Touchdowns and Highlights: Lions 20-26 Steelers in NFL Preseason
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Thank you for following the broadcast of the Lions-Steelers game for week 2 of the NFL preseason. See you next time.
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They remain undefeated

The Steelers remain undefeated and now beat the Lions 26-20 with a convincing first half performance where the starters prevailed and managed the shutout, although they came close to losing the lead at the end,
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End game

Lions 20-26 Steelers.
10:18 PMa month ago

4Q 01:50

Edmunds gains 19 yards and brings the Steelers closer to victory.
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4Q 01:56


Reynolds with the carry up the middle and the Lions are now only six points behind.

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4Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
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4Q 03:09

Detroit takes the short kickoff, which it recovers, and kicks off from its 40-yard line.
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4Q 03:11


Blough finds McKinley for Detroit's second touchdown of the game.

9:53 PMa month ago

4Q 05:35

Kennedy finds a long breakaway 25 yards out.
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4Q 09:22

Steelers FG 

Boswell 42-yarder extends the game lead.

9:43 PMa month ago

4Q 09:46

Haskins is caught on third down and the Steelers will have to settle for a field goal.
9:38 PMa month ago

4Q 11:04

Melifonwu takes the sideline and scampers more than 20 yards to set up at the Detroit 16-yard line.
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4Q 13:41

Haskins takes advantage of the space and carries the ball to his own 40-yard line.
9:28 PMa month ago

4Q 14:56


Igwebuike scampers six yards and takes away the shutout at Heinz Field, though they miss the conversion.

9:23 PMa month ago

End of third quarter

Lions 0-23 Steelers.
9:18 PMa month ago

3Q 00:50

Wright with the reception over the middle and moves the chains beyond the Pittsburgh 20-yard line.
9:13 PMa month ago

3Q 01:37

Kennedy falls short of the mark and Detroit in fourth plays it to move the chains.
9:08 PMa month ago

3Q 04:37

Great breakaway by Blough who manages to get away and get the first and ten in rival Steelers' territory.
9:03 PMa month ago

3Q 06:35

Igwebuike with the seven-yard reception to move the chains to Detroit's 42-yard line.
8:58 PMa month ago

2Q 07:43

Steelers FG

Boswell 24-yard field goal.

8:53 PMa month ago

2Q 09:43

Ebron with the reception and reaches the mark to move the chains in the red zone.
8:48 PMa month ago

3Q 13:45

Mills with the short reception and the Lions to clear.
8:43 PMa month ago

3Q 15:00

Second half begins. Lions on the offensive.
8:38 PMa month ago

Half time

Lions 0-20 Steelers.
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2Q 00:09

Steelers FG 

From 23 yards Boswell extends the lead in the game.

8:28 PMa month ago

2Q 00:12

Rudolph is pressured and the pass is incomplete.
8:23 PMa month ago

2Q 01:07

McFarland with the cutback and is now installed in the red zone.
8:18 PMa month ago

2Q 01:56

Steelers punt on fourth down and Smith-Schuster gets 16 yards.
8:13 PMa month ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
8:08 PMa month ago

2Q 04:14

Floated pass from Rudolph to Ebron to close to midfield in a series that didn't look good at all.
8:03 PMa month ago

2Q 04:22

Rudolph with the incomplete pass inside his end zone, but Detroit gives away first and ten.
7:58 PMa month ago

2Q 06:13

Very short pass from Boyle on third and long, so Detroit will have to clear.
7:53 PMa month ago

2Q 10:25

Boyle finds Fells and the Lions are able to move the chains out of the commitment zone.
7:48 PMa month ago

2Q 11:25

Steelers FG

Chris Boswell connects on the 35-yard kickoff to extend the lead.

7:43 PMa month ago

2Q 11:29

Smith Schuster cannot keep the ball in the end zone on third down.
7:38 PMa month ago

2Q 14:11

Rudolph finds Ebron on the wing for first and ten and set up in Detroit territory.
7:33 PMa month ago

End of first quarter

Lions 0-14 Steelers.
7:28 PMa month ago

1Q 01:16

McFarland with the lateral pass reception and takes advantage of the blocking to gain 12 yards.
7:23 PMa month ago

TD Steelers 14-0

7:18 PMa month ago

1Q 02:33

Jefferson with the short carry on third down and they will have to clear.
7:13 PMa month ago

1Q 02:56

Steelers TDs

A repeat of the Roethlisberger and Freiermuth eight-yard connection to extend the lead at Heinz Field.

7:08 PMa month ago

1Q 03:45

Steelers time out.
7:03 PMa month ago

1Q 09:54

Great play by Harris who escapes beyond the 10-yard line in the opponent's territory.
6:58 PMa month ago

TD Steelers 7-0

6:53 PMa month ago

1Q 05:21

They bat down the pass at the line to Goff and Detroit will have to punt after three plays.
6:48 PMa month ago

1Q 06:12

Steelers TDs

Roethlisberger with several feints until he finds Freiermuth in the promise zone.

6:43 PMa month ago

1Q 08:18

Smith-Schuster with the wide receiver and the Steelers are in the red zone.
6:38 PMa month ago

1Q 09:52

Big Ben's bomb to find Johnson. First and ten Pittsburgh at the opponent's 32-yard line.
6:33 PMa month ago

1Q 11:20

Goff can't find Brown and the Lions will have to clear near midfield.
6:28 PMa month ago

1Q 12:41

Jefferson with the carry to gain 11 yards and move the chains.
6:23 PMa month ago

1Q 13:10

Goff with the completed pass to move the chains for the Lions.
6:18 PMa month ago

1Q 13:25

Big Ben shakes off the pressure and throws the pass that Ebron drops. Steelers three and out.
6:13 PMa month ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Steelers on offense.
6:08 PMa month ago

Full throttle

The excitement is at its peak for the clash between the Steelers and Lions in Week 3 of the NFL preseason.

6:03 PMa month ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between the Detroit Lions and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Don't miss the most relevant plays.
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Will play

Jared Goff will be active again this Saturday to get into a rhythm and adapt to the system after his time with the Los Angeles Rams.
5:53 PMa month ago

No mask, no entry

The Steelers noted this week that they need everyone to wear their mask, regardless of whether they are already vaccinated or not.

5:48 PMa month ago

In the field

Najee Harris, the Steelers' first-round draft pick, is already on the field looking to continue to have another strong showing on the ground attack.
5:43 PMa month ago

Signing autographs

Chase Claypool gave the Steelers a mid-week scare with his injury, but fortunately for him, it was of no consequence after he was pulled with help from Big Ben and Eric Ebron.

5:38 PMa month ago

Will be in the field

Ben Roethlisberger will be active this afternoon and said he is looking forward to getting back on the field and proving he can be at a good level for the 2021 NFL season.
5:33 PMa month ago

The outlook

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin gave his thoughts on what he expects in this game at the quarterback position.
5:28 PMa month ago

Thus they arrived

Detroit arrived yesterday in Pittsburgh to face its first preseason away game, where they are looking for a victory.

5:23 PMa month ago

Double victory

The Steelers are motivated by their two preseason wins, the first of which was the Hall of Fame game against the Dallas Cowboys.
5:18 PMa month ago


The Steelers will have their only preseason home game against a Lions team looking to pull off an upset at Heinz Field. We start with the coverage.
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Tune in here Detroit Lions vs Pittsburgh Steelers Live Score

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What time is Detroit Lions vs Pittsburgh Steelers match for NFL Preseason?

This is the start time of the game Detroit Lions vs Pittsburgh Steelers of 21st August in several countries:

Argentina: 8:30 PM

Bolivia: 7:30 PM

Brazil: 8:30 PM

Chile: 7:30 PM

Colombia: 6:30 PM

Ecuador: 6:30 horas

USA (ET): 7:30 PM in NFL Network

Spain: 1:30 AM

Mexico: 6:30 PM in NFL Network

Paraguay: 8:30 PM

Peru: 6:30 PM

Uruguay: 8:30 PM

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Last games

Every four years these two franchises face each other as they are in different conferences, although the Steelers have the advantage in the most recent five clashes with a balance of four wins and one loss; however the last time they met in preseason was in 2018 in Pittsburgh with a win for the felines by a score of 30 to 17.
4:58 PMa month ago

Key player Detroit Lions

Jared Goff could not shine at one hundred percent with the Rams and that is why he was traded to the Lions, reason why he will have a personal revenge to show that he still has a lot to give, emphasizing that in the game against the Bills he threw 7 of 9 deliveries for 56 yards.

4:53 PMa month ago

Key player Pittsburgh Steelers

After his indiscipline in Washington, the Steelers gave him Dwayne Haskins a second chance and in these two games he has looked much better and more compact than Mason Rudolph, which is why he has already been promoted to second quarterback.

4:48 PMa month ago

Without showing his weapons

In one of the paradoxes of the NFL, these teams will face each other in the regular season in this same stadium and it will be on November 14 in this same building, so the teams will most likely not show all their arsenal.
4:43 PMa month ago

Detroit Lions: to prove they are not inferior

The forecasts for the 2021 NFL season do not look good for the Detroit Lions, who many expect to finish last in the NFC North division; however, they want to show that they have the level to fight for a place in the postseason and what better way to do it than as visitors.
4:38 PMa month ago

Pittsburgh Steelers: back home

After two games played in this preseason, the first one being the Hall of Fame game with a victory against the Dallas Cowboys and the second one in the Pennsylvania Classic against the Philadelphia Eagles, where they came from behind in the second half.
4:33 PMa month ago

Kick-off time

The Detroit Lions vs Pittsburgh Steelers match will be played at the Heinz Field Stadium, in Pennsylvania, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 7:30 pm ET.
4:28 PMa month ago

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