Highlights and Touchdowns on Cleveland Browns 20-6 New York Giants match NFL 2020
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End of the game

Cleveland's victory as an away game and a bad performance by the New York team.
11:01 PMa month ago

4th Quarter | 3:09

Big haul of Johnson by 21 yards.
10:52 PMa month ago

4th Quarter | 4:11

Graham Gano scores the 39-yard field goal. 
10:50 PMa month ago

4th Quarter | 4:45

Great play by McCoy who threw a 24-yard pass to Engram and they are in the danger zone.
10:42 PMa month ago

4th Quarter | 6:37

Coughlin tackled Hunt, who was attempting a haul, and it will be time for the Giants to attack.
10:39 PMa month ago

This is practically defined

With this haul that culminated in TD everything is practically finished.


10:26 PMa month ago

4th Quarter | 12:57 TOUCHDOWN BROWNS


Chubb carried the ball and got a new TD for Cleveland. 

Parkey got a good kick and got the extra point.

10:16 PMa month ago

3rd Quarter | 1:26

Landry received an excellent pass from Mayfield for 22 yards and they are in the red zone to get another touchdown.
10:14 PMa month ago

3rd Quarter | 3:36

Mayfield found Higgins on a 20-yard pass and the Browns come out of their own zone. 
10:01 PMa month ago

3rd Quarter | 8:38

Big play by McCoy with a long pass to Slayton who gets 1st and 10 passing the midfield.
9:55 PMa month ago

The advantage increased

Before the end of the first half of the game the second TD for Browns fell with this good play.


9:53 PMa month ago

3rd Quarter | 12:11

In fourth time will come the Browns clearance and a new opportunity for NY. 
9:51 PMa month ago

3rd Quarter | 15:00

The second half begins with an offensive series for Browns. 
9:33 PMa month ago

2nd Quarter | 0:21 TOUCHDOWN BROWNS

The Browns seal a good offensive series with the touchdown, with a great pass from Mayfield to Landry.
Parkey kicked for the extra point but the ball hit the post. 
9:23 PMa month ago

2nd Quarter | 2:00

Great play by Mayfield, who found Njoku with a 22-yard pass and now Cleveland is in the danger zone. 
9:21 PMa month ago

2nd Quarter | 3:13

Landry received the short pass and carried the ball for the Browns to have the ball passing the midfield.
9:19 PMa month ago

2nd Quarter | 5:22

Gallman's play was reviewed and New York runs out of points again for playing it in 4th time.
9:16 PMa month ago

Cleveland wins with this TD


9:11 PMa month ago

2nd Quarter | 8:57

Good carry by Morris who gains 12 yards and the Giants have 1 and 10 passing the half-court. 
9:05 PMa month ago

2nd Quarter | 12:36 TOUCHDOWN BROWNS

In the third opportunity, Mayfield sent a pass to the end zone that was received by the Hooper to achieve the TD.

The kick is good by Parkey for the extra point.

8:58 PMa month ago

2nd Quarter | 15:00

The second quarter begins with the possibility of TD for the Browns and an offensive series where Mayfield has beaten the NY defense by passing.
8:54 PMa month ago

1st Quarter | 2:24

Good pass from Mayfield to Hopper, who ends up gaining 17 yards and the Browns are already passing the midfield.
8:47 PMa month ago

1st Quarter | 4:17

In fourth time now the Giants kicked and the score opens in New Jersey.

Field goal scored by Gano. 

8:46 PMa month ago

1st Quarter | 5:37

Great pass from McCoy to Slayton where they won 35 yards and are in the danger zone again.
8:43 PMa month ago

Failure in strategy?

No one can explain why the kicker ended up throwing the ball.


8:41 PMa month ago

1st Quarter | 7:05

In the fourth opportunity the Browns played but Mayfield's pass was blocked and Giants will have the ball near the half court.
8:32 PMa month ago

1st Quarter : 11:36

Third opportunity McCoy's pass was incomplete, and in fourth opportunity Giants tried to surprise with a pass of Dixon that was also incomplete. 

Good series for New York but they run out of points. 

8:24 PMa month ago

1st Quarter | 15:00

The game starts and the Giants will have the first offensive series.
7:56 PMa month ago

Daniel Jones is INACTIVE for sunday nigth football

These are the players you won't be able to count on in NY for today's game:
QB Daniel Jones. 
WR Dante Pettis. 
CB Darnay Holmes. 
LB T.J. Brunson. 
G Kyle Murphy. 
OT Jackson Barton. 
DE R.J. McIntosh.
7:50 PMa month ago

They came home

Giants is going for the feat as a local, the players already arrived with one goal in mind, victory.


7:45 PMa month ago

The Browns are warming up

The visiting team is ready to try a new victory in what has been a great campaign for them.


7:34 PMa month ago

Final call for Giants

On paper the Giants should be no problem for the Browns, however, it is the last call for the New York team, so they will be looking to win at all costs. 

Will the surprise come in tonight's game? 

7:30 PMa month ago

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Last game between Browns and Giants

The last time this pair of teams met was in week 2 of the NFL 2018, where the Browns defeated the Giants by a score of 20-10.

This was on August 9, 2018.

2:59 PMa month ago

How and where to watch Browns vs Giants LIVE

You can find it on TV by tuning into the NBC broadcast.

If you prefer to follow it live on the internet, VAVEL USA is your best option.

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Browns' key player

Notwithstanding Baker Mayfield's tremendous season, Nick Chubb's hauling has also played a major role.

After QB, he's the second who scored more points for Browns in the last few games and is currently in very good shape.

2:49 PMa month ago

Giants' key player

Graham Gano has been in good shape and in the face of Giants' instability, the kicker is the one who has scored the most points that have led the team to win some matches.

It will be essential that he gets everything right in today's match. 

2:44 PMa month ago

Browns wants to return to victory

The season of the Browns could be qualified as good, and in that sense they have added 9 victories for 4 defeats. 

However, the previous week they didn't play a great game against the Ravens, being dominated in the first three quarters and trying to come back in the last one with 22 points, but it was not enough to turn around the score that ended 42-47.


2:39 PMa month ago

Giants looks for leadership

In the NFC, things are very tight. Washington is leading the group, but the reality is that the Giants are only one win away from equalizing things. 

However, they have been very unstable throughout the season, and that was reflected in the previous game, which they lost heavily to the Cardinals by a score of 26-7.


2:34 PMa month ago

Kick-off time

The Cleveland Browns vs New York Giants match will be played at the MetLife stadium, in New Jersey, USA.

The kick-off is scheduled at 8:20pm ET.

2:29 PMa month ago

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