Highlights and Best Moments: Houston Texans 26-7 Green Bay Packers in NFL Preseason
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10:40 PM2 years ago

Summary last quarter

10:09 PM2 years ago


Thank you for following the telecast of the Packers-Texans game for Week 1 of the 2021 NFL preseason.
10:08 PM2 years ago

Harsh setback

Green Bay will have a lot of work to do to try to improve, although the highlight was the professional debut of Jordan Love, who did not look bad at all.
10:07 PM2 years ago

End game

Texans 26-7 Packers.
10:03 PM2 years ago

4Q 01:54

Driskel runs to first and ten and this match will be over.
9:58 PM2 years ago

4Q 03:25

Benkert is intercepted and Houston will have the ball once again.
9:54 PM2 years ago

4Q 04:45

Finally the ground attack works and Williams moves the chains.
9:50 PM2 years ago

4Q 06:06

TD Texans

From the shotgun formation on a pull play Jackson takes advantage of blockers to get to the promised zone.

9:45 PM2 years ago

3Q 08:34

Benkert is caught on third down and the Packers again kick.
9:43 PM2 years ago

4Q 10:10

Driskel can't find his receiver and now it's the Texans who end up clearing.
9:37 PM2 years ago

4Q 11:59

Taylor comes up short on the carry to get over the mark and the Packers end up kicking.
9:32 PM2 years ago

4Q 13:02

Texans FG

Fairbairn's 42-yard field goal extends the deficit to 12.

9:31 PM2 years ago

4Q 13:05

Driskel with the incomplete pass and Houston in a series that promised for more will have to try the field goal.
9:24 PM2 years ago

End of third quarter

Texans 16-7 Packers

Houston is already in rival territory.

9:09 PM2 years ago

3Q 06:11

Texans FG

Fairbairn with the 41-yard field goal to increase the lead.

9:06 PM2 years ago

3Q 08:43

Howell with the carry up the middle and reaches the opponent's 22-yard line.
9:04 PM2 years ago

3Q 09:42

Driskel with the incomplete pass, but there is interference and Green Bay gives away first and ten.
8:59 PM2 years ago

3Q 10:15

Benkert releases the ball and Houston recovers it in his field.
8:58 PM2 years ago

3Q 10:44

Benkert finds Taylor unmarked for a 21-yard gain.
8:57 PM2 years ago

3Q 11:58

Despite double coverage, Funchess makes the reception and advances to first and ten.
8:50 PM2 years ago

3Q 13:25

Mills with the incomplete pass and Houston will have to clear.
8:49 PM2 years ago

3Q 14:27

Phillips with the 5-yard carry enough to move the chains.
8:47 PM2 years ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Houston on the attack.
8:32 PM2 years ago

Half time

Texans 13-7 Packers.
8:30 PM2 years ago

2Q 00:19

Taylor with three carries that advanced nothing and Houston burned their timeouts to get the ball back.
8:26 PM2 years ago

2Q 00:39

The Green Bay defense reacts and intercepts the ball from Mills.
8:25 PM2 years ago

2Q 00:46

The ball is stripped from Jordan Love and recovered by the Texans.
8:23 PM2 years ago

2Q 00:53

Texans FG

Fairbairn 25-yarder extends the lead at Lambeau Field.

8:22 PM2 years ago

2Q 00:56

Mills with the incomplete pass with good defensive coverage on third down.
8:20 PM2 years ago

2Q 01:09

Personal foul against the passer and Houston is already in the goal zone.
8:11 PM2 years ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
8:11 PM2 years ago

2Q 03:17

Mills does it again and now connects with Conley to move the chains to the opponent's 31-yard line.
8:08 PM2 years ago

2Q 04:53

Mills finds Coutee and Houston continues its offensive drive past midfield.
8:06 PM2 years ago

2Q 05:35

De Mills to Jordan and the Texans move the chains.
8:01 PM2 years ago

2Q 07:08

Jordan Love with the incomplete pass and Green Bay will have to clear.
7:59 PM2 years ago

TD Texans 10-7

7:54 PM2 years ago

2Q 09:14

TD Texans

Phillips with a lot of effort and without stopping moving his legs runs five yards for the touchdown.

7:53 PM2 years ago

2Q 09:54

Mills to Collins to get into the Packers' end zone.
7:52 PM2 years ago

2Q 11:11

Love can't make the pass on fourth down and will leave good position for the Texans.
7:45 PM2 years ago

2Q 12:48

Hills with the incomplete pass and now it's Houston that will have to clear after three plays.
7:43 PM2 years ago

TD Packers 7-3

7:39 PM2 years ago

2Q 14:23

TD Packers

Hill after Love's pass breaks away 23 yards for the first touchdown of the game.

7:35 PM2 years ago

End of first quarter

Texans 3-0 Packers.
7:34 PM2 years ago

1Q 01:04

From Love to Taylor and Green Bay's offense begins to click.
7:32 PM2 years ago

1Q 03:11

Love now completes the pass to Sternberger to get closer to midfield.
7:27 PM2 years ago

1Q 04:34

Mills' bomb looking for the diagonal zone, but the pass is incomplete. Houston to clear.
7:23 PM2 years ago

1Q 05:54

King with the big return to the opponent's 38-yard line. Good position for the Texans.
7:22 PM2 years ago

1Q 06:10

Love is pressured and again Green Bay three and out, to clear.
7:17 PM2 years ago

1Q 07:48

Texans FG

From 37 yards out Fairbairn makes the field goal to open the scoring.

7:16 PM2 years ago

1Q 08:16

Johnson with the carry that falls short and it will be fourth down for Houston.
7:14 PM2 years ago

1Q 10:00

Conley with the reception over the sideline to get inside beyond the Green Bay 30-yard line.
7:13 PM2 years ago

1Q 11:07

Taylor with the pass down the middle to move the chains once again.
7:11 PM2 years ago

1Q 12:43

Conley with the reception after Taylor's pass to move the chains for the first time on the afternoon.
7:09 PM2 years ago

1Q 13:28

Three and out for Green Bay after three Jordan Love passes.
7:07 PM2 years ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. The Packers on offense with Jordan Love.
7:02 PM2 years ago

It is ready

Everything is ready on the field for the start of the Packers-Texans game.
6:55 PM2 years ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between the Houston Texans and the Green Bay Packers.
6:48 PM2 years ago

Texans: next games

The Texans will have a tough preseason close when they visit the Dallas Cowboys in the Texans game and host the champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
6:44 PM2 years ago

Packers: next games

The Packers will host the New York Jets in Week 2 and close at home to the Buffalo Bills.
6:42 PM2 years ago

The coverage

This provides hand-to-hand coverage between offense and defense.
6:37 PM2 years ago


This is what Lambeau Field looks like for this afternoon's Packers and Texans game, which will be the seventh meeting in their history.
6:32 PM2 years ago

Already warming up

Jordan Love is already on the field doing some warm-up exercises, we will see how he does playing for the first time as a starter, even if it is a preseason game.
6:27 PM2 years ago

There is support

Green Bay fans are happy and with family as they return to Lambeau Field to support their Packers.

6:22 PM2 years ago

The golden opportunity

Speaking of Jordan Love, it is worth remembering that he was inactive last season due to injury, how good Aaron Rodgers was and because there was no preseason, which is why these will be his first non-career games at the helm of Green Bay.
6:17 PM2 years ago

Without Rodgers

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers will remain with the Packers, but it was reported that at least for this game he will not see action and Jordan Love will.
6:12 PM2 years ago


The Houston Texans and the Green Bay Packers make their NFL preseason debut. We begin with VAVEL's coverage of the game.
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Tune in here Houston Texans vs Green Bay Packers Live Score

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Houston Texans vs Green Bay Packers match.
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What time is Houston Texans vs Green Bay Packers match for NFL Preseason?

This is the start time of the game Houston Texans vs Green Bay Packers of 14th August in several countries:

Argentina: 9:00 PM

Bolivia: 8:00 PM

Brazil: 9:00 PM

Chile: 8:00 PM

Colombia: 7:00 PM

Ecuador: 7:00 horas

USA (ET): 8:00 PM in NFL Network

Spain: 2:00 AM

Mexico: 7:00 PM in NFL Network

Paraguay: 9:00 PM

Peru: 7:00 PM

Uruguay: 9:00 PM

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Last games

Because they are in different conferences, the regular season matchup between Texans and Packers only happens every four years. Only six times have they met with Green Bay having the advantage of five wins to one loss: only once have they met in preseason which was in 2019 with the Cheesers winning 28-26.
5:52 PM2 years ago

Key player Green Bay Packers

Who will be able to see action for many plays will be Jordan Love, because he did not play last season and has not had a chance to show himself on the field, considering that he is expected to be the natural reliever when Aaron Rodgers leaves and/or retires.

5:47 PM2 years ago

Key player Houston Texans

After having an incredible rookie season, the arrival of Melvin Gordon to the Broncos took away his prominence and that's why running back Phillip Lindsay decided to leave Denver to join a team like the Texans that one of its weak points in 2020 was the ground attack.

5:42 PM2 years ago

Packers: Calming the atmosphere

The NFL novel was what happened with Aaron Rodgers who, at the end of the day, will be with the Packers for one more season with the goal of reaching the Super Bowl; however, Matt LaFleur indicated that number 12 will not be active in the preseason and the backup, Jordan Love, will do so.
5:37 PM2 years ago

Texans: renovation

The Houston Texans have had many moves in recent years and have gone from being a contending team to a renewal team where they are not expected to do much throughout the season; the main focus of attention is on quarterback Deshaun Watson, who expressed his desire to leave the institution, but negotiations were halted due to the multiple sexual harassment claims that became known during the summer.
5:32 PM2 years ago

Preseason returns

It should be recalled that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the NFL did not have preseason games last year and, for this year, there will only be three games per team due to the extension of the regular campaign by one week.
5:27 PM2 years ago

Kick-off time

The Houston Texans vs Green Bay Packers match will be played at the Lambeu Field Stadium, in Wisconsin, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8 pm ET.
5:22 PM2 years ago

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