Touchdowns and Highlights Baltimore Ravens 20-13 Tennessee Titans on Wildcard NFL 2021
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4:55 PM8 months ago

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4:54 PM8 months ago

Ravens advances to divisional round

Baltimore came from behind on the scoreboard and eliminated Titans being the first time Lammar Jacskon manages to advance in playoffs.


4:51 PM8 months ago

4th Quarter | 0:00

Edwards got the 1st and 10th and the crows take the victory in the wild card round. 

This concludes the match!

4:44 PM8 months ago

4th Quarter | 1:50

Peters intercepted Tanehill's pass when he sent a pass looking for Raymond and Baltimore is a first and 10 away from victory in the game. 
4:39 PM8 months ago

4th Quarter | 2:41

In the fourth opportunity the Titans played and Tanehill got the first and 10 with a haul.  
4:33 PM8 months ago

4th Quarter | 4:23

Jackson gave a good pass to Dobbins but on the play there was a foul on a Titans player and they received a 10 yard penalty.

After the penalty, Tucker scored the field goal. 

4:27 PM8 months ago

4th Quarter | 8:08

Lammar passed the ball nicely to Andrews and got 1st and 10 passing the midfield again. 
4:19 PM8 months ago

4th Quarter | 11:33

Brown managed to turn around and gain yards after a good pass from Tannehill and the Titans pass the half-court without a problem. 
4:17 PM8 months ago

Good score by Dobbins

The Ravens player entered with everything up to the end zone, so that his team would keep the advantage so far.


4:15 PM8 months ago

4th Quarter | 12:21

Lammar Jackson sent a very long pass that was incomplete. 

Tucker tried a 52-yard kick, but missed.

4:09 PM8 months ago

4th Quarter | 15:00

Beginning the quarter, Gostkowski got the conversion of three points.
4:06 PM8 months ago

3rd Quarter | 0:00

The third quarter ended with a pass from Tannehill to Henry but on this play they lost a couple of yards and are 7 yards from the goal. 
4:03 PM8 months ago

3rd Quarter | 3:11

With a cheat, Tannehill was able to drop the full pass for Brown and with a faul, there will be 1st and 10 for Titans at the Baltimore 25-yard line. 
4:00 PM8 months ago

3rd Quarter | 3:55

Jackson was stopped by Landry III and quickly Tannehill will come for an offensive series. 
3:58 PM8 months ago

3rd Quarter | 5:20

Tannehill sent a pass to Davis that was incomplete and would be an opportunity for Ravens.
3:49 PM8 months ago

3rd Quarter | 9:05 TOUCHDOWN RAVENS

Dobbins carried the ball 4 yards and pushed it into the end zone.

The extra point of Tucker is complete.

3:38 PM8 months ago

Incredible Jackson's Escape

With this score, the Ravens player led his team to tie the score.


3:26 PM8 months ago

2nd Quarter | 0:00

The second quarter ends with a draw:
Ravens 10-10 Titans 
3:15 PM8 months ago

2nd Quarter | 1:51

In the third opportunity they stopped McNichols and the Ravens will have offensive series with almost 2 minutes in the score before the medium half. 
3:08 PM8 months ago

2nd Quarter : 2:32 TOUCHDOWN RAVENS

Great play by Lammar Jackson who escaped through the center of the field to the right side taking out players and with an impressive flight he managed to get the ball into the end zone without leaving the field. 

The kick was complete and the match was tied!

3:01 PM8 months ago

With this play the Titans are wining

Good pass, but it is worth mentioning Brown's great effort at the reception.


2:57 PM8 months ago

2nd Quarter | 7:27

Third time Wolfe captured Tannehill and there will be offensive series for Baltimore. 
2:50 PM8 months ago

2nd Quarter | 10:02

In the third opportunity Jackson was captured and Tucker had to make the 33-yard field goal. 
2:42 PM8 months ago

1st Quarter | 0:00

Lammar Jackson's 17-yard pass to Andrews and the Ravens pass from midfield for the first time in the game.
2:35 PM8 months ago

1st Quarter | 1:38

Gostkowski made the field goal by kicking from 45 yards. 
2:33 PM8 months ago

1st Quarter | 3:15

Tannehill sent a short pass and Firkser ran away carrying the ball for 35 yards. 
2:30 PM8 months ago

1st Quarter | 4:28

Jackson sent a long pass looking for Boykin but was intercepted by Butler at 28 of Tennessee.
2:26 PM8 months ago

1st Quarter | 5:39 TOUCHDOWN TITANS

A. J. Brown found a good pass from Tannehill in the end zone and made the first pass to Titans. 

Gostkowski scored the extra point. 

2:21 PM8 months ago

1st Quarter | 10:38

Tannehill put up a great pass to Brown for 28 yards and Tennessee will have 1st and 10 on Ravens field.
2:16 PM8 months ago

1st Quarter | 13:30

Tannehill missed the pass for Brown in the third opportunity and quickly there will be an offensive series for Ravens.
2:11 PM8 months ago

1st Quarter | 15:00

Rian Tannehill will have the first offensive series of the game for the Titans. 
2:06 PM8 months ago

The local team is ready

Tennessee has its best elements for this afternoon's match, the players are already on the court.

2:01 PM8 months ago

Making history

Cristi Bartlett, is among the first women coaches to lead a game in the NFL playoffs.

She will do so in the Ravens vs Titans directing for the Tennessee team. 

1:56 PM8 months ago

Inactives of Ravens

In a season plagued with injuries and casualties by Covid-19, these are the players who will not be able to defend the wild card game.

1:51 PM8 months ago

Inactives of Titans

These players will not be able to go out for today's game by the Titans.

1:46 PM8 months ago

Jimmy Smith will be active

In view of the expectation, Ravens could count on his cornerback for today's game, which would decide the future of the team in the season.


1:41 PM8 months ago

The live broadcast starts

Welcome to the live broadcast of the Baltimore vs Tennessee match, in a moment we will give you the latest news and the lists of players not eligible for today's match.
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1:26 PM8 months ago

Tennessee's key player

Titans is the second best team in the land attack with a total of 2690 yds for this way, of which, 2027 were made by the running back Derrick Henry; leader in the NFL in this area.

1:21 PM8 months ago

Baltimore's key player

Lamar Jackson led his team to the best ground attack. 
The Ravens generated a total of 3,071 yards, where the quarterback added 1,005.

1:16 PM8 months ago

Titans achieved leadership

In the AFC South, with the same number of wins as Ravens (11), the Tennessee team managed to secure a place in the division.

1:11 PM8 months ago

How do the Ravens get here?

The Baltimore team had a good season in the AFC North with 11 wins for 5 losses, having a better percentage when playing as an away team.

1:06 PM8 months ago

Will it be a rematch?

In 2019, the Baltimore Ravens were eliminated in the playoffs by the Titans, who left out the then-MVP, Lamar Jackson.
1:01 PM8 months ago

Kick-off time

The Baltimore vs Tennessee match will be played at the Nissan stadium, in Nashville, USA.

The kick-off is scheduled at 1:00pm ET.


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