Highlights and Touchdowns: Steelers 23-16 Bills in 2021 NFL
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The surprise

Although everyone had the Bills as favorites, the Steelers, with a great second half, took the victory to start the season on the right foot.
4:11 PM8 days ago

End game

Steelers 23-16 Bills.
4:06 PM8 days ago

4Q 00:45

Smith-Schuster takes the ball on the short kickoff and the Steelers will win the game.
4:01 PM8 days ago

4Q 00:46


Bass with the 42-yard field goal and now the Bills will look to recover the short kick.

3:56 PM8 days ago

4Q 01:20

Diggs with the reception to move the chains and gets off the field.
3:51 PM8 days ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute break. Buffalo is still alive.
3:46 PM8 days ago

4Q 02:42


Boswell continues to be effective and now makes the 45-yard field goal. 23-13.

3:41 PM8 days ago

4Q 02:47

Johnson with the reception on third down that falls short. Buffalo timeout.
3:36 PM8 days ago

4Q 03:01

Although he comes out hurting, Claypool makes the reception and the Steelers move the chains once again.
3:31 PM8 days ago

4Q 04:20

Smith-Schuster makes the adjustment to keep the ball and the Steelers are already in Bills territory.
3:26 PM8 days ago

4Q 05:17

Holding the defense and the Steelers get the first and automatic ten.
3:21 PM8 days ago

TD Steelers 20-10

3:16 PM8 days ago

3Q 05:23

Bills FG

Bass 26-yarder shortens the gap to just one touchdown.

3:11 PM8 days ago

4Q 06:00

Singlaterry drops the ball on reception, but it goes out fortunately for his cause.
3:06 PM8 days ago

4Q 08:06

Singlaterry breaks away and gets to the opponent's 40-yard line.
3:01 PM8 days ago

4Q 09:45

Steelers TD

Gilbert blocks the kick and returns it into the end zone. 20-10.

2:56 PM8 days ago

4Q 10:25

Heyward catches Allen and the Bills will have to clear.
2:51 PM8 days ago

TD Steelers 13-10

2:46 PM8 days ago

4Q 11:19


Johnson with the reception at corner to turn it over.

2:41 PM8 days ago

4Q 11:58

Exploit Pittsburgh's ground attack with Harris to move the chains into the end zone.
2:36 PM8 days ago

4Q 12:11

Big Ben's bomb to Claypool that is incomplete due to pass interference that puts them at the opponent's 25-yard line.
2:31 PM8 days ago

3Q 13:42

The Bills will play the Bills on fourth down and turn the ball over near midfield.
2:26 PM8 days ago

4Q 14:20

Fitzpatrick makes the tackle and the Bills get within one yard.
2:21 PM8 days ago

End of third quarter

Steelers 6-10 Bills
2:16 PM8 days ago

3Q 02:14

Steelers FG

Boswell 19-yard run shortens the gap. 6-10.

2:11 PM8 days ago

3Q 02:17

Harris with the reception, but falls two yards short of a touchdown. Fourth down.
2:06 PM8 days ago

3Q 03:36

Claypool with reversible to be installed in goal area.
2:01 PM8 days ago

3Q 04:01

Big Ben with an effective pass over the middle to reach the opponent's zone, inside the 30-yard line.
1:56 PM8 days ago

3Q 05:48

The Bills play it in the fourth, but Allen doesn't connect with Davis and the Steelers offense will be back.
1:51 PM8 days ago

3Q 05:54

Fitzpatrick doesn't let him make the reception and the Bills will have to clear.
1:46 PM8 days ago

3Q 07:10

Allen surprises with the carry and the Bills move the chains.
1:41 PM8 days ago

3Q 09:53

Diggs with quick path in to move the chains.
1:36 PM8 days ago

3Q 10:22

Steelers FG

Boswell with the 24-yard field goal to take the shutout away from Pittsburgh.

1:31 PM8 days ago

3Q 10:26

Harris can't get the ball down and it will be fourth down.
1:26 PM8 days ago

3Q 12:15

Claypool with reception to move the chains in the red zone.
1:21 PM8 days ago

3Q 12:23

Ebron with the reception over the middle and the Steelers are already in opponent's territory.
1:16 PM8 days ago

3Q 13:48

Roethlisberger had been intercepted, but a defensive holding nullifies the penalty and gives them 10 yards.
1:11 PM8 days ago

3Q 14:20

Harris with the short carry to move the chains in the second half.
1:06 PM8 days ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Steelers on offense.
1:01 PM8 days ago

TD Bills 10-0

12:56 PM8 days ago

Half time

Steelers 0-10 Bills.
12:51 PM8 days ago

2Q 00:22

TD Bills

Davis with the three-yard reception for the first touchdown of the game.

12:46 PM8 days ago

2Q 00:39

Allen with the personal carry to get the first and goal.
12:41 PM8 days ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
12:36 PM8 days ago

2Q 03:31

Davis with the long reception to set up in the opponent's field.
12:31 PM8 days ago

2Q 05:15

Knox with the reception down the middle of the field for first and ten.
12:26 PM8 days ago

Josh Allen's fumble

12:21 PM8 days ago

2Q 06:16

Harris can't complete the pass and the Steelers clear from midfield.
12:16 PM8 days ago

2Q 08:38

Josh Allen fumble recovered by the Steelers after Watt's tackle.
12:11 PM8 days ago

2Q 09:39

Pass deflected and it was nearly an interception. Pittsburgh inside their 7 yard line to clear.
12:06 PM8 days ago

2Q 11:05

Allen with the incomplete pass and fourth down for the Bills.
12:01 PM8 days ago

3Q 13:27

Sanders with the 13-yard reception to move the chains.
11:56 AM8 days ago

2Q 14:09

Claypool can't make the reception and again the Steelers clear.
11:51 AM8 days ago

End game

Steelers 0-3 Bills.
11:46 AM8 days ago

1Q 01:07

Smith-Schuster with the reception on third down to move the chains, although Johnson is injured.
11:41 AM8 days ago

1Q 02:53

Timely hand-off by the defensive back and Allen can't complete his pass. Fourth down and the Bills clear.
11:36 AM8 days ago

1Q 04:13

Big Ben fumble recovered by the Steelers and then unsportsmanlike conduct flagged against the Steelers receiver.
11:31 AM8 days ago

1Q 05:15

Allen with the incomplete pass and a holding that the Steelers reject. The Bills will have to clear.
11:26 AM8 days ago

1Q 06:48

Sanders with the reception despite defensive tagging. First and ten Bills.
11:21 AM8 days ago

1Q 07:38

Josh Allen with the pass to Knox to move the chains fair and square.
11:16 AM8 days ago

1Q 09:58

Singlaterry with the two-yard carry to move the chains out of the commitment zone.
11:11 AM8 days ago

1Q 10:43

Big Ben sends a high pass to Johnson and the Steelers near midfield will have to clear.
11:06 AM8 days ago

1Q 12:43

Screen pass play and Johnson is already moving the chains.
11:01 AM8 days ago

1Q 13:35

Bills FG

Bass for 35 yards opens the scoring in Buffalo's favor 3-0.

10:56 AM8 days ago

1Q 13:35

Allen with the incomplete pass and the Bills will have to settle for the field goal.
10:51 AM8 days ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Buffalo with the return to the opponent's 25 yard line.
10:46 AM8 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kickoff in the Steelers-Bills NFL Week 1 game.
10:41 AM8 days ago

The leader

Led by their passer Josh Allen, the Bills have taken the field to make their debut in the 2021 NFL season.
10:36 AM8 days ago

The Captain

Wearing the yellow and black uniform, the Steelers will take the field led by Big Ben.

10:31 AM8 days ago

Last minute

One more loss for the Steelers as linebacker Robert Spillane suffered a calf injury in warm-ups and will not see action this afternoon.
10:26 AM8 days ago

How did the preseason go for Pittsburgh?

The Steelers played four games due to their presence at the Hall of Fame game. They defeated Cowboys, Eagles and Lions, in that order, but were crushed in the last game by the Carolina Panthers.
10:21 AM8 days ago

How did the preseason go for Buffalo?

The Bills were perfect in the preseason, beating the Bears and Lions on the road, in addition to blanking the Green Bay Packers a couple of weeks ago, although Aaron Rodgers did not play in that game.
10:16 AM8 days ago

Good atmosphere

Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen are already preparing to celebrate touchdowns, just as they did last season all the way to the AFC Finals, which they lost to Kansas City.
10:11 AM8 days ago

Excitement to the maximum

This Sunday, running back Harris will make his debut with the Steelers where he didn't look bad at all in preseason, which is why he indicated he won't be nervous, but excited.

"Me, I'm always ready, no matter what. I don't really feel the pressure or anything like that. Being the first game, I'm going to be very excited. I'm always happy to go out and play," he commented.

10:06 AM8 days ago


It should be noted that running back Moss will not be active this afternoon due to an injury. Here is the Bills' complete roster.

No. 9 LB Andre Smith
No. 20 RB Zack Moss
No. 72 OL Tommy Doyle
No. 96 DE Boogie Basham
No. 98 DT Star Lotulelei

10:01 AM8 days ago

Pittsburgh's inactives

Whether due to injury or technical decision, these Steelers players will not be in attendance for this commitment:

No. 3 QB Dwayne Haskins
No. 25 CB Ahkello Witherspoon
No. 41 LB Robert Spillane
No. 79 OL Rashaad Coward
No. 92 DE Isaiahh Loudermilk

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The Buffalo Bills will have a tough start to the season as they face a Pittsburgh Steelers looking for revenge. We begin with coverage of the first NFL Sunday of the campaign.
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Tune in here Pittsburgh Steelers vs Buffalo Bills Live Score

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What time is Pittsburgh Steelers vs Buffalo Bills match for NFL Season?

This is the start time of the game Pittsburgh Steelers vs Buffalo Bills of 12th September in several countries:

Argentina: 2:00 PM

Bolivia: 1:00 PM

Brazil: 2:00 PM

Chile: 1:00 PM

Colombia: 12:00 PM

Ecuador: 12:00 horas

USA (ET): 1:00 PM in CBS.

Spain: 7:00 PM

Mexico: 12:00 PM in Fox Sports.

Paraguay: 2:00 PM

Peru: 12:00 PM

Uruguay: 2:00 PM

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Last games

The Steelers lead the all-time series with a record of 16 wins and 11 losses, although the Bills have won the last two in a row and will be looking for their third on Sunday.

Pittsburgh Steelers 15-26 Buffalo Bills, 2020

Buffalo Bills 17-10 Pittsburgh Steelers, 2019

Pittsburgh Steelers 27-20 Buffalo Bills, 2016

Buffalo Bills 10-23 Pittsburgh Steelers, 2013

Pittsburgh Steelers 19-16 Buffalo Bills, 2010 Overtime

9:36 AM8 days ago

Key player Buffalo Bills

On his counterpart is Josh Allen, who looks better in leadership, targeting and decision-making with each passing year, making him one of the five favorites to win the season MVP; in 2020 he finished with 4,544 yards, 37 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

9:31 AM8 days ago

Key player Pittsburgh Steelers

All eyes will be on the offense led by Ben Roethlisberger, who could live his last years as a professional, but who did everything possible both financially and physically to stay with the team, which is why he wants to prove that he is like the old wines.

9:26 AM8 days ago

Buffalo Bills: Dominating the AFC East

After winning the divisional title and reaching the AFC final, the Bills have the necessary team to revalidate themselves as champions and now try to reach the Super Bowl, in which they have not participated since the 1990s.
9:21 AM8 days ago

There is an agreement

After some differences on the renewal issue, the Steelers were able to reach an agreement with defensive back TJ Watt for an extension of 4 years and 120 million dollars, of which 80 million dollars will be guaranteed.
9:16 AM8 days ago

Pittsburgh Steelers: shutting mouths

If there is one of the teams that have been criticized a lot, it is the Pittsburgh Steelers because, despite having one of the best defenses in the league, their offense is the one that leaves many doubts, especially because of what happened at the end of last season where they were the worst ground attack in the league.
9:11 AM8 days ago

A new season

The 2021 NFL season is underway and one of the main attractions will be the clash between two teams that qualified for the postseason last year and will be looking to do it again: Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills.
9:06 AM8 days ago

Kick-off time

The Pittsburgh Steelers vs Buffalo Bills match will be played at the Highmark Stadium, in Buffalo, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 1 pm ET.
9:01 AM8 days ago

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