Highlights and Touchdowns: Cardinals 31-17 49ers in NFL Season
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Thank you for following the rebroadcast of the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals for week 9 of the NFL.
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Arizona won as a visitor in San Francisco without their star quarterback and receiver, so they lead the division with an 8-1 record.
7:18 PM23 days ago

End game

Cardinals 31-17 49ers.
7:13 PM23 days ago

4Q 01:11

Arizona plays for it in the fourth and doesn't make it. San Francisco will be back.
7:08 PM23 days ago

4Q 01:51

Conner is brought down early and Arizona will have fourth down.
7:03 PM23 days ago

4Q 02:00Two-minute pause.

Two-minute pause.
6:58 PM23 days ago

4Q 03:03

Jimmy G is intercepted and San Francisco's hopes are dashed.
6:53 PM23 days ago

4Q 03:40

Arizona on fourth and long will have to turn the ball over, although the 49ers already with no timeouts.
6:48 PM23 days ago

4Q 04:37

Conner keeps his balance and moves the chains. First and ten.
6:43 PM23 days ago

4Q 08:23


Gould with the 28-yard field goal to close the gap.

6:38 PM23 days ago

4Q 08:"5

Jimmy G with a very floaty and incomplete pass. Fourth and goal.
6:33 PM23 days ago

4Q 10:50

Kittle with the reception and San Francisco are already inside the opponent's 25-yard line.
6:28 PM23 days ago

4Q 14:13

Jimmy G with the incomplete delivery to Kittle and the 49ers to clear.
6:23 PM23 days ago

End of third quarter

Cardinals 31-14 49ers.
6:18 PM23 days ago

3Q 01:01

Samuel with the big play on the ground to put himself in the middle of the field.
6:13 PM23 days ago

4Q 01:19

Ertz can't make the reception and Arizona will have to clear.
6:08 PM23 days ago

4Q 02:48

McCoy comes out of the bag of protection and completes first and ten.
6:03 PM23 days ago

TD 49ERS 14-31

5:58 PM23 days ago

3Q 04:56


Aiyuk makes the reception in front of two defenders and San Francisco gets back in the game.

5:53 PM23 days ago

3Q 06:40

Kittle with the reception despite the tight marking to get into the goal zone.
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3Q 08:05


Benjamin with the carry after breaking a tackle and Arizona increases its lead.

5:38 PM23 days ago

3Q 09:01

McCoy with the personal carry on fourth down and moves the chains.
5:33 PM23 days ago

3Q 11:44

Once again Conner repeats the dose and escapes into the opponent's field.
5:28 PM23 days ago

3Q 12:04

Long incomplete pass by Jimmy G and the 49ers to clear.
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3Q 13:33


Conner with the big play and sneaks all the way to the diagonals for 24-7.

5:13 PM23 days ago

3Q 14:41

Wesley with the reception on McCoy's breakaway to move the chains in the opponent's zone.
5:08 PM23 days ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Arizona on the defensive.
5:03 PM23 days ago

Half time

Cardinals 17-7 49ers.
4:58 PM23 days ago

TD 49ERS 7-17

4:53 PM23 days ago

2Q 00:16


Kittle with the reception in the diagonals and they break the zero.

4:48 PM23 days ago

2Q 00:34

Ayuk with the reception in the red zone. First and goal.
4:43 PM23 days ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
4:38 PM23 days ago

2Q 04:02


Matt Prater 26-yard field goal.

4:33 PM23 days ago

2Q 04:44

McCoy with a short run and Arizona will look for the field goal.
4:28 PM23 days ago

2Q 06:06

Conner fumbles, but Arizona recovers the ball and stays alive.
4:23 PM23 days ago

2Q 06:39

Short pass by McCoy and Arizona will face fourth down.
4:18 PM23 days ago

2Q 10:32

Ertz again catches the pass to move the chains.
4:13 PM23 days ago

2Q 11:42

McCoy's bomb to Kirk to set up in the opponent's field.
4:08 PM23 days ago

2Q 12:32

Complete pass from Jimmy G to Ayuk, but there is fumble inside the 11-yard line and Arizona recovers it.
4:03 PM23 days ago

End of first quarter

Cardinals 14-0 49ers.
3:58 PM23 days ago


3:53 PM23 days ago

1Q 00:39


Conner over the middle with one yard for his second touchdown of the game.

3:48 PM23 days ago

1Q 01:03

Deception play and Wesley with the 1-yard reception.
3:43 PM23 days ago

1Q 01:03

Despite the capture, there is punishment for holding from the bar and Arizona is still alive.
3:38 PM23 days ago

1Q 02:51

Conner takes off the contact and a 3&18 make it first and ten.
3:33 PM23 days ago

1Q 04:46

Jimmy G with the incomplete pass and San Francisco to clear.
3:28 PM23 days ago


3:23 PM23 days ago

1Q 07:09


Conner turns the corner and enters the promised zone for the 7-0 lead.

3:18 PM23 days ago

1Q 08:33

Harry with screen pass reception to move the chains beyond midfield.
3:13 PM23 days ago

1Q 10:29

Kittle drops the ball on his reception and Arizona recovers the fumble.
3:08 PM23 days ago

1Q 10:50

McCoy is pressured and has to throw incomplete. Arizona to clear.
3:03 PM23 days ago

1Q 11:56

McCoy with the complete pass to move the engaged zone chains.
2:58 PM23 days ago

1Q 13:28

On third down Garoppolo is captured.
2:53 PM23 days ago

1Q 14:06

Garoppolo to Kittle for an 18-yard gain and they are in the opponent's backfield.
2:48 PM23 days ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. 49ers on offense.
2:43 PM23 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the game between the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers in Week 9 of the NFL.
2:38 PM23 days ago

Hall of Fame

Edward J. DeBartolo will be immortalized in the San Francisco Hall of Fame, so it is certainly a very special day for him.
2:33 PM23 days ago

Retaining the lead

Arizona needs the win to stay on top of the division, remembering that the Rams will host the Titans tonight.
2:28 PM23 days ago

Goes as a starter

Veteran Colt McCoy, who had already retired, will be in charge of taking over the offensive reins in the absence of Kyler Murray.
2:23 PM23 days ago

Inactive 49ers

San Francisco will not be able to count on these players for this Sunday.
2:18 PM23 days ago

Will be a starter

The 49ers are in contention for a postseason berth despite their losing record and Jimmy G will be key to pulling out the win.
2:13 PM23 days ago

Inactive Arizona

These are the Arizona players who will not be present, including Murray and Hopkins.

2:08 PM23 days ago

Collect revenge

In the first game this season, the 49ers were without Jimmy Garropolo and lost at Arizona. This afternoon the Cardinals will be without Kyler Murray, will they also lose?
2:03 PM23 days ago


Without Kyler Murray, the Cardinals will try to sweep the series against the San Francisco 49ers in NFL Week 9. We begin with coverage of the game.
1:58 PM23 days ago

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What time is Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers match for NFL Season?

This is the start time of the game Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers of 10th October in several countries:

Argentina: 6:25 PM

Bolivia: 5:25 PM

Brazil: 6:25 PM

Chile: 5:25 PM

Colombia: 4:25 PM

Ecuador: 4:25 horas

USA (ET): 4:25 PM in FOX Sports.

Spain: 10:25 PM

Mexico: 3:25 PM in Fox Sports.

Paraguay: 6:25 PM

Peru: 4:25 PM

Uruguay: 6:25 PM

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Last games

It is worth remembering that in this season they already played the first game in Phoenix where the Cards won, remembering that that game was played by Trey Lance due to the absence of "Jimmy G" due to injury; San Francisco has won three of the last five meetings.

San Francisco 49ers 10-17 Arizona Cardinals, 2021

San Francisco 49ers 20-12 Arizona Cardinals, 2020

Arizona Cardinals 24-20 San Francisco 49ers, 2020

Arizona Cardinals 26-36 San Francisco 49ers, 2019

San Francisco 49ers 28-25 Arizona Cardinals, 2019

1:43 PM23 days ago

Key player San Francisco 49ers

Since arriving in San Francisco, Jimmy Garoppolo has suffered from many injuries, however, the reality is that when he is on the field the 49ers are more likely to take the win. Although he had no touchdown passes against the Bears, he also had no interceptions and threw for 322 yards to help his team get back to winning ways.

1:38 PM23 days ago

Key player Arizona Cardinals

Few spotlights are on Kyler Murray, but the University of Oklahoma graduate had an enviable first half of the season and should be considered for MVP contention by completing 72.7% of his completions for 2,276 yards, 17 touchdowns and only seven interceptions.

1:33 PM23 days ago

How are the Cardinals and 49ers doing this season?

The Arizona Cardinals are in first place in the NFC West division with a record of seven wins and one loss, while the 49ers are in third place with a 3-4 record.
1:28 PM23 days ago

San Francisco 49ers: fighting for the postseason

Although their record indicates that they have a losing record, it seems that the seventh ticket to the postseason is currently up in the air and the San Francisco 49ers can fight for it. Kyle Shanahan's team has had problems with turnovers, which is why throughout the game and against a defense that likes to press, their mission will be to make as few mistakes as possible.
1:23 PM23 days ago

Arizona Cardinals: regaining confidence

They were the only undefeated team in the season until last week's Thursday night loss to the Green Bay Packers. Curiously, the Arizona Cardinals have looked better as visitors, winning against teams like the Rams, Browns or Titans, and they will be looking to sweep the series against the "Niners".
1:18 PM23 days ago

Kick-off time

The Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers match will be played at the Levis Stadium, in Santa Clara, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 4:25 pm ET.
1:13 PM23 days ago

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