TD and Highlights: Titans 13-36 Patriots in Week 12 NFL
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4:21 PMa year ago

Highlights of the game

Highlights of the game.


4:11 PMa year ago

Stats of today

These are the highlights of today's game.

M. Jones23-32, 310 YDS, 2 TD Harris 40 yds 1TD

Dontrell Hilliard 131 yds 1TD D'Onta Foreman 109 yds. Ryan Tannehill 11/21 93 yds 1 TD 1INT

Turnovers: Pats 0 Titans 4

4:00 PMa year ago

00:00 4Q

The match is over
4:00 PMa year ago

1:00 4Q

Blasingame runs 2 yds FUMBLE recovered by Tavai TURNOVER
3:55 PMa year ago


3:55 PMa year ago

2:28 4Q

Foreman runs 12 yds
3:48 PMa year ago

4:45 4Q

Harris runs14 yds TD Patriots
3:47 PMa year ago

5:00 4Q

R.Tannehill pass incomplete short right to N. Westbrook-Ikhine TURNOVER
3:42 PMa year ago

6:10 4Q

54 yds FG is GOOD
3:41 PMa year ago

7:00 4Q

Nikah Jones sack Mac Jones 3 & 21
3:37 PMa year ago

8:50 4Q

Stevenson runs for 20 yds 1&10 on the 30 of Titans
3:36 PMa year ago

10:00 4Q

Stevenson runs 10 yds 1&10
3:34 PMa year ago

11:18 4Q

Stevenson runs 4 yds 2&6
3:31 PMa year ago

11:48 4Q

Tannehill Pass INTERCEPTED by Jackson TURNOVER
3:30 PMa year ago

12:00 4Q

Foreman runs 1 yd 4&goal
3:29 PMa year ago

12:56 4Q

R.Tannehill pass incomplete short right to M.Pruitt 3&goal
3:24 PMa year ago

00:00 3Q

Finish the 3rd quarter
3:22 PMa year ago

2:00 3Q

Hilliard runs 8 yds 1&10
3:20 PMa year ago

3:40 3Q

Tannehill runs 7 yds 1&10
3:18 PMa year ago


Hilliard runs 6 yds 2&4
3:15 PMa year ago

5:00 3Q

Jones pass short right to K. Bourne for 41 yards, TD PATRIOTS
3:13 PMa year ago

6:00 3Q

Jones pass short right to J.Meyers 14 yds 1 & 10
3:10 PMa year ago

6:00 3Q

3 and out Titans
3:08 PMa year ago

7:00 3Q

Pass incomplete from Tannehill 2&10
3:07 PMa year ago

8: 34 3Q

Jones pass incomplete deep left to J.Meyers
3:00 PMa year ago

10:34 3Q

Foreman runs for 34 yds FUMBLE recovered by Mills TURNOVER
2:54 PMa year ago

11:45 3Q

28 yds FG is GOOD
2:54 PMa year ago

12:00 3Q

Jones runs for 7 yds 4&3
2:50 PMa year ago

14:00 3Q

Jones short pass to Smith 20 yds
2:48 PMa year ago

15:00 3Q

The third quarter begins
2:35 PMa year ago

00:00 2Q

Finish the first half
2:34 PMa year ago

00:05 2Q

53 yds FG is NO GOOD
2:31 PMa year ago

00:10 2Q

Timeout Titans
2:31 PMa year ago

00:10 2Q

Timeout pats
2:30 PMa year ago

00:10 2Q

Jones pass short left to B. Bolden 21 yds ball at Titans 48
2:27 PMa year ago

00:17 2Q

Hilliard runs for 68 yds  TD TITANS fantastic  play
2:22 PMa year ago

1:02 2Q

44 yds FG is GOOD
2:22 PMa year ago

1:07 2Q

Jones deep pass incomplete right to H.Henry. 4 & 10
2:19 PMa year ago

1:51 2Q

Jones short pass to B.Bolden 19 yds 
2:18 PMa year ago

1:57 2Q

Hilliard runs FUMBLE and is recovered by Kugger TURNOVER
2:14 PMa year ago

2:00 2Q

2:14 PMa year ago

2:20 2Q

Tannehill deep pass right to N. Westbrook-Ikhine 24 yds 1 & 10
2:13 PMa year ago

3:00 2Q

Hilliard runs for 13 yds 1&10
2:09 PMa year ago

3:08 2Q

37 yds FG IS GOOD
2:08 PMa year ago

3:55 2Q

Jones short pass to N.Agholor 4&5
2:04 PMa year ago

5:00 2Q


Jones deep pass left to J.Meyers 38 yds 1 & 10 at Titans 26

2:02 PMa year ago

6:00 2Q

Jones pass short left to Harris 12 yds 1 & 10
1:59 PMa year ago

6:00 2Q

44 yds FG is NO GOOD
1:56 PMa year ago

8:00 2Q

Hilliard runs for 17 yds 1&10 on 30 of New England
1:47 PMa year ago

9:51 2Q

22 yds FG is good
1:46 PMa year ago

9:55 3Q

3 & goal incomplete pass from Jones
1:45 PMa year ago

12:00 2Q

Jones pass short right to J.Smith 16 yds 1 & goal
1:44 PMa year ago

12:42 2Q

Jones short pass to J.Smith 16 yds
1:42 PMa year ago

14:22 2Q

Jones pass deep left to Meyers for 22 yards
1:39 PMa year ago

14:27 2Q

1:38 PMa year ago

14:27 2Q

R.Tannehill pass short left to N. Westbrook-Ikhine TD Titans
1:35 PMa year ago

14:29 2Q

Time out New England
1:34 PMa year ago

15:00 2Q

Hilliard runs 1 yds 3&goal
1:31 PMa year ago

00:00 1Q

The first quarter has end
1:31 PMa year ago

00:13 1Q

Foreman runs 2 yds 2&goal
1:30 PMa year ago

00:48 1Q

R.Tannehill short pass with C.Hollister 8 yds 1 & goal
1:26 PMa year ago

2:00 1Q

R.Tannehill pass short to middle with C.Hollister 14 yds 1 & 10 is hurt Hollister.
1:24 PMa year ago

4:20 1Q

Tannehill runs for 2 yds 1&10
1:23 PMa year ago

5:00 1Q

R.Tannehill short pass to C.Rogers 4&1 
1:22 PMa year ago

6:00 1Q

Tannehill pass short middle to M.Pruitt 10 yds
1:21 PMa year ago

6:18 1Q

Foreman runs for 4 yds 2&1
1:16 PMa year ago

7:37 1Q

3 & goal Complete pass from Mac Jones to Bourne TD New England
1:13 PMa year ago

9: 44 1Q

Short pass for Bolden for 11 yds 1 & goal
1:12 PMa year ago

9:58 1Q

Incomplete pass for Hnery 3 & 10 at 20
1:11 PMa year ago

11:02 1Q

A jet sweep for Smith that get 9 yds 3 & 1
1:09 PMa year ago

12:10 1Q

17 yards on return kick 1 & 10 for Patriots at 40 on the other side, turn for Mac Jones
1:06 PMa year ago

13:20 1Q

Capture of QB, 3 and out in the first drive of Titans
1:05 PMa year ago

14:00 1Q

R.Tannehill pass short middle to G.Swaim for 8 yds
1:04 PMa year ago

15:00 1Q

Titans will have first offense of Game 1 & 10 in 10
1:00 PMa year ago

Start the game

One of the best games of week 12 in the NFL has started.
12:55 PMa year ago

The weather

Right now we are at 3 ° C or 36 ° F so it will be a possibly low points game.


12:49 PMa year ago

Next games

The 7-4 Patriots will visit the Buffalo Bills in a divisional duel, visit the Colts and host the Bills at home.

The Titans are 8-4 to host the Jaguars, visit the Steelers and host San Francisco.

12:42 PMa year ago


The Titans have a pregame talk looking to motivate themselves ahead of a key game of the season.


12:39 PMa year ago

Warm up Pats

Warmed up before the game J.C. Jackson, the Maryland cornerback, has had a good season with 32 tackles, is the second player with the most interceptions this season (6) and the best in terms of passes defended with 15.


12:32 PMa year ago

Keys of the game

On the side of the Patriots it can be a quiet day if you can stop the Titans offense and keep watching Mac Jones do what he does best, which is to complete passes.


Without their star RB, putting pressure on Tannehill will complicate things for coach Mike Vrabel so we will have to see an inspired defense capable of stopping Mc Jones's passing attack if they want to come out with Foxborough's victory.

12:25 PMa year ago

Inactive Pats

The New England Patriots will not be able to count on these players for today's game.

None of those mentioned will be a factor in the B.B team.


12:20 PMa year ago

Injuries of Titans

Titans arrive at the Gillete stadium with these injurie players.


12:15 PMa year ago


These 2 teams met not long ago in the Playoffs, to be exact in the 2019 Wildcard with a Henry on fire as he had 34 carries 182 yds and 1 TD. Tom Brady 20-37 209 yds and 1INT
8:27 PMa year ago

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Key player of Pats

The Pats' offense is a reality, they average 235 passing yards each game, and run more than 100 each game, Mac Jones has 2540 yards, 14 TD, 8 INT and a QB rating of 49.8 and it will depend on him if the Foxborough team achieves take the victory.
Photo: Getty images //   Todd Kirkland
Photo: Getty images // Todd Kirkland
8:12 PMa year ago

Key player of Titans

Without Henry all the pressure and the eyes are on Ryan Tannehill who has had a season from fair to bad, without his star RB it is evident that the safeties and the linebackers are going to be more attentive to the WR but the reality is that Tanehill is very far from his best version, despite this and despite winning two games without Henry, Tannehill and the Titans look lost offensively. Tannehill has thrown five interceptions to just three touchdowns, while recording 4.8 very low passing yards per attempt and a shady passer rating of 75.9. Last week against Houston, he was very unwell, threw four interceptions and posted a 58.4 QB rating.
Photo: Getty images //   Silas Walker
Photo: Getty images // Silas Walker
8:07 PMa year ago

Latest games between

The Tennessee Titans have a kryptonite and that is Foxborough because since 1993 they have only been able to get one victory and it was in their most recent game, in the 2020 Playoffs when the Titans won 20 to 13, surprising locals and strangers the bad game of then the Star QB Tom Brady, but from that game to today the New England team has changed quite a bit.

His last 5 games:

Pats 13-20 Titans

Pats 35-14 Titans

Pats 33-16 Titans

Pats 59-0 Titans

Pats 17-14 Titans

8:02 PMa year ago

Hunting for Bills and Titans

The Patriots have had a string of games won but great football, perhaps their 6-1 record may seem misleading if we look at the rivals who beat them such as the Falcons, Panters, Jets and Texans but they have also beaten teams of greater hierarchy giving a blow of authority to Browns and Chargers.

Those led by Bill Belichick come from crushing Browns 45-7 and shutting out the Falcons by a score of 25-0. After a long week, Mc Jones will try to stay in shape and get the Patriots to PO.

The Pats can claim to have the top 3 best defense in the league so it may be a factor in their aspirations to go far in the postseason.

7:57 PMa year ago

To remain the # 1 seed

After a surprise loss to the Houston Texans, the Titans will seek to remain # 1 in the AFC and in the division, the Titans without Henry continue to beat contending teams such as the Saints, Rams, Colts, and Kansas but they are a team that lose to much lower quality rivals like the Jaguars.

The Titans are waiting for stumbles from the Colts, Ravens and Bills to have a greater margin of difference in games won, so far the Ravens are 7-3 while the Titans are 8-3.

7:52 PMa year ago

The match will be played at the Gillette Stadium

The Tennessee Titans vs New England Patriots match will be played at the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, United States with a capacity of 68756 people.  It was built alongside and replacing the old Foxboro Stadium, which was demolished after the new stadium opened in 2002.
Photo: Getty images //  Maddie Meyer
Photo: Getty images // Maddie Meyer


7:52 PMa year ago

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