Highlights and Best Moments: Bengals 32-13 Raiders in NFL Season
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Thank you for following the Bengals-Raiders NFL Week 12 telecast.
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End game

Bengals 32-13 Raiders.
6:50 PM9 days ago

4Q 01:04


Evan McPherson capitalizes on the delivery to add three more points to the board.

6:45 PM9 days ago

4Q 01:18

Carr fumbles the ball and the Raiders are on the verge of defeat.
6:40 PM9 days ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute pause.
6:35 PM9 days ago

4Q 03:51


Joe Mixon with the carry and he goes all the way into the promised zone to seal the victory.

6:30 PM9 days ago

Q 04:51

Interception to Derek Carr and great position for the Bengals.
6:25 PM9 days ago

4Q 05:03


Ja'Marr Chase's reception and the Bengals increase the difference.

6:20 PM9 days ago

4Q 10:20

Burrow with the complete pass through the center to move the chains.
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4Q 11:42


Foster Moreau with the reception despite the defensive score and the Raiders were already close.

6:05 PM9 days ago

4Q 14:29

Carr's bomb to Waller and the Raiders are now in the red zone.
6:00 PM9 days ago

4Q 13:23


51-yard kickoff return by Evan McPherson.

5:55 PM9 days ago

4Q 13:57

Screen pass that falls short of Burrow and it will be fourth down.
5:50 PM9 days ago

End of third quarter

Bengals 13-6 Raiders

Burrow and the Bengals would return on first-and-10 at the opponent's 38-yard line.

5:45 PM9 days ago

3Q 03:04

Mixon exploits the hole on the right side and advances to first and ten.
5:40 PM9 days ago

3Q 03:53

Carr's bomb goes wide and the Raiders once again clear.
5:35 PM9 days ago

3Q 05:30

Jacobs finds the hole and advances 12 yards to move the chains.
5:30 PM9 days ago

3Q 06:11


Evan McPherson with the 53-yard field goal to extend the lead.

5:25 PM9 days ago

3Q 03:50

Burrow is caught and Cincinnati will have to look for a field goal.
5:20 PM9 days ago

3Q 08:17

Defensive pass interference and the Bengals are already at the opponent's 28-yard line.
5:15 PM9 days ago

3Q 11:44

Little and nothing from the Raiders and they have to give the ball away as their offense does not advance.
5:10 PM9 days ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Raiders on offense.
5:05 PM9 days ago

Half time

Bengals 10-6 Raiders.
5:00 PM9 days ago

2Q 00:40

Burrow is pressed and caught. Cincinnati to clear.
4:55 PM9 days ago

2Q 01:59

Two-minute pause.
4:50 PM9 days ago

2Q 02:45

Short carry by Jacobs and the Raiders clear.
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4:40 PM9 days ago

2Q 04:11


Mixon turns the corner and runs into the diagonals to set up the flip.

4:35 PM9 days ago

2Q 06:39

Boyd with the reception and Cincinnati is already in field goal range.
4:30 PM9 days ago

2Q 11:06


Carlson with the 47-yard field goal to retake the lead.

4:25 PM9 days ago

2Q 11:12

Carr gets rid of the ball and it will be fourth down for the Raiders.
4:20 PM9 days ago

End of first quarter

Bengals 3-3 Raiders

Bengals to turn the ball over.

4:15 PM9 days ago

1Q 03:54

Cincinnati with the short carry to try to get out of the zone.
4:10 PM9 days ago

1Q 04:06

Carr with the incomplete delivery on a screen pass play and will have to clear.
4:05 PM9 days ago

1Q 06:04

Reception by Jacobs to move the chains to midfield.
4:00 PM9 days ago

1Q 07:00

Carr finds Waller to advance 20 yards downfield.
3:55 PM9 days ago

1Q 07:40


McPherson's 54-yard field goal ties the game.

3:50 PM9 days ago

1Q 07:41

Burrow with the incomplete pass and it will be fourth down.
3:45 PM9 days ago

1Q 09:05

Joe Burrow is pressured and throws to the outside, although a roughing the passer gives Cincinnati first and ten.
3:40 PM9 days ago

1Q 10:27

Boyle surprises with the carry to turn the corner and move the chains.
3:35 PM9 days ago

1Q 10:42


Carlson with the 26-yard field goal to open the scoring.

3:30 PM9 days ago

1Q 10:46

Carr with the incomplete pass to Jacobs and it will be fourth and goal.
3:25 PM9 days ago

1Q 12:00

Joe Burrow's fumble is recovered by the Raiders' defense and they are in the end zone.
3:20 PM9 days ago

1Q 13:48

Burrow with the carry on third down to move the chains and make it first and ten of the game.
3:15 PM9 days ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. Bengals on offense.
3:10 PM9 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kickoff at Allegiant Stadium between the Raiders and Bengals.
3:05 PM9 days ago

Poor ground game

These two franchises are among the worst in the league in rushing because they don't even average 100 yards per game; Cincinnati accumulates 97.1 and the Raiders have only 85 yards on the ground.
3:00 PM9 days ago

Bengals Favorites

According to bookmakers in Las Vegas and information from ESPN, the Bengals are favored to win this afternoon, but only by two points.
2:55 PM9 days ago

The preview

This is how the Raiders arrived at Allegiant Stadium.
2:50 PM9 days ago

Taking care of the ball

Joe Burrow is also already on the field, but he will also have to take care of the ball because in his last game against the Browns, he threw zero touchdown passes and two interceptions.

2:45 PM9 days ago

Already warming up

In a very peculiar way the Bengals are already on the field doing some warm-ups.
2:40 PM9 days ago

Absent Raiders

These are the Raiders players who will not be present for this game, highlighting the absence of running back Richard.

2:35 PM9 days ago

Winning in a tight division

The Bengals need the win because the Browns are winning, the Steelers are a half game up and the Ravens are leading with one more win, but are currently losing at home to the Bears.
2:30 PM9 days ago

Do not lose balls

The Raiders have had many problems in recent games, but mainly it has been turnovers, both interceptions and loose balls by receivers, that have led to their most recent losses and must be avoided this afternoon.
2:25 PM9 days ago


Two teams in desperate need of a win to stay in contention for Playoff berths meet this Sunday when the Cincinnati Bengals visit the Las Vegas Raiders. We start with the coverage of the game.
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What time is Cincinnati Bengals vs Las Vegas Raiders match for NFL Season?

This is the start time of the game Cincinnati Bengals vs Las Vegas Raiders of 21st November in several countries:

Argentina: 6:05 PM

Bolivia: 5:05 PM

Brazil: 6:05 PM

Chile: 5:05 PM

Colombia: 4:05 PM

Ecuador: 4:05 horas

USA (ET): 4:05 PM in CBS Sports.

Spain: 10:05 PM

Mexico: 3:05 PM in FOX Sports.

Paraguay: 6:05 PM

Peru: 4:05 PM

Uruguay: 6:05 PM

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Last games

The Raiders lead the all-time series with a record of 21 wins to 11 losses, although they have barely been able to win two of the last five meetings.

Cincinnati Bengals 10-17 Oakland Raiders, 2019

Oakland Raiders 16-30 Cincinnati Bengals, 2018

Cincinnati Bengals 33-13 Oakland Raiders, 2015

Oakland Raiders 10-34 Cincinnati Bengals, 2012

Cincinnati Bengals 17-20 Oakland Raiders, 2009

2:05 PM9 days ago

Key player Las Vegas Raiders

He has missed a few regular season games due to injury, but Josh Jacobs is one of the most talented players on offense and they will need to give him the ball so he can establish the ground game; he accumulates just 80 carries, 296 yards and five touchdowns.

2:00 PM9 days ago

Key player Cincinnati Bengals

LSU's Ja'Marr Chase is having a great season and will be in the running for the 2021 rookie offensive player of the year, as he has 44 receptions, 835 yards and seven touchdowns.

1:55 PM9 days ago

How are the Bengals and Raiders doing this season?

The Bengals are third in their division with a 5-4 record and two straight losses in the AFC North; while the Raiders have the same record of five wins and four losses, third in the AFC West.
1:50 PM9 days ago

Las Vegas Raiders: no turnovers

Two weeks ago, the Vegas Raiders were leading the division, but they lost to the Giants and were crushed by the Chiefs, where the main characteristic were the turnovers of both their quarterbacks and their receivers, reason why they must take care of it and better establish the ground attack.
1:45 PM9 days ago

Cincinnati Bengals: regain confidence

A few weeks ago the Cincinnati Bengals were among the best teams in the league and were looking to consolidate, but a couple of losses against the Jets in a surprising way, and being crushed by the Browns have set off the alarms of the team, so they hope that the bye week they have made adjustments to return to victory.
1:40 PM9 days ago

Kick-off time

The Cincinnati Bengals vs Las Vegas Raiders match will be played at the Allegiant Stadium, in Las Vegas, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 4:05 pm ET.
1:35 PM9 days ago

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