Highlights and Touchdowns: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-23 Washington Football Team in NFL Playoffs 2021
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Thank you for following the Tampa Bay vs Washington broadcast. Stay tuned for NFL coverage tomorrow.
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Advance to the next round

Tampa Bay won again in the playoffs since 2003 and will now await the development of tomorrow's games to meet their next opponent.
12:33 AM8 months ago

End game

Bucs 31-23 Washington.
12:33 AM8 months ago

4Q 01:51

Heinicke with the incomplete pass and no time outs, Washington will lose to Tampa Bay.
12:30 AM8 months ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute break and Washington will have a fourth chance.
12:27 AM8 months ago

2Q 02:31

Simms with the reception to pass midfield. Washington approaches.
12:27 AM8 months ago

4Q 02:41

Full McLaurin pass to move the chains
12:24 AM8 months ago

4Q 02:49

FG Bucs

Succop of 37 yards puts the difference of eight points.

12:22 AM8 months ago

4Q 03:40

Brady is captured and Washington uses his third time-out. It will be third down.
12:20 AM8 months ago

4Q 03:50

Fournette with the carry around the corner to gain 12 yards and keep the clock running.
12:19 AM8 months ago

4Q 04:00

Evans with the reception and Tampa is already halfway there.
12:18 AM8 months ago

TD Washington 23-28

12:12 AM8 months ago

4Q 04:51

TD Washington

Smiss Jr. with the touchdown reception and Washington approaches.

12:10 AM8 months ago

4Q 05:53

Great pass from Heinicke and Washington is already in the red zone.
12:09 AM8 months ago

4Q 06:24

Logan Thomas with the reception to move the chains.
12:08 AM8 months ago

4Q 07:50

Simms with another valuable reception to enter rival territory.
12:07 AM8 months ago

TD Tampa 28-16

12:02 AM8 months ago

4Q 09:11

TD Bucs

Fournette with the carriage to widen the gap.

12:01 AM8 months ago

4Q 09:14

There is no entry when an incomplete pass is declared.
11:58 PM8 months ago

4Q 09:53

TD Bucs

Brate with the reception on the diagonals.

11:57 PM8 months ago

4Q 09:53

Evans with the reception at the 3-yard line and the Bucs are in the goal zone.
11:56 PM8 months ago

4Q 10:35

Fournette carry to move the chains already very close to the 20 yard.
11:55 PM8 months ago

4Q 11:33

Fournette with the carry to move the chains to the rival's 30-yard line.
11:52 PM8 months ago

4Q 12:44

Heinicke puts in the forced delivery and it was incomplete. Washington to clear.
11:50 PM8 months ago

FG Bucs 21-16

11:47 PM8 months ago

4Q 13:32

FG Bucs

Succop of 38 yards hits between the posts.

11:46 PM8 months ago

4Q 13:35

Incomplete pass from Brady to Brown and they go for a field goal.
11:42 PM8 months ago

Final third quarter

Buca 18-16 Washington
11:40 PM8 months ago

3Q 01:03

Braite appears with the reception in a timely manner to put the ball in the rival zone.
11:38 PM8 months ago

TD Washington 16-18

11:35 PM8 months ago

3Q 02:14

Thomas cannot make the conversion despite the catch.
11:34 PM8 months ago

4Q 02:14

TD Washington

Heinicke with the personal carriage and reaches the diagonals to tighten the board.

11:30 PM8 months ago

3Q 04:36

Heinicke runs for his life and ends up gaining 13 yards on a big play.
11:29 PM8 months ago

3Q 05:56

Simms with the catch after sending Heinickie into rival territory
11:28 PM8 months ago

3Q 05:53

Bough's loose ball and Washington recovers the ball.
11:27 PM8 months ago

3Q 06:35

Braite with another valuable reception to enter rival territory.
11:25 PM8 months ago

3Q 07:53

Evans with the reception for the first and ten Tampa in this series.
11:19 PM8 months ago

3Q 08:59

Thomas with the reception, but stays away from the mark. Washington to clear.
11:13 PM8 months ago

3Q 11:02

Brady with the incomplete pass. Tampa Bay to be cleared.
11:12 PM8 months ago

FG Washington 18-10

11:07 PM8 months ago

3Q 11:50

FG Washington

From 36 yards Hopkins makes the field goal.

11:05 PM8 months ago

3Q 13:30

Thomas with the catch and they are already within field goal distance.
11:03 PM8 months ago

3Q 14:34

McCloury with the reception to gain 12 yards and move the chains.
11:01 PM8 months ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Washington goes on the offensive.
10:47 PM8 months ago

Half time

Tampa 18-7 Washington.
10:45 PM8 months ago

2Q 00:42

Brady is stopped and now Washington burns his second half out.
10:43 PM8 months ago

2Q 01:06

Brown gets the first and ten, although the clock is still ticking
10:40 PM8 months ago

2Q 01:30

Simms with the reception that falls short and Tampa that to its second time out, because it will have of return the possession.
10:38 PM8 months ago

FG Bucs 18-7

10:33 PM8 months ago

2Q 01:50

FG Bucs

Succop of 23 yards makes its second field goal.

10:32 PM8 months ago

2Q 01:53

Gronkowski can't make the reception and does it outside.
10:29 PM8 months ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute break
10:28 PM8 months ago

2Q 02:45

Braite with reception up to the 6-yard line for first and goal.
10:26 PM8 months ago

2Q 03:58

Braite with the reception and Tampa is already entering field goal distance.
10:26 PM8 months ago

2Q 04:40

Fournette takes advantage of the blocking curtain and gains over 20 yards.
10:25 PM8 months ago

2Q 05:29

Fournette with the short haul, but enough to move the chains.
10:21 PM8 months ago

2Q 06:17

Simms can't keep the reception and Washington will have to clear it.
10:19 PM8 months ago

2Q 07:30

Heinickie with the short and full pass to move the chains.
10:17 PM8 months ago

2Q 08:36

Gibson turns the corner and has the first and ten.
10:15 PM8 months ago

TD Tampa Bay 15-7

10:12 PM8 months ago

TD Washington 9-7

10:10 PM8 months ago

2Q 10:03

TD Bucs

Godwin with the reception to extend the advantage.

10:09 PM8 months ago

1Q 10:42

Reception with Fournette for the first and ten for Tampa
10:07 PM8 months ago

2Q 12:47

Reversible with Antonio Brown winning over 30 yards with several blocks.
10:02 PM8 months ago

2Q 12:59

TD Washington

McKissic by land makes Washington's first score.

10:00 PM8 months ago

2Q 14:51

Simms Jr. with the reception and Washington has first and goal.
9:56 PM8 months ago

Final first quarter

Bucs 10-0 Washington.
9:55 PM8 months ago

1Q 00:54

Heinicke with the breakaway and Washington is already on the 20-yard line.
9:54 PM8 months ago

2Q 02:07

Now McLourin with the reception to enter rival territory
9:53 PM8 months ago

1Q 02:20

Thomas with the reception on the sideline and then turns around to gain 35 yards on this play.
9:52 PM8 months ago

TD Bucs 9-0

9:48 PM8 months ago

1Q 02:51

TD Bucs

Antonio Brown completely just makes the reception to increase the difference.

9:46 PM8 months ago

1Q 04:38

Miller with the reception to move the chains for the Bucs.
9:42 PM8 months ago

1Q 04:57

They divert the pass to Heinickie and Tampa Bay intercepts the ovoid.
9:40 PM8 months ago

2Q 06:16

Big play from Washington where Heinicke meets Simms to get close to midfield.
9:35 PM8 months ago

1Q 07:20

Brady can't connect to Evans and Tampa will have to clear near mid-field.
9:32 PM8 months ago

1Q 09:20

Godwin with a lot of effort reaches the mark and wins the 12 yards for another four opportunities.
9:29 PM8 months ago

FG Bucs 3-0

9:28 PM8 months ago

1Q 10:40

Short reception from McLourin and Washington three and out. Clear.
9:22 PM8 months ago

1Q 11:48

FG Bucs

29-yard Succop opens the scoring in the US capital.

9:21 PM8 months ago

1Q 11:52

The pressure is choking Brady in third down and they will have to go for a field goal.
9:19 PM8 months ago

1Q 13:15

Godwin with the reception and Tampa is already in the red zone.
9:18 PM8 months ago

1Q 14:43

Fuller pulls the mask and joined the reception, Tampa Bay gains over 25 yards.
9:15 PM8 months ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Bucs on the offensive
9:12 PM8 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Tampa Bay and Washington. We'll bring you every detail of the NFC Wild Card.
9:09 PM8 months ago

Defensive is the soul of Washington

The second best defense against the pass was Washington by allowing only 191 yards and the fourth best by giving only 20.4 yards per game.
9:05 PM8 months ago

The strengths of Tampa Bay

Despite having the veteran Brady, they ended up as the second best offense in the air with 289 yards per game, although on the ground they were the fifth worst.
9:00 PM8 months ago

The strengths of Tampa Bay

Despite having the veteran Brady, they ended up as the second best offense in the air with 289 yards per game, although on the ground they were the fifth worst.
8:59 PM8 months ago

It's time for Tom Brady

This is how the number 12, six times winner of the Super Bowl, took the field.
8:55 PM8 months ago

Miraculous reappearance

A year ago the chances of Alex Smith reappearing were minimal, however, he made an effort and returned to the field, but will not be available for this match.
8:50 PM8 months ago

How did Washington come?

In a division as mediocre as NFC East, victory in the last regular season game against Philadelphia gave them the title with a 7-9 record.
8:44 PM8 months ago

They are already warming up

Tampa is already on the field warming up before the game.

8:39 PM8 months ago

How did Tampa Bay come about?

It placed as the best wild card team with an 11-5 mark, just one game behind the divisional champions New Orleans Saints.
8:35 PM8 months ago

They will go out with the gala uniform

Despite being visited, Tampa Bay will come out in its traditional uniform.

8:29 PM8 months ago

Your first visit

For the first time in his career, Tom Brady will play a game in the Wild Card round as an away player, as he had always entered as a divisional champion with the New England Patriots.
8:28 PM8 months ago

They declare themselves ready

A few moments ago Washington arrived at their stadium to try to become the third team to win a match after having qualified with a losing record and as divisional champions.

8:25 PM8 months ago

Brotherhood first and foremost

8:23 PM8 months ago

Low hard

Alex Smith has not been able to recover one hundred percent from his injury and will not be present, as will these players.

8:19 PM8 months ago

Ausentes Bucs

These are the Tampa Bay players who will not be present for this game.

8:15 PM8 months ago

Favourite in Las Vegas

According to the bookmakers in Las Vegas, the Bucs are favored to win the game by a margin of eight points.
8:15 PM8 months ago

We started

One hour before the Buccaneers vs. Washington game begins, we begin with coverage of the NFL's NFC Wild Card.
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Follow it here

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, analysis and lineups for this Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Washington Football Team match.
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Lastest games

Washington leads the series with a 12-11 mark and has won three of the last five games.
2:36 PM8 months ago

How to watch Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Washington Football Team Live TV and Stream

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2:31 PM8 months ago

Key player Washington


The offensive has taken another direction when Alex Smith has been there, who, despite battling with injuries, his experience could be key for the whole of the capital.


2:26 PM8 months ago

Key player Buccaneers

Is there anyone other than Tom Brady? The veteran quarterback continues to play his part and will be looking for his seventh Vince Lombardi trophy, but now with the Bucs, so his contribution on every play could make the difference

2:21 PM8 months ago

Last result Washington

They won the NFC East Division in the last game by beating the Philadelphia Eagles 20-14 on the road.
2:16 PM8 months ago

Last result Buccaneers

They swept the series last week by beating the Atlanta Falcons at home 41-27.


2:11 PM8 months ago

Washington: putting pressure on QB

Washington got to this stage because of their defensiveness, so they will have to put incessant pressure on Brady to make mistakes; stressing that they are one of the best in the red zone.
2:06 PM8 months ago

Buccaneers: establishing the ground attack

Brady's low mobility means that the ground game has to be set up to reduce his load and allow him to do more play action.
2:01 PM8 months ago

What a story

With a losing record and at the beginning of the year with no options to play, Alex Smith and Washington entered the playoffs and will be looking to end Tom Brady's good run.
1:56 PM8 months ago

Kick-off time

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Washington Football Team match will be played at the FedEx Field, in Washington, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:15pm ET.
1:51 PM8 months ago


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