Highlights and Touchdowns: Jaguars 34-14 Cowboys in NFL Preseason
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Thank you for following the Jaguars-Cowboys game for week 3 of the NFL preseason. See you next time.
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They did not win

Dallas was winless in preseason and in its last game lost at home to the Jacksonville Jaguars, who shined from the first quarter thanks to Trevor Lawrence.
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End game

Jaguars 34-14 Cowboys.
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4Q 00:50

Jacksonville kneels three times and the game will be history.
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4Q 01:22


DiNucci finds Dixon for the touchdown.

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4Q 01:41

Incomplete pass by DiNucci and it will be fourth. Two-minute break.
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4Q 02:00

Incomplete pass by DiNucci and it will be fourth. Two-minute break.
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4Q 02:41


Ozigbo with the four-yard carry up the middle to extend the lead.

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4Q 04:09

Now it's Ozigbo with the carry to the 29-yard line.
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2Q 04:54

Short carry up the middle and the Jaguars continue to eat up the clock as much as possible.
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4Q 07:06

DiNucci can't find Mitchell and the Cowboys turn the ball over.
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4Q 07:53


44 yards Lambo connects on his field goal.

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4Q 08:31

Fumble on third down that Jacksonville recovers but with negative yardage. Field goal attempt.
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4Q 10:05

From Lutton to Evan and the Jaguars move the chains.
2:27 PMa year ago

4Q 13:59

Carry up the middle and Jacksonville moves the ball.
2:25 PMa year ago

4Q 14:48

They play it in the fourth but Dinucci does not complete the pass and they will give away possession.
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4Q 14:53

Dinucci with the bomb that is incomplete. Interference was called for but nothing is penalized.
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End of third quarter

Jaguars 24-7 Cowboys.
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3Q 01:00

Knox with the short carry to get to the first-and-10 mark.
2:19 PMa year ago

TD Jaguars 24-7

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3Q 02:17


Tradwell with the reception despite the coverage of two players and enters the diagonals.

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3Q 03:48

Cotton with the reception down the sideline and the Jaguars are already in the red zone.
2:10 PMa year ago

3Q 05:43

Big mistake by the Dallas defense that gives away first and ten for a personal foul.
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3Q 07:14

Poor coordination between the center and the quarterback with a loss of 17 yards.
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3Q 09:40

Cotton Jr scampers down the sideline more than 25 yards for first and ten, near midfield.
2:01 PMa year ago

3Q 10:03

Dinucci with the very high pass and Dallas three and out, to clear.
1:56 PMa year ago

3Q 12:14

Lutton with the incomplete pass and the Jaguars will have to clear.
1:55 PMa year ago

3Q 13:42

Ozigbo with the carry to move the chains for the first time in the second half.
1:54 PMa year ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Jaguars on offense.
1:39 PMa year ago

Half time

Zuerlain 55-yard field goal miss.

Jaguars 17-7 Cowboys at halftime

1:38 PMa year ago

2Q 00:05

Gilbert with the short pass that is incomplete.
1:32 PMa year ago

2Q 01:01

Now Beathard makes a mistake and is intercepted.
1:32 PMa year ago

2Q 01:20

Cotton Jr with the impressive reception to move the chains past midfield.
1:28 PMa year ago

2Q 01:51

Beathard with the pass incomplete due to the receiver completing the reception out of the backfield. Dallas to clear.
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2Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
1:21 PMa year ago

2Q 03:28

FG Jaguars

Lambo with the 37-yard field goal to widen the gap.

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2Q 04:19


Beathard sharpens his aim and finds Cotton Jr. in single coverage. The play is reviewed and the touchdown is overturned, incomplete pass.

1:14 PMa year ago

TD Dallas 7-14

1:13 PMa year ago

2Q 04:45

Beathard with the bomb to the opponent's 38-yard line. First and ten Jaguars.
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2Q 04:54


Gilbert from the formation finds Parker to break up the shutout.

1:08 PMa year ago

2Q 05:58

Gilbert completes to Turner and Dallas is already at the opponent's 31-yard line. Then Hardy turns the corner and gets another first and ten.
1:05 PMa year ago

2Q 07:09

Dallas surprises by taking a gamble and Gilbert makes the right pass to advance into Jaguar territory.
1:05 PMa year ago

4Q 07:15

Gilbert again fails to pass on third down and the Cowboys in a series that promised for more will have to clear.
12:59 PMa year ago

2Q 10:18

Beathard's three-yard pass to Hammond that falls short of the mark and Jaguars to clear.
12:53 PMa year ago

2Q 11:56

Gilbert now with the pass incomplete on third down and Dallas to clear inside their 25 yard line.
12:51 PMa year ago

TD Jaguars 14-0

12:47 PMa year ago

2Q 13:27


Lawrence puts the ball in the corner for Shenault's reception in the promised zone.

12:46 PMa year ago

2Q 14:45

Great carry by Shenault to get on the 4-yard line.
12:42 PMa year ago

End of first quarter

Jaguars 7-0 Cowboys.
12:37 PMa year ago

1Q 00:58

Carter is flagged for a personal foul and the Jaguars have the ball at the opponent's 38-yard line.
12:32 PMa year ago

1Q 02:34

Rush with the delivery that falls short of the mark to Eubanks and Dallas to clear.
12:27 PMa year ago

1Q 03:22

Knox with the carry and Dallas moves the chains to get out of a very tight zone.
12:22 PMa year ago

1Q 05:26

Lawrence with the incomplete pass on third down near midfield.
12:17 PMa year ago

1Q 07:13

Rola Lawrence to his right side and completes the pass to move the chains.
12:12 PMa year ago

1Q 07:59

Rush with the incomplete pass and again Dallas to clear.
12:07 PMa year ago

TD Jaguars 7-0

12:02 PMa year ago

1Q 11:27

TD Jaguars

Lawrence connects down the sideline with Cooper for the first touchdown of the game.

11:57 AMa year ago

1Q 13:00

Lawrence's bomb and the Jaguars are already in the opponent's zone.
11:52 AMa year ago

1Q 14:20

Rush with the incomplete pass on third down and the Cowboys to clear.
11:47 AMa year ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Cowboys on offense.
11:42 AMa year ago

All set

Lawrence is ready on the field to take command of the offense.
11:37 AMa year ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Cowboys and Jaguars. Don't miss the most relevant plays.
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Sunday's Billboard

In addition to this game, four other games will be played to conclude the NFL preseason:

Dolphins vs Bengals

Raiders vs 49ers

Patriots vs Giants

Browns vs Falcons.

11:27 AMa year ago

Everyone warms up

Although many of them will not be active today, all players are uniformed and take the field for warm-up protocols.

11:22 AMa year ago

Goes as a starter

Trevor Lawrence clears doubts and he will be the starter for this last preseason game. It should be noted that in two games he has not been able to throw a touchdown pass.
11:17 AMa year ago

They have joined

NFL teams have shown their support for New Orleans and the Louisiana stadium in the wake of Hurricane Ida.
11:12 AMa year ago

The data

Here are some of the most important stats from the short-lived Cowboys-Jaguars rivalry:

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In drees uniform

The Jaguars will once again jump into their first uniform when they visit AT&T Stadium, remembering that Dallas plays its home games in a white uniform.

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These Jacksonville players will not be active this Sunday against Dallas:

10:57 AMa year ago

Confirmed as starter

When there was speculation last Monday that Lawrece was not assured of a starting spot, this week the Jaguars confirmed him as the starter for the regular season and sent Minshew to the Philadelphia Eagles.
10:52 AMa year ago

Dak will not be

As reported, Dak Prescott is progressing and will be 100% for the start of the regular season when they visit Tampa Bay, but he will not see action this afternoon either.
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The Jacksonville Jaguars and Dallas Cowboys conclude their preseason with this vibrant game at AT&T Stadium. We start with the coverage.
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Tune in here Jacksonville Jaguars vs Dallas Cowboys Live Score

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What time is Jacksonville Jaguars vs Dallas Cowboys match for NFL Preseason?

This is the start time of the game Jacksonville Jaguars vs Dallas Cowboys of 28th August in several countries:

Argentina: 2:00 PM

Bolivia: 1:00 PM

Brazil: 2:00 PM

Chile: 1:00 PM

Colombia: 12:00 PM

Ecuador: 12:00 horas

USA (ET): 1:00 PM in NFL Network.

Spain: 7:00 PM

Mexico: 12:00 PM in NFL Network.

Paraguay: 2:00 PM

Peru: 12:00 PM

Uruguay: 2:00 PM

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Last games

Since 1997 when the Jacksonville franchise was born, they have only met seven times in their history with a minimal advantage for the Cowboys with a record of 4 wins and 3 losses; the last time they played in Arlington was in 2018 with a win for the hosts by a score of 40 to 7.
10:27 AMa year ago

Key player Dallas Cowboys

Defensive wing DeMarcus Lawrence has been a vital piece with the Cowboys, although he has already expressed that he is studying the offensive line of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the team with which they will open the season and with that the NFL Kick-off will take place.

10:22 AMa year ago

Key player Jacksonville Jaguars

Trevor Lawrence has had a hard time adjusting to the NFL and has yet to throw his first touchdown pass as a pro. In addition, rumors in Jacksonville indicate that he is still not a guaranteed starter, so he needs to improve his on-field performance.

10:17 AMa year ago

Dallas Cowboys: polishing details

Still without Dak Prescott at the controls, the defense with starters and substitutes still leaves some doubts that will have to be polished in this game because it has also lost all its preseason games against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Arizona Cardinals and Houston Texans. Mexican Isaac Alarcón is expected to be active, but in a reduced form in the second half.
10:12 AMa year ago

Jacksonville Jaguars: gaining confidence

The Jaguars have had brave reactions in the last periods against the Cleveland Browns and the New Orleans Saints, but it has not been enough for them to get the victory. Although, beyond the fact that it is preseason, a victory will help the team a lot to motivate them for the start of the regular season where they will face the Houston Texans.

The bad news of the week was the news that rookie running back Travis Etienne, coming from Clemson University, will require surgery on his foot and will be out for the entire next season.

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Kick-off time

The Jacksonville Jaguars vs Dallas Cowboys match will be played at the AT&T Stadium, in Arlington, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 1 pm ET.
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