Highlights and Touchdowns: Minnesota Vikings 33-52 New Orleans
Saints in NFL 2020 Season
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Thank you for following the broadcast of Day 16 of the NFL between Vikings vs Saints. See you next time.
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Division champions

The Saints won the NFC South and are still looking for the first place in the National Conference.
8:46 PM9 months ago

End game

Vikings 33-52 Saints
8:46 PM9 months ago

4Q 01:27

Minnesota fails to make the fourth down and the Saints will only kneel.
8:43 PM9 months ago

TD Saints 52-33

8:38 PM9 months ago

4Q 01:50

TD Saints

Kamara breaks record for land-based scores with six.

8:35 PM9 months ago

4Q 01:55

Two-minute break.

Saints in goal zone about to score again.

8:34 PM9 months ago

TD Vikings 33-45

8:33 PM9 months ago

4Q 02:09

Hill recovers the short kick and New Orleans goes on the offensive.
8:32 PM9 months ago

4Q 02:10

Minnesota could not make the conversion and leaves empty-handed.
8:30 PM9 months ago

4Q 02:10

TD Vikings

Thielen managed to score with her spikes and at the end there was an attempt at a fight.

8:27 PM9 months ago

4Q 02:15

They divert the pass to Cousins and he will be fourth down.
8:26 PM9 months ago

4Q 02:21

Time out of New Orleans.
8:25 PM9 months ago

4Q 02:50

Jefferson with the reception and they are already in the red zone.
8:24 PM9 months ago

4Q 03:35

Thielen with the catch to pass halfway.
8:22 PM9 months ago

TD Saints 45-27

8:18 PM9 months ago

4Q 04:00

TD Saints

Hill by land ensures victory and the Saints' divisional title.

8:17 PM9 months ago

4Q 04:03

Time out for the Saints when third down will come.
8:15 PM9 months ago

4Q 06:01

Brees with the short pass to his closed wing for the first and goal.
8:13 PM9 months ago

4Q 08:12

Hill connects to Kamara and now moves the chains by air.
8:11 PM9 months ago

4Q 09:08

Again Brees connects with Sanders to gain more than 25 yards and take the field.
8:09 PM9 months ago

4Q 11:04

Cousins drops the ball, but the offensive line recovers. Fourth and long, to clear.
8:07 PM9 months ago

TD Saints 38-27

8:03 PM9 months ago

4Q 12:01

TD Saints

And again Kamara by land of five yards increases the advantage.

8:02 PM9 months ago

4Q 12:45

Murray keeps moving his legs and gets first and goal.
8:00 PM9 months ago

4Q 14:41

Big play by the Saints where Cook takes off a defender to enter the opponent's 30-yard line.
7:56 PM9 months ago

TD Vikings 27-31

7:56 PM9 months ago

Final third quarter

Vikings 27-31 Saints.
7:53 PM9 months ago

3Q 00:22

TD Vikings

Smith with the reception kneeling and approaching on the scoreboard.

7:51 PM9 months ago

3Q 01:06

Passing interference in the goal zone over Thielen and there will be first and goal.
7:50 PM9 months ago

3Q 01:13

Cousins' incomplete pass, but he blew a ruddy handkerchief to the pin and Minnesota will have first and ten.
7:44 PM9 months ago

3Q 02:30

Thielen with the reception after play action to settle in the rival field.
7:43 PM9 months ago

3Q 03:34

Smith Jr. with the reception and with effort surpasses the mark of the first and ten.
7:41 PM9 months ago

TD Saints 31-20

7:37 PM9 months ago

3Q 04:38

TD Saints

Kamara with her fourth touchdown to extend the lead again.

7:36 PM9 months ago

3Q 05:00

Kamara carry to the 6-yard line for first and goal.
7:36 PM9 months ago

3Q 05:41

Hill with personal carriage to move the chains in quarter down.
7:34 PM9 months ago

3Q 06:09

Hill falls short of the mark and will be fourth down.
7:33 PM9 months ago

TD Vikings 20-24

7:32 PM9 months ago

3Q 07:58

Sanders with the reception and claims to put the ball on the 34-yard line.
7:32 PM9 months ago

3Q 08:26

Murray with the reception and Brees with the five-yard pass exceeds 80,000 yards, unique in the NFL.
7:26 PM9 months ago

3Q 09:41

TD Vikings

Play actión and Cousins finds Smith Jr. for the score.

7:25 PM9 months ago

3Q 10:09

Cook turns the corner and leaves the ball within yards of scoring.
7:24 PM9 months ago

3Q 10:53

Sanders does not make the reception and the Minnesota defensive intercepts in the red zone.
7:23 PM9 months ago

3Q 11:34

Murray with the short run, but enough to move the chains.
7:21 PM9 months ago

3Q 12:17

The move was changed and the Vikings will have to clear.
7:18 PM9 months ago

3Q 12:17

TD Saints, recovers the Gardner loose ball and returns it to the diagonals, but the play will be reviewed.
7:15 PM9 months ago

3Q 14:20

From Cousins to Smith and although the pass is low, the catcher makes the catch.
7:13 PM9 months ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Minnesota on the offensive.
7:01 PM9 months ago

TD Saints 24-14

7:00 PM9 months ago

Half time

Vikings 14-24 Saints.
6:59 PM9 months ago

2Q 00:17

Smith with the reception to move the chains.
6:55 PM9 months ago

2Q 00:38

TD Saints

Again by land Kamara manages to enter the diagonals.

6:53 PM9 months ago

2Q 01:17

Cook with the reception in the red zone, threaten the Saints.
6:53 PM9 months ago

2Q 01:44

Kamara with the reception to move the chains.
6:50 PM9 months ago

2Q 01:55

Incomplete pass from Brees who came within a whisker of being intercepted.
6:49 PM9 months ago

2Q 02:10

Burton with the short haul to move the chains.
6:46 PM9 months ago

2Q 03:50

Cousins is captured and the Vikings do not take advantage of the interception. Three and out to clear.
6:42 PM9 months ago

2Q 05:04

Brees is intercepted in the red zone and the Saints leave empty-handed.
6:40 PM9 months ago

2Q 07:00

Brees bombing Sander to get inside the 35-yard line.
6:38 PM9 months ago

2Q 08:10

Hill turns the corner with the personal carriage to move the chains near midfield.
6:37 PM9 months ago

2Q 09:29

Murray with the carriage for the first and ten of the series.
6:34 PM9 months ago

TD Vikings 14-17

6:31 PM9 months ago

2Q 10:14

TD Vikings

Boone with the carriage turning the corner to approach on the board.

6:30 PM9 months ago

2Q 11:08

Cook breaks the tackle and moves the chains.
6:27 PM9 months ago

2Q 12:16

Time away from Minnesota.
6:26 PM9 months ago

2Q 12:32

Cousins finds Johnson to put the ball on the 41-yard line.
6:25 PM9 months ago

2Q 13:10

Thielen with the reception and holds the shot to complete the pass. First and ten.
6:21 PM9 months ago

2Q 14:12

FG Saints

Lutz with the 30-yard field goal widens the gap.

6:20 PM9 months ago

2Q 14:17

Kamara cannot make the reception and the Saints will settle for a field goal attempt.
6:15 PM9 months ago

Final first quarter

Vikings 7-14 Saints.
6:15 PM9 months ago

1Q 00:34

Another haul from Murray and they are already in the red zone of the rival. great march of the Saints.
6:14 PM9 months ago

1Q 01:47

Now the reception is of Johnson to move the chains and to install in rival field.
6:13 PM9 months ago

1Q 02:25

Murray runs the ball again to gain more than 15 yards.
6:11 PM9 months ago

1Q 03:37

Brees finds Hill and the Saints come out of the engagement zone.
6:08 PM9 months ago

1Q 03:53

Cousins with the incomplete pass and Minnesota to clear
6:06 PM9 months ago

1Q 04:58

Abdullah with the 12-yard run to move the chains on the 38-yard line.
6:05 PM9 months ago

TD Saints 14-7

6:01 PM9 months ago

1Q 05:10

TD Saints

Kamara with the 1 yard run to give the Saints the advantage.

6:00 PM9 months ago

1Q 05:14

Pass interference and the Saints from the one-yard line will have four more opportunities.
5:58 PM9 months ago

1Q 05:58

Murray with the short reception for the first and goal. The Saints are already threatening.
5:57 PM9 months ago

TD Vikings 7-7

5:57 PM9 months ago

1Q 06:54

Cook with the first and ten in the red zone, 19th yard.
5:56 PM9 months ago

1Q 07:31

Burton with the hauling by the centre to keep moving the chains.
5:55 PM9 months ago

1Q 08:33

Kamara with the carry and after the good return, the Saints are already in midfield.
5:51 PM9 months ago

1Q 08:46

TD Vikings

Cook with the 16-yard cart to even the game. Great offense by the Purple.

5:49 PM9 months ago

TD Saints 7-0

5:47 PM9 months ago

1Q 10:34

Now it's Cook with the carry to leave the ball at the 34-yard line.
5:47 PM9 months ago

1Q 11:30

Jefferson with the quick route in for another 10 yards and get in front of the midfield.
5:46 PM9 months ago

1Q 12:01

Minnesota moves chains fast with Thielen's reception.
5:42 PM9 months ago

1Q 12:11

TD Saints

Kamara with the personal 40-yard carry to make the first touchdown of the game

5:41 PM9 months ago

1Q 12:15

Sanders with the jeft swift to take advantage of the gaps and put the ball in rival territory.
5:39 PM9 months ago

1Q 13:33

Murray with the short haul for the first and ten and approaching midfield.
5:38 PM9 months ago

1Q 14:53

Kamara carry to gain 11 yards to move the chains.
5:37 PM9 months ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. The Saints go on the offensive.
5:26 PM9 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Vikings and Saints, at the beginning of week 16 of the NFL.
5:22 PM9 months ago

For the divisional title

If the Saints win this afternoon, they would become champions of the NFC South Division.
5:18 PM9 months ago

The players are ready for the game

5:10 PM9 months ago

With post-season victories

In 2018 and 2020 the Vikings eliminated the Saints from the Playoffs by beating them 29-24 and 26-20, respectively.
5:05 PM9 months ago

The end of the year is almost upon us...

5:00 PM9 months ago

Still dreaming of the postseason

The Vikings need a miracle to qualify and, to do so, they need to win their two remaining games and have Bears and Cardinals lose their two games.
4:55 PM9 months ago

Inactive New Orleans

These are the players from New Orleans who will not be present for this game: 

S Marcus Williams
BY Trey Hendrickson
LB Kaden Elliss
OL Nick Easton
OL Andrus Peat
DT Malcolm Brown

4:50 PM9 months ago

They want to be the first seed

Despite two consecutive losses, the Saints can still lead the NFC and need to win their two remaining games, combined with two losses for the Packers.
4:46 PM9 months ago

Today is Christmas

And Alvin Kamara knows that with his shoes...

4:43 PM9 months ago

Last game at Christmas on Friday

This happened in 2009 when the then San Diego Chargers defeated the Tennessee Titans.
4:41 PM9 months ago

History is made

With this Friday's game, for the first time in the history of the NFL there were games seven days a week, highlighting that those of Tuesday and Wednesday were played on those days for reprogramming against cases of coronavirus.
4:39 PM9 months ago

I could not miss

The Vikings also released a video about Christmas and this Friday's game in front of the New Orleans Saints, the sub-leader of the National Conference.
4:36 PM9 months ago

This is how they celebrate Christmas

In this way, the Vikings have wished a merry Christmas, hoping to achieve victory in the 16th week of the NFL.

4:33 PM9 months ago

Inactive Vikings

These are the Minnesota players who will not be available this afternoon.

4:31 PM9 months ago

We start

It's Christmas and there will be NFL. We begin with coverage of the Vikings vs Saints, for week 16 of the NFL.
1:22 PM9 months ago

Follow it here

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Lastest games

The historical advantage favors the Vikings with 23 wins for 12 losses, including three wins (two of them in playoffs) from the last five games.

1:12 PM9 months ago

How to watch Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your option are: FOX and NFL Network.

If you want to directly stream it: FOX, DirecTV and NFL Game Pass.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

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Key player Saints

Eyes will be on Drew Brees, who did not make a good comeback last week against Kansas by completing only 15 of 34 for 234 yards, three touchdowns and an interception.

1:02 PM9 months ago

Key player Vikings

Runner Dalvin Cook's season is a point and a half for the team as he has 1,484 yards and 15 touchdowns.

12:57 PM9 months ago

Last result Saints

Although they were clearly outclassed at times, the Saints put up a fight and stayed close to the comeback, but fell to the Kansas City Chiefs.
12:52 PM9 months ago

Last result Vikings

Although not eliminated, the Vikings after losing 33-27 to the Chicago Bears need a real miracle to qualify.
12:47 PM9 months ago

Vikings: avoiding ball loss

Kirk Cousins between fumbles and interceptions has complicated the panorama of its equipment, reason why before a defense of elite like the one of the Saints, they will have to take care of the ovoid to the maximum.
12:42 PM9 months ago

Saints: still aiming for first place in the NFC

Despite two consecutive losses, the Saints need to close the season with wins combined with losses for the Packers in order to finish as the top seed.
12:37 PM9 months ago

NFL at Christmas

As part of Thursday Night Football, the NFL moved the game to December 25, in the middle of Christmas, to give all the fans a gift.
12:32 PM9 months ago

Kick-off time

The Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints match will be played at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, in New Orleans, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 4:30pm ET.
12:27 PM9 months ago

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