Summary and touchdowns of Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24-34 Los Angeles Rams in MLB 2021


7:33 PM20 days ago

End of the match


7:31 PM20 days ago


Tampa Bay Bucconers cut back to within ten points 
6:58 PM20 days ago

End of third quarter

The Los Angeles Rams take a big lead into the fourth quarter.
6:32 PM20 days ago


Kupp touchdown to put Los Angeles back up +14
6:24 PM20 days ago

Tom Brady


6:22 PM20 days ago


Tom Brady scores touchdown to make it 14-21
6:08 PM20 days ago


Stafford sends a perfect through ball to Jackson who makes a double feint to get past the defenders to increase the lead.
6:06 PM20 days ago

3Q 15:00

Third quarter starts after players return from locker room
5:52 PM20 days ago



5:39 PM20 days ago

Touchdown off Kupp

Again answering the Los Angeles Rams, Kupp received alone and scored an easy touchdown.
5:32 PM20 days ago

Chris Goodwin's celebration


5:25 PM20 days ago

Touchdowns by Chris Goodwin

Tampa Bay Buccaneers tie
5:17 PM20 days ago



5:11 PM20 days ago

Higbe Tuchdown

Angeles' team takes the lead and goes ahead on the scoreboard.
5:08 PM20 days ago


The second quarter started with a goalless draw
5:04 PM20 days ago

End of first quarter


4:56 PM20 days ago

1Q 3:38

Good play by Staffons to keep danger away, jumping Tampa Bay pressure
4:51 PM20 days ago

1Q 7:14

Brady has good yardage and now has 46 yards in the game
4:45 PM20 days ago

1Q 9:00

The Angels made a mistake on the pass, but they missed the interception and it slipped through their fingers.
4:39 PM20 days ago

The match started

The match kicked off at the Sofi Stadium 
8:55 PM20 days ago

Where and how to watch Los Angeles Rams vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers ?

The match will be played at 16:30 ET. Hours and can be seen on TV ESPN

However,  a good option is to follow it through VAVEL. com

8:50 PM20 days ago

What time is Los Angeles Rams vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers?


This is the kickoff time for the Los Angele Rams vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers match on September 26 in several countries:

Argentina: 16:30 AM
Bolivia: 16:30 AM
Brazil: 17:30 AM
Chile: 16:30 AM
Colombia: 15:30 AM
Ecuador: 15:30 AM
USA (ET): 16:30 AM
Spain: 22:30 PM
Mexico: 15:30 AM
Paraguay: 16:30 AM
Peru: 16:30 AM
Uruguay: 16:30 AM
Venezuela: 16:30 AM
England : 21.30 AM
Australia : 06:30 AM
India: 01:10 AM

8:35 PM20 days ago

Tampa Bay Buccanneers already on the road to Los Angeles


8:30 PM20 days ago

Los Angeles Rams gear


8:25 PM20 days ago

How are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coming along?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers started winning after a disputed game against the Dallas Cowboys. Finally the score ended 31-29. On the second day, they overwhelmed against the Atlanta Falcons, with a 20-0 favorable final quarter;. Nor did the champions have a good season, with a preseason record of one win and two losses.
8:20 PM20 days ago

How do the Los Angeles Rams get there?

Good start for the Los Angeles Rams, who have won both NFL games they have played. In the first one they managed to win 34-14 against the Chicago Bears. While in the second one, despite winning 0-7 in the first quarter they ended up suffering against the Indianapolis Cots, they finally won 24-27. Despite this, the Los Angeles Rams had a bad preseason, losing all three games they played.
8:15 PM20 days ago


In the last seven meetings between Los Angeles Rams vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in six of them the Los Angeles Rams have won. However, in the last game they faced each other and the Los Angeles Rams were the home team, it was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who came away with the victory.
8:10 PM20 days ago


The match will be played at Sofi Stadium, a stadium located in the city of Los Angeles.
8:05 PM20 days ago

Preview of the match

Los Angeles Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers to face off in MLB round 3
8:00 PM20 days ago

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