Touchdowns and Highlights of Patriots 22-20 Giants on preseason 2021 NFL
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9:13 PM23 days ago

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9:10 PM23 days ago

Incredible touchdown

This touchdown almost tied the game near the end but unfortunately the Giants did not convert the two points.


9:06 PM23 days ago

4th Quarter | 0:00

The game corresponding to the last date of the preseason ends, the final score is: 
Patriots 22-20 Giants
9:01 PM23 days ago

4th Quarter | 0:08

Glennon sent an incredible 43-yard pass for a touchdown in the final seconds of the game. 
Giants looked for the two-point play but Glennon's pass was incomplete. 
8:58 PM23 days ago

4th Quarter | 0:36

Nordin missed the 54-yard field goal and the score remains the same.
8:51 PM23 days ago

4th Quarter | 2:09

Hoyer finds Zuber with a long pass and again they have a promising offensive series. 
8:46 PM23 days ago

4th Quarter | 4:10

Short pass from Glennon to D. Willis who gets 11 more yards and it's a dangerous play for Giants. 
8:37 PM23 days ago

4th Quarter | 6:23

Nordin converts a 37-yard field goal and the Patriots add 3 more points. 
8:29 PM23 days ago

4th Quarter | 13:00 TOUCHDOWN GIANTS

Glennon short pass to the right to Bachman who gets a total of 12 yards.
8:24 PM23 days ago

3rd Quarter | 0:26

Penny gets 3 yards via the run. But Patriots were penalized for a 15-yard facemask pull. 
8:18 PM23 days ago

3rd Quarter | 5:36

Giants are forced to punt for two points but Gano misses from 41 yards out. 
8:09 PM23 days ago

3rd Quarter | 6:26

Glennon throws a short pass over the middle to Bachman for 21 yards, leaving New York in the danger zone.
8:04 PM23 days ago

3rd Quarter | 9:06

Nordin completes the extra point in fine fashion and the Patriots begin to add to their lead. 
8:03 PM23 days ago

3rd Quarter | 9:06 TOUCHDOWN PATRIOTS

Stevenson escaped down the left sideline to get 9 yards into the end zone.
7:46 PM23 days ago

3rd Quarter | 12:16

Stevenson rushes to the left end and misses the two-point conversion.
7:45 PM23 days ago

3rd Quarter | 12:16

Starting the third quarter Jones finds Zuber with a short pass to the left for 17 yards.
7:40 PM23 days ago

Great TD play

The pass is impressive and the reception is wonderful.


7:26 PM23 days ago

2nd Quarter | 0:32

Gano made the extra point good for the New Yorkers.
7:24 PM23 days ago

2nd Quarter | 0:36 TOUCHDOWN GIANTS

Great play by Jones passing deep to Smith for 23 yards for the TOUCHDOWN.
7:16 PM23 days ago

2nd Quarter | 2:00

Jones sends a short pass to the right to Engram but again it is intercepted by Ross.
6:57 PM23 days ago

2nd Quarter | 6:58

Nordin makes a 48-yard field goal to give the Patriots a three-point lead.
6:55 PM23 days ago

2nd Quarter | 11:16

Excellent deep pass from Jones goes to K. Wilkerson who ended up gaining a total of 21 yards and the Patriots are getting dangerously close.
6:49 PM23 days ago

2nd Quarter | 11:28

With third and goal, Jones sent a short pass to the right looking for Engram, but it was intercepted by Ross.
6:39 PM23 days ago

1st Quarter | 0:00

Newton throws deep pass over the middle intended for Meyers INTERCEPTED by Martinez.
6:38 PM23 days ago

1st Quarter | 1:20


Newton throws deep pass over the middle intended for Meyers INTERCEPTED by Martinez.

6:31 PM23 days ago

1st Quarter | 3:23

Jones sends an incomplete pass short left to Slayton and there will be a fourth down opportunity for Giants. 
6:18 PM23 days ago

1st Quarter | 10:20

Patriots take the lead on a 41-yard field goal by Folk.
6:17 PM23 days ago

1er Cuarto | 11:35

Harris corre por el centro hasta la 26 para ganar 18 yardas.
6:12 PM23 days ago

1st Quarter | 15:00

The Giants vs Patriots game begins.
First offensive play for the home team...
5:50 PM23 days ago

All set for the match

The New York Giants are already gearing up to take the field in search of what could be their first win of the preseason.


5:47 PM23 days ago

Patriots starting QB

El QB inicial por parte de los Patriots será nada menos que Cam Newton, una de las máximas figuras de su equipo y de quien se espera pueda llegar a cubrir lo hecho por Tom Brady. 

Sólo Derrick Henry, Dalvin Cook y Alvin Kamara tuvieron más TD de carrera que Cam Newton en 2020.

5:33 PM23 days ago

Giants starting QB

Daniel Jones will initially be in charge of guiding the New York team's offense, and will be instrumental in helping them secure a victory tonight.

5:19 PM23 days ago

Patriots want to take 3 out of 3

It has been a good preseason for the visiting team, which today will certainly want to close the preseason with three consecutive victories. 

They are already warming up before this afternoon's match...


5:14 PM23 days ago

The last of preparation

The Giants make their home appearance for the last preseason game. 

This could be a true reflection of what is to come during the 2021 season so they should go out and win it in front of their fans. 

5:09 PM23 days ago

LIVE Broadcast begins

In a few moments we will have all the details of the Giants vs Patriots, the starting QBs and the minute-by-minute of the game. 

Stay tuned!

5:04 PM23 days ago

Stay with us

In a few moments we will bring you all the latest information and the minute-by-minute matchup of the 2021 preseason lockout: Giants vs Patriots.

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4:59 PM23 days ago

How and where to watch Giants vs Patriots

The game will be broadcasted only in the United States through the NFL Network channel. 

If you want to follow the broadcast LIVE on the internet, remember that VAVEL USA is your best option. 

4:54 PM23 days ago

Giants' preseason superiority

This game marks the annual preseason showdown between New York and New England. Big Blue has won five of the last six exhibition games against the Patriots since 2014.

The last time these two teams met in the preseason was on Aug. 29, 2019, when New York posted a 31-29 victory in Foxborough.

4:49 PM23 days ago

Match Time

The schedule for the match around the United States will be: 6:00 p.m. (ET), 5:00 p.m. (CT), 4:00 p.m. (MT) and 3:00 p.m. (PT).
For Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Panama: will be played at 5:00 pm. 
Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil: 7:00 pm.
While for Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela, Venezuela, Bolivia, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic: 18:00 hours will be the indicated time.
4:44 PM23 days ago

Patriots key player

In terms of yards, junior quarterback Mac Jones has totaled 146 in the last game when they faced the Eagles. 

He even surpassed what was done by Cam Newton who is the team's starting QB, so it wouldn't be surprising if he shows up again with some throws in this afternoon's game. 

4:39 PM23 days ago

Giants key player

Although the offense is not the Giants' best strength, Clayton Thorson appears to have a promising future in the 2021 season. 

With the absence of quarterbacks on the home team, it looks like the 26-year-old could be the one to lift the team when looking for a touchdown. 

4:34 PM23 days ago

Patriots are improving

The New England Patriots were also left out of the 2020 Playoffs, with a 7-9 streak, being beaten by Dolphins and Bills. 

They seem to have started this preseason in a better way and with a 2-0 streak, they have defeated the Eagles and Washington, so they will be looking for their third consecutive victory. 

4:29 PM23 days ago

Giants came close

The New York team finished the 2020 season with a 6-10 record, which left them just one win away from making the playoffs. 

Within their group, Washington Football Team was the one that managed to advance with a 7-9 record, but could not achieve anything important in the finals. 

4:24 PM23 days ago

The match will be played at the MetLife Stadium

The Giants vs Patriots match will be played at the MetLife stadium New Jersey, USA, with a capacity of 82,500 people.

It is a multi-sport stadium located in the Meadowlands suburb of East Rutherford, New Jersey near New York City in the United States.

This property replaced the old Giants Stadium that was built in 1976, and was built in the space occupied by the parking lot of the old stadium. 

MetLife Stadium is currently home to two National Football League teams: the New York Giants and the New York Jets.

4:19 PM23 days ago

Welcome to’s coverage of the 2019 Liga MX match: Giants vs Patriots Live Updates!


My name is Salvador Espino and I’ll be your host for this game.

We will provide you with pre-game analysis, score updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL. 

This is the last week of preseason, which will leave everything ready for the start of NFL 2021. 
With the Giants coming into the game against the Patriots as the victim on paper with a 2-game losing streak in a row. 
On the other hand, the visiting team will come out with a two-game winning streak and will be looking to do their best to start the regular season in the best way possible.