Highlights and Touchdowns: Tampa Bay
Buccaneers 31-26 Green Bay Packers, NFL Playoffs 2021
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Thank you for following the telecast of the conference finals between the Buccaneers and Packers. See you next time.
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History at Lambeau

The Buccaneers will become the first team to play in the Super Bowl at home after defeating the Packers at Lambeau Field.
7:18 PM2 years ago

End game

Buccaneers 31-26 Packers.
7:17 PM2 years ago

4Q 00:38

Godwin with the carry for first and ten and Tampa will be in Super Bowl LV.
7:11 PM2 years ago

4Q 01:32

Last time out for Green Bay.
7:10 PM2 years ago

4Q 01:41

Defensive pass interference and Tampa Bay will be in the Super Bowl.
7:08 PM2 years ago

4Q 01:46

Another short carry by Fournette and the Bucs will have third down.
7:07 PM2 years ago

4Q 01:51

Green Bay time out. It will be second down.
7:04 PM2 years ago

4Q 01:56

Two-minute pause.
7:01 PM2 years ago

4Q 02:05

Packers FG

Crosby with the 26-yard field goal to close the gap.

7:00 PM2 years ago

4Q 02:09

Rodgers throws incomplete and Green Bay will punt on fourth down.
6:58 PM2 years ago

4Q 02:22

Adams with the 8-yard reception for the first and goal.
6:56 PM2 years ago

4Q 03:42

Valdes with the catch to put his team inside the opponent's 35-yard line.
6:53 PM2 years ago

4Q 04:42

FG Bucs

Succop 46-yarder extends the gap to eight points.

6:52 PM2 years ago

4Q 04:46

Brady has to get rid of the ball and the Bucs will look for a field goal.
6:50 PM2 years ago

4Q 06:04

Gronkowski with the reception on a screen pass play to get into field goal range.
6:49 PM2 years ago

4Q 07:10

Godwin shows up with the reception to move the chains and run down the clock.
6:44 PM2 years ago

4Q 08:21

Lazard can't make the reception and again Green Bay three and out.
6:42 PM2 years ago

4Q 09:15

Brady is pressured and throws deep, but again is intercepted by Alexander. Big play by Green Bay.
6:36 PM2 years ago

4Q 11:25

Rodgers is caught and Green Bay will have to clear out of the deep zone.
6:33 PM2 years ago

Second interception of Brady

6:32 PM2 years ago

4Q 12:20

Alexander's interception in the red zone and Green Bay will have the ball at its 19-yard line.
6:30 PM2 years ago

4Q 13:30

12 Green Bay men on the field and give away the defense on first and ten.
6:28 PM2 years ago

4Q 14:43

Johnson with the catch over the middle to move the chains and set up in the opposition's backfield.
6:24 PM2 years ago

End of third quarter

Buccaneers 28-23 Packers.
6:23 PM2 years ago

TD Packers 28-23

6:20 PM2 years ago

3Q 00:24

Brown missed the reception for the two-point conversion.
6:19 PM2 years ago

3Q 00:24

TD Packers

Adams with the reception to pull within five points.

6:17 PM2 years ago

3Q 01:25

Personal foul and the Packers will have first and goal at the 2-yard line.
6:15 PM2 years ago

3Q 02:54

William almost escapes, but Green Bay already has first and ten.
6:12 PM2 years ago

3Q 05:02

Tonyan with the reception on a play action play to move the chains.
6:11 PM2 years ago

3Q 06:23

Dillon with the reception, the halfback and finishes with a 13-yard gain.
6:10 PM2 years ago

3q 07:02

Adams with the reception for first and ten and Green Bay is already near midfield.
6:05 PM2 years ago

3Q 07:54

Brady throws deep and is intercepted. Green Bay will get back on offense.
6:02 PM2 years ago

3Q 08:38

Fournette with the carry around the corner for first and ten.
6:00 PM2 years ago

TD Packers 28-17

5:57 PM2 years ago

3Q 09:28

TD Packers

Tonyan with the reception in the diagonals to get closer on the board.

5:56 PM2 years ago

3Q 10:12

Lazard with the reception for the first and goal.
5:54 PM2 years ago

3Q 11:01

Brown with the reception to move the chains.
5:54 PM2 years ago

3Q 11:42

Valdes with the reception to put the Packers deep in opponent's territory.
5:53 PM2 years ago

3Q 12:30

Reception by Davante Adams to move the chains.
5:51 PM2 years ago

TD Buccaneers 28-10

5:49 PM2 years ago

3Q 13:54

TD Buccaneers

Braite with solo reception on play action play to increase lead.

5:45 PM2 years ago

3Q 13:58

White recovers the loose ball and the Bucs are in the end zone.
5:42 PM2 years ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Packers on offense.
5:34 PM2 years ago

TD Buccaneers 21-10

5:29 PM2 years ago

Half time

Buccaneers 21-10 Packers.
5:27 PM2 years ago

2Q 00:01

TD Buccaneers

Miller with the long reception and the Bucs extend the lead.

5:26 PM2 years ago

2Q 00:06

Fournette with the reception, but Tampa is wide to make the field goal.
5:25 PM2 years ago

2Q 00:13

Time away from Green Bay.
5:23 PM2 years ago

2Q 00:13

Brady is pressured and forced to throw early. The pass is incomplete and Tampa does not take advantage of the handoff and will have to punt.
5:21 PM2 years ago

2Q 00:28

They intercept Rodgers and the Buccaneers will have good midfield position.
5:20 PM2 years ago

2Q 00:32

Rodgers gets caught and Tampa uses a timeout.
5:19 PM2 years ago

2Q 00:40

Lazard with the long reception and Green Bay stays on the field.
5:15 PM2 years ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
5:14 PM2 years ago

2Q 02:47

Brady with the incomplete pass and the Bucs at midfield will have to clear.
5:12 PM2 years ago

2Q 03:41

Brady with the fake and finds Godwin to pass up the middle of the field.
5:10 PM2 years ago

FG Packers 14-10

5:06 PM2 years ago

2Q 04:59

Packers FG

Mason Crosby makes the 24-yard field goal for 14-10.

5:05 PM2 years ago

2Q 05:02

Adams makes the reception, but his feet are out. Fourth down.
5:02 PM2 years ago

2Q 05:30

Jones with the haulage to move the chains.
5:00 PM2 years ago

2Q 08:04

Jones fumbles the ball, but Tonyan recovers it for first and ten.
4:57 PM2 years ago

2Q 10:41

Jones with the hauling to move the chains overland.
4:56 PM2 years ago

2Q 12:35

Valdes with the reception to move the chains.
4:49 PM2 years ago

TD Packers 7-7

4:46 PM2 years ago

2Q 12:24

TD Tampa

Fournette carry.

4:46 PM2 years ago

2Q 12:40

Great pass from Brady to Godwin.
4:40 PM2 years ago

2Q 14:07

TD Packers

Valdes with the reception and the Packers already tied the game.

4:36 PM2 years ago

End of first quarter

Buccaneers 7-0 Packers.
4:28 PM2 years ago

1Q 03:35

Brady is caught, Clark does it. Tampa Bay to clear near midfield.
4:27 PM2 years ago

1Q 04:06

Screen pass with Godwin running for first and ten for the Bucs.
4:24 PM2 years ago

1Q 06:16

Jones' short haul, but enough to move the chains.
4:23 PM2 years ago

Sack on Rodgers

4:19 PM2 years ago

1Q 08:00

The defense makes the big play with Barrett making the sack on Rodgers and the Packers will have to clear.
4:17 PM2 years ago

1Q 10:16

Lewis with the reception over the middle and the Packers already moved the chains.
4:15 PM2 years ago

TD Bucs 7-0

4:12 PM2 years ago

1Q 10:59

TD Tampa Bay

Mike Evans with the reception in the promised zone to open the scoring.

4:10 PM2 years ago

1Q 11:58

Godwin with the reception and the Bucs are already in the red zone.
4:08 PM2 years ago

1Q 13:30

Great pass from Brady to Evans and the Buccaneers are already in opponent's territory.
4:05 PM2 years ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Buccaneers on offense.
4:03 PM2 years ago

Minutes away

We're minutes away from kickoff between the Buccaneers and Packers. We'll bring you every detail of the AFC Conference Finals.
4:00 PM2 years ago

Future rival

The winner of this game will face the winner of the Bills-Chiefs game next Sunday, February 7, in Super Bowl LV.
3:58 PM2 years ago

Declare themselves ready

Tampa declares itself ready to return to winning ways as a visitor in the postseason.

3:55 PM2 years ago

Can they run the ball?

Top defenses like the Rams and Steelers are already at home, but Tampa Bay is the best defense against the run, allowing only 80 yards, a situation that Green Bay will look to challenge this afternoon with the Jones-Williams-Dillon trio.
3:53 PM2 years ago

Among the best offenses

These two teams are a scoring machine, as Green Bay averaged 31.8 points per game to be the best, and third was Tampa Bay with 30.8.
3:50 PM2 years ago

How did Green Bay get there?

With a 13-3 record they secured first place in the conference and have only played in the divisional round where they defeated the Los Angeles Rams 32-18.
3:45 PM2 years ago

Rodgers, in good spirits, declares himself ready

3:40 PM2 years ago

How did Tampa Bay get there?

Tampa Bay finished as the fifth-best seed and, as a result, had to go on the road for a 31-23 win over Washington and, a week ago, were dealt what could be the last loss of Drew Brees' career with a 30-20 home win over the New Orleans Saints.
3:35 PM2 years ago

Will the feat happen?

Never in the history of Super Bowls has a team played such an event at home and the Bucs, should they win, would be doing just that.


3:30 PM2 years ago

It will be cold

The weather will be at the mythical Lambeau with a temperature of zero degrees Celsius, although both quarterbacks are used to playing in these conditions.


3:25 PM2 years ago

Vegas favorite

According to bookmakers in Las Vegas, the Packers are favored to pull out the win, but by just a three-point spread.
3:20 PM2 years ago

Green Bay is all about attitude

3:15 PM2 years ago

They jump into the field

As we speak, Tampa Bay players take the field at Lambeau Field for their pre-divisional final warm-up.

3:10 PM2 years ago

For its 14th final

Tampa Bay returns to a conference final and Tom Brady will play in his 14th career conference final.

3:05 PM2 years ago

Tampa Bay Inactive

These Tampa Bay players will be absent, most notably Antonio Brown, who had been the team's best receiver in recent games.

82 TE Antony Auclair
81 WR Antonio Brown
94 DL Khalil Davis
4 QB Ryan Griffin
95 DL Jeremiah Ledbetter
30 RB Ke'Shawn Vaughn
31 S Antoine Winfield, Jr.

3:00 PM2 years ago

Green Bay Inactive

These Green Bay players will not see action this afternoon:

10 QB Jordan Love
29 CB Ka'dar Hollman
36 S Vernon Scott
37 CB Josh Jackson
53 LB Jonathan Garvin
87 TE Jace Sternberger
96 DL Kingsley Keke

2:55 PM2 years ago

Mexican style

Aaron Jones arrived at the stadium once again wearing the Mexican-style charro hat, as he has done throughout the NFL season.

2:50 PM2 years ago

Let it be customary

At Lambeau Field it keeps snowing and there will be very cold weather to experience this game of the National Conference finals.

2:45 PM2 years ago

We begin

With one hour to go before the Buccaneers-Packers game kicks off, we begin our coverage of the NFL's American Conference Finals.
2:40 PM2 years ago

Follow it here

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, analysis and lineups for this Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Green Bay Packers match.
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Lastest games

Green Bay leads the historic series with 33 wins, 22 losses and one draw, having won three of the last five games.

2:30 PM2 years ago

How to watch Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Green Bay Packers Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is: FOX.

If you want to directly stream it: FOX, DirecTV and NFL Game Pass.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

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Key player Green Bay

Aaron Rodgers will be playing his Super Bowl pass at home for the first time and will be looking to lead his team back to the big event. He comes from throwing against the Rams 296 yards and two touchdowns.

2:20 PM2 years ago

Key player Tampa Bay

Tom Brady plays his 14th conference final, but for the first time in the NFC with the goal of putting Tampa Bay in the top spot, remembering that no team has ever played a Super Bowl in their stadium.

2:15 PM2 years ago

Last result Packers

The Packers looked good on the offensive to beat Los Angeles Rams in divisional round 32-18
2:10 PM2 years ago

Last result Buccaneers

Tampa Bay took advantage of the deliveries that Drew Brees had and, in the second half, got the 30-20 victory against the New Orleans Saints.
2:05 PM2 years ago

Packers: establishing the ground attack

Whether it's Aaron Jones, Jamaal Williams or AJ Dillon, moving the ball around will take the pressure off Rodgers and play action plays could become his best ally.
2:00 PM2 years ago

Buccaneers: giving Brady protection

If Brady has the time and the right protection he will be able to put transcendental shipments into the game. It should be remembered that Green Bay constantly pressured Jared Goff last game and paid good dividends.
1:55 PM2 years ago

Duel of historic quarterbacks

Two of the best pins in NFL history will meet this Sunday to seek a ticket to the Super Bowl LV. Can Aaron Rodgers beat Tom Brady?
1:50 PM2 years ago

Kick-off time

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Green Bay Packers match will be played at the Lambeau Field, in Wisconsin, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 3:05pm ET.
1:45 PM2 years ago

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