Highlights: Las Vegas Raiders 10-34 San Francisco 49ers in NFL Preseason match
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7:02 PM25 days ago


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6:59 PM25 days ago


In three attempts the 49ers did not go to the endzone! And that's the end of the game! 49ers win over the Raiders!
6:50 PM25 days ago

1st & goal

Hasty took off and got another first down in the red zone!
6:49 PM25 days ago

1st & 10

On a great run the 49ers get another first down, already at the 30 line!
6:46 PM25 days ago

1st & 10

On good throws by Lance, the 49ers are already past the 50-yard line.
6:41 PM25 days ago


With three tackles before the first down line, the Raiders did little and go for the punt, sending the ball to the 20-yard line.
6:37 PM25 days ago


On the punt return the 49ers failed to get the first down and already go for a punt, giving the Raiders a chance to start the offense at the 20-yard line!
6:30 PM25 days ago


And on a tackle on Peterman, the Raiders return the ball on a 4th & 29! The 49ers start with the ball at the 15-yard line.
6:29 PM25 days ago

Oh boy...

The last quarter begins and the Raiders are already going for a 3rd & 17.
6:25 PM25 days ago


Raiders got one on the comeback and stop at the 35 line in that late third quarter!
6:21 PM25 days ago


And on the second play Hasty got past the tackles in the middle and into the endzone! We have a 34 to 10 now!
6:19 PM25 days ago


Peterman, on the return, attempted a pass and Ha Ha got the interception going all the way to the 20 line on offense!
6:16 PM25 days ago


OH MY GOD! On a beautiful play by Hasty, the Running Back took off, broke tackles and went to the endzone, scoring the touchdown!
6:13 PM25 days ago

1st & 10

One more good bid pass and the 49ers are already at the 40 line on offense!
6:12 PM25 days ago

Great return

On the return for the 49ers, Mitchell ran, ran, and ran some more, going to the 50 line!
6:09 PM25 days ago


Peterman found a good pass on the left and the offense went into the endzone! After the extra point we have a 20 to 10 for the 49ers still!
6:08 PM25 days ago

3r & 4

Raiders advance a little further into the red zone and have a 3rd to four.
6:05 PM25 days ago

1st & 10

Good pass from Peterman and the Raiders go to the 34 line!
6:03 PM25 days ago

2nd & 14

Peterman hit a good pass over the middle and got the fisrt down at the 40 line! But after that he suffered a sack!
6:02 PM25 days ago

1st & 10

49ers hit the punt and Peterman already returned with a good run, going to the 20-yard line!
5:57 PM25 days ago

2nd & 9

49ers with the ball and already near the 40-yard line!
5:55 PM25 days ago

Another punt

The Raiders, on the other hand, went to the 20 line, tried running plays, and already gave the ball back to the 49ers.
5:51 PM25 days ago


The 49ers didn't get past the 40 now return the ball on a punt, sending it out of bounds after pinging down the field, great punt! The Raiders start at the 5-yard line!
5:46 PM25 days ago


Punt hit and the ball starts with the 49ers in that third quarter at the 29 line!
5:32 PM25 days ago


The 49ers kick the filed goal, make it 20 to 3 and so ends the first half!
5:31 PM25 days ago

1st & goal

There was a foul on Lance's long throw and with five seconds on the clock the 49ers have a 1st & goal!
5:29 PM25 days ago

1st & 10

On a 4th to five the 49ers got the first down on a run! They are already near the field goal zone!
5:26 PM25 days ago

1st & 10

Barely starting their offense, the 49ers are already past the 50 line.
5:24 PM25 days ago


Raiders on offense and almost got the first down, but they get a 4th for two and will give the ball back, with the 49ers starting at the 26 line.
5:22 PM25 days ago

1st & 10

Ball returned for the Raiders, who start their offense at the 20-yard line.
5:20 PM25 days ago


49ers went for the 4th & goal with Lance and decided to go for Field Goald with Gould, who put it in the net and made it 17 for the 49ers! We have 1:33 on the clock.
5:17 PM25 days ago

1st & goal

49ers, on a defensive foul, get a first down and have a first for the goal!
5:11 PM25 days ago

Two first downs!

Tray Lance has already got his first first down in this return, followed by one more! 49ers at the 30! They are in th red zone!
5:08 PM25 days ago


At the defensive 10 line the Raiders kick the punt and the punt returns to the 50-yard line!
5:07 PM25 days ago

2nd & 7

Raiders ball, no Fumble and we have a second for seven.
5:05 PM25 days ago


A slight moment of confusion: there was a possible fumble, the offense possibly recovered. 49ers challenged and play is reviewed.
4:53 PM25 days ago

1st & 10

Ball returned and the 49ers start their new offense at the 25 line.
4:50 PM25 days ago


But now nothing happened and the Raiders went for the field goal, getting their first three points of the game!
4:48 PM25 days ago

1st & 10

Now we're talking! Peterman threw a great ball on the right, which turned into a fisrt down at the 35 line!
4:46 PM25 days ago

2nd & 7

Another first down for the Raiders, with a great run up the middle of Peterman.
4:45 PM25 days ago

1st & 10

Ragas was able to run and go to the line of 30, earning a first down for the Riders.
4:43 PM25 days ago

1st & 10

Ball returned and the Raiders start their offense only on the 15 line.
4:40 PM25 days ago


Tray Lance, who started playing now in place of Garoppolo, solved the play himself and went to the end zone, scoring the touchdown! 14 - 0 with the extra point!
4:39 PM25 days ago

2nd Q

On the 1st & goal we start the second quarter of the game with 49ers on offense from the previous play!
4:36 PM25 days ago

1st & 10

Garoppolo, on 4th & 1, threw himself in front and got the first down in front of the end zone!
4:33 PM25 days ago

3rd & 14

Okay Garoppolo. On a 3rd & 14 he hit a beautiful pass over the middle to the 15 yard line, getting the fisrt down and already closer to the field goal!
4:30 PM25 days ago

1st & 10

Tray Sermon ran with it and got the first down! 49ers at the 30!
4:29 PM25 days ago

1st & 10

Jimmy Garoppolo caught a GREAT pass over the middle and took the 49ers to the 40-yard line!
4:24 PM25 days ago


Peterman even managed to throw for a few yards and a first down, the Raiders' first, but the ball will already be returned, arriving only at the 40-yard line.
4:22 PM25 days ago

1st & 10

Ball returned for play with possession by the Raiders, who keep it at the 20-yard line.
4:20 PM25 days ago


Jimmy Garoppolo went pro and got the first touchdown of the game! 7X0 for 49ers!
4:14 PM25 days ago

1st & 10

Mostert, again from the right, got the fisrt down near the five-yard line! 
4:13 PM25 days ago

1st & 10

On the second down Mostert sped down the right side and made it to the 35-yard line! And on the second play after that Mostert went to the 19-yard line!
4:11 PM25 days ago

1st & 10

Garoppolo caught a great pass and Kittle went to the 50-yard line!
4:09 PM25 days ago


Two missed punts on the ground and the Raiders already have their first punt. The 49ers start their offense at the 30-yard line.
4:07 PM25 days ago

2nd & 6

Peterman is the quarterback today, and on his first play he started a run on the ground, which went four yards. We got a second to six.
4:06 PM25 days ago


The 49ers take the first shot at the ball and the Raiders start with it, going down to the 15-yard line.
4:02 PM25 days ago

It'll start!

49ers and Raiders appear on Levi's Stadium turf!
3:59 PM25 days ago

National anthem!

Now the American national anthem is played, being sung right from the stadium!
3:53 PM25 days ago

Shirts for today!

The 49ers will play in red today, against the Raiders who will play in white!
3:42 PM25 days ago

Preseason - part 4

Closing out yesterday the Broncos beat the Rams 17-12, while the Seahawks beat the Chargers 27-0. So far the Jaguars are beating the Cowboys 24-7. Today at the same time as this game the Bengals face the Dolphins and at 7 pm the Giants play the Patriots.
3:42 PM25 days ago

Preseason - part 3

Yesterday the Bills beat the Packers 19-0 and the Ravens beat Washington 37-3. Also yesterday the Bears beat the Titans 27-24 and the Buccaneers beat the Texans 23-16.
3:36 PM25 days ago

Preseason - part 2

On the same day the Eagles tied the Jets 31-31 and the Panthers beat the Steelers 34-9. Also on Friday the Chiefs got past the Vikings with a 28-25 win. 
3:36 PM25 days ago

Preseason - part 1

The NFL preseason has four weeks where every team has played three times, with the exception of the Steelers and Cowboys, the only teams to play in week 1. In this week 4 the round started Friday, with the Colts beating the Lions 27-17. 
3:20 PM25 days ago

Tems already at Levi's

Both teams are already at Levi's Stadium and the ball will fly in 1h!
3:18 PM25 days ago


Now begins the broadcast of the NFL preseason game between the San Fransisco 49ers and the Las Vegas Raiders!
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Battle of th Bay

The rivalry between the 49ers and Raiders is known then as Battle of the Bay. The rivalry between the franchises has grown because of the proximity of Levi's Stadium home of the 49ers, and RingCentral Coliseum, the former home of the Raiders back when the team was still called the Oakland Raiders. The last time they faced each other was in 2018, with a 34-3 win for the 49ers.
1:07 AMa month ago

Key player: Raiders

The highlight for the Raiders, meanwhile, is the already experienced Derek Carr, who has been with the franchise since 2014, when they were still called the Oakland Raiders.
1:02 AMa month ago

Key player: 49ers

Trey Lance was one of the quarterbacks used in the last game that threw 2 touchdowns and gained 102 yards in the game. He was drafted by the 49ers now in 2021 and has already shown promise in the preseason on a team that also features Jimmy Garoppolo.
12:57 AMa month ago

Sentence: Raiders - part 2

A little earlier, on the 14th, the Raiders quietly cruised past the Seahwaks with a 20-7 win. The first quarter closed 7-0 to the Raiders, with the second ending 6-0. The third quarter - curiously enough - ended 7-0 for the Seahawks. The last quarter ended 7-0 for the Raiders.
12:52 AMa month ago

Sentence: Raiders - part 1

The Raiders, meanwhile, have won their two matches so far. The last one, on Saturday (21), by 17-16 over the Los Angeles Rams. The first quarter was 7-0 to the Raiders. The second was 10-0 to the Rams. The third closed 3-0 to the Raiders and the last was balanced, ending 7-6 to the Raiders.
12:47 AMa month ago

Sentence: 49ers - part 2

On the 14th, against the Kansas City Chiefs, the 49ers were defeated 19-16. In the first quarter the Chiefs won by 7 to 6. The second quarter saw the 49ers win by 3-0, just like the third, but with the Chiefs winning. And the last quarter the Chiefs won by 9 to 7.
12:42 AMa month ago

Sentence: 49ers - part 1

The San Fransisco 49ers, in the preseason, played twice, having one loss and one win. The victory came last Sunday (22), against the Los Angeles Chargers. The first quarter ended with no points. The second quarter saw the Chargers win by 10 to 8. In the third quarter the 49ers won by 7 to 0 and the last quarter ended in 0 to 0, closing the score at 15 to 10 for the 49ers.
12:37 AMa month ago

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