Highlights and Touchdowns: Titans 34-31 Colts in NFL Season
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Thank you for following the telecast of the Titans-Colts game for NFL Week 8.
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Dramatic closing

Two interceptions late in the game resulted in the Colts' second loss of the season to the Titans.
4:28 PM9 months ago

End game

Titans 34-31 Colts.
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OT 04:04


Bullock 45-yard field goal to win the game.

4:18 PM9 months ago

OT 04:32

Henry with the short carry and it will be fourth down.
4:13 PM9 months ago

OT 05:58

Wentz fumbles and the Titans intercept the ball and are already within field goal distance.
4:08 PM9 months ago

OT 06:30

Wentz with the read option and moves the chains tightly.
4:03 PM9 months ago

OT 07:50

Tannehill with the completed pass that falls short and the Titans to clear.
3:58 PM9 months ago

OT 09:01

Long incomplete pass by Wentz and the Colts will have to clear.
3:53 PM9 months ago

OT 10:00

Overtime begins. Colts on offense.
3:48 PM9 months ago

End of last period

Titans 31-31 Colts.
3:43 PM9 months ago

TD COLTS 31-31

3:38 PM9 months ago

4Q 00:22


Taylor with the pull play to make the touchdown.

3:33 PM9 months ago

4Q 00:25

Wentz with the bomb that is incomplete, but there is pass interference and the Colts at the 1-yard line.
3:28 PM9 months ago

4Q 01:13

Wentz with the long pass that Pittman with three defenders on the sideline makes the reception.
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4Q 01:26


Interception to Tannehill by Molden and the Titans have turned it over.nehill with the short pass and the Titans have cleared from midfield.

3:13 PM9 months ago

4Q 1:33

Tannehill with the short pass and the Titans have cleared from midfield.Tannehill with the short pass and the Titans have cleared from midfield.
3:08 PM9 months ago

4Q 03:37

Henry with the 1-yard carry to move the chains just past midfield.
3:03 PM9 months ago

4Q 04:51

Henry with the off-tackle carry and moves the chains.
2:58 PM9 months ago

4Q 05:36

Incomplete pass by Wentz and the Colts to clear.
2:53 PM9 months ago

4Q 07:20

Taylor moves the chains on the ground, already in the opponent's field.
2:48 PM9 months ago

4Q 10:50

The pass falls short, but the Titans defense commits an unnecessary roughness at the end and is penalized.
2:43 PM9 months ago

4Q 11:15


Bullock with the long field goal that ties the game.

2:38 PM9 months ago

4Q 11:44

Titans with the short pass and it will be fourth down.
2:33 PM9 months ago

3Q 01:21


Doyle with the touchdown reception and one more fumble is gestated.

2:28 PM9 months ago

3Q 01:25

The Titans challenged the incomplete pass that they did not win and will have to clear.
2:23 PM9 months ago

3Q 03:48

The Titans challenged the incomplete pass that they did not win and will have to clear.
2:18 PM9 months ago

3Q 07:00

Taylor with the short carry to move the chains for the Colts.
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2:08 PM9 months ago

3Q 07:42


Westbrook with the catch in the diagonals to take the lead for the first time in the game.

2:03 PM9 months ago

3Q 09:31

Brown with the reception and first and ten in the red zone for the Titans.
1:58 PM9 months ago

3Q 11:31

Tannehill surprises and runs the ball in to make it first and ten.
1:53 PM9 months ago

3Q 11:36

Tannehill with the incomplete pass and it will be fourth down.
1:48 PM9 months ago

3Q 13:46

Long pass from Tannehill to Brown to move the chains for the first time in the second half.
1:43 PM9 months ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Titans on the offensive.
1:38 PM9 months ago

Half time

Titans 14-17 Colts.
1:33 PM9 months ago

2Q 00:00


Badgley 34-yarder gives the Colts the lead.

1:28 PM9 months ago

2Q 01:20

Pittman with the reception at midfield and move the chains.
1:23 PM9 months ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
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1:13 PM9 months ago

2Q 04:13


Brown with the reception down the sideline and runs away all the way to the diagonals.

1:08 PM9 months ago

2Q 04:24

Interception to Tannehill, but fumble on the same play recovered by the Titans.
1:03 PM9 months ago

2Q 06:34

Henry with the carry that gets him far enough to move the chains at the 46-yard line of scrimmage.
12:58 PM9 months ago

2Q 08:35

Fuera de lugar de los Colts y regalan el primero y diez.
12:53 PM9 months ago

2Q 09:55

Wentz is caught on third down and the Colts will have to clear.
12:48 PM9 months ago


12:43 PM9 months ago

2Q 12:07


Swain with the reception in the diagonals to cut the deficit at Lucas Oil Stadium.

12:38 PM9 months ago

2Q 13:44

Tannehilll keeps the ball and on the carry gains more than 13 yards to move the chains into the opponent's backfield.
12:33 PM9 months ago

End of first quarter

Titans 0-14 Colts.
12:28 PM9 months ago

1Q 02:55

Wentz with the incomplete pass on fourth down and the Colts give the ball away.
12:23 PM9 months ago

1Q 04:31

Hilton with the reception over the mark and the Colts are already in the opponent's backfield.
12:18 PM9 months ago

1Q 06:14

Tannehill with the completed pass on third down and the Titans to clear.
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12:08 PM9 months ago

1Q 07:44


Pittman quickly capitalizes on the handoff with the reception in the diagonals.

12:03 PM9 months ago

1Q 07:49

Tannehill fumbles and is intercepted. The Colts will start their offense in the end zone.
11:58 AM9 months ago


11:53 AM9 months ago

1Q 08:41


They fumble on fourth and Wentz finds Pittman to open the scoring.

11:48 AM9 months ago

1Q 08:45

Wentz with the incomplete pass and it will be fourth down and two yards for a touchdown.
11:43 AM9 months ago

1Q 09:58

Great play by Taylor and he puts the ball all the way to the 2-yard line.
11:38 AM9 months ago

1Q 11:20

Taylor dances, but manages to gain five yards to move the chains into the red zone.
11:33 AM9 months ago

1Q 12:09

The Colts play them in the fourth and stay alive with the Wentz to Hines connection.
11:28 AM9 months ago

1Q 12:42

Incomplete delivery by Wentz and the Colts will have to clear midfield.
11:23 AM9 months ago

1Q 14:45

Taylor with the catch to break away for more than 25 yards, big play by the Colts.
11:18 AM9 months ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. The Colts on offense.
11:13 AM9 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of one of the most attractive games of Week 8 when the Titans face the Colts in the AFC South.
11:08 AM9 months ago

Great view

This is how Lucas Oil Stadium looks with all the preparations a few moments ago to host the game between Titans and Colts.
11:03 AM9 months ago


Derrick Henry's numbers are unmatched by any other running back in the league, as he is close to 1,000 yards at the halfway point of the season. He has rushed for 869 yards on 191 carries and has 10 touchdowns.
10:58 AM9 months ago


Ryan Tannehill did not have a good start to the season, but he has gradually improved and as of this week has completed 65% of his completions for 1,737 yards, seven touchdowns and five interceptions.
10:53 AM9 months ago

Your shoes

These are the shoes that Nyheim Hines will wear this day against the Titans, in allusion to the Halloween holiday.

10:48 AM9 months ago

Arrives motivated

After two good home games and victories over the Chiefs and Bills, Ryan Tannehill is more than motivated to lead the Titans to their sixth win of the season.
10:43 AM9 months ago

Titans losses

These are the Titans players who will not see action this Sunday, including the loss of wide receiver Julio Jones:

10:38 AM9 months ago

Fundamental piece

Carson Wentz has gradually adapted to the new offensive system of the Colts and this day he could count on one of the most important pieces in the aerial attack, which is receiver TY Hilton.
10:33 AM9 months ago

Colts absentees

Colts players who will not see activity are as follows:

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A game that could define a lot of things at the end of the season will come in Week 8 with the divisional clash when the Tennessee Titans visit the Indianapolis Colts. We begin with the coverage.
10:23 AM9 months ago

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What time is Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Colts match for NFL Season?

This is the start time of the game Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Colts of 31st October in several countries:

Argentina: 2:00 PM

Bolivia: 1:00 PM

Brazil: 2:00 PM

Chile: 1:00 PM

Colombia: 12:00 PM

Ecuador: 12:00 horas

USA (ET): 1:00 PM in CBS Sports.

Spain: 7:00 PM

Mexico: 12:00 PM in FOX Sports.

Paraguay: 2:00 PM

Peru: 12:00 PM

Uruguay: 2:00 PM

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Last games

Every two years these top teams in the division meet, and while the all-time record favors Indianapolis with 35 wins and 19 losses, the Titans have taken three of the last five games.

Indianapolis Colts 16-25 Tennessee Titans, 2021

Tennessee Titans 45-26 Indianapolis Colts, 2020

Indianapolis Colts 34-17 Tennessee Titans, 2020

Tennessee Titans 31-17 Indianapolis Colts, 2019

Indianapolis Colts 19-17 Tennessee Titans, 2020

10:08 AM9 months ago

Key player Indianapolis Colts

If he can reach the level he showed with the Eagles, Carson Wentz could be a headache for opposing defenses; little by little he has been adapting to the system and has not looked bad at all, however, he must avoid forcing losses like the one he had against the 49ers in the red zone. On the season he has accumulated 1,695 yards, 11 touchdowns and two interceptions.

10:03 AM9 months ago

Key player Tennessee Titans

Undoubtedly the eyes of the fans are on what Derrick Henry can do, who is the best running back in the NFL and has made it worth it in his statistics with 191 carries, 869 yards and 10 touchdowns.

9:58 AM9 months ago

How are the Colts and Titans heading into the 2021 season?

The Titans have won three in a row to stand with a record of 5 wins and 2 losses in the AFC South division, where the Colts also have a 3-4 record and two consecutive wins.
9:53 AM9 months ago

Indianapolis Colts: consistency

Indianapolis' problem has not been in the level but in the consistency, because they can have a good game as they did on Sunday Night Football against the San Francisco 49ers or they can have a second half to forget as they did in the loss against the Baltimore Ravens a couple of weeks ago.
9:48 AM9 months ago

Tennessee Titans: reassert themselves at the top

After two difficult tests against the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs, the Tennessee Titans will face the toughest opponent in their division. The Nashville team has just given a lesson on how to exert relentless pressure on the quarterback, and the solidity of the ground game has allowed the aerial offense to work.
9:43 AM9 months ago

Kick-off time

The Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Colts match will be played at the Lucas Oil Stadium, in Indianapolis, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 1 pm ET.
9:38 AM9 months ago

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