Touchdowns and Highlights of Buccaneers 28-22 Eagles on NFL 2021 week 6
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11:49 PM11 days ago

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We hope you enjoyed this Thursday Night Football game, with a resounding victory for the Buccaneers. 

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11:38 PM11 days ago

Hurts wanted the comeback!

With this TD Hurts play, they thought they were on the comeback trail but unfortunately they did not complete one more offensive series.


11:29 PM11 days ago

4th Quarter 2:00

Tom Brady took advantage of the zone on first and 10 and ended the game with a knee to the ground victory for the Bucs. 
11:15 PM11 days ago

3rd Quarter 4:52

Antonio Brown takes the ball at midfield and carries for 1st and 10.
11:12 PM11 days ago

3rd Quarter 5:56 Touchdown Eagles

Hurts enters the end zone to score another TD for Eagles, and with the extra play they scored two more points. 

Philadelphia wants to take the game! 

11:05 PM11 days ago

3rd Quarter 9:04

On fourth down, the Bucs had a play but Brady's pass went out of bounds. 

And the Eagles' offensive series will come at halftime. 

10:53 PM11 days ago

3rd Quarter 12:43

Elliott misses a 43-yard field goal and what looked like a good series ends with no points for Eagles.
10:51 PM11 days ago

3rd Quarter 14:35

Great pass from Hurts to Smith who gets a total of 25 yards and passes the midfield in a good offensive series for Philadelphia. 
10:36 PM11 days ago

3rd Quarter 2:21 Touchdown Eagles

Hurts escaped by carrying the ball to the right and went all the way into the end zone for the Eagles second TD of the game. 

After the extra point everyone cut it to two touchdowns. 

10:26 PM12 days ago

3rd Quarter 5:50 Touchdown Bucs


Fournette gets the Buccaneers a one-yard carry and scores another TD in the game. After the extra point, Tampa Bay is 21 points ahead.


10:15 PM12 days ago

3rd Quarter 12:14

Fournette advanced a total of 20 yards via the carry and made it all the way to midfield. 
10:11 PM12 days ago

3rd Quarter 13:47

Hurts was looking for a pass that was incomplete, but it was destined for Smith, now it will be a new offensive series for Bucs. 
9:53 PM12 days ago

2nd Quarter 0:00

The first half of the game ends with a partial victory for the Tampa Buccaneers who largely dominate the game. 
9:42 PM12 days ago

2nd Quarter 1:42

On third down Hurts looked for Gainwell with a very long pass but the ball did not reach its destination. 
9:38 PM12 days ago

2nd Quarter 2:00 Touchdown Bucs

Fournette powered down the middle of the field for his second TD of the season and third of the game for Bucs. 
9:28 PM12 days ago

2nd Quarter 7:41

Hurts attempted a long pass to Watkins, but the ball was found by Dean to make the interception.
9:25 PM12 days ago

2nd Quarter 9:17

First an interception was ruled an interception after Brady's pass to Brate, but the referee reviewed the play and ruled a clearance for Tampa. 
9:15 PM12 days ago

Brown alone in the end zone

With this play Tom Brady's team takes the lead again by a TD.


9:14 PM12 days ago

2nd Quarter 10.45

Incomplete pass by Hurts looking for his teammate Ertz but ended up out of the field and a new offensive series for Tampa Bay will come.
9:09 PM12 days ago

2nd Quarter 12:55

On third down Brady found Brown on a 10-yard pass but they came up just short on first and 10. 
9:03 PM12 days ago

2nd Quarter 14:23

On third down Hurtso found Reagor but the pass was incomplete and a new offensive series for the Bucs would come from the 33 yard line. 
9:00 PM12 days ago

Eagles great effort

Good offensive series by the Philadelphia Bucs that ended in this TD.


8:56 PM12 days ago

1st Quarter 0:41 Touchdown Bucs

Great pass from Brady to Brown for 23 yards to get the Bucs second touchdown. 

Field goal is good. 

8:45 PM12 days ago

1st Quarter 6:05 Touchdown Eagles

Hurts easily found Ertz in the end zone and the TD was scored.

After the field goal everything is even at Lincoln Financial. 

8:41 PM12 days ago

1st Quarter 7:32

Impressive reception by Watkins after a pass that reached to be deflected but with great technique he kept the ball. 
8:33 PM12 days ago

1st Quarter 9:32 Touchdown Bucs

Nice pass from Brady that found Howard in the end zone, scoring the first TD of the season for the tight end. 
8:27 PM12 days ago

1st Quarter 13:44

Brady found Evans with a 22-yard pass and it's across midfield Tampa Bay.
8:23 PM12 days ago

1st Quarter 15:00

The game begins with the first offensive series in favor of Tampa Bay. 
8:09 PM12 days ago

Inactive for Buccaneers

As we mentioned before, Tampa's defensive sector has suffered many injuries, this is the complete inactive report for tonight.

8:02 PM12 days ago

Impressive mood on the court

The Eagles players came out for their pregame warm-up this Thursday Night with an exemplary attitude.


7:57 PM12 days ago

Inactives Eagles

These are the players who will not be active today for the home team.

7:52 PM12 days ago

The field in perfect condition

Lincoln Financial is ready to host this Thursday Night Football game.

7:47 PM12 days ago

Injuries on the Bucs defense

Injuries have been a constant on Tampa's defense, with cornerbacks Sean Murphy-Bunting and Carlton Davis currently out of action, in addition to safety Antoine Winfield Jr. who is working on concussion protocols.
7:42 PM12 days ago

Philadelphia dominates the historical

Over the course of history, the two teams have met a total of 19 times, 10 games have been won by Philadelphia while Tampa Bay has emerged victorious nine times. 

Will the Eagles increase their lead or will the Bucs pull even?  

7:37 PM12 days ago

The power of Antonio Brown

The Buccaneers wide receiver made NFL history last week, becoming the fastest receiver to reach 900 receptions with a total of 143 games.

The previous record was held by HOF Marvin Harrison at 149 games.

7:32 PM12 days ago

LIVE Broadcast begins

In a few moments we will present you all the details and highlights of the Buccaneers-Eagles game corresponding to week 5 of the NFL.
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Where and how to watch Buccaneers vs Eagles

The match will be broadcasted through Fox Sports and NFL Network. 

If you prefer to follow it live online, remember that USA is your best option. 

7:17 PM12 days ago

Buccanners in first place

The Tampa Bay team leads the National Conference South with a four-game winning streak and a one-game losing streak, ahead of teams like the Saints, Panthers and Falcons.
7:12 PM12 days ago

The Eastern National Conference

This is arguably one of the tightest groups in the NFL this season, and Philadelphia is ranked number three, tied with Washington in percentage and ahead of the Giants.
7:07 PM12 days ago

Key player of Bucs

Leaving aside Tom Brady, who is the Buccaneers' best player, we must also highlight the work of Antonio Brown, who has been a great support for the QB this season. 

The veteran is one of the players who has been a great support for the pass rush thanks to his talent to open up space when attacking.

7:02 PM12 days ago

Key player of Eagles

Although Jalen Hurts has not been the best passer this season, the Eagles' junior player has risked his physicality and gained yards for his team. 

As in the previous game when he scored two touchdowns on carries, he was a fundamental factor in the victory. 

6:57 PM12 days ago

Unbelievable Buccaneers

The only team that has been able to beat the Buccaneers was the Los Angeles Rams, in week three, but the rest of the games have been victories for Tom Brady's team. 

To reaffirm this we only have to mention the crushing victory of the previous week, which was against the Dolphins with a score that ended 45-17.

6:52 PM12 days ago

Eagles with improvement

Surprisingly, the Philadelphia team defeated the Panthers the previous week, a game in which they arrived as the victim.

And the reality is that it was a pretty even game that they ended up taking with a score thanks to a TD and a two-point conversion in the last quarter. 

6:47 PM12 days ago

The match will be played at theLincoln Financial


The Buccaneers vs Eagles match will be played at the Lincoln Financial Field stadium, on Philadephia, USA with a capacity of 67,500 people. 

It was inaugurated in 2003 with a soccer match between the European clubs F. C. Barcelona and Manchester United.

Since 2003, the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League and the Temple Owls of the NCAA Division I college soccer team have played there.

The Army-Navy college soccer classic is usually played there.

6:42 PM12 days ago

Welcome to’s coverage of the 2021 NFL match: Buccaneers vs Eagles Live Updates!


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A home team with three losses and two wins will host a Buccaneers team that has started off with a pretty good season. 
The Tampa Bay team comes in with a 4-1 record, so they will be looking to stay on the same path and at the same time achieve what could be their fifth victory.