Touchdowns and Highlights: Dallas Cowboys 19-23 New York Giants in 2020 NFL Season 


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5:20 PM7 months ago

They are still alive

The Cowboys were eliminated, but the Giants are waiting for Washington to lose tonight to win the NFC East Division.
5:19 PM7 months ago

End game

Cowboys 19-23 Giants
5:16 PM7 months ago

4Q 00:58

They give the first and ten to the Giants, who will win and wait for Washington to lose to Philadelphia.
5:13 PM7 months ago

2Q 00:58

The referees indicate that the play was over and they give the ball to the Giants.
5:11 PM7 months ago

4q 01:09

Giants run the ball and Dallas begins to burn out his time out.
5:09 PM7 months ago

4Q 01:15

Dalton throws a maria bird and is intercepted in the end zone. The Giants are very close to winning.
5:08 PM7 months ago

4Q 01:23

Injured Giants player and they have to burn their last time out.
5:06 PM7 months ago

4Q 01:53

Shultz with the reception to be placed inside the 10-yard line.
5:02 PM7 months ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute break.
5:01 PM7 months ago

4Q 02:26

I cheat with Dalton, who gets the first and ten.
5:00 PM7 months ago

4Q 02:32

Time out by Giants when Dallas is going to play it in fourth down.
4:58 PM7 months ago

4Q 04:16

Pollard, with his carriage in the centre, moves the chains and settles in rival territory.
4:56 PM7 months ago

4Q 05:19

With just the right amount Elliott manages to move the chains.
4:53 PM7 months ago

4Q 06:27

FG Giants

I win from 50 yards makes the field goal.

4:50 PM7 months ago

4Q 09:08

Shepard with the reception to move the chains of the Giants.
4:45 PM7 months ago

4Q 11:11

Dalton is captured again and Dallas will have to clear near midfield.
4:43 PM7 months ago

4Q 12:09

Shultz with the reception to move the chains.
4:40 PM7 months ago

4Q 13:11

Jones is caught on third down and the Giants will have to clear.
4:36 PM7 months ago

4Q 14:16

FG Dallas

Zuerlein of 36 yards squeezes the result to only one point of difference.

4:35 PM7 months ago

4Q 14:44

Dalton is stopped in third down.
4:32 PM7 months ago

Final third quarter

Cowboys 16-20 Giants.
4:28 PM7 months ago

3Q 01:10

Dalton runs and advances to the goal zone. Dallas is nowhere near turning around.
4:26 PM7 months ago

3Q 01:35

Well Dalton's pass and they are already on the 24-yard line.
4:24 PM7 months ago

3Q 03:10

Pollard with the six-yard gap for another first and ten.
4:23 PM7 months ago

3Q 03:58

Gallup with the reception to move the chains to Dallas
4:19 PM7 months ago

3Q 05:00

Jones has to run for his life and gets right to the 50-yard line.
4:16 PM7 months ago

3Q 07:11

Now Sheppard with the reception to cross midfield and continue with the offensive.
4:15 PM7 months ago

3Q 07:49

Slatton with reception with many jobs to move the chains.
4:14 PM7 months ago

TD Dallas 16-20

4:12 PM7 months ago

3Q 08:39

TD Dallas

Elliott on the ground makes the first touchdown of the game for Dallas.

4:11 PM7 months ago

3Q 08:50

Dallas was not given the TD. First and goal on the 1 yard line.
4:07 PM7 months ago

3Q 08:48

TD Cowboys

Dalton finds Cooper stretching to make his first touchdown of the game.

4:06 PM7 months ago

3Q 09:40

Defensive holding and Giants give away the first and goal.
4:04 PM7 months ago

3Q 10:45

Shutz with reception up to the 13th yard, in the red zone.
4:03 PM7 months ago

3Q 11:29

Good delivery from Dalton to Lamb to set up on the rival's 30-yard line.
4:03 PM7 months ago

3Q 12:09

Dalton with the personal carriage to move the chains on his 49th yard.
4:01 PM7 months ago

3Q 13:14

Daniel Jones' mistake and is intercepted. Dallas will have the ball in midfield.
3:56 PM7 months ago

3Q 14:12

Bad pass from Dalton and the Cowboys three and out. Clear.
3:54 PM7 months ago

3Q 15:00

The third quarter begins. The Cowboys go on the offensive.
3:41 PM7 months ago

Half time

Cowboys 9-20 Giants.
3:40 PM7 months ago

2Q 00:00

FG Dallas

Zuerlein connects the 57-yard field goal to put the 20-9 at half-time.

3:39 PM7 months ago

2Q 00:04

Time out of Giants.
3:35 PM7 months ago

2Q 00:22

Lamb with the short haul to move the chains and approach the field goal zone.
3:34 PM7 months ago

2Q 00:22

Time out of Dallas, near mid-field.
3:34 PM7 months ago

TD Giants 20-6

3:28 PM7 months ago

2Q 00:45

TD Giants

Pettis with the reception on the diagonals to extend the advantage.

3:26 PM7 months ago

2Q 01:13

Shepard with the reception on the 41-yard line. First and ten.
3:26 PM7 months ago

2Q 01:52

Short Lewis haul to move the chains for the Giants.
3:22 PM7 months ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute break.
3:19 PM7 months ago

2Q 02:13

FG Dallas 

46-yard Zuerlein shortens the gap

3:19 PM7 months ago

2Q 02:51

Attraction play with Elliott who falls short of the mark.
3:17 PM7 months ago

2Q 02:58

Time away from the Giants.
3:15 PM7 months ago

2Q 04:55

Elliott with the short haul but enough to move the chains.
3:14 PM7 months ago

2Q 05:50

Now Gallup on the sidelines makes the reception to enter rival territory.
3:13 PM7 months ago

2Q 06:20

Cooper with the trapped by the centre to move the chains.
3:12 PM7 months ago

TD Giants 13-3

3:10 PM7 months ago

2Q 06:42

TD Giants

Shepard with the reception and in spite of the tackling of the defensive one manages to enter the diagonals.

3:08 PM7 months ago

2Q 07:52

Toulolo with the trapped by the centre to be placed in the red zone.
3:07 PM7 months ago

2Q 09:04

Shepard with the reception to gain 20 yards and get within 30 yards of the opponent.
3:06 PM7 months ago

2Q 09:37

Dallas with another personal foul and give away 15 yards
3:02 PM7 months ago

2Q 09:56

The game does not walk to the offensives and now Dallas' after three plays will have to clear.
2:57 PM7 months ago

2Q 10:46

Jones' pass is again low and New York tries to corner Dallas.
2:52 PM7 months ago

2Q 12:23

Dalton has to get out of the bag and run, but he falls short of the mark. Dallas to clear.
2:47 PM7 months ago

2Q 13:29

Jones' pass falls short and again the Giants will have to clear near midfield.
2:42 PM7 months ago

Final first quarter

Cowboys 3-6 Giants

Gallman ended up with the carry for the first and ten.

2:41 PM7 months ago

FG Cowboys 3-6

2:40 PM7 months ago

1Q 00:11

Dalton with the pass to the band that was closest to being intercepted. Fourth down of Dallas to be cleared.
2:35 PM7 months ago

1Q 01:44

Daniel Jones with the incomplete pass being diverted on the line and near midfield to clear the Giants.
2:32 PM7 months ago

1Q 04:16

Slatton with the reception for the first and ten.
2:31 PM7 months ago

1Q 04:42

Personal foul against Dallas and give away the first and ten.
2:26 PM7 months ago

1Q 05:04

FG Cowboys

Zuerlein of 38 yards put the slate 6-3.

2:25 PM7 months ago

1Q 05:07

Andy Dalton is caught in third down and Dallas will have to try a field goal.
2:23 PM7 months ago

1Q 06:27

Elliott with the reception by the band to move the chains.
2:22 PM7 months ago

1Q 07:10

Loose ball recovered by the Cowboys inside the 35-yard line. Great field position they will have.
2:21 PM7 months ago

1Q 07:42

Jones with the full pass to his closed wing to move the chains.
2:17 PM7 months ago

1Q 09:11

They capture Dalton in third down and Dallas to clear.
2:15 PM7 months ago

1Q 10:57

Dalton is saved from interception after he pointed out holding against the defensive.
2:10 PM7 months ago

TD Giants 6-0

2:09 PM7 months ago

1Q 11:46

TD Giants

Reversible that works with Shepard to enter the diagonals.

2:07 PM7 months ago

1Q 13:00

Smith with the reception and the Giants are already on the 30-yard line.
2:06 PM7 months ago

1Q 13:28

Gallman with the carry by the centre, first and ten and pass half field.
2:05 PM7 months ago

1Q 14:48

Engram with 11-yard reception to move the chains.
2:03 PM7 months ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. The Giants on the offensive
2:02 PM7 months ago

Everything is ready

The Dallas Cowboys have declared themselves ready for their fourth consecutive victory.

1:56 PM7 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Cowboys and Giants. Whoever wins stays alive, whoever loses goes home.
1:50 PM7 months ago

Still good for air

Dak Prescott's good number coupled with Andy Dalton's has made Dallas the seventh best offensive by air, accumulating 264 yards per game.
1:47 PM7 months ago

Exchange of balls

The Cowboys are -4 and are in 23rd place, while the Giants have just 1 more to occupy 17th place.
1:42 PM7 months ago

They are already in the field

The Cowboys are already warming up on the field at MetLife Stadium.

1:38 PM7 months ago

The key to the Cowboys

Andy Dalton often makes mistakes and must be helped a lot in his ground attack, which must be commanded by Ezekiel Elliott.
1:29 PM7 months ago

The key to the Giants

It will be vital to give Daniel Jones time and space to connect his shipments and also to make some ground play with him to generate damage to the Cowboys' defence.
1:24 PM7 months ago

Bad memory

The last game between Cowboys and Giants ended in victory for Dallas, but in that game Dak Prescott suffered his terrible ligament injury which took him away from the whole regular season.
1:21 PM7 months ago

Inactive Giants

These are the Giants' players who will not be able to play this game, the absence of the experienced receiver Tate being particularly noticeable:

WR Golden Tate 

P Ryan Santoso 

DB Mother Harper 

OT Kyle Murphy 

OT Jackson Barton 

BY R.J. McIntosh

1:14 PM7 months ago

With a lot of support

The Cowboys Nation, with many fans in the U.S. and Mexico, have been outsourcing their support to the team through social networks to give them a greater boost that they can achieve victory.


1:10 PM7 months ago

The Cowboys are here

Dallas has arrived at MetLife Stadium with the goal of sweeping the series under the leadership of quarterback Andy Dalton.

1:04 PM7 months ago

Inactive Dallas

These are the Cowboys players who will not be present for this game.

1:01 PM7 months ago

What do Cowboys and Giants need?

Both require victory and hope that Washington loses to Philadelphia tonight. Only then can they be champions of the mediocre NFC East.
12:59 PM7 months ago

We start

A transcendental game for both Cowboys and Giants in the last week of the NFL and we bring you all the details. We start with the coverage.
12:12 PM7 months ago

Follow it here

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Lastest games

The Cowboys lead the historic series with a record of 69-46-2 and have won the last seven in a row; their last defeat was in November 2016.

12:02 PM7 months ago

How to watch Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is: FOX.

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11:57 AM7 months ago

Key player Giants

One of the best the Giants' air attack has is with Sterling Shepard, who has 58 receptions for 544 yards and two touchdowns.

11:52 AM7 months ago

Key player Cowboys

Andy Dalton's performance in the last few games has come from less to more, just against the Eagles he threw in 377 yards, three touchdowns and an interception.


11:47 AM7 months ago

Last result Giants

The New Yorkers didn't even get their hands on the 27-13 defeat at the Baltimore Ravens' home.
11:42 AM7 months ago

Last result Cowboys

Despite going down in the first quarter, the Cowboys were responsive and easily beat the Philadelphia Eagles 37-17 in the end.
11:37 AM7 months ago

Giants: make no mistake

If the Giants want to aim to win, they need to have no ball deliveries, especially from quarterback Daniel Jones.
11:32 AM7 months ago

Cowboys: continue winning streak

Three consecutive victories keep Dallas in the fight that has improved, especially on the defense.
11:27 AM7 months ago

Whoever wins stays alive

Simply put, whoever wins will have to wait for Washington to lose before advancing to the playoffs; whoever falls in this commitment will say goodbye to the season.
11:22 AM7 months ago

Kick-off time

The Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants match will be played at the MetLife Stadium, in New York, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 1pm ET.
11:17 AM7 months ago

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