Highlights and Touchdowns: Chargers 30-24 Chiefs in NFL Season
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Thank you for following the NFL Week 3 telecast of the Los Angeles Chargers vs. the Kansas City Chiefs.
4:08 PM20 days ago

The surprise

The Chargers pulled off a miraculous victory by taking advantage of the Chiefs' mistakes to move to 2-1 on the NFL season.
4:03 PM20 days ago

End game

Chargers 30-24 Chiefs.
3:58 PM20 days ago

4Q 00:00

Mahomes with the pass that falls short and the Chargers pull out the win.
3:53 PM20 days ago

4Q 00:32


Williams with the reception in the corner to take the lead 30-24.

3:48 PM20 days ago

4q 00:36

Williams with the reception to put the ball on the 4-yard line.
3:43 PM20 days ago

4Q 00:42

Defensive pass interference and the Chargers will have first and ten already in zone to attempt a field goal.
3:38 PM20 days ago

4Q 00:48

Incomplete pass by Herbert and it will be fourth down.
3:33 PM20 days ago

4Q 00:58

Allen with the reception to get near the zone for the field goal attempt. First and goal.
3:28 PM20 days ago

4Q 01:42

Mahomes makes a bad decision and is intercepted.
3:23 PM20 days ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
3:18 PM20 days ago

4Q 02:14


Vizcaino scores his 24-yard field goal.

3:13 PM20 days ago

4Q 02:17

Herbert with the pass too high and it will be fourth down.
3:08 PM20 days ago

4Q 03:19

Clear pass interference and the Chargers will have first and goal.
3:03 PM20 days ago

4Q 04:35

Ekeler evades defensive back and the Chargers now have first and goal.
2:58 PM20 days ago

4Q 06:30

Herbert's bomb to Williams and the Chargers are already in the opponent's field.
2:53 PM20 days ago


2:48 PM20 days ago

4Q 06:43


Hardman con su velocidad ingresa a las diagonales para recuperar la delantera del juego. 

2:43 PM20 days ago

4Q 07:55

Mahomes rolls left and completes to Hill for first and ten right on the tag.
2:38 PM20 days ago

4Q 10:48

Short pass that Edward capitalizes on to move the chains.
2:33 PM20 days ago

4Q 12:55

Edwards adjusts, makes short and gets first and ten.
2:28 PM20 days ago


2:23 PM20 days ago

4Q 13:39


Williams on the wide receiver to turn it over on a great pass from Herbert.

2:18 PM20 days ago

4Q 14:56

Allen with the catch on fourth down and the Chargers are still alive in the red zone.
2:13 PM20 days ago

End of third quarter

Chargers 14-17 Chiefs.
2:08 PM20 days ago

3Q 02:02

Herbert completes to Allen and the Chargers move the chains despite defensive pressure.
2:03 PM20 days ago

3Q 02:21

Cook with the high reception, but enough to stay alive on offense.
1:58 PM20 days ago

3Q 03:36

TD CHIEFS Edwards with the screen pass to enter the diagonals and take the lead for the first time in the game.
1:53 PM20 days ago

3Q 06:11

Mahomes with the feint and complete to Kelce, they gained 255 yards to move the chains in the opponent's backfield.
1:48 PM20 days ago

3Q 07:59

Herbert with the incomplete pass and the Chargers three and out. To clear.
1:43 PM20 days ago

TD Chiefs 10-14

1:38 PM20 days ago

3Q 09:15


Fortson with the reception at the diagonals to cut the lead. 14-10.

1:33 PM20 days ago

3Q 10:47

Hardman with his movements managed to reach the first and ten mark.
1:28 PM20 days ago

3Q 13:04

Hill with the cross trajectory to move the chains.
1:23 PM20 days ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Chiefs on offense.
1:18 PM20 days ago

Half time

Chargers 14-3 Chiefs.
1:13 PM20 days ago

2Q 01:19


Butker's 34-yarder breaks the Chiefs' zero.

1:08 PM20 days ago

2Q 00:23

Screen pass play that doesn't work and the Chiefs will settle for a field goal attempt.
1:03 PM20 days ago

2Q 01:00

Edwards with the carry and the Chiefs are already in the red zone.
12:58 PM20 days ago

2Q 01:53

Kelce with the reception despite the coverage and they are already in the opponent's zone.
12:53 PM20 days ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
12:48 PM20 days ago

2Q 03:07

Herbert was looking for the end zone, but the pass was incomplete. Fourth down and clear.
12:43 PM20 days ago

2Q 04:50

Play action and Herbert finds Ekeler for first and ten.
12:38 PM20 days ago

TD Chargers 14-0

12:33 PM20 days ago

2Q 06:18

Mahomes is caught and the Chiefs will have to clear.
12:28 PM20 days ago

2Q 07:36


Ekeler with the reception for the touchdown and Williams makes the catch on the conversion for the 14-0 lead.

12:23 PM20 days ago

2Q 08:52

Despite the pass being high, Allen brings it down and makes it first and ten.
12:18 PM20 days ago

2Q 10:09

Williams with the reception and gains extra yards to move the chains.
12:13 PM20 days ago

2Q 10:35

Edwards' loose ball and the Chargers recover it again.
12:08 PM20 days ago

2Q 11:38

Mahomes with the pass to Kelce, who gains 20 yards to rack up yards.
12:03 PM20 days ago

TD Chargers 6-0

11:58 AM20 days ago

2Q 13:57


Herbert to Allen to capitalize on the handoff. 7-0.

11:53 AM20 days ago

End of first quarter

Chargers 0-0 Chiefs.
11:48 AM20 days ago

1Q 00:45

Williams with the reception between two players for first and ten.
11:43 AM20 days ago

1Q 01:16

Herbert with the personal carry to get to the mark and keep the offense alive.
11:38 AM20 days ago

1Q 02:48

Hill's loose ball is recovered by Davis and the Chargers are back on offense.
11:33 AM20 days ago

1Q 05:25

Hill rounds the corner for a first-and-10 at the opponent's 40-yard line.
11:28 AM20 days ago

1Q 05:31

Holding defensively and the Chargers give away first and ten.
11:23 AM20 days ago

Interception to Mahomes

11:18 AM20 days ago

1Q 06:00

Herbert runs and gets two yards on the sweep earlier and the Chargeers will have to clear.
11:13 AM20 days ago

1Q 07:11

Ekeler with an important reception down the sideline to get the chains moving.
11:08 AM20 days ago

1Q 09:10

Intercepted pass to Mahomes and Samuel makes the big catch inside his own 5-yard line.
11:03 AM20 days ago

1Q 09:34

Based on strength, Kelce moves the chains. First and ten Kansas at the opponent's 34 yard line.
10:58 AM20 days ago

1Q 10:54

Mahomes' carry and then Hill's pass brings them closer to midfield.
10:53 AM20 days ago

1Q 12:10

Hill evades the tackle and gets the first first and ten of the game.
10:48 AM20 days ago

1Q 13:48

Ekeler with the short reception and the Chargers three and out, to clear.
10:43 AM20 days ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Chargers on offense.
10:38 AM20 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kickoff for the Los Angeles Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs Week 3 NFL game.
10:33 AM20 days ago

Next games

The Chiefs will be visiting the Philadelphia Eagles next Sunday and the Chargers will play the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday night in NFL Week 4.
10:28 AM20 days ago

Patrick Mahomes is warming up

10:23 AM20 days ago

Low explosiveness

While the Chargers are one of seven NFL teams in the first two weeks that have not averaged 20 points, they still managed to win the Week 1 game against Washington.
10:18 AM20 days ago

Explosive attack

The Chiefs have started, as expected, among the NFL's best offenses by averaging 34 points, but it didn't help much when they lost last Sunday to the Baltimore Ravens.
10:13 AM20 days ago

A lot of rivalry

These two teams have a great history in the NFL, remembering that two years ago they played an official game at the Aztec Stadium, which the Chiefs won.
10:08 AM20 days ago

Thus they arrived

This was the Chiefs' arrival at Arrowhead Stadium in their quest to maintain their undefeated home record.

10:03 AM20 days ago

Inactives Chargers

While the Chargers will be without these players for this game:

Easton Stick

Chris Harris Jr.

Joshua Kelley

Amen Ogbongbemiga

Brenden Jaimes

Tre' McKitty

Justin Jones

9:58 AM20 days ago

Inactives Chiefs

These are the Chiefs players who will not be present for this game:

CB Charvarius Ward

DE Frank Clark

OL Austin Blythe

OL Laurent Duvernay-Tardif

WR Daurice Fountain

9:53 AM20 days ago


In a real train wreck in the AFC West, the Los Angeles Chargers are looking to continue their hot streak every time they visit Patrick Mahomes' Kansas City Chiefs, who are coming off a surprising loss. We start with the coverage of the game.
9:48 AM20 days ago

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What time is Los Angeles Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs match for NFL Season?

This is the start time of the game Los Angeles Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs of 26th September in several countries:

Argentina: 2:00 PM

Bolivia: 1:00 PM

Brazil: 2:00 PM

Chile: 1:00 PM

Colombia: 12:00 PM

Ecuador: 12:00 horas

USA (ET): 1:00 PM in CBS.

Spain: 7:00 PM

Mexico: 12:00 PM in Afizzionados.

Paraguay: 2:00 PM

Peru: 12:00 PM

Uruguay: 2:00 PM

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Last games

The Chiefs lead the all-time series with a record of 64 wins, 57 losses and only one tie, although they have lost two of their last three home games.

Los Angeles Chargers 38-21 Kansas City Chiefs, 2021

Kansas City Chiefs 23-20 Los Angeles Chargers, 2020

Los Angeles Chargers 21-31 Kansas City Chiefs, 2019

Kansas City Chiefs 24-17 Los Angeles Chargers, 2019

Los Angeles Chargers 29-28 Kansas City Chiefs, 2019

9:33 AM20 days ago

Key player Kansas City Chiefs

If there is a favorite player to win the MVP, it's Patrick Mahomes, who has a natural talent for throwing deep passes, extending plays or even running if necessary inside the pocket for protection. He has 680 yards, six touchdowns and one interception, which he himself admitted he should not have thrown against Baltimore.

9:28 AM20 days ago

Key player Los Angeles Chargers

He has a lot of talent in his arm and good accuracy in his throws, however, Justin Herbert's Achilles heel continues to be interceptions, which he will have to take care of against a team like the Chiefs if they want to make the game close. The Oregon native has accumulated 70.5% of his pass completions for 675 yards, two touchdowns and three interceptions.

9:23 AM20 days ago


Incredible as it may seem, these two teams that aim to fight for the leadership of their division are at the bottom of the AFC West with a 1-1 record, since the Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders have had a perfect start with two victories.
9:18 AM20 days ago

Kansas City Chiefs: Turning the page

The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off a painful loss to the Baltimore Ravens where they had an 11-point lead in the fourth quarter, but turnovers were costly and they were never able to stop the ground attack led by Lamar Jackson.
9:13 AM20 days ago

Los Angeles Chargers: to pull off a surprise

According to some predictions, the Chargers are underdogs by eight points when playing as visitors, although they have the same 1-1 record as the Chiefs, since they just lost at home to the Dallas Cowboys in a game they could have won, but inaccuracies in the red zone ended up costing them the defeat.
9:08 AM20 days ago

Kick-off time

The Los Angeles Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs match will be played at the Arrowhead Stadium, in Kansas City, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 1 pm ET.
9:03 AM20 days ago

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