Touchdowns and Highlights of Colts 25-31 Ravens on NFL 2021
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11:44 PM2 years ago

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We hope you enjoyed Monday Night Football. Amazing game between Colts and Ravens.

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11:39 PM2 years ago

Great Ravens comeback

This is the play that gives the Ravens the win in overtime, definitely an awesome Monday Night!


11:35 PM2 years ago



Brown catches the pass in the end zone sent by Jackson and the Ravens keep the game!!!

11:27 PM2 years ago

Overtime 8:40


Jackson gets an 11-yard pass to Brown and they are positioned in the end zone.

11:21 PM2 years ago

4th Quarter 0:04


Blankenship misses the 47-yard field goal and it will all go to overtime. 

11:14 PM2 years ago

4th Quarter 0:45 Touchdown Ravens


Jackson finds Andrews with a short pass to get the TD. 

With a two-point play Jackson finds Andrews once again.

11:06 PM2 years ago

4th Quarter 2:00


Jackson found Brown on a pass that ended up gaining 20 yards and put Ravens in the end zone.

11:03 PM2 years ago

4th Quarter 4:37


Campbell impressively blocked Blankenship's shot as he was looking for the field goal.

10:58 PM2 years ago

4th Quarter 6:11


Taylor dives over the Ravens defensive apparatus to get the missing yard and 1st and 10 at the Baltimore 17. 

10:53 PM2 years ago

4th Quarter 8:57


Big play by Wentz with a pass to Taylor, who gets 29 total yards for Indianapolis.

10:49 PM2 years ago

4th Quarter 9:44 Touchdown Ravens

Jackson found Andrews in the end zone with a short pass for a TD. 

He repeated the same procedure for the two-point conversion.

Ravens want to even the score!

10:44 PM2 years ago

4th Quarter 11:54

Great pass by Jackson and impressive 27-yard reception by Andrews that goes practically halfway down the field.
10:41 PM2 years ago

4th Quarter 12:04

Blankenship makes the 43-yard field goal to reach 25 points tonight. 
10:30 PM2 years ago

3rd Quarter 1:02 Touchdown Ravens

Impressive bomb by Lamar Jackson who gets a 43-yard TD connecting with Brown. 
10:24 PM2 years ago

3rd Quarter 3:06

The Colts played the two extra points and but Clark intercepted Wentz's pass and ran for a few yard gain for the Ravens. 
10:22 PM2 years ago

3rd Quarter 3:09 Touchdown Colts


Taylor scampers down the middle of the field with the ball in his hands for the Colts TD.

10:19 PM2 years ago

3rd Quarter 6:49


After a play where Jackson fumbled the ball, the Colts got into the end zone but when the play was reviewed, the TD was nullified for a pass ahead of the run. 

10:04 PM2 years ago

3rd Quarter 10:30


Jackson escapes twice giving up 12 yards and positions the Ravens with 1st and 10 virtually at midfield. 

9:58 PM2 years ago

3rd Quarter 14:07 Touchdown Colts

Wentz finds Pittman with a 42-yard pass and Colts get their second TD of the night. 
9:38 PM2 years ago

2nd Quarter 0:00

Blankenship gets the 37-yard field goal and Colts go into halftime with a 7-point lead. 
9:29 PM2 years ago

2nd Quarter 1:39

After a dropped pass by Jackson, Tucker comes in for a 23-yard three-pointer. 
9:26 PM2 years ago

2nd Quarter 2:00

Great long pass from Jackson to Andrews who gets 28 total yards and positions Ravens near the end zone.
9:19 PM2 years ago

2nd Quarter 3:14

Based on the force Murray gets the two yards for Ravens and they get 1st and 10 past midfield. 
9:17 PM2 years ago

2nd Quarter 4:24

Great pass from Jackson to Watkins who breaks away at full speed and gets 28 yards for his team.
9:14 PM2 years ago

2nd Quarter 5:06

On third down Pittman catches the pass from Wentz and scampers for five yards but misses first and 10.
9:05 PM2 years ago

2nd Quarter 7:03

On third down Jackson is tripped by a teammate on the carry and the Colts offensive series will come practically from the 20-yard line. 
9:03 PM2 years ago

2nd Quarter 9:28

Great breakaway by Jackson who gets first and 10 carrying the ball 13 yards. 
8:58 PM2 years ago

2nd Quarter 13:09

On third down Wentz is caught and a new offensive series will come for the Ravens.
8:57 PM2 years ago

2nd Quarter 13:09

On third down Taylor gets a couple of yards and has 1st and 10 for his team at the Baltimore 44. 
8:49 PM2 years ago

1st Quarter 0:57

On third down, Leonard is tackled and it's a new offensive series for the Colts. 
8:46 PM2 years ago

Great run

Impressive breakthrough by Taylor for the first TD of the night.


8:43 PM2 years ago

1st Quarter 3:46

Wentz was tackled and dropped the ball, which Williams recovered and now will come the offensive series for Ravens from the 19 yard of their own field. 
8:25 PM2 years ago

1st Quarter 12:59 Touchdown Ravens

Nice short pass from Wentz found Taylor; who skillfully broke away and ran over 70 yards for the first TD of the game.
8:19 PM2 years ago

1st Quarter 15:00

The game starts with the first offensive series for Ravens.
8:11 PM2 years ago

Ravens inactive

Only four players will be out of action for tonight's game for the Ravens: 

S. Geno Stone.

S. Elliot.

LB. Josh Bynes.

T. Ronnie Stanley.

8:06 PM2 years ago

Week 5 Results

Only Monday Night Football is left to have all the results of the week, the locals dominated the scores; will this one be for Ravens or will Colts pull out the win?

8:01 PM2 years ago

Inactives of Indianapolis

These are the men who will not see action tonight for the visiting team.

7:56 PM2 years ago

About to make history

The Ravens will be looking for their 44th game with more than 100 yards on the ground, and if they can do it, they would become the first team with that number of yards in NFL history.
7:51 PM2 years ago

Excellent atmosphere on the court

The locals are already warming up and this is how the warm-up is lived with an unparalleled attitude by the players of the Ravens.


7:46 PM2 years ago

LIVE Broadcast begins

We already bring you all the information, news and up to the minute of the Ravens vs Colts.

Stay tuned because Monday Night Football is about to begin!

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Stay with us

In a few moments we will present you all the activity of this Monday Night Football, the players who will be inactive and the best minute by minute in VAVEL.
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How and where to watch Ravens vs Colts?

The match will be broadcasted on ESPN. 

If you prefer to follow it LIVE online, VAVEL USA is your best option to do it. 

7:31 PM2 years ago

Positions in the table

The Ravens are in first place in the North American Conference, so they would currently qualify for the playoffs without difficulty; while the Colts, despite their bad streak, are in second place in the South.
7:26 PM2 years ago

Last match between the two

The last time this game was played was in Week 9 of the previous season, where Ravens won with an overwhelming score of 24-10. 

Will there be a rematch this time or will Baltimore continue on its good path?

7:21 PM2 years ago

Key player of Colts

Carson Wentz has a 52.4% pass completion percentage and 4.7 passing yards against the Ravens.
These numbers mark career lows in his career, so tonight he will need to improve in this area and focus in order to get the win. 

7:16 PM2 years ago

Key Player of Ravens

Lamar Jackson will lead the Ravens offense to victory in tonight's game.
At 7-0 overall, he is the only quarterback since the 1970 merger with five-plus starts and zero losses in the month of October.

7:11 PM2 years ago

Colts will be looking for their second win

With a negative streak, the Indianapolis team will be looking for their second victory of the season to break their 1-3 record.

In the previous game, they faced none other than the Dolphins, where they won with a score of 27-17.

7:06 PM2 years ago

Ravens come in well

As we mentioned before, the local team has won 3 games and lost only one, being one of the best of the current season. 

The previous game they defeated Broncos by a resounding score of 23-7, playing a second quarter of 17 points in total. 

7:01 PM2 years ago

The match will be played at the M&T Bank Stadium

The Colts vs Ravens match will be played at the M&T Bank Stadium, Maryland, USA with a capacity of 71,000 people. 

It is the home of the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League. 
The stadium is immediately adjacent to Oriole Park at Camden Yards, the home of the Baltimore Orioles. M&T Bank Stadium, often referred to as "Ravens Stadium," officially opened in 1998, and is currently one of the most praised stadiums in the NFL for its fan amenities, ease of access, concessions and other facilities.

6:56 PM2 years ago

Welcome to’s coverage of the 2021 NFL match: Colts vs Ravens Live Updates!


My name is Salvador Espino and I’ll be your host for this game. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, score updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL.

We are in for an impressive game on Monday Night Football in which Baltimore is heavily favored because of the reality that both teams are experiencing. 
The home team arrives with a 3-1 record for this game, so it presumes to have started the competition in a good way; while the visitors are obliged to get the win to achieve a second victory.