Highlights and Touchdown of Lions 17-35 Packers on NFL Week 2
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11:16 PM25 days ago

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11:14 PM25 days ago

Final TD

With this drive, the Green Bay team was able to crush the Lions with five touchdowns. 


11:12 PM25 days ago

4th Quarter | 0:00

The game ends with a win for the Packers.
11:05 PM25 days ago

4th Quarter | 2:00

Nice pass from Goff to Swift who gets 1st and 10 at the Green Bay 32 yard line. 
10:57 PM25 days ago

4th Quarter | 3:43

Goff attempted a pass to Benson but the ball was intercepted by Campbell on what looked like a good offensive series for Lions. 
10:56 PM25 days ago

4th Quarter | 3:51

Good play by Ditroit, Goff escapes to the right and ends up almost at midfield. 
10:51 PM25 days ago

4th Quarter | 4:46

Rodgers is caught on third down and Green Bay will have to punt the ball away. 
10:42 PM25 days ago

4th Quarter | 9:14

On third down Goff slips the ball and although he recovers it, it will be an offensive series for Green Bay.
10:33 PM25 days ago

4th Quarter | 12:45 TD Packers

Jones carries the ball one yard to force his way into the end zone. 

Another Packers extra point. 

10:21 PM25 days ago

3rd Quarter | 0:13 TD Packers

Rodgers finds Jones with a short pass down the left sideline and with speed the latter ends up in the end zone. 

One more point for Crosby.

10:17 PM25 days ago

3rd Quarter | 2:29

Great night by Rodgers who finds Adams again and they get within 11 yards of another TD.
10:10 PM25 days ago

Impressive pass by Rodgers

Enjoy the play that gave the Packers their first partial lead of the game.


10:07 PM25 days ago

2nd Quarter 5:57

On third down Goff sends an incomplete pass and it will be a new offensive series for Green Bay.
9:57 PM25 days ago

2nd Quarter | 10:26 Touchdown Packers

Tremendous 22-yard pass from Aaron Rodgers to Tonyan who moved over the middle and got the TD. 

The kick is good and the Packers go ahead!

9:53 PM25 days ago

2nd Quarter | 12:20

Great play by Rodgers who found Adams on a 50-yard pass!
With that it's all at the Detroit 26.
9:33 PM25 days ago

2nd Quarter | 0:07

Seibert makes a 43-yard field goal and Detroit takes the lead into halftime!
9:26 PM25 days ago

Packers is not far behind!

Rodgers again finds the key with this TD


9:24 PM25 days ago

Score that opened the scoring

Enjoy the first score of tonight's game!


9:20 PM25 days ago

2nd Quarter | 1:57 Touchdown Packers

Rodgers finds Jones with a short pass in the end zone for the TD.
Crosby makes the extra point again!
9:15 PM25 days ago

2nd Quarter 2:00

Just one yard shy of the tying TD at the two-minute mark.
9:10 PM25 days ago

2nd Quarter | 6:32

Jones runs down the middle of the field and gets first and 10 from the Detroit 44. 
9:06 PM25 days ago

2nd Quarter 7:27 Touchdown Lions

Goff finds Hockenson with a great pass and again the visitors are up on the scoreboard.

Seibert's extra point is good!

8:54 PM25 days ago

2nd Quarter 14:16


Goff sends an incomplete pass on third down looking for Smith and now it's time for the Packers offensive series. 

8:48 PM25 days ago

1st Quarter | 3:49 Touchdown Packers

Rodgers finds Jones on a short pass and Jones sneaks into the end zone, diving at the end to avoid the tackles;

The extra point by Crosby is good and ties it Packers!

8:29 PM25 days ago

1st Quarter| 8:43

Good play by Adams who receives the pass from Rodgers and crosses the middle of the field deceiving several rival players. 
8:24 PM25 days ago

1st Quarter| 10:42 Touchdown Lions

Great move by Goff to the left and he finds Cephus again with ease, this time in the end zone. 
The extra point was good!
8:21 PM25 days ago

1st Quarter| 13:43

Big 46-yard play thanks to a very nice pass from Goff that finds Cephus and goes all the way to GB's 20.
8:18 PM25 days ago

1st Quarter| 15:00

The game begins and the first offensive series will be for Detroit.
8:08 PM25 days ago

Could be a factor

Detroit loses WR#1 Tyrell Williams and DE Kevin Strong, which could put a team that didn't have the best start in Week 1 in trouble either.
8:06 PM25 days ago

Hard blow for the locals

Among the most relevant losses for the locals tonight, Green Bay suffers the tough loss of its best LB Za'Darius Smith and S Vernon Scott.
7:56 PMa month ago

Detroit Inactive

These are the players who will not be able to play tonight's game.


7:46 PMa month ago

Spotlight on Rodgers

In addition to being a player who knows how to overcome adversity this week everyone will be keeping a close eye on QB Aaron Rodgers after playing the worst game of his career, according to the QB index.
7:38 PMa month ago

The local fans present

With all the health measures to combat Covid-19, Packers fans are starting to show up on the field for Monday night's game.


7:32 PMa month ago

To maintain hegemony

The home team will be looking to continue their hot streak against Lions, as they haven't lost to this team since 2018, so although it looks tough on paper, the numbers are in this aspect in Green Bay's favor.
7:26 PMa month ago

Live broadcast begins

In a few moments we'll bring you news, details and the starting quarterbacks for this Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions.
10:00 PMa month ago

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In a moment we will start the minute-by-minute and introduce you to the starting quarterbacks.

9:55 PMa month ago

How and where to watch Packers vs Lions

The match will be broadcasted on ESPN. 

If you prefer to follow it live online, remember that VAVEL USA is your best option.

9:50 PMa month ago

Lions Game Plan

The Lions could take advantage of the Packers' weakness on offense, as they could only put three points on the scoreboard in Week 1.
In addition, injuries to the home team have been and will surely be a problem throughout the NFL season. 
9:45 PMa month ago

Bad timing for Green Bay

The home team recorded its third worst start in franchise history after last week's loss. 

There have only been two other worst scoring starts: 40-0 vs Lions (1970), 45-7 vs Lions (1950) and this season's 38-3 result vs Saints (2021).

9:40 PMa month ago

Packers key player

Veteran Aaron Rodgers has had serious problems when performing his job, which is why in the previous game he was unable to make any TD plays. 

Now it will be his time to show that he can still provide a little more of his talent before it is time to leave the Packers. 

9:35 PMa month ago

Watch out for this Lions player

Jared Goff did great in the previous game despite the loss, as he scored a total of three Touchdowns. 

It will be necessary for the Packers' defensive apparatus to make good coverages on the receivers so that he cannot connect his passes, which is an extremely difficult task. 

9:30 PMa month ago

Green Bay was defeated in its first start

The local team did not start this tournament in a good way, they are in fourth place in the North National Conference. 

In their previous game they faced Saints and were defeated by a resounding score of 38-3, which caused them to be highly criticized by their fans. 

9:25 PMa month ago

The match will be played at the Lambeau Field

The Packers vs Lions match will be played at the stadium Lambeau Field on Wisconsin, USA with a capacity of 81,433 people. 

It was inaugurated in September 1957 as City Stadium, replacing the old City Stadium as the home of the Packers, so it was also known as New City Stadium. 

In August 1965 the stadium was renamed in honor of legendary Packers founder, player, and coach Curly Lambeau, who died two months earlier.

9:20 PMa month ago

Bad defensive streak for Lions

The Lions have allowed 30+ points in 7 consecutive games dating back to NFL 2020, which is the longest streak in franchise history.

One only needs to look at the Week 1 game where they were defeated 41-33 by the 49ers.

9:15 PMa month ago

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