Highlights and Touchdowns: Panthers 24-9 Texans in NFL Season
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11:22 PM22 days ago

Remaining undefeated

Carolina defeated Houston with a strong second half to move to 3-0 and remain undefeated in the NFL.
11:17 PM22 days ago

End game

Panthers 24-9 Texans.
11:12 PM22 days ago

4Q 02:00

Pause the two minutes for Carolina to just kneel down and finish the game.
11:07 PM22 days ago

4Q 02:31

Cooks with the reception on fourth down, but they come up short and will have to surrender possession.
11:02 PM22 days ago

TD Panthers 24-9

10:57 PM22 days ago

4Q 04:07


Darnold with the personal carry and thanks to being pushed he got the touchdown.

10:52 PM22 days ago

4Q 04:24

Howard turns the corner and gets the first and goal.
10:47 PM22 days ago

4Q 05:15

Marshall evades the tackle to gain a few more yards and get into the opponent's red zone.
10:42 PM22 days ago

4Q 06:03

Arnold with the 11-yard catch and Carolina continues to eat up the clock.
10:37 PM22 days ago

4Q 09:09


Slye connects on his 53-yard field goal to close the gap. 17-9.

10:32 PM22 days ago

3Q 09:58

Mills with the catch on third down for Houston.
10:27 PM22 days ago

4Q 11:02

Cooks with the half turn and manages to get to the mark.
10:22 PM22 days ago

4Q 12:02

Cooks slides down the middle of midfield and makes the reception to move the chains.
10:17 PM22 days ago

4Q 12:44


Zane Gonzalez connects on his 21-yard field goal. 17-6.

10:12 PM22 days ago

4Q 12:47

Carolina is going to think about whether to punt on fourth down, calls timeout.
10:07 PM22 days ago

4Q 14:55

Trumble with the reception to the 12-yard line, already in the red zone.
10:02 PM22 days ago

End of third quarter

Panthers 14-6 Texans.
9:57 PM22 days ago

3Q 01:49

Marshall with the reception right on the mark to move the chains by inches.
9:52 PM22 days ago

3Q 04:35

Mills is stopped and Houston in three and out. To clear.
9:47 PM22 days ago

TD Panthers 14-6

9:42 PM22 days ago

3Q 06:20


Tremble with the sideline carry and Carolina increases the lead. 14-6.

9:37 PM22 days ago

3Q 07:01

Erickson breaks out of coverage and gets into the end zone to bring Carolina close to extending the lead.
9:32 PM22 days ago

3Q 08:00

Moore with the miraculous reception and continues to gain yards to set up in the opponent's backfield.
9:27 PM22 days ago

3Q 08:48

Late hit on Darnold and the Texans give away 15 yards.
9:22 PM22 days ago

3Q 09:45

Moore with just enough to get to the mark and move the chains.
9:17 PM22 days ago

3Q 10:44

Mills with the pass that falls short to Cooks and the Texans will have to clear after a series that promised for more.
9:12 PM22 days ago

3Q 11:36

Jackson's defensive interference and gives away first and ten to Houston.
9:07 PM22 days ago

3Q 12:54

Miller keeps the ball on the sideline and despite defensive coverage. First and ten.
9:02 PM22 days ago

3Q 14:10

Miller with another valuable reception to move the chains for the first time in the second half.
8:57 PM23 days ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins.
8:52 PM23 days ago

Half time

Panthers 7-6 Texans.
8:47 PM23 days ago

2Q 00:06

Darnold is sacked, but the offensive line recovers the ball.
8:42 PM23 days ago

TD Texans 7-6

8:37 PM23 days ago

2Q 00:25


Mills to Miller in personal coverage and alone in the diagonals for the touchdown to tie the game. 7-7.

8:32 PM23 days ago

2Q 01:14

Cooks with the reception on a deep play and Houston is already in field goal range.
8:27 PM23 days ago

2Q 01:52

Darnold is caught on third gift and Carolina to kick.
8:22 PM23 days ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
8:17 PM23 days ago

2Q 02:43

Burkhead with the reception, but Mills' pass was too pumped up and didn't allow him to get to the mark. Houston to clear.
8:12 PM23 days ago

2Q 04:40

Darnold with third and long and makes a short pass. Carolina to clear one more time.
8:07 PM23 days ago

2Q 06:26

Houston and Johnson with a short carry that stays wide of the mark and to clear.
8:02 PM23 days ago

2Q 08:11

Mills takes a late hit and Carolina gives away 15 yards.
7:57 PM23 days ago

2Q 09:34

Lindsay with the run to carry the ball. First and ten Houston.
7:52 PM23 days ago

2Q 10:47

Howard carries the ball on fourth down inside the 10-yard line, but comes up short and Houston will regain possession.
7:47 PM23 days ago

2Q 12:52

Moore with the solo reception and the Panthers are already in the red zone.
7:42 PM23 days ago

End of first quarter

Panthers 7-0 Texans.
7:37 PM23 days ago

1Q 00:29

Christian Mccaffrey turns the corner and manages to move the chains.
7:32 PM23 days ago

1Q 04:09

Mills attempts the carry, but it falls short and Houston will have to clear near midfield.
7:27 PM23 days ago

1Q 06:00

Ingram carries for six yards to get the first-down marker.
7:22 PM23 days ago

TD Panthers 7-0

7:17 PM23 days ago

1Q 06:36


Darnold makes the fake with his running back and keeps the ball to penetrate the end zone. 7-0.

7:12 PM23 days ago

1Q 07:11

Moore with the catch and eludes tacklers to get to the 5-yard line.
7:07 PM23 days ago

1Q 08:46

Rolled play down the left side and Darnold connects with Marshall for first and ten.
7:02 PM23 days ago

1Q 09:30

Darnold extends the play and finds Moore to move the chains in opponent's territory. First and ten.
6:57 PM23 days ago

1Q 11:11

Darnold surprises with the personal carry to move the chains for the first time on the night.
6:52 PM23 days ago

1Q 12:45

Mills with the batted pass and just like Houston after three plays will have to turn the ball over.
6:47 PM23 days ago

1Q 14:11

Darnold with the incomplete pass and no pass interference penalty. Three and out for Carolina to clear.
6:42 PM23 days ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Panthers on the offensive.
6:37 PM23 days ago

Minutes away

We are less than 10 minutes away from kickoff between the Panthers and Texans in the NFL's Week 3 opener.
6:32 PM23 days ago

To give the surprise

Carolina is favored to beat Houston, but the Texans want to pull off the upset as they did on Day 1 against the Jacksonville Jaguars.
6:27 PM23 days ago

Next Houston Games

Houston will have a tough road trip the following week against the Buffalo Bills, then they will host the New England Patriots and travel to Indianapolis to face the Colts.
6:22 PM23 days ago

Next Carolina Games

Carolina will visit the Dallas Cowboys the following week, then host the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings.
6:17 PM23 days ago

Back to prime time

The Texans will return to a primetime game after last season's postseason exit.
6:12 PM23 days ago

Great atmosphere

Excellent atmosphere outside NRG Stadium to support the Texans in search of their second victory of the season.

6:07 PM23 days ago

Back to living

Something that gave a lot to talk about in week 1 was Carolina, but not because of the sports game, but because of the presentation of its digital panther that amazed more than one.
6:02 PM23 days ago

Already warming up

The Panthers are looking to stay undefeated after beating the New York Jets and the New Orleans Saints at home.
5:57 PM23 days ago

Inactive Texans

These are the Houston players who will be out this afternoon, noting that Deshaun Watson will also be unavailable for this game:

QB Deshaun Watson

TE Brevin Jordan

DB Justin Reid

DB Terrance Mitchell

DL Jordan Jenkins

LB Kamu Grugier-Hill

WR Danny Amendola

5:52 PM23 days ago

Inactive Panthers

These are the Carolina players who will not be in attendance:

WR Shi Smith

CB A.J. Bouye

LB Clay Johnston

DT Phil Hoskins

G Michael Jordan

G Deonte Brown

DE Yetur Gross-Matos

5:47 PM23 days ago


The Carolina Panthers and Houston Texans kick off Week 3 of the 2021 NFL season. We begin with coverage of the game.
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What time is Carolina Panthers vs Houston Texans match for NFL Season?

This is the start time of the game Carolina Panthers vs Houston Texans of 23rd September in several countries:

Argentina: 9:20 PM in NFL Network.

Bolivia: 8:20 PM in NFL Network.

Brazil: 9:20 PM in NFL Network.

Chile: 8:20 PM in NFL Network.

Colombia: 7:20 PM in NFL Network.

Ecuador: 7:20 horas in NFL Network.

USA (ET): 8:20 PM in NFL Network.

Spain: 2:20 AM in Movistar.

Mexico: 7:20 PM in Fox Sports and NFL Network.

Paraguay: 9:20 PM in NFL Network.

Peru: 7:20 PM in NFL Network.

Uruguay: 9:20 PM in NFL Network.

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Last games

Due to the "recent" founding of the Texans and that they are in different conferences and only face each other every four years, the record between the two franchises is short with just five games; the scales favor Carolina with three wins and two losses:

Carolina Panthers 16-10 Houston Texans, 2019

Houston Texans 16-24 Carolina Panthers, 2015

Carolina Panthers 28-13 Houston Texans, 2011

Houston Texans 34-21 Carolina Panthers, 2007

Carolina Panthers 10-14 Houston Texans, 2003

5:27 PM23 days ago

Key player Houston Texans

The key for the Texans in this game and throughout the season will be the ground attack, so Mark Ingram Jr. will have a relevant role and his carries could be the key for the aerial game to perform better; he accumulated 126 yards and a touchdown in the first two games.

5:22 PM23 days ago

Key player Carolina Panthers

It seems that the quarterback the team so badly needed after the departure of Cam Newton has arrived with the arrival of Sam Darnold who, in his first two games, has totaled 584 yards, three touchdowns, one interception and has completed 68.5% of his completions.

5:17 PM23 days ago

Houston Texans: Establish home field

Many gave the Texans as the worst team in the league, but the Houston team has put up a great fight with the victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars and a battle in the loss to the Cleveland Browns.

The bad news is that their starting quarterback, Tyrod Taylor, was injured in the last game with a hamstring injury that will keep him out for a few weeks, but the coaches said they will not use Deshaun Watson, so Davis Mills is expected to be the starter.

5:12 PM23 days ago

Carolina Panthers: stay undefeated

Similarly, few were betting that Carolina would be the surprise in the first two weeks after beating the New York Jets and the New Orleans Saints at home, especially this last victory in which they were far superior and the defense has shown that it is up to the task and with a lot of pressure on the quarterbacks.
5:07 PM23 days ago

Kick-off time

The Carolina Panthers vs Houston Texans match will be played at the NRG Stadium, in Houston, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:20 pm ET.
5:02 PM23 days ago

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