bills 7-7

11:29 AM9 months ago

2Q 13:02

TD Bills 

Beasley down the middle with the catch scores and this is going to be tied.

11:24 AM9 months ago

2Q 14:07

Davis with the deep reception in play action and they are already in the red zone.
11:19 AM9 months ago

Final first quarter

Bills 0-7 49ers
11:14 AM9 months ago

1Q 00:26

Reception on the Diggs band to move the chains
11:09 AM9 months ago

TD 49ers 7-0

11:04 AM9 months ago

1Q 00:44

TD 49ers

Play action and Mullen finds Aiyuk to open the score. 

10:59 AM9 months ago

1Q 01:24

Buffalo loose ball recovered by the 49ers at the 3-yard line.
10:54 AM9 months ago

1Q 01:38

Wilson stays an inch away from scoring and San Francisco leaves empty-handed.
10:49 AM9 months ago

1Q 01:38

San Francisco is one yard away from scoring and they have challenged the play.
10:44 AM9 months ago

1Q 03:58

Ayuke with the trap at two times to enter the red zone. The 49ers are approaching.
10:39 AM9 months ago

1Q 05:25

Mullen holds the load and throws up to the 25-yard line for the first and ten.
10:34 AM9 months ago

1Q 06:22

Carrying through the centre of Mostart to gain five yards and move the chains.
10:29 AM9 months ago

1Q 07:43

Mostert uses the hole in the centre to move the chains.
10:24 AM9 months ago

1Q 07:51

Mullens with the long pass that is incomplete, but they mark interference on the defensive.
10:19 AM9 months ago

1Q 09:17

Allen throws incomplete in the end zone and leaves empty-handed.
10:14 AM9 months ago

1Q 09:54

Diggs didn't make it to the promised area and stayed a few yards away. Fourth down
10:09 AM9 months ago

1Q 10:20

The decision is reversed and there is no fumble
10:04 AM9 months ago

1Q 10:20

Moss drops the ball in the goal zone which San Francisco recovers.
9:59 AM9 months ago

1Q 11:05

Moss carry for first and goal
9:54 AM9 months ago

1Q 12:30

Diggs reception in quick pass to move the chains.
9:49 AM9 months ago

1Q 13:30

Great pass from Allen on a deep trajectory to be in enemy territory.
9:44 AM9 months ago

1Q 14:05

Beasley manages to make the reception and move the chains for the first time in the night.
9:39 AM9 months ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. The Bills attack.
9:34 AM9 months ago

With the gala

The San Francisco 49ers will come out in the gala uniform for this game.

9:29 AM9 months ago

We are minutes away

Don't miss the game between Bills and 49ers, because we are minutes away from the start of Monday Night Football.
9:24 AM9 months ago

They are ready

The Bills declare themselves ready and with the best attitude to face the game of the week number 13.
9:19 AM9 months ago

Latest beatings

The last two times they've played at the 49ers' home have ended in a landslide: in 2012 San Francisco won 45-3 and, in 2004, the Bills won 41-7.
9:14 AM9 months ago

Good defence against passing

One of San Francisco's strengths throughout the season has been their defense against passing, where they are the fourth best in the NFL by allowing only 206 yards per game.
9:09 AM9 months ago

Forgetting bad memories

A few weeks ago, the Bills visited this same stadium where a Murray's bird of prey gave Haskins his third loss of 2020.
9:04 AM9 months ago

They will not close the date

Due to the changes of games by the coronavirus, Bills-49ers will not close the week 13 of the NFL, but it will happen until tomorrow with the Cowboys-Ravens.
8:59 AM9 months ago

Playing in Arizona

Due to restrictions placed by Santa Clara County on professional sports practices over the next three weeks, San Francisco will play the next two games as a home game in Arizona. 

8:54 AM9 months ago

Lousy balance at home

The 49ers have a 1-4 home record, noting that their only victory came in prime time at the start of the season against the Los Angeles Rams.
8:49 AM9 months ago

Inactive players

These are the players from the 49ers who will not be able to be at this match.

8:44 AM9 months ago

They still dream of qualifying

Despite injuries, the 49ers have a 5-6 record and, should they win, would match the Cardinals and Vikings' record and be fighting it out over the final stretch of the season to qualify.
8:39 AM9 months ago

They need to win

The Bills need to win urgently, as the Dolphins now have an 8-4 mark and the Bills would still get a game if they won.
8:34 AM9 months ago

This is how they came

This is how the Bills' players arrived in Arizona, complying with the health measures where they have not registered any contagion in the last few days.

8:29 AM9 months ago

Inactive Bills

These are the players of the Bills who will not be present for this game.

8:24 AM9 months ago

With the white uniform

The Bills take to the field in their white uniform to face this game and be able to add their ninth victory of the season.

8:19 AM9 months ago

We started

The 49ers want to keep thinking about a possible postseason and the NFL Monday Night Football hosts the Buffalo Bills. We start with the coverage.
8:14 AM9 months ago

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Lastest games

The historical series is tied with six wins per side, with the 49ers winning three of the last five games.
8:04 AM9 months ago

How to watch Buffalo Bills vs San Francisco 49ers Live TV and Stream

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Key player 49ers

He hasn't played many games due to injury, but Raheem Mostert should become the strong man in San Francisco's ground attack, where he has 67 carries, for 346 yards and two touchdowns.

7:54 AM9 months ago

Key player Bills

In his third season as a starter, Josh Allen is breaking all his numbers by completing 68.8% of his shipments, for 3,028 yards, 22 touchdowns and eight interceptions.

7:49 AM9 months ago

Last result 49ers

The 49ers sprang a surprise to inflict the first defeat at SoFi Stadium on Los Angeles Rams 23-20.
7:44 AM9 months ago

Last result Bills

Buffalo had no major problems in beating the Los Angeles Chargers last week 27-17.
7:39 AM9 months ago

49ers: setting up the ground game

Nick Mullens has not had it easy and to try to ease his work, the ground attack must be a constant to give results by air, especially in play action.
7:34 AM9 months ago

Bills: give protection to Allen

The 49ers are a team that likes to put pressure on the quarterback, so the offensive line should give protection to Josh Allen, who is having one of his best campaigns
7:29 AM9 months ago

The 49ers put up a fight

Despite many casualties on both sides of the pitch, the 49ers' matches have been characterised by being closed and competitive, a situation that is expected to be repeated this Monday.
7:24 AM9 months ago

Kick-off time

The Buffalo Bills vs San Francisco 49ers match will be played at the State Farm Stadium, in Arizona, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:15pm ET.
7:19 AM9 months ago

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