Highlights and Touchdowns: Cowboys 9-19 Chiefs in NFL Season
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Thank you for following the Chiefs-Cowboys NFL Week 11 telecast.
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End game

Cowboys 9-19 Chiefs.
7:18 PM9 days ago

4Q 01:00

Smith intercepts Prescott and Kansas City will take the win.
7:13 PM9 days ago

4Q 01:49

Turner with the reception to the opponent's 39-yard line.
7:08 PM9 days ago

4Q 01:58

Two-minute pause
7:03 PM9 days ago

4Q 02:04

Good advance by Elliott in the opponent's zone and he runs out of the field.
6:58 PM9 days ago

4Q 02:45

Short pass from Mahomes and Dallas is forced to burn its last time out.
6:53 PM9 days ago

4Q 04:25

Hill with the reception, clears the zone, moves the chains and stays in the backfield.
6:48 PM9 days ago

4Q 09:55

Mahomes to Kelce on first and ten and they continue to run seconds off the clock.
6:43 PM9 days ago

4Q 07:44

Edwards with the carry to move the chains for 12 yards.
6:38 PM9 days ago

4Q 08:52

Prescott is caught and the Cowboys clear.
6:33 PM9 days ago

4Q 09:53

Butker misses the 53-yard field goal and Dallas will come back with good field position.
6:28 PM9 days ago

4Q 10:26

Hill with the reception, but falls short of moving the chains and will be fourth down.
6:23 PM9 days ago

4Q 12:56


Greg Zuerlein 48-yarder brings the gap back to just 10 points.

6:18 PM9 days ago

4Q 13:35

Prescott is caught and Dallas settles for the field goal attempt.
6:13 PM9 days ago

End of third quarter

Cowboys 6-19 Chiefs.
6:08 PM9 days ago

3Q 03:23


Harrison Butker with the 53-yard field goal.

6:03 PM9 days ago

3Q 06:00

Elliott with the reception that falls short and Dallas to clear.
5:58 PM9 days ago

3Q 07:52

Mahomes is pressured and throws incomplete. Kansas to clear on three and out.
5:53 PM9 days ago

3Q 09:21


Zuerlein with the 30-yard field goal to cut the deficit.

5:48 PM9 days ago

3Q 11:34

Mahomes is intercepted on a rebound and Dallas will have a good position.
5:43 PM9 days ago

3Q 14:08

Mahomes with the short carry to move the chains for the first time in the second half.
5:38 PM9 days ago

3Q 15:00

The second half begins. Chiefs on offense.
5:33 PM9 days ago

Half time

Cowboys 3-16 Chiefs.
5:28 PM9 days ago

2Q 00:!5

Prescott fumbles and is intercepted in the end zone.
5:23 PM9 days ago

2Q 01:32

Parsons strips the ball from Mahomes and Dallas regains possession.
5:18 PM9 days ago

2Q 01:53

Pressure suffocates Prescott and Dallas clears out of their own half.
5:13 PM9 days ago

2Q 02:48

Mahomes with the very short delivery and the Chiefs to clear.
5:08 PM9 days ago

2Q 04:55

Lamb with the short reception and Dallas three and out. To clear.
5:03 PM9 days ago

2Q 06:35

Mahomes with the incomplete pass and Kansas City to clear.
4:58 PM9 days ago

2Q 08:44

The ball is deflected to Prescott, the pass is incomplete and Dallas clears.
4:53 PM9 days ago

2Q 12:22

Prescott's screen pass works and Dallas moves the chains.
4:48 PM9 days ago

2Q 14:08


Mahomes with the pitch to Edwards for a touchdown to extend the lead.

4:43 PM9 days ago

End of first quarter

Cowboys 3-9 Chiefs

Kansas City already in the red zone.

4:38 PM9 days ago

1Q 00:55

Solo reception by Hill to move the chains to midfield.
4:33 PM9 days ago

1Q 02:54


Dallas' good series ended with Greg Zuerlein's 33-yard field goal.

4:28 PM9 days ago

1Q 04:52

Pollard with the trick play and Dallas is now in the end zone.
4:23 PM9 days ago

1Q 05:30

Prescott manages to break away and sets the ball up for Gallup on first and ten in opponent's territory.
4:18 PM9 days ago

1q 07:55


Butker with the 37-yard field goal to widen the gap.

4:13 PM9 days ago

1Q 08:54

Pressure suffocates Prescott, he steals the ball and the Chiefs recover it.
4:08 PM9 days ago


4:03 PM9 days ago

1Q 10:03


Kelce at quarterback and makes it personal to get to the diagonals to open the scoring 7-0.

3:58 PM9 days ago

1Q 10:35

Mahomes' personal carry to the 5-yard line. First and goal.
3:53 PM9 days ago

1Q 11:11

Hill with the long carry and Kansas is already in field goal range.
3:48 PM9 days ago

1Q 12:11

Hill's first reception of the game to move the chains.
3:43 PM9 days ago

1Q 14:01

Prescott with the incomplete delivery on third down and Dallas three and out. To clear.
3:38 PM9 days ago

1Q 15:00

The game begins. The Cowboys on offense.
3:33 PM9 days ago

Minutes away

We are less than 10 minutes away from the start of the Cowboys-Chiefs game in Week 11 of the 2021 NFL season.
3:28 PM9 days ago

They are in the field

The Chiefs are already warming up on the field, led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes.
3:23 PM9 days ago

Very even by air

The Cowboys and Chiefs also come into this game with very even stats, as the Cowboys have thrown for 304.9 and the Chiefs for 303.8.
3:18 PM9 days ago

One of the best offenses

Kansas City and Dallas are among the league's top offenses averaging more than 400 yards per game. The Chiefs with 414.3 and the Cowboys with 444.4 yards.
3:13 PM9 days ago

They are favorites

According to Las Vegas bookmakers and information from ESPN, the Chiefs are favored to beat the Cowboys by a 2.5-point margin.
3:08 PM9 days ago

Inactive Dallas

While the Cowboys will be without these players due to injury:

- #78 Terence Steele (offense)

- #6 Donovan Wilson (defense)

- #53 Francis Bernard (special teams)

3:03 PM9 days ago

Absent Chiefs

These are the Kansas City players who will not be in attendance this afternoon:

QB Shane Buechele

CB DeAndre Baker

RB Derrick Gore

OL Lucas Niang

DT Khalen Saunders

2:58 PM9 days ago

Staying on top

It seems that Washington and Philadelphia have slowly started to improve, but they are still far from leader Dallas, so the Cowboys can't get overconfident and need to keep winning, plus they can fight for the top seed in the National Conference.
2:53 PM9 days ago

Good streak

The Kansas City Chiefs are finally on a roll and have reeled off three straight wins over the Giants, Packers and on the road against the Raiders, a divisional rival.
2:48 PM9 days ago


This afternoon, the Dallas Cowboys will have a complicated visit to the in-form Kansas City Chiefs at Arrohwead Stadium. We start with the coverage of the game.
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What time is Dallas Cowboys vs Kansas City Chiefs match for NFL Season?

This is the start time of the game Dallas Cowboys vs Kansas City Chiefs of 21st November in several countries:

Argentina: 6:25 PM

Bolivia: 5:25 PM

Brazil: 6:25 PM

Chile: 5:25 PM

Colombia: 4:25 PM

Ecuador: 4:25 horas

USA (ET): 4:25 PM in FOX Sports.

Spain: 10:25 PM

Mexico: 3:25 PM in TUDN and FOX Sports.

Paraguay: 6:25 PM

Peru: 4:25 PM

Uruguay: 6:25 PM

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Last games

Few clashes have these two franchises in league history with just 11 meetings, of which 7 have been won by the Cowboys and 4 have gone to the Chiefs.

Kansas City Chiefs 17-28 Dallas Cowboys, 2017

Dallas Cowboys 16-17 Kansas City Chiefs, 2013

Dallas Cowboys 26-20 Kansas City Chiefs, 2009

Kansas City Chiefs 28-21 Dallas Cowboys, 2005

Dallas Cowboys 17-20 Kansas City Chiefs, 1998

2:28 PM9 days ago

Key player Kansas City Chiefs

Much has been said that Patrick Mahomes is having one of his worst seasons, but the reality is that his numbers are still among the best in the NFL, as he has completed 65.8% of his completions, for 2,940 yards25 touchdowns and 10 interceptions (in the last two games he has not had any turnovers).

2:23 PM9 days ago

Key player Dallas Cowboys

There is no doubt that the Coyboys offense is one with Dak Prescott and one without him; the quarterback has thrown for 2,341 yards, 20 touchdowns (fourth-best in the league) and five interceptions, but the key to the offensive line is giving him protection.

2:18 PM9 days ago

How are the Cowboys and Chiefs doing on the season?

The Cowboys are the undisputed leaders in their division with a record of 7 wins and 2 losses; while the Chiefs started this week for the first time at the top of the AFC West with a 6-4 record.
2:13 PM9 days ago

Dallas Cowboys: show what they are made of

The Dallas Cowboys after being beaten by the Denver Broncos, gave a blow of authority by crushing the Atlanta Falcons, however, this will be a true test to see what they are made of, where the pressure on the opposing quarterback and the ground attack that they can implement with Ezekiel Elliott will be key to win at Arrowhead.
2:08 PM9 days ago

Kansas City Chiefs: give Mahomes protection

The Chiefs have been riding a streak of three consecutive victories, but in the last one against the Las Vegas Raiders, the explosiveness of the offense returned with the help of Mahomes, but largely because they gave protection to the talented quarterback and, also, the offensive line helped to generate spaces for the ground game.
2:03 PM9 days ago

Kick-off time

The Dallas Cowboys vs Kansas City Chiefs match will be played at the Arrowhead Stadium, in Kansas City, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 4:25 pm ET.
1:58 PM9 days ago

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